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  2. Bleeding Green also said Dak was better. I posted it like a month ago. Literally your entire fandom of websites agree with me, yet you called me the delusional one. Time for a reality check homie.
  3. The Random Thread (TAJT!)

    Do you know I mail in my tax return to Austin Tx on April 2 It took them three months to tell me there are still processing it. I have no idea when I will get my refund, And it took them three months to cash a check my sister mailed in for $ 40 thousand to be applied to her 2020 taxes,
  4. What Are You Thinking About v.CC

    first episode of my radio show last night and i thought it went pretty well!! only got just the one caller but expected that being the first episode and being community radio... i was more worried about technical issues - can talk for hours on end no problem but i'm not what you'd call technologically inclined - but we went smoothly
  5. Official New Jersey Devils Thread | Ruff's Ryderz

    He also posted this...
  6. Are you guys throwing this challenge? If so, why not just admit it and save us all some time?
  7. 2 biggest publications? You had one dude from WIP.
  8. BZZZZZZZZZZ tlo is on exile so @MWil23 went with the wrong MoL member! mwil takes a fall as T21T extends it to a lead 4-0 potato reverts to the orca still in the game tribe 2twins1tribe @swoosh @The Orca @Pickle Rick @MookieMonstah @daboyle250 @Outpost31 @gopherwrestler @mission27 tribe death to swooshy @JoshstraDaymus @Ragnarok @ET80 @SwAg

    There was talk about if/when a team wins the title, if there should be an asterisk next to the title. I voted NO, if everything was somewhat normal. But damn some teams may be missing some key or even great players. Using Miami as an example, what if Miami doesn't have Bam and Dragic in RD 1 and loses to a lower seed. and the team awaiting the winner in RD 2 now gets an easy matchup... or something along those lines... That would be suck.. what If Giannis misses 2 weeks and in that time the Bucks lose? the eventual Champion might just be the luckiest/healthiest team, but not the best team..
  10. I just said the same lol
  11. Coronavirus (COVID-19) - 3rd try

    We still don't even know who you're directing these posts toward
  12. Sean McVay vs Doug Pederson

    Don’t you know Jerry is Tiresias and has seen into the future where McVay has won 12 SB’s and the rest of us are just plebeians dealing with futile things like “facts” “reality” and “things that actually happened”.
  13. I don't know what led to the incident I'm about to detail but today I'm in a store and I hear yelling and cursing. This middle aged couple were unloading f bomb after f bomb on this frail elderly lady for allegedly getting in their space. We all have masks on. The guy was particularly obscene. So I tried to diffuse things. That didn't work and the f bombs continued. At this point the old lady has walked away as did I. Then the guy starts mouthing off at me. Diplomacy didn't work so I said to him what sort of man verbally attacks any woman let alone someone's grandmother? I get an f bomb. At that point I walk over to him and say now I'm in your space and I can assure you I'm not a frail old lady. Talk to me like you talked to her. He screamed you're threatening me! I said buddy you don't know what a threat is. I suggest you leave the store while you can which he and his wife did. As I watched them hurl expletives at this old lady I pictured my late mother on the end of such an assault. I don't like losing my cool but I won't stand for bullying and intimidation of anyone. Store employees and a couple of other shoppers thanked me for defending the elderly woman. I swear I was ready to drop him.
  14. Official New Jersey Devils Thread | Ruff's Ryderz

    Yeah, until we see something concrete from the NHL themselves, I'll reserve judgement. I feel like they are all taking that passage from that article and misinterpreting it. Even Frank Seravalli from TSN is passing it along.
  15. D6 VC: deadline is Friday at 10 pm eastern 6 biggio - malf, counselor, et, hobo, bcb, ksj
  16. It doesn't. There's no way the nhl would allow that to be considered playoffs for trade conditions when we could then end up with the number one pick in the draft from a selection that wouldn't exist
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