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  2. So, the 2019 Chiefs...

    If you include my man Travis Kelce the Chiefs are clearly no. 1.
  3. What Did You Cook for Dinner?

    I figured it out. Pwnys kidnapped and dog was cooked in a crock pot
  4. The Car Thread

    Just bought a 2010 Altima, I love it so far. It has fairly new all-season tires on it. Living in New England I was thinking about getting snow tires. I used to have snow tires for my old car(Maxima) but when they needed replacing I just kept the all season tires on. Do yall think snow tires are worth the investment or just keep the all season tires?
  5. Best Madden Ever: Madden 93 Sega Genesis

    watched a video on past maddens forgot how much more deep franchise mode used to be...
  6. Bucs Training Camp '19

    About to find out if David Kenney can play. Licht has found talent im the past digging in the bargain bin. I m sure he ll get a bunch of snaps in preseason.
  7. **TCMD** - Keeper Draft Thread

    last call for @squire12 OTC. On the Clock Rnd / Pick Overall TCMD Team Start End Owner 6th Rnd / Pck 07 87 Green Bay Packers Sat, Jul,20 @ 02:15PM Sat, Jul,20 @ 03:00PM squire12 Available Cap -$63,887,941 Current Date and Time (est) Sat, Jul 20 @ 2:06 PM 133 Next OTC Rnd / Pick Overall TCMD Team Start End Owner 6th Rnd / Pck 08 88 Detroit Lions Sat, Jul,20 @ 03:00PM Sat, Jul,20 @ 03:45PM winitall 6th Rnd / Pck 09 89 Carolina Panthers Sat, Jul,20 @ 03:45PM Sat, Jul,20 @ 04:30PM TedLavie 6th Rnd / Pck 10 90 Minnesota Vikings Sat, Jul,20 @ 04:30PM Sat, Jul,20 @ 05:15PM Deadpulse 6th Rnd / Pck 11 91 Philadelphia Eagles Sat, Jul,20 @ 05:15PM Sat, Jul,20 @ 06:00PM EaglesPeteC 6th Rnd / Pck 12 92 New Orleans Saints Sat, Jul,20 @ 06:00PM Sat, Jul,20 @ 06:45PM SirA1
  8. This Aint Packers Talk v69

    Europe, with special guest Gob Bluth
  9. **TCMD** - Keeper Discussion Thread

    UPDATED TRADE BLOCK Looking for an edge rusher trading Andrew Whitworth LT https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1i7-Zj2IKx5Q9OU1XUG3_8_ay_srpc8xwIsXV1RWhMpk/edit#gid=603325902
  10. 25 and Younger: Who ya got?

    Froholdt will succeed Thuney, not Wynn. Wynn is our future franchise OT. He got drafted as such and will play that position.
  11. We finally signed Devin White

    If the guy can play he has the catchy branding to get some national buzz pretty quick.
  12. Devils Top Prospects(2019 Midseason Complete)

    Overtaking Jazz who was highly overhyped after winter ball.
  13. So, the 2019 Chiefs...

