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  2. Pure he-said, she-said but a small window of insight. Her family could be absolutely kooks so take it with a grain of salt. http://www.news.com.au/entertainment/celebrity-life/royals/feuds-arrests-and-a-scathing-tellall-inside-meghan-markles-fractured-family/news-story/5ae8fb3f225ac880b24da676cfcc38bf There's something about Meghan's look in her eyes I just don't like. I can't put my finger on it...
  3. Seriously. I am going to get fired if this game continues any longer. I can't keep taking 20 minute poop breaks so I can try to read up on everyone's activity.
  4. NFL Snooze News: Volume Four, Por Favor

    That's possible, but due to the NFL's conservative nature, they may even wait until 2026 or later, just so they are fully ready to handle the Las Vegas market (and have all information on it's impacts). The last time a major sports league held a big league event in Vegas, it didn't go over so well. It's not a wonder that Tampa, Miami, Phoenix and New Orleans get 4 of the next 6 Super Bowls...they are tried and true Super Bowl destinations. Unfortunately, so was San Diego, but the Spanos' screwed that pooch. Here's my prediction...Vegas will certainly get Super Bowl LX (2026)...and Super Bowl LXIX (2035...god, I'll be old then) will be in London.
  5. What Are You Thinking About v.CC

    Did anyone ever have to clean their elementary school desks with shaving cream at the end of the year?
  6. Random Game Talk

    True. That's part of the reason I was saying within two years the game will change completely.
  7. Financial Experts say...

    Did you mean weeks?
  8. Random Game Talk

    That's a good question. This game just has extreme staying power because of the replay-ability. The one thing I'm concerned about is, how will Epic continue to handle this game. So far they've handled the game very well and they seem to be doing all the right things (constant updates, very active in the community, addressing issues in the game, etc), but there needs to be a longer track record of them doing that with this game. If they go through a stretch with really bad updates they could manage to damage the game. The really cool thing about this game, though, is the building mechanics. It's such a very unique aspect that isn't present in any other triple A games. It's funny because there's absolutely no way that Epic devs could have seen the building mechanics being used as they are right now.
  9. The monarchy has been infiltrated, phase 2 of the American revolution has begun.
  10. WR Vincent Jackson officially retires

    Wanted a VJax jersey for a while, and was definitely bummed when he left for TB. Ended up with a Mathews jersey, which... yeah
  11. Predict the Final 53-man Roster

    Offense QB: Flacco / Griffin / Jackson RB: Collins / Dixon / Allen WR: Crabtree / Scott WR: Brown / Lasley SL: Snead / White vs. Moore TE: Hurst / Andrews / Williams vs. Boyle LT: Stanley / Lewis LG: Hurst / Siragusa C: Skura / Bozeman RG: Yanda / Eluemunor RT: Brown Defense DT: Williams / Davis / Wormley NT: Pierce / Ricard DE: Urban / Henry RUSH: Suggs / Smith / Williams WILL: Young / Onwuasor vs. Bradley MIKE: Mosley / Levine vs. McClellan SAM: Boswer / Judon RCB: Smith / Averett FS: Weddle / Elliot SS: Jefferson / Clark NCB: Young / Canady LCB: Carr / Humphrey Special Teams K: Tucker P: Koch LS: Cox PUP: Hill The bolded is who I think wins the position battle but they're close and I could see it go either way.
  12. Financial Experts say...

    I'm starting now. One Blizzard per day until I die, it's gonna be a good 60 years!
  13. FF Elite Fantasy Baseball League - Season 11 aka The Reboot

    Those contenders low on saves. Check your PM's or ESPN @bkobow05 @Dingo18287 @Sllim Pickens @zelbell
  14. Things other than Redskins

    I feel like athletes always do well in this.
  15. Things other than Redskins

    http://www.espn.com/blog/carolina-panthers/post/_/id/29903/josh-norman-from-obscurity-to-nfl-to-dancing-with-the-stars Norman is in the final 3 of Dancing With the Stars. I know most couldn't care any less, but sounds like he is doing pretty well.
  16. What Are You Thinking About v.CC

    This is my life. Wife tried to reason with our 3 year old - Oh sweetie, it's gonna make you feel better, OK? You need it for you sickies (baby talk is going to drive me absolutely insane, BTW). 10 seconds later, wife is covered in gooey combo of Penecillin and spit, and daughter is unleashing a blood curdling scream. Daddy walks in, says "Cut that **** out!" Grab a syringe, pin her arms down and boom - bit of spit up, but medicine is now administered. (I'm allergic to Penecillin, so it could have literally killed me). Despite all of that, I'M the one getting yelled at for language and tone. **** that noise, I get **** done.
  17. Random Game Talk

    Market is slow to react. Entrenched players in said market have little incentive to change the way they make money until it's obvious to everyone^^^ there's another way to do it. Larger companies (e.g. Activision) probably have larger teams /support staff and longer development cycles, so it's probably hard to shift vision on a dime.
  18. aSK anything: 5.0: Designated Steve-vivor

    isn't the state bird in that area the mosquito...?
  19. For the Rangers, maybe something like... Pudge Cliff Lee Sosa
  20. LFFKL 2017 Discussion Thread

    I will consider trading anyone. Evans would be the toughest. Really need a full rebuild of this roster already though.
  21. aSK anything: 5.0: Designated Steve-vivor

    I really haven't been fishing since I was a kid...just because it was never a really fun experience for me...but, my son wants to do it, so we're getting our licenses and will go out sometime this summer.
  22. Cowboys off season - Can Training Camp start already?

    I dunno if I'd use the word "phenomenal", but he is a pretty decent player. I think I had a 3/4 on him - ahead of Rudolph and Lauletta
  23. Off-Topic: The Washington Capitals Thread

    They are 0-12 in the last three playoff series they've been up 2-0. This so much. Shots on goal is probably the worst stat in all of hockey, if not in all of sports. Simply flinging the puck doesn't mean eventually one will go in. Not in the postseason.
  24. NBA Top 50 Players: Who Is #2?

    my opinion: 1. James 2. Curry 3. Durant 4. Davis 5. Giannis
  25. Oh no, she cashed in bigger than any role she could find in TV or movies. She'll never have to work another day in her life...
  26. Our Offense got a lot faster this off season.

    Number of times sacked, 2015-2017 (3 seasons) Alex Smith: 108 Kirk Cousins: 90 (with two more games and 200+ passing attempts)
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