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  2. Realistically I think 5-7 wins right now. 2-14 total tank would be nice, get a kings ransom for #1 pick? Hell, flat out take TLaw? All fun things to dream about, but I just don't see it happening. We lose to the Bengals, and/or hit the bye at 1-7? Then maybe, but as of now I think we will go 3-3 in division (it really sucks) and take at least 2 more games. You've got Bengals, banged up 49ers and Browns as only teams left on schedule that won't be strong favorites, but I'm sure there's a trap game in there (for the other team, where we are the trap). I will say this is a really bad year to suck. I'm not sure how good this draft class is supposed to be, but COVID is going to negatively effect team's judgement, no? Way less tape will be out there between the guys who opted out and less games being played.
  3. Yeah I wonder which side it leans between Doug and Co just not doing it and Carson not feeling comfortable doing it too. Hard to say, seems kinda like both are really trying to be the bigger reason this year. Right now it looks like Reich was the key. There has been nothing since besides the aggressiveness that is unique or groundbreaking. The magic got us a ring but seems used up. I think Doug clearly can lead a team, but he either needs to give up the reins to playcalling or get better people around him to give him all the info he needs like he had the first two years. I'm fine moving on if he doesn't do either this year. They had even more time to iron out a new version of the playbook this year and I'm not seeing any difference besides Miles being really good and beating people with athleticism and once they suck it up for a couple drives they'll have Carson throw it deep for 3 plays on the off chance something happens.
  4. If that means looking forward to SEC, Big Ten and possibly Pac 12 coming back and giving me some draft prospects to watch, then yes. I’m up at almost midnight racking my brain thinking about how high we could finish in the draft order.
  5. They play the Steelers next week too. Just a brutal stretch to start the season for them Doesn't help BOB is the worst either
  6. The offense didn't have the ball much in the 2nd half and EJacks INT should've sealed it ....so lets not forget that when bringing up why the game down to the wire either. Lets also not forget that we were saying the very same thing now about the offense after 2 games in 2018 season when we started 1-1 and ended up going 12-4. The offense looked good in small spurts but couldn't find a way to be consistent (outside of the scripted plays). This year, the offense looks MUCH closer and slightly better to the 2018 offense version than 2019. Especially with Monty playing his heart out (Howard esque with better hands). Hell, some people gave up after the Seahawks game. After two games, people were still (rightfully) questioning the offense. Same as this season. Like I said, it's way too early tell. Next week will be a test. Defensive pressure needs to step up. But the bottomline is, we are 2-0.
  7. I doubt it, but it is a combination of us wanting him to pass the ball more/hand it off to 3-4 good players, and a combination of defenses being more sound in their defense of him. I think teams have chosen to let him get "easy" 5 yards and prevent the long dashes, so I think we should expect more 4-5 yards on runs towards the sideline.
  8. I'm all in on a Tom Hiddleston Bond.
  9. As did I, thus why I asked why it effectively ended Parker's career.
  10. That is what frustrates me the most. It seems in 2016 and 2017 DP was engineering the offense around Carson, as any coach should do, especially for their new QB... but since then, well, since the injury, we desperately want Carson to be somebody he's not. Something of a cerebral west coast pocket passer. I know Doug comes from WC tree, but it's hard to believe he'd so stubborn as to force his offense. I wonder if the injury spooked him and Carson into trying to force the transition, which is fine, but it's clear it's not going to work, so go back to playing to Carson's strengths. Getting him on the move, outside the pocket, and threatening the defense on all levels with his arm strength. He has never been a particularly accurate passer but we are asking him to drop back 30+ times and make 15+ little throws to move the chains, and when just when of those throws is off target, the entire drive gets compromised. That is how it has felt to me for the last several years. The margin for error is next to nothing, and there are next to no explosive plays. It can work if you've got a Drew Brees or Peyton who can actually operate within that slim margin for error, but that's just not going to work with Carson. Even 2017, what defined him was his big time playmaking ability. I'm not saying the accuracy he's put on display in 2020 is acceptable, of course not, I just don't see this gameplan doing him any favors. edit: and sure, Carson is not the same athlete he was pre-injury, but he still must fall around average in a league that gets more athletic at the QB position every year (11th in rush yards among QBs in 2019). I saw Big Ben make a handful of plays outside the pocket today, and he is damn near 40.
  11. So.... considering our strength of schedule will probably cause us to have a lower pick. How many of these bottom half teams can the Eagles realistically be worse than? I’m in a bad place rn.... I know. I didn’t drink enough to stop thinking about this disappointment of a team.
  12. As far as whether or not tagging a RB is cheaper, the answer is mixed. If you look at how these new deals are structured, they aren’t really that taxing: https://www.spotrac.com/nfl/minnesota-vikings/dalvin-cook-21782/ Cook essentially has a 2 year deal, cap hits of 5 and 14M, 6.2 M in dead cap in 2023. https://www.spotrac.com/nfl/new-orleans-saints/alvin-kamara-21809/ Kamara has essentially the same deal, with 1 year of mega fluff that is a complete joke. Tagging 2 years would run around 11M and 13M, so you end up in the similar spots overall (24M in dead cap, with all of it hitting 2021/2022). I’d like Jones to get a deal, since he deserves it. If it was structured similar to Cook and Kamara, I could swallow it. He’s partially a WR, so it makes it more justifiable... Cap hits of 10 a year the next 2 with a 5m left in dead money is fine.