    Oh man, you guys...
  14. Top 10 Defensive Linemen

    Page, Randle and Eller -- 3 Hall of Famers -- should be the top 3. Agree they should be listed in that order. Jim Marshall was the 3rd best player on his own defensive line for much of his career. He shouldn't be ranked ahead of guys with multiple All Pros. Marshall was never a first team All Pro (he had a few 2nd team All Pro nominations). He only made the Pro Bowl twice. His durability and career longevity was impressive, and the best argument for him eventually making the Hall. But he was more of a very good player than an all time great. Kevin Williams was All Pro 5 times and went to 6 Pro Bowls. He deserves to be in the HOF. He was a complete player. I'd rank him 4th here. Jared Allen has an argument for the HOF. Allen was All Pro 4 times (3 with the Vikings) and went to 6 Pro Bowls (5 with the Vikings). He led the league in sacks twice, once with the Vikings. He arguably should have been the DPOY in 2011, but lost narrowly to Terrell Suggs likely in large part because the Vikings as a team were terrible that year. He's 11th in NFL history in sacks (dating back to 1982 when the stat was first recorded officially). He wasn't great against the run but he was a complete player, hardly ever came off the field. He only played 6 seasons with the Vikings. Chris Doleman was mostly a pass rush specialist, but he was one of the best pass rushers ever: he's 5th all time in sacks and he's in the Hall of Fame. He earned 2 All Pros and 8 Pro Bowls (6 with the Vikings). He led the league in sacks in 1989. His longevity (74.5 sacks at age 32 or older, including 4 seasons with 10+ sacks at an older age than Allen's last double digit sack year) gives him a stronger case than Allen for the Hall (though I think Allen will eventually make it too). He played 9 seasons in Minnesota. Allen did have a higher peak but Doleman played better longer and has the HOF. I'd rank Doleman just ahead of Allen here. Keith Millard's injury at age 28 is one of the biggest "what if" stories in NFL history -- he was on track for the Hall of Fame if he'd stayed healthy. He was All Pro twice, the last 2 years before his injury. He won DPOY in 1989, leading the league in sacks with 18, a record for DTs that stood until Aaron Donald put up 20.5 last year. That was his last season before the career ending injury. It's hard to compare Millard's short career (really only 4.5 healthy years -- he missed half of his 3rd season with injury too) with Allen, Doleman or Marshall. I think it's fair to rate him ahead of Marshall given the much higher peaks. It's arguable whether he should rank ahead of Doleman -- they were on the same team, and Millard was considered the better player, but then Doleman played at a very high level for much longer. I think he should slot after Doleman and Allen, but ahead of Marshall in 8th -- the first DL on my list who doesn't have an All Pro year. That leaves 2 spots, which isn't enough. Realistic candidates, a short list: Gary Larsen. 2 Pro Bowls (1969-70), cAV 88 (85 in MIN), peak AV 16, 14, 11, 9, 8 twice. A great player at his best but never better than the 3rd best on his own DL. Everson Griffen. 3 Pro Bowls (2015-17), cAV 61, peak AV 15, 13, 11, 9. A very good and well rounded DE but arguably never elite. Pat Williams. 3 Pro Bowls (2006-08), cAV 93 (55 in MIN), peak AV 13, 11, 10 twice, 9. A role player as a run stopper, but an extremely effective one. Henry Thomas. 2 Pro Bowls (1991-92), cAV 114 (70 in MIN), peak AV 11 twice, 10, 9 three times. Seven seasons (5 in MIN) with 7+ sacks, as a DT. Linval Joseph. 2 Pro Bowls (2016-17). cAV 69 (47 in MIN), peak AV 13, 11, 9, 8 twice. A very good DT but mostly a role player. Danielle Hunter. 1 Pro Bowl (2018). cAV 33, peak AV 17 in 2018. 7th in the NFL in sacks and 10th in TFLs since coming into the league. Still only 24. Brian Robison. No Pro Bowls. 11 years with the Vikings but only 6 as a starter. cAV 53, peak AV 8 twice. Hunter is easy to exclude given his short career so far. But given his young age, and with 5 years left on his contract, he seems very likely to move into the top 10 if he stays healthy. Robison can also be left off. He was never as good a player as the rest of the guys on this list: second fiddle to Allen, then to Griffen, then 3rd once Hunter arrived. I don't know what to do with Griffen. If he'd been able to maintain his level of play through last year and the next few, he'd be an easy choice for the top 10. As is, he has only been a starter for 5 years, the 5th of them affected by his mental health issue. I think he gets an honorable mention. Pat Williams and Linval Joseph are very similar here: excellent run stoppers, limited years in Minnesota. I never saw Gary Larsen play but it's fair to rate him as their equal, maybe a little better, and he did play longer on the best Vikings defense ever. I agree with putting him at the top of that trio and keeping him in the top 10. Henry Thomas is my choice for the last spot on the list. He's underrated. Very productive as an interior pass rusher. He put up a higher AV with the Vikings than anyone else on the short list except Larsen, and higher career AV than anyone. So my list is: Alan Page John Randle Carl Eller Kevin Williams Chris Doleman Jared Allen Keith Millard Jim Marshall Gary Larsen Henry Thomas HM: Everson Griffen, Pat Williams, Linval Joseph
  15. ny MAD CUTS 1102 Giovani Bernard RB 2207 Paul Perkins RB 1514 Jordan Ellis RB 0725 Darrin Hall RB 2250 Quinton Flowers RB 1314 Jaron Brown WR 2382 Russell Shepard WR 0239 Bennie Fowler WR 1193 J.D. McKissic WR 1680 Keenan Reynolds WR 0086 Alex Wesley WR 2602 Terry Wright WR 1357 Jazz Ferguson WR 2297 Reggie White WR 0097 Alonzo Russell WR 0389 Caleb Scott WR 2205 Paul Adams LT 0387 Caleb Benenoch RG 1290 James O'Hagan C 2012 Michael Brockers 34DE 2586 Tenny Adewusi CB 1143 Henre Toliver CB
  16. We might be surprised. I would think that Sowell has at least some pass catching ability, or they wouldn't have switched him over. Switching Whitehair and Daniels should be an improvement (provided they end up doing it). IMO, that's how they should have come out of the gate last year, but they wanted to sit Daniels at first, etc., etc. Also--I think you're forgetting that they installed a new offense, with a fair amount of new pieces within it. I would expect they'd run the ball better this coming season even without positive changes--which I feel they've made.
  17. Top Defensive Triplets in the NFL

