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  2. Okay and how many years before they develop an IP that's exclusive for Xbox? They just got acquired. We're talking years down the road. Like I said, that's awesome man and I can't wait. The problem is, I bought the console NOW. I'm not buying the console now for games they're going to release 3-5 years from now lol
  3. not signing in until sunday ftr. so dont start early if you please @rackcs sunday is good though
  4. I should have rephrased, though it wasn't my comparison to begin with. A reference to a replaceable midlevel starter incapable of putting up big passing numbers, throwing downfield with accuracy and touch, or "carrying the team" so to speak. I highly disagreed.
  5. This thread gives me agita. Of course Danny Ainge has made mistakes. So has every other GM in every other sport in the history of organized professional sport. However since 08 he is 12/13 in playoff berths, 6/13 in ECF berths. He must be doing something right. We can sit here and tear his track record a part, or again anyone else's in the history of sports, but it doesn't mean all that much at the end of the day. If he wasn't good at his job, the Celtics wouldn't be in the position they are in now, period. Could it be better? Of course. Same is true of any other. We can pick a spot where if a player made a different decision or a pick years out fell in the lottery for any team and say damn, they could of had blank AND what they have now. However that's an exercise in futility.
  6. AKA what governs the majority of fans’ opinions on being good at football
  7. This is the unfortunate reality, and one that @Shanedorf pointed out a few pages back. The NFL wants to save the juicy matchups for other primetime slots or they are network protected games As a hardcore football fan I freaking hate it. Thanksgiving should be a day where they grow the sport, but instead they know they will make money either way so they give us sheit games Hence the reason we need to end the madness of "they will watch it anyways" and give us not Detroit or dallas at 9:30am/12:30pm and 1:30pm/4:30pm on a Thursday (PST/est).
  8. Me: kill Rick Nacho, listening to Orca and Swoosh because that’s a good idea: KILL SWAG
  9. Today
  10. These are my thoughts as well, as a niners fan, although I am certain the majority of niners fans would not agree with me. The reality is, with more positives everyday, they NFL didn't have a choice
  11. G Cesar Ruiz - B - hasn't been as good as we would like, but he's been serviceable. He's still adjusting to playing G instead of C, but he should be good for us going forward. OLB Zack Baun - C - hasn't seen the field much, but he's been a good special teamer. TE Adam Trautman - B+ - he's our TE 3/4 and hasn't seen the field much, but he has flashed in recent weeks. Should be our starter next season. TE Tommy Stevens - F - not on the team. Undrafted DT Malcolm Roach - C- - cheap depth. Nothing more. WR Marquez Callaway - A+ - with MT and Sanders down he was our best WR. He gives us some depth we haven't had in a while and is also a great special teamer. Lots of potential. He should be our WR 3/4 going forward.
  12. He went on the IR, so I’m guessing there must be some loophole in which exact injuries don’t need to be disclosed if a guy won’t been on the daily report.
  13. And you were correct. The Ravens receipts were found thin. Yeah, I just saw that part of the update. He definitely should be fired and not only that he should receive a one year suspension from the NFL for his actions. In addition, I think the Ravens deserve to be fined $1m as an organization and depending on how much oversight Harbaugh has in all of this, he should be fined 100k. We should also be docked a 4th or 5th round pick. This interrupted a Thanksgiving game and thus heads need to roll.
  14. Um... Calais Campbell and Brandon Williams were getting close last week, their was a chance they played this game. Pernell McPhee is a starter most weeks and consistently plays about 50-60% of defensive snaps. Patrick Mekari, our starting center, is a positive case and will be down. Matt Skura the backup will be down. That’s just the players that we KNOW. Also the backup center portion isn’t even something accurate. Skura very well might have recovered this week enough to snap... in which case its our starting center and starting RG. What’s more, there’s also no way to know who else is infected. You’re also ASSUMING there are no cases tied to in-game transmission. How do we know that Ingram didn’t get Covid and then pass it along to Dobbins who was sharing the same football? How do we not know that Mekari who was snapping said ball wasn’t spreading it to Ingram? Thus if it spreads amongst the team in such a way, how do we not know that if the Steelers cause a turnover and take it to the house... that said player also wouldn’t be infected. Said player practices for multiple days and exposes your other players... and the Steelers are then faced with a serious covid outbreak.
  15. I think it's unfair to grade him based on what hes played with. While I'm not a huge fan of him, I think he has a chance to turn into an above avg qb. I'd prefer we focused on some needs that are equally or more apparent. The secondary and pass rush have been abysmal, as has the interior OL.
  16. aren't they supposed to report injuries to the league for injury reports?
  17. Not trying to be funny. But I am assuming Takk passed his physical?
  18. I understand that the mathematical formula values currents picks higher. I'm using my head and context though. The Pelicans literally cannot get a less valuable 1st than the 30th pick in this years draft. So let's take out one pick from Milwaukee and call that even. So now you're counting on 14 and 26 in a garbage draft to be better than 4 shots in 4 different drafts of varying strengths. If I'm the Pelicans, I look at this and say I don't need three guys in a bad draft. There isn't anyone I want to move up and get. My window hasn't opened yet. I'll kick the tires down the road and either hit the jackpot if Giannis leaves or have some extra value when we are in our competitive window with prime Zion/Ingram. The Hayward addition is an automatic no from any reasonable GM. It would be a non-starter from the get-go. Under the best circumstances which I'm still pretty sure can't happen, you are paying more money for a substantially worse player. Why even trade Jrue at that point? He's better, cheaper and also expiring. In the worst case scenario it's a move that gets DG fired because you are locked into a terrible contract for 3-4 years. There is literally no upside.
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