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  2. New Forum - New Random

    Oh boy... this is just grate. I'm greatful you posted that.
  3. Have you guys always played with a single starting running back?
  4. @Cadmus your pick next
  5. 2017 Adopt-a-Buc -- SIGN UP!!

    Just need @BBando, @tml_gogo, and @bucstopshere and we've got everyone that signed up initially. And we're still taking anyone else that wants to sign up.
  6. Do your eyes slightly degrade over time still? I've read that a decent amount of the time people will still need reading glasses at some point.
  7. Preseason game #2: Raiders vs. Rams

    Players I'm looking at (mostly rookies, few vets) 1. Lynch and Cook 2. Jaydon Mickens 3. Treyvon Hester and Eddie Vanderdoes 4. Shalom Luani 5. Marquel Lee 6. LaTroy Lewis 7. Breon Borders 8. Sharpe and Ware 9. Cook vs Manuel 10. Elijah Hood 11. Obi Melifonwu is he plays
  8. Big fantasy draft today. I've done zero prep work for the first time in my fantasy football career. And I feel ok about it.
  9. Rate-My-Draft Thread

    I want to be in a 12 team standard league where the other people draft in such a way where you get McCoy, Howard AND Gurley!!!! Tell the other people in your league that they can join mine! haha What pick number did you have?
  10. 53 Man Roster Projection

    Thankyou! That wass my thought process you take an organization like NE they're always looking 3 steps forward just look at trading Jamie Collins last year.
  11. 2017 Breakout Player

    Not according to the GB, I think it was, a few months back, when I mentioned Burns turned in a top 3 performance in the last half of the season that any rookie CB had last year. They started listing off all these other CBs, like 10 of them...to which none put up close to the same OVERALL numbers during the last 7 games of the season. One might have had more tackles, or another might have had an extra PD, but overall, Burns turned in one of the best last half seasons last year for a rookie CB.
  12. Overrated/Underrated

    Overrated: Rookies before they play a single snap of NFL football.
  13. MMA Thread

    Short notice might be the best thing for Cain, less likely to get hurt...at least outside the octagon lol
  14. The Milwaukee Brewers Thread - catsigh.gif

    And way to suck a butt Matt Garza. Thanks.
  15. You're talking about the NBA in 2001-2007ish. It was all iso play with 1 start going 1 on 1. Today's NBA is waaay more team oriented. For the NFL, without guaranteed contracts players hold no power. Demanding a trade means nothing, and you will screw your career up by skipping a season. NFL careers are much shorter than NBA careers.
  16. Should Blake start?

    SERIOUSLY, how is it that it appears he has regressed even further. What mechanics was he working on?
  17. Are You Comfortable with the RB Position?

    This is pretty much how I see it as well. I don't think it will take very long for Williams to be viewed as RB1A with Monty as 1B. Using Monty in a specialized role has always made the most sense.
  18. The Milwaukee Brewers Thread - catsigh.gif

    This deserves the actual gif. At least it wasn't his elbow.
  19. FF Advice Thread

    I always use my sick days as extra vacation that can't be denied.
  20. MMA Thread

    I wonder if they will find someone to fight Ngannou on such short notice????
  21. 53 Man Predictions with practice Squad

    If Andre starts and has to move to tackle for any reason, Hopkins would slide in at guard. Winston only comes off the bench if two tackles are hurt.
  22. FF Dynasty League

    I'm in what does the draft order look like? I'm interested in moving up
  23. Pats rookie DE Derek Rivers may be done for season

    SF has a deep DL.
  24. Down to 2 kickers

    You're not superstitious or anything though.
  25. Foster and Brown May Start at MLB

    Well I appreciate a response like that. I think Scot was a great GM and would have built us into a great team in the future and I do agree with Doc that if McCloughan had his way Cousins would be here under a LTD. I never will agree with Bruce & Dan letting Scot go. All I'm saying is that he was GM and incontrol when Compton wasn't upgraded. The Redskins could have signed Zack Brown last offseason when he was a free agent to upgrade Compton but they didn't and not making signings like that led to us not making the playoffs last year because our defense was worse than it was in 2015. Last year Brown's contract on the Bills was 1/2 of what we are paying, 1 year $1.25 million and for that price we could have had a pro bowl ILB last year. There's no doubt that Scot liked, maybe even loved Compton as a player because he likes tough guys who are leaders, care about football and are intelligent. So back to my original point, if Scot wanted to upgrade Compton he would have upgraded him with a player like Brown last season or would have drafted an ILB in one of the earlier rounds.
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