    The Chargers secondary with Desmond King, Derwin James and Casey Hayward is elite.
  18. You Hear It First: Hip Hop & R&B

  19. MKE Bucks Thread | Same Crap, Different Owner(s)

    Look Giannis could stay. In fact as of today I think he probably will. I just don’t think you should be talking in certainties like that in today’s nba. I get a lot of what your saying but a lot can happen and Toronto in theory could be reloaded by then. Bucks could fizzle out in back to back years. Because of Giannis’ background there is no stigma about Milwaukee for him and there wouldn’t be for Toronto. Maybe this is nothing but maybe not. I don’t fault you for your responses if roles were reversed and you came in like I did I’d be spouting the same thing. I have nothing against Milwaukee if it’s between you and Philly I hope you win the east this year. I think we should both take a step back for now. It’s a ways away right now.
  20. Boston Celtics Thread

    For all of those reasons, that's why I expect Kanter to be at least average defensively. To my original point, there is more than just a slight improvement over Greg Monroe and even Aron Baynes. Mostly due to minutes played and rebounding, but also just offensively Kanter is so much better than both it isn't even close.
  21. Top 5 Packers Age 25 or Younger?

    Jackson is better than King because he was available. King can't stay on the field.
  22. So, the 2019 Chiefs...

    *After the Los Angeles Rams and Cleveland Browns.
  23. Boston Celtics Thread

    Kanter also played with an injury after separating his shoulder with the Trailblazers. Baynes tended to drop into the paint a lot and that is what Kanter does a lot that leads to guys getting wide open shots. That is an example of something that is coachable. Obviously Kanter isn't quick footed but it's not like he is incapable of sliding or that he isn't a smart player. The thing Kanter struggles with the most defensively is the spacing and shooting that has become so prevalent in the NBA. With four other "position-less" teammates on the floor and a great coaching staff, Kanter will be able to adjust over the regular season while rotating with Robert Williams and Vincent Poirier, (both guys I'm pretty excited for by the way). Kanter will be covered by his teammates and coaches more than on any team he's been on before while also playing a role to his strengths offensively, grabbing rebound, and clogging lanes/defending the paint.
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