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  2. Random Game Talk

    both the south park and shadow of war games werent as good as their prequels in terms of groundbreakingness. they were both much bigger, but didnt havr thwt unique gamechanging quality to it
  3. A Very Violent Mafia (SIGN UP!!)

    You even edited your post! Nice job and welcome back!
  4. NFL Play-Off Machine

    Winning next week would be the ultimate way to end the regular season. Chiefs get the division and Alex is likely to sit week 17...
  5. Again...see bolded. Bolded #1 = as soon as they turn over one, they will be essentially turning over all from then on. Because after that, every case will suddenly be "unique". Yes, the F.O. will take what they find out from the team "pulse" under advisement, but they are the ultimate deciders in what to do with Su'a. Not Trent Williams, et al. Bolded #2 = ahem. As I said. If the team captains come to the coach and say "keep him", the F.O. can simply disagree and move on from him. Now I agree that the F.O. will certainly keep the recommendations under advisement in this situation. But they are under no obligation to go by what the team captains decide. You are asking that the F.O. simply turn over all decision making on Cravens to his teammates. I'm telling you that is not a good idea long term. The F.O. should take the team assessment under advisement. But then should make their decision. They should not abrogate it and punt to the TC's
  6. You were talking about game changing plays. I mentioned that Compton has more. You countered that he has had a longer career. So I picked the same year. When counting HOW MANY each had, we need to...count...them. What you are complaining that I'm referencing is "stats", I'm actually compiling their "game changing plays". I could've stopped at turnovers. But you would've tried to talk to me about his other plays. Since the only other thing Cravens did was tackle someone, that's the only comparison we have. Hence my reference to tackles. But please, do convince me that Cravens has been a better player than Compton (even as limited physically as he is). Fact is, he's not. He wasn't. He was lost as a LB and lost as a Safety. He's got an impressive athleticism. Great. But that didn't translate onto the field last year. And last year, the guy you're convinced was the better player. Wasn't. By pretty much all measurements. And..."if his mind is right"? This is the same guy who quit on his college team and now has quit on the Redskins. Yeah. I'm totally trusting him that he will pinkie swear that he won't be a head case and a problem later on.
  7. 5,000 or Bust 2017

    Ben Roethlisberger
  8. Da D' Nasty Game

    Buffalo Bills
  9. Cam Newton stole a laptop at Florida as well and he's turned out just fine now in the NFL. I don't take a poor kid stealing as an unforgivable sin. I'm sure once Antonio Callaway makes millions in the NFL he won't feel the need to engage in credit card fraud anymore. Just as Cam Newton isn't stealing laptops anymore.
  10. MMA Thread

    RDA vs Woodley is gonna be good. RDA's speed might give Woodley problems, and he probably won't be too worried about getting taken down like Wonderboy was. Should be a big test for Tyron.
  11. I am looking for a team to follow outside of the Browns

    You have a good fan base here, I was just trying to get 43 into something he didn't want to get into. Still I have to admit I switched to Ludens cough drops because I can no longer stand Halls.
  12. 17-18 Hot Stove Thread

    Actually we got multiple pieces we were looking for in this trade in a vet depth pitcher that is solid who can eat a few innings until our young guys can come up. We got a utility infielder that has good defense and can play every infield positions plus LF. The big thing for the Braves in this though is instead of having Kemps crappy contract for 2 years eating our cap space up we moved it all into this year because all but culberson contracts are up after this year. So that allows us to be bigger players in FA next year instead of having Kemp blocking our elite prospect ronald acuna from coming in and playing a Of position. In the end it worked out quite well for both teams on either needs or helping the other get some financial freedom and some minor holes filled most braves fans are pretty pleased with the deal overall. Also with the 4.5 mil the dodgers kicked in both teams came out exactly even on money going out and coming in.
  13. NFL Play-Off Machine

    They beat the Chargers. Win at home against a mediocre Miami team and they win the division. J
  14. $250,000,000 for a house? Does it come with the Los Angeles Clippers? But that island castle looks pretty amazing, and IIRC, it "only" cost around $22-23 million.
  15. GDT Week 15 - GB @ CAR. A. A. - Ron Returns

    See this game being the toughest one remaining on their schedule. Since 2012, Packers are 2-16 on road against teams that ended season with winning record. That includes 1-3 this season, with their lone win coming against 7-6 Dallas, and they needed a last second TD drive to pull that one out.
  16. MMA Thread

    sam alvey's reply to it was hilarious something about Colby never getting a title shot and that he (Sam) was gonna drop down to 170 to beat his a** for spoiling it
  17. Stock Investing

    The Vanguard target retirement funds are a solid option too. I’m working on a 90/10 split rn. Think it’s like 40% international on the equity side off the top of my dome without looking. Vanguard is the definite way to go tbh
  18. Bengals/Vikings

    Hey guys, you're welcome to stop by the Vikings forum during the game if you'd like. We don't bite (usually). BTW I thought this was an interesting comment from Pacman earlier this week. Too bad Jones can't even back that up on the field because he's on IR.
  19. The Dallas Mavericks Thread - DSJ For ROY!

    Another blown lead. Heck Yes!
  20. Cardinals vs Redskins thread 😒

    No fluffer pics, both teams are bad riddled with injuries
  21. Rookie watch thread.

    Speaking, of, what do you all think of Kleber? Good stretch 4 coming off the bench?
  22. Browns QB situation can be fixed easily

    If their two past drafts pan out and they get a legit QB this draft, combined with free agency, it could all come together very quickly.
  23. Rookie watch thread.

    Another good outing from Kleber tonight.
  24. It's impressive that it went into the water, but let's see him up against some American Alligators. Caimans are small. Ain't no way that Jaguar is going up against a big gator. Plus, American Alligators have the built-in advantage of being stronger due to the meth and/or bath salts and/or cocaine they're on (cause Florida). Murica.
  25. I don't think Cravens is that slow at all tbh. He lost weight too IIRC
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