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  2. East Regional Thread

    Zion isn't as good as AD as a freshman IMO. But its close. I know stats guys will come in but that UK team was loaded, more loaded than this Duke team and AD focused on defense/winning plays as opposed to having a huge work load.
  3. TABT

  4. The Travel Thread

    Nashville is a fun city, even more so if you’re a fan of country music.
  5. East Regional Thread

    Does everyone have a 7'7" guy with an 8'0" wingspan to protect the rim and force RJ and Zion to take tough shots every time down?
  6. wow.. lots of people making the tank trades.. lots of contenders getting assets on the cheap.. I probably should have taken advantage of this
  7. 2019 Draft Discussion

    I think he means best TE prospect in the draft
  8. Vikings Sign Josh Kline

    No one said that....
  9. Basicially look for someone trying to hide or follow, or that just looks to be standing out in your mind. People who change stories or people who dont want to push the action are also usually scum. Day 1s are usually just banter. After that content imo really matters.
  10. AAF

    Johnny foosball looking real bad.
  11. 1st mock in a long Time w/ Explanations

    Why would the packers use their best draft spot in 10 years for depth?
  12. I missed it what did he say?
  13. 2019 Draft: Targets

    What is the "RB News", anyway? Curious.
  14. Cowboys & Rams to play in Hawaii on August 17th

    The NFL should put a team in Hawaii way before Mexico or London as it seems they’releaning towards... I’d love to see expansion to 35 teams. Put a team in Hawaii, St Louis & Alabama or Oklahoma City. Then, go to 5 divisions only with 3 teams in each.
  15. East Regional Thread

    disagree, everyone knows that duke can't shoot the 3-ball
  16. Gronk Retires

    ??? who are you again? I honestly dont remember someone of your name to know why you would say this
  17. East Regional Thread

    Definitely. Unless another team has a 7'7" center that camps under the basket and fouls every possession Duke should be alright until the Final 4.
  18. Yeah, I haven't even really followed one of these before, so very new experience all around. But I'll pick it up as we go and start to understand a little more. And the more I play, the more shared experience I will have with everyone to kind of get a lot of the non game talk.
  19. 2019 Draft Discussion

    Hawkeye fan? i love jock but he’s definitely not the best player in the draft. He may not even turn out to be the best TE from iowa
  20. 1st mock in a long Time w/ Explanations

    Broncos won't pass on Haskins, their QBOTF
  21. 2019 Draft Discussion

    I will do the Happy Dance if either are available at 30.
  22. East Regional Thread

    Refs: Incidental contact
  23. My Annual Forum by Forum Mock Draft

    Is the original poster coming back? We still have two first round picks left. Hopefully we get D. White and M. Sweat. Lol.
  24. 2019 Draft: Targets

    Mike Weber-RB, who Nagy was just seen with after his pro day working off to the side... is coming to Chicago for an official visit.
  25. Jeremy Maclin to retire

    Hell of a career, Redskins couldn’t cover him or Djax for years. Great draft picks and development by the Eagles in both players. The Redskins passed on Djax for Devin Thomas in 08... how’d that work out??
  26. I think that's probably the right call. Pace, followed by Dorsey, followed by Ballard. there's a good debate to be had, though...
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