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  2. It activates the following night i used it last night it works tonight
  3. Kenny Pickett is a carbon copy of Daniel Jones to me. And, he may not even be draftable depending on what his hands measure.
  4. Point 1 Tennessee is a below average offense period. 2nd point they got a huge amount of points off of turnovers. 3rd point who is Tennessee 3rd receiver. By the way this is not trolling and I am not drunk to the group ahead.
  5. Why would that even be an ability? No defense matrix protects someonenelse i pick and i need to choose the night before
  6. I think the Grier is mainly targeting Dabol to take over. I personally have Pederson as the best HC candidate available, but I don't think he will be interested in coaching Tua. I also like McDaniel but when I think of his Offense I think of the QB under center mostly and I think Tua needs a large amount of shotgun and read option to be successful, so I don't think Grier will take McDaniel as a serious candidate. I see Bienemy as a legit Darkhorse and #2 option to Dabol.
  7. I just picked out guys that are at least 6'5" and around 300 lbs. That is the list
  8. yeah not sure exactly what the final call on O line would be. But I would resign Spain and Reiff (1 year), look in the draft for a RT and C of the future. CB could be a need depending what they do with Apple. But we are set up to go BPA and not force anything. With 60 mill+ and picks add talent and lets roll.
  9. @Lions017@nagahide13@biggio7 Reminding of cuts. Naga - You need to cut or keep Canning as MLB. Biggio - Same with Pache.
  10. Not a fan of this. We have way too many needs to take 3 OL in the top 10. I also guarantee that at least 1 of them would be a bust. I'd rather go BPA with home many holes we have. My dream scenario would be Thibodeaux at 3, Evan Neal or Ekwonu at 5, and Kyle Hamilton at 7. I'd assume we'd get a late 1st/early 2nd for Tunsil which would be BPA pick. Day 2 we absolutely need a RB; either KW3, Spiller or Hall.
  11. I don't understand Wolf is saying he protected himself from being targeted...... but I literally targeted him successfully How is this a defense?
  12. What would I trade for Reagor? Well I'd give our 5th to whoever wants him first and foremost. Then I'd want in return a cheese steak (I really need to make the pilgrimage across PA to get one) and a beer. Not even an import either. I'll take a domestic. Go Birds MC
  13. Until Myles Garrett hits you in the face with your own helmet?
  14. Didn't he say he can stop someone else from being lynched or can he save himself? @wolfeyestrk can you stop your own lynch tonight? That should prove your innocence 100%
  15. What about peevy from Texas a&m , from what I read he did a lot of the dirty work for that defense Not saying I watched him really at all
  16. Its not about his skill. He is very skilled. Its about value. He isnt worth $20m/yr
  17. He has absolutely tiny hands and isn't particularly large. How can he be Ben, who was famous for pump fakes and being a mountain.
  18. I'll play: Top Strengths (in order) 1. D-line. 2. Running game. 3. Toughness of the team. They were written off and then won a ton of games to make it to the playoffs. Top Weaknesses (in order) 1. WR depth. Whiteside and Reagor are hot garbage. 2. Age of some of our vets and their cap hits. 3. Kelce potentially retiring. Wildcard 1. Jalen Hurts. At times he seems like we have the guy at QB but other times he stares down his receiver and/or looks clueless. From what I read he is a great kid. I'm hoping making it to the playoffs and
  19. Yeah, it is a massive deal to do that. It's just that, pulling something like CoD from a platform with that many users doesn't seem like the way to go, when you're making your money on the backend from having them purchasing things within the game. I wonder if they'll value the potential increase in hardware sales more than having the larger user base, where you're profiting off of "half" of the users $70 entry point, with the smaller uptick in hardware sales? I know they don't make much, if any, off of actual hardware sales, but I wonder what their value is to making someone add a console
  20. I also don’t see Kyle as the type that would block the advancement of another coach’s career, especially one who is a friend and more than just a co-worker. He was extraordinarily complimentary of Salaeh getting his chance last year, I remember the presser he was saying something to the effect of “if someone doesn’t hire him this off-season they are stupid.” He didn’t want him to leave, just like Mike didn’t want Gary to leave, but both knew it was for the best for those men.
  21. If the ability's weakness is getting lynched, then why did he not put a point in the ability that prevents lynching and then proceed to protect himself with both? He is then unkillable.
  22. Just got a flipper article that natural immunization has proven more effective than the vaccine when fighting delta. *starts flame war and then poof- im gone*
  23. Burrow is decent, overrated and not close to elite. Got an unbelievable situation in Cincinnati. Was Pickett not playing scared when he was having 4 extremely mediocre years basically being a check down king? One year wonder.
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