  13. That's why we post here lol. We can at least be reasonable with each other. There is no hive mind when there's just two of us (and @Canadian Saint the honorary Devil). But for the Wood/Foote/#7 for Nylander/#15 deal, you absolutely pull that trigger. Why? Because there's a chance that friggin' Seth Jarvis makes it to #15 anyways. You're still going to land a damn fine player there. I will add the caveat that I wait and see how the board falls, though. I'm not sure I could pass up Sanderson/Drysdale considering how ******* hard it is to find top pairing caliber dmen.
  14. Vikings and Eagles fans are probably ****ting a brick right about now. 49ers fans are too of course. I will continue to watch Chargers games because of those uniforms BTW. At least Hebert has taken over and looks sharp. BTW Greg Jennings did another Packers game? Because of course he did.
  15. What about that pass that went through Edelman's hands on the final drive of the game. It looked high, but it looked like it went though Edelman's hands. I've never seen it anywhere other than the live game. Should Edelman have caught that pass? EDIT: I found it ^ That is with 9 seconds left. Would have been a tough catch, but he needs to come down with that. Went right through his hands. He catches that, they win the game.
  16. you like to berate anyone who feels suspicious of you, and i wont be having it this game
  17. 1991 the team was 4-6, and Steve Young went down with a knee injury. He missed over a month. Team finished 10-6. 1995 the team losses Steve Young for like 5 or 6 games. The team starts out 5-4 with back to back home losses to the lackluster Saints and expansion Carolina Panthers. William Floyd was also lost in addition to not having Deion Sanders since he was a Cowboy now. Everyone thought they would get killed against 8-1 Dallas on the road with Elvis Grbac starting. They go out and kill Dallas on the road, and finish the season 11-5. No this team doesn't have Jerry Rice or Steve Young. No the NFC West isn't as weak as it used to be at that time, but there is still a lot of talent on the roster even with the injuries stacking up. And a great coaching staff without any behind the scenes bull**** drama from the top brass like the Harbaugh era. Guys will come back including the starting QB. Packing it in after week 2 when the team is 1-1, essentially preparing your mindset for the draft is lunacy. At least with a team that was just in the Super Bowl.
  18. I’d be thrilled with 5-1. Luckily are next 3 are against teams that might be put out of their misery.
  19. Oh yes. I am doing the Old West thing when I was scum. Brilliant analysis. I think you might have iron poisoning leading to an influx of stupid from your feasting upon children.
  20. You want to keep my wienerschnitzel and name out of your mouth? Acting like I’m some fresh roasted infant.
  21. Hmm, whom to believe... because some say he is special. https://www.packers.com/video/rodgers-on-rb-jones-33-is-a-special-player Rodgers on RB Jones: '33 is a special player'
  22. I do not want to add another hole to the team just to add another hole. I also do not want to hold onto a player that is not worth it to not create another hole. The players play dictates who stays and goes. If you live up to your contract you stay and if you do not then you go. Brown's cap numbers are only considered team friendly when you compare them to his cap number this year. At $14 and $15.25 he still needs to be on the field and playing at an all pro level. We can sign a top RT for $10 a year or draft one on day 2. I really like having him on the team and do not mind paying him his money over the next two years if he proves he can stay healthy.
  23. Right now not really, but the benefit of signing him early is he gets pushed further and further back in the top QB contracts list. We can't do anything but a restructure with him next year, he has like north of $55 mil in dead cap if we do. I have to hope that we can be somewhat slightly better than the lions, they've had their shots and just whiffed. But biggest issue is they keep hiring awful options for coaches. We've seen Carson play well, but he clearly isn't taking the coaching or getting it to begin with. Biggest what the hell is- Why is Press Taylor here? This offense is the same, worse it seems devoid of any sort of hustle or creativity besides wasting one of the 11 spots on a QB you drafted in the 2nd, and that ain't all that new or good. It's awful when everyone of us could probably come up with a basis for an offense that would actually suit Carson, yet they go back and forth between putzing around with small gains and playing like an 11 year old who's desperately trying to come back in Madden. There is no confidence, no gameplanning, not an ounce of creativity. Yeah Howie screwed things up with drafting JJAW, yeah it's dumb to have two tightends the caliber we have when only one seems to be able to have a big week at a time most of the time, yeah it's pathetic that JP is still here...but teams are much worse off and do way more. At this point I hope they lose out, if this is what we are gonna get from this staff I'm hoping that Lurie has no chance but to roll heads. We can't rely on the NFC East being horrendous and a plucky attitude to make the playoffs every year... what's the point of it if we can't do anything when it matters? I'm not gonna stop watching, but this is just pathetic. Just watching for the pain now.
  24. But remember that play, 5 years ago, when Patricia, who was working for New England, made Seattle throw it from the 1 instead of handing it off and remember when Patricia made Malcom Butler pick off the throw Patricia made Wilson throw?
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