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  2. Valhalla Villager: News, Rumors and Gossip

    Yeah and that might be less than ideal for this week
  3. Packers Trade Trevor Davis to Raiders

    Tell your Doctor you think it’s EFSSS. It affects millions of folks every year at this time. He’ll know how to treat it.
  4. Jalen Ramsey requests trade

    id imagine they would want 2 high picks and a starting Player back. i mean he has 2 years left on his team friendly deal and hes an all-pro easy top corner in the league
  5. Happy that the Jags finally got a QB they can rally behind in Minshew. Lucky 6th rounder.
  6. Week 3 GDT: Titans @ Jaguars TNF

    Meh. Mediocre team yet again. Possibly terrible. I might check back in when they bench MM for Tanny just to see how he plays. Otherwise I’m probably out for this season boys.
  7. It’s times for Danny Dimes!

    Dude desperately wants to be in the mafia, doesn't he?
  8. 2019 NFL Pick 'em

    Week 3 Tennessee at Jacksonville [Pick not in on time ] Cincinnati at Buffalo [7] Miami at Dallas [15] Denver at Green Bay [8] Atlanta at Indianapolis [6] Baltimore at Kansas City [4] Oakland at Minnesota [14] NY Jets at New England [13] Detroit at Philadelphia [12] Carolina at Arizona [1] NY Giants at Tampa Bay [2] Houston at LAC [3] New Orleans at Seattle [9] Pittsburgh at SF 49ers [5] LAR at Cleveland [10] Chicago at Washington [11]
  9. Notable Stats and Observations

    It was made a point of emphasis this off-season. They were really high in the preseason too
  10. So Savage Gardner's father is Doug Pederson?
  11. It’s times for Danny Dimes!

    It's apparently a legit nickname
  12. Titans lost to two AFCS divisional rivals and Mariota got sacked 9 times. Perennial 9-7 team, as always. Good work Tennessee.
  13. Week 3 GDT: Titans @ Jaguars TNF

    Too bad the Dolphins won’t win a game this year or I would say tank for Tua before it’s too late but it’s already too late. a team with a mantra of “Good to Great” needs to change it to “Good to worse” Ill say it wasn’t all on Mariota but he still is a problem. Lewan and Davis will help the O-Line but nothing is going to fix Marcus. If Tannehill isn’t starting in Atlanta then I’m not watching, I can’t watch this guy again he’s just not good
  14. It’s times for Danny Dimes!

    Danny Dimes? So-named for his 10-cent arm?
  15. Week 3 GDT: Titans @ Jaguars TNF

    What a joke of a team. Cant wait for the draft. Should have a pretty good pick
  16. Week 3 GDT: Titans @ Jaguars TNF

    But we hired a guy from outside the building and he wasn't great either. Stocker dives. Ughh.
  17. MMA Thread

    all I ask with Masvidal-Diaz is that they rename the BMF belt as the "Split Decision Belt" when the fight inevitably goes to a split.
  18. Minshew Mania is still alive. Up next: Broncos Panthers Breesless Saints Bengals Jets like I said earlier, 6 game win streak.
  19. Still don't understand why the NFL keeps giving Washington multiple prime time games. Sure, if they were playing Dallas, I get it from a nostalgia perspective, but that should only be once a season.
  20. Week 3 GDT: Titans @ Jaguars TNF

    When Marcus started to make throws. Got a rhythm we saw the line is still terrible. Our WRs can make some plays when the QB actually throws it and when the line actually blocks. It's a dance and they are stepping on each other's feet.
  21. well there was only 15 seconds left and they were only at their 29 yard line. so it wouldn't be unexpected to just kneel it tho it was the same defense that did this lolol
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