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  2. Celtics just need to eject the disc, breathe on it, give it a wipe and put it back in.
  3. It’s pretty well sourced and confirmed now that Rodgers camp did not leak the story on draft day. Though they could have done less fanning of the flames that weekend for sure.
  4. To be fair most draft classes are pretty bad if you disregard the best player from the class and the third best.
  5. I see what you mean now. The Eagles have up more value over what the expected value was for their trade. That makes sense, I thought you were saying the eagles traded more than a first round pick a third and a fourth or whatever the Giants got. I get ya now.
  6. Seems like an easy way to win though?
  7. I call it a failed pick. You get 4 years of players on a rookie contract for your team so I grade a draft based on what it does for your team over 4 years. Regardless of whether they sign a second contract and for whom. Might be harsh but if a player does well elsewhere maybe you've not done a good job of matching player or player character to scheme or player A stud RB Starting Corner Useful RB2 That's what we got. Not bad. I would say C+
  8. C, and I could probably be persuaded into lowering the grade. Jones and Williams are hits. King is a very good player. The issue with this draft is that all of the rest of them just didn't contribute at all. No special teams players, no starts, nothing.
  9. Final nail in the Celtics coffin. Sucks but kind of on par with how the season has went for them.
  10. WR...Robinson...Mooney...Byrd...Wims...Miller...Newsome... Top two guys are locks and clear starters...I think Byrd will take the slot spot fairly comfortably due to his experience and performance last season in NE...after that things get tricky...I suspect we still keep Miller but I would love to be able to trade him out to a receiver needy team in exchange of a pick for next year or indeed a #3 TE...Newsome being newly drafted makes the team...then it's a shoot out between Wims/Ridley/Goodwin...I personally would take Goodwin out of the running right away because I feel if you keep the
  11. I would not call it proof, but that is what the Chiefs side is saying. https://www.arrowheadpride.com/2021/4/26/22403492/how-the-chiefs-and-ravens-came-to-agree-on-the-orlando-brown-trade J
  12. Don’t know how reliable this guy is but take it for what it’s worth:
  13. Peter Bukowski - Peter King echoed what a number of us covering the team have been saying for months: regardless of the "plan" if Rodgers played in '21 the way he played in '20, he was going to be back.
  14. I’d have recommended all teams to trade their 7ths for 2027 1sts! I didn’t say no one cares about them, I said that I don’t care for them much. Pick 3 this year for example, had substantially different value than Pick 3 in say, 2019 (Quinnen Williams). If you’re going to use it in a vacuum, I guess there’s merit to an extent. But looking at what the Bears did to get Fields and what the Eagles did to get Smith, isn’t a vacuum situation. There’s proof of this?
  15. They must have wanted some CAMPetition at Kicker this August. I will show myself out.
  16. I loved this off-season. JJ was always going to leave, and we did what we could to prep for that - having three safeties that can play. I appreciate what Brockers did as a glue/locker room guy, but we had very poor to mediocre run defenses with him in 2017 and 2018 (and all through the Fisher era too) - and he doesn't offer much rushing the passer. He was good last year but I think his play is easily replaceable. Biggest concern is that AD liked him.
  17. Its a helpful option to a team in that a potential trade partner can’t severely discount the compensation because they think a team is “forced” to sell. If Denver thinks “well he won’t play for Green Bay, they are going to want SOMETHING for him instead of nothing” and low balls an offer, the OPTION to retain Rodgers rights are more valuable than getting your face ripped off in a trade. Also, you think Rodgers won’t get pissed if Denver low balls an offer and makes it less likely he gets out of Green Bay? This is all about leverage, and Rodgers has a ticking clock on his
  18. The Vikings announced that if Justin Fields had dropped to them at 14, they'd have drafted him. I wonder if they told Cousin's in advance? Whats the benefit of making that known publicly after the draft? Incentivizing Cousins to play better? I think Kirk should threaten to hold out till he gets better contract...using the player thats not on the roster as leverage
  19. Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl are supposed to be released later this year. The new Arceus game is supposed to be released next year.
  20. Do you listen to podcasts? If so I'd highly recommend: https://shows.acast.com/wharton-behind-the-markets/episodes/behind-the-markets-podcast-special-ethereum-the-triple-halvi
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