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  2. True. Look it’s just a hope of mine, it probably won’t happen but, it’s just something I’d like to see happen. Can’t we just live in a hopeful happy place sometimes? Rather than in reality where most likely bc we made the playoffs, we screwed ourselves out of possibly having a franchise QB for the next 15 years out of this draft. 😂
  3. I have no problem with optimism and respect that is the side you lean on. I don't see a team that improved. I see a team that collapsed in 2019. Spent a ton of money on the defense, got worse and collapsed again in 2020. I see a team that needed a 2pt conversion against Denver week 17 to limp to 8-8. An improvement from 2019 when they failed the same 2pt attempt and fell to 7-9. 2021... they have to push reset again on defense with an entire new staff tasked with salvaging a lot of bad draft picks and FA signings. Derek is keeping this team from being 5-11 right now. But I don'
  4. Free vax update: https://www.washingtonpost.com/graphics/2020/health/covid-vaccine-states-distribution-doses/?itid=sf_coronavirus_subnav
  5. True, the one season of production is what scares some as well, have yet to see him do it when people know about him, as a RS FR few knew about him or how good he was. Would have loved to see what he could have done this year. All of this could completely go away with a good workout and good solid 40 times and athletic numbers. Will see if he gets those to prove some of that athletic ability. Doubt he has a Danielle Hunter type workout with 4.57 speed, 36.5" vert and 25 reps at 225 though. If he does could be a high 1st round pick but probably is anyway. I would never take Pay
  6. I agree with this. As someone who went from a Rousseau hater back to lover I think the biggest problem is we turn on his tape expecting a guy who will fire of the edge, bend around the tackle like Von Miller and strip sack the QB. Thats not his game. He plays with great length and damn good hands for a guy with so little experience. I dont care what he does in his rookie season give him 2 years and you got a player. I dont love him in the 3-4 as a OLB. I like him as a DE in a 3-4 or anywhere on the line in a 4-3.
  7. Signing bonus and base only going forward for me if it makes it easier and less complicated. Whilst I like the roster bonus and workout options I barely use it.
  8. Agree with pretty much all of this. He’s rock solid when engaging with OL. And he’s got finesse pass rush moves. I don’t think he can drop into coverage very often, but people are acting like he’s AJ Epenesa. Rousseau is extremely slippery and quick. He’s a nightmare on stunts and was at his absolute best lined up in a 0-1 Tech and slanting into the B-Gaps. And he did it with 1 step and simply embarrassed every interior OL he went against. He’s got more than enough wiggle to be a great pass rusher—inside and out. I just doubt 3-4 teams will envision him playing in space.
  9. I do have one trade up I like. I doubt they accept it, most want a 3rd straight up... and I don’t really want to straight up trace one of the mid rounders. 3rd(81)+3rd(94)+5th(163) for 3rd(64) + 4th(115) Thats right for a trade up, unless you guys disagree I’m not losing a 3rd/4th to make a move at this point, 5th and a drop down I think we can live with.
  10. Agreed, it would require a gigantic overpayment for us to not get a QB, and lose out on the WRs. I really don't know who we could take at 8 unless Chase/Smith miraculously fall. I love Pitts but TE should not be that high.
  11. The salary cap and the injuries over the last 2 seasons is why he will not get a big contract. Missing one year because of injury can be explained away but repeatedly missing time due to multiple injuries is a huge red flag. Williams has the talent but in 6 seasons he has only put together a good season once and that was in 2016. Signing a short contract that ends up being a 1yr $4 million contract that allows him to go after big money in 2022 is probably his best case scenario and that is why he signs. There will be a lot of decent players that sign for under market value this season. TW
  12. What I'm saying is if I'm the Teaxans GM and Im on the verge of losing my franchise QB and one of the best young QBs in the league, I would want to replace said QB with as comparable a telant as possible. I understand its a division rival but at this point is about as getting as much bang for your buck as possible. So I would call Jax and see if a Watson could be dealt for #1 overall. I'm not saying Jax would do it but ot couldn't hurt to ask. It's not aboit how good or bad the Texans will be overall. They're about to start a full rebuild. Its about replacing top tier talent with someone
  13. I agree with all of this. Tebow ran the same 40 times as Trubisky and Aaron Rodgers and lacked shiftiness. Even with a position change he lacked the growth mindset to learn it and would have never put in the work to last 10 years. Being a career gadget player/special teamer may not seem like a tall task but you still have to work extremely hard to maintain an NFL roster spot. Tebow wouldn’t have humbled himself or worked hard enough to carve out an NFL career in any position. Instead of working on his craft he knew he had a meal ticket on American TV for being noteworthy and Uber religiou
  14. Especially considering we’d be an ideal spot for him. With him coming off injury, he’d be basically red shirting a year (barring injuries to any starter) and essentially taking over the starting LT spot the next year. He’s a guy with first round talent that will likely be had in the third round. With that said, I think if we DONT pick him if he was available in round 3 (or even 4), then it would be pretty telling since our new OL coach obviously has an inside track on Little’s injury status and talent level
  15. IIRC, they gave serious consideration to drafting Antonio Gibson over Winfield. Felton would be a match up nightmare in this offense. I don t think Felton gets out of the 2nd round. I would not be shocked to see the Bucs trade out of 32, get a 2nd n 3rd rd pick and Felton be the Bucs first draft pick.
  16. Rousseau is disliked by the online draft community because he doesn't pitch the fast ball. While I don't consider him a slam-dunk top 10 player, I do think he fits comfortably in that 10-15 range. He has a rare mix or strength, length, and agility that really plays well all along the defensive line the NFL. His strength is really getting undersold--I have yet to see an offensive lineman displace him. I have seem him get called stiff, but I don't think he's stiff at all--maybe stiff is just another word for tall? It's his agility that makes him probably the best finisher I have seen in thi
  17. Some speculation I've heard is that this is opening the door for next off season, especially if our up & coming situation, whatever that may be, fails. To have Wilson identify the Saints as a preferred suitor is pretty awesome. I think that really helps our free agency bargaining power, for the right people, of course.
  18. Bradley will keep Abram close to the line with the SLB playing a more traditional 3-4 OLB spot. We definitely need a FS with range but where we might run into an issue is Arnette. Bradley's system is zone heavy with the CBs dropping back with the FS. Not saying Arnette can not do this but he is better in press man. I could see us dropping Joyner, moving Arnette to the slot and bringing in another starting CB in the mold of Sherman. Arnette may be able to transition back but it will come down to how well he picks it up or Bradley's ability "to adapt to our players strengths". Our DBs will
  19. If he goes, I hope he breaks the bank.
  20. so funny i would definitely expect this to happen i mean, im going to watch regardless because i love the draft for all teams but still, i cant wait til the Bucs pick if we can get a good package, maybe an extra 2nd or 3rd, we'd be in business hopefully one of the QBs drops and someone trades up trying to lock in that 5th year option
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