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  2. Aaron Jones

    I'd take Rodgers in a heart beat over Cousins, Stafford, Carr and Tannehill. You don't want him in your top 5 ... each to their own.
  3. Lewis sealed off Keuchly in that play as well. that play was so beautiful i had to show my fiance.
  4. MNF GM of the year SEA@SF

    Seattle by a million
  5. Random Raider Stuff

    Add a Z to the offense and it should really take off. Offense is there now just need to build up the defense. I look at the Steelers who drafted a stud MLB and made the trade for Fitzpatrick and their defense has went from one of the worst last season to one of the better defenses in the league. It can happen fast.
  6. Brandon Brooks gets 4-year extension

    Yeah, but as others pointed out this probably helps loosen up money in certain years where things are tight. Probably did it now so they could either dip into this years extra cap, or roll over more of it for next year. I think it also is a little bit of a messaging thing. Come in, do your job at a high level...you get rewarded. Lot of guys who have underperformed this year and won't be extended. He's also pretty universally loved it seems, so team likes to see guys like that do well.
  7. How bad are the Miami Dolphins?

    Yall mean New Jersey
  8. Random Packer News & Notes

    how are you gonna pop the dude giving you a ride home after a night of boozin? and then to top it off you steal his golf cart. not cool dude.
  9. Yeah, I thought we used both Chubb and Hunt well. But I'd agree that I'd like to see Hunt get more carries, which hopefully he will. Having those two in the backfield at the same time gives us such an advantage and keeps defenses off balance.
  10. Has McVay been overrated?

    Also as @N4L stated, McVay has only been a play caller 4-5 years. Very raw. While his offensive scheme is great and I still think he’s an offensive guru, he can get very vanilla and repetitive with his play calls. He certainly does not have the creativity and adjusting ability as Andy Reid, Kyle Shanahan, and Jon Gruden. Not yet.
  11. Gurley's best days behind him?

    I dunno if any of you read what gurley said after the game yesterday. He was asked if he was upset he never got to touch the ball in the 4th quarter(something like that) and his answer was “not really, im used to it”. Now i know some ppl would be upset with him saying “not really” but him saying “im used to it” was what i really liked. I believe he is upset and mad about it and it was the perfect thing to say to sean on how his play calling has been this year. Lets see if sean listens to that and maybe get back to making todd the focus of the offense again somehow. i dunno i find his knees are not as big of a issue as so many other ppl are saying it is. He looks great when he runs imo.
  12. Week 10 - Rams @ Steelers

    I thought Kromer would have the OL further along by now. But I do like the leadership of the team better now than at any time since Vermeil went rogue and quit. I'm of the opinion that they'll be successful long term, thought it would be better this year. I was wrong
  13. Week 10: Blue NY vs Green NY

    I like FF a lot and Shepherd made a bunch of splash plays. Probably more than Leo did in a single game lol. Which again makes the Q pick really dumb.
  14. But not a waiver wire one hmmm
  15. Lmao we took away such opposite things from the game. I thought we used Hunt extremely well, who knew he could lay down blocks like that? I don't think when the Bills saw Chubb and Hunt in the backfield they expected him to be lead blocking. I thought Hunt's usage was something that definitely gave me a little more faith that Freddie has some idea of what he's doing. We got him 11 touches his first game back, I'm ok with that.
  16. I'm still here baby. It's a frustrating time for Giants fans, but as long as Daniel Jones continues to progress, we have hope for the upcoming years. On the bright side all of this losing could land us Chase Young or Andrew Thomas.
  17. 49ers Survivor Pool

    Wait - do-over! @rudyZ survives!
  18. Has McVay been overrated?

    Was he overrated? Absolutely. That doesn´t mean his not a good coach. But the put him in a pedestal so high and regarded as a genius, every assistant under him getting promotions around the league, so yeah he was overrated in that regard. He is not bad or a fraud by any means, only not living up to the unreal standards the media and some teams put on him
  19. Mason Rudolph Mega Thread - ALL RUDOLPH TALK HERE

    Fichtner is getting us killed! OMG Okay let's see if every team in the league has now figured us out... First down : run the ball every SINGLE TIME Second down : run the ball (60% of the time) or throw a 3 yard pass hoping the receiver will break free Third down (usually third and long) : Pass the ball with defenses blitzing and disguising coverages. In claiming that they are trying to protect Rudolph, they are killing him and the offense. No first down passing. No play action passing. The defenses know exactly what we are doing. It's a little surprising that we have scored anything other than field goals. This 4 yard offense fails most of the time anytime we have ONE negative play/penalty. Thoughts...
  20. Saquon needs to learn how to pass block. And fast. That would certainly help.
  21. The 2018 Kirk Cousins Megathread

    Both of those guys are better and younger than Cousins so I would understand paying them a large amount. And SF obviously knew what they were getting.... look at Garoppolo and look at their season. Cousins is not worth 84 million guaranteed. You can continue to support the front office and their track record with QBs, and convince yourself of that, but no way he deserved more than some of the guys who were paid less than he was. We just do not agree. The going rate for a good starting QB which he never has been. So these supposed facts don’t line up. When someone more inconsistent than Kirk comes along, hopefully Cousins years here can be a template for what to expect and they won’t be over paid. Yes. As I said in the post. He had one great year in that offense. In THAT offense he excelled. Why wouldn’t he continue to do so when Cook returned and the offensive line improved? He was cheaper.
  22. 49ers Survivor Pool

    So all three of you went out?
  23. Seattle Seahawks @ San Francisco 49ers - Week 10

    So no place to put it, but apparently Phil Haynes (2019 4th round pick) is getting reps at C, and the team seems to like his potential there. Not sure if this is a necessity thing (Joey Hunt is the only true center) or if there is actually some merit here. Writing might be on the wall as Justin Britt is concerned. Shame.
  24. Where is @Gmen thumping his chest? Asking for a friend.
  25. Aaron Jones

    darn still not top 5. can we find a stat he is top 5 in? got it: top 5 in: Completions Yards INT %
  26. Just a reminder to all not to lose your minds when the Eagles drop the next 2 games. After that they play the Giants twice, the Dolphins and the Redskins. Likely week 16 vs the Cowboys decides the division
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