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  2. As a Maryland fan/alum i hope WVU goes to B1G so that can become a big rivalry again. They’ll prolly go ACC though
  3. Yeah I get that. I guess I'm just thinking that what's going on with AR is having an effect on DA negotiations but I can't say for sure of course. Taking his tweets into context though it seems likely, just imo anyway.
  4. Still think they should have went with @MWil23's idea and call themselves the Cleveland Cheapskates.
  5. Holy **** the NHL draft is on tonight.
  6. I certainly wouldn’t mind seeing him join his brother and provide a bit more reliable depth amongst the linebacker corps.
  7. The Big10 would only need to pad numbers to keep a relative pace though. Iowa St and Oklahoma St wouldn't necessarily be scraps. Ohio St, Michigan, Wisconsin, Penn St, Iowa, Minnesota, Northwestern, Indiana, Iowa St*, Ok St*, Illinois, Nebraska, Purdue, Rutgers, Maryland, and Michigan State matches up pretty evenly with Alabama, OU, Texas, Georgia, Auburn, LSU, Florida, South Carolina, Kentucky, Tennessee, Arkansas, Ole Miss, Mississippi State, Vanderbilt, Missouri, TAMU. Gotta remember, adding Texas and Oklahoma will come at the expense of someone. Naturally, someone is
  8. You aren’t building around a 28-year old. If you trade Westbrook Beal should go next. I saw one where Golden State was interested and the expected return would be pick 7 and 14 plus Wiseman and Wiggins. I would do that so fast lol
  9. Your point about trading is because he's "butt hurt". That I disagree with. I'm not trading him now. No way. You trade for a contract, the player comes with it. His contract is nearly up. If I were to trade him, I'd make him play this year, see how negotiations continue, then franchise tag him and shop him to the league. Let them figure out that next contract. And if you don't get what you want, play him on the franchise tag. So long as the cap allows.
  10. I'll be going to GB for the Packer Experience. Pro Shop, Tour, Hall of Fame....etc. I've got $200 in gift cards to the Pro Shop and no idea whose jersey to get. Leaning towards Love.
  11. Do you disagree about trading him though? That's my main point.
  12. I've got no problem with one of the best WR's in the game wanting best WR in the game money. In relation to a "regular" job....plenty of people jump jobs for more money. Especially people who are in their prime and excellent at what they do. Just like "Vante. It's a same that our cap situation won't allow for him to be the highest paid WR.
  13. I was going to buy a DA jersey to replace the AR Jersey I wear every season. But now that seems risky. maybe I’ll get the de Beers one
  14. The draft is on here correct? ESPN alerted me the draft is tomorrow and it will likely auto pick on ESPN if we don't change that date.
  15. Given that he put up 33 points, I'm going to say that Zachary Lisa Wilson would not have made the difference. Austin Ekeler was my RB1 at the time and I've since added Joe Mixon along with Mike Davis now at FB. Maybe just maybe my team would have put up more of a fight but we'll never know.
  16. Not directly Lions related but I am enjoying this Aaron Rodgers/Davante Adams drama in Packer-land. If Holmes and Campbell can start to build up the team, the division is pretty wide open if both of those guys are gone.
  17. Yah, plenty of folks on here have a very deep understanding of how the salary cap works. @CWood21 @Packerraymond I mean, these two post early and often about how contracts work and how they fit into the cap. Cwood did an amazing breakdown the year we signed P, Z, Amos and Turner. Concerning KC.... Look at what Mahomes is costing under the cap right now. I think it is like 4%. Then look at GB with Rodgers, 20%. No doubt we retain 'Vante if Rodgers reduces his cap hit by 16%. Then look at KC on Spotrac. They aren't paying any o-lineman anything. Heck, Frank Clark is their bigg
  18. Being a lions fan yes. Being an adams owner, no.
  19. Just trade everybody who's all butt hurt about whatever **** they're crying about lately. Money turns SOME athletes into the biggest *******. I swear if these guys worked a regular job they'd get laughed outta the workplace.
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