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  2. I was gonna do that once I got evicted, but can't take credit for this one.
  3. Jets trade up to 3

    We could have stayed at six, not passed on a QB, and selected a guy just as good and perhaps way better than the guy going at 3. That is my problem. For me the timing wasn't there this year to move up. Sitting at six was a great position, and I will continue to say that. OK, so maybe they did not like 1 of the QB's among the top 4. Heck, maybe they don't like 2 of them. No matter, because Buffalo and Arizona would have jumped us to get those guys. OR, if they trade up to get the guy we liked, a franchise RB or LG would have fallen in our laps. AND, we would have been able to find talent THROUGH THE DRAFT in Round 2, instead of wishing and hoping and praying that NEXT year free agents will like us better than they did this year.
  4. Jets trade up to 3

    ROSEN, ROSEN. ROSEN, ROSEN. Bigger smarter, and a much stronger & accurate arm.
  5. Jets trade up to 3

    I don't think these guys need to become Wentz for this move to make sense. Wentz is going to be a top 3 QB. You can be consitent Super Bowl contenders with a top 10 QB. And I think Rosen and Mayfield can be top 10 QBs.
  6. 2018 Depth Chart...How do you see it?

    EA.....that you again?
  7. Jets, Colts Swap 1st Round Picks

    Malik Hooker looked really good as a rookie, and with the top two CBs now gone, I'd say Minkah Fitzpatrick. But that's just me.
  8. Offseason Rumor Thread

    Webby gonna lock this up soon
  9. Turtle hates Kerrigan, Norman and Scott McCLoughan.
  10. Free agency reset — Wave 2

    I mean, you can grow an inch after you turn 20. I did! 🙋🏻‍♀️ Pats just have him listed as 6’6” only reason I had that.
  11. Need one of these CB's - the best of the rest

    Ugh, hope we don't draft 12 guys. Hope we are done drafting guys who end up on other teams. Quality over quantity is my draft mantra.
  12. Free Agency

    I'd kick the tires on Demarco Murray . I feel as if e has a few years left in him.
  13. Jets, Colts Swap 1st Round Picks

    I don’t think it’s likely it happens again. Also if they actually have one of these QBs rates highly, it wouldn’t make sense to pass on him.
  14. 2018 NFL Draft Discussion

    You are correct in that teams do not need a very good player at EVERY position. But the flip side of that is that in order to go that route, a team needs to have difference makers at the other positions to offset those lesser starters. As it stands right now, GB does not have enough difference makers at enough key positions to offset those lesser starters. If a team is going to contend, those weaknesses are going to be exploited in the playoffs by the other top tier teams.
  15. Free Agency Discussion

    I read that that’s the reason he got cut in the first place. Apparently the cardinals think there is some instability in his knee. so I think this is one year prove you can stay healthy deal
  16. Scandrick gets his wish

    hell its not even a done deal yet lol. #JonesFamilyVacation #Bahamas guess we need to wait till the GM gets back to sign and file the paperwork
  17. The Offseason Thread

  18. So many commits over the past few days. Gruden is getting football players jumping ship. A few new defensive starters, adding depth, alot of turnover and ten plus draft picks. I thought this be a good spot for posters to list the depth chart and see holes QB: Carr, EMPTY, Cook RB: Lynch, Martin, Washington, Richard FB: Olawale, K Smith WR: Cooper, Roberts, Holton/Whitney WR: Nelson, Patterson, Hatcher/Whalen TE: Cook, Walford, Carrier/L Smith OT: Penn, Sharpe, Alexander, Ware OG: KO, Jackson, Alexander, Kirkland C: Hudson, Feliciano DE Mack, Edwards, Tank, Calhoun/Cowser DT: Ellis, EMPTY , Hester, Ward/Latham OLB: Irvin, Whitehead, James, Wilber MLB: EMPTY, Morrow/Lee CB: Melvin, EMPTY , Mcdonald/Hillary CB: Conely, Wright, Hamilton/Richardson S: Joseph, Obi, Gilchrist, Luani P/K/LS: *players in bold are new incoming players how do you see the depth chart?
  19. Jets trade up to 3

    You're never going to succeed as a GM in any sport if you don't eventually take some major risks. If you pass on a franchise QB because something may go wrong, then you might as well not even show up to work.
  20. Jets, Colts Swap 1st Round Picks

    Yep. That's what I was referring to. Seriously, though, it was a nice move by the Colts. They may still be able to get whoever it was that they wanted. Chubb?
  21. Jets trade up to 3

    I am one of the guys who wants a good young QB in the draft. I am probably one of the very few guys on this board who lived thru the Joe Namath era. If it wasn't for Namath we would have never beaten a terrific Colt team to win the SB. The only real good QB we had since the Namath era is Kenny O'Brien. I am so tired of these rethread QB we had for the last 20 years is pathetic. Sure it cost us a lot to move up in the draft but it we get the right QB, we should do better in next years FA period. No offensive player wanted to come here this year because we had no top QB. and the offensive roster is very weak. We had 100 mil dollars to spend and all we got on offensive is Crowell, and a player who is a center & guard and I am not sure how good he is, anybody is better than Johnson.
  22. Offseason Rumor Thread

    The amount of people turned off by the protests and actually afffcting the bottom line is minuscule. It’s a small minority. These owners are risk adverse and assuming that it will hurt them because of their risk appetite.
  23. Where does John Lynch rank among GMs?

    Too early and it’s fluid. 2-3 years ago Elway was the GOAT GM and before that John Schneider could do no wrong
  24. Jets, Colts Swap 1st Round Picks

    It's not like any window is magically opened with any rookie QB at the helm. Being competitive and setting up for 2019 or 2020 should be the goal, and Barkley gets you closer to that vs Rosen or Darnold.
  25. Colts release Hankins

    I wouldn't even be upset if they signed Hankins and still drafted a DL with one of their first three picks. This is what makes Philly so good, they are stacked on the defensive line.
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