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  2. That, to me, is at least reasonable. Hue needs a qb. Without one we aren't going to win much. I just think some folks are expecting him to work miracles here. Has he been perfect? Hell no, there have been plenty of questionable decisions. I just think a lot of those things happen when a coach has to essentially call a perfect game because the talent isn't going to cover for him in any way. Hue needs an OC IMO, being the HC is a huge job on its own with this team. This roster needs more talent and a lot more experience.
  3. MKE Bucks Thread (1-0)

    I wish LED would give up on him.
  4. Marshawn Lynch suspended 1 game

    Such a bad take. You don't watch the Raiders if you think this is true. He's very good after contact and breaks a lot of tackles. He hasn't been one of the problems with this team, unless you live in the fantasy football world.
  5. ALCS: New York Yankees vs Houston Astros GDT

    Yankees need to stop popping up tbh you aren’t Aaron Judge tbh
  6. Doctson to get more reps

    Pryor has no trade market. Trading players and acquiring players through trade mid season is extremely rare. Pryor is second on the team amongst WRs in receptions and leads the team in yards. His drops the first few weeks were disappointing but I don’t remember him dropping a pass vs the 49ers. In fact, Cousins has also missed him a few times for what should have been TDs like the 1st pass play against the Eagles week 1 and 2 times Kirk overthrew him against the 49ers. If Kirk is a bit more accurate on those 3 passes Pryor might have 130 more yards and 3 more TDs.
  7. 2017-2018 NBA GDT V1: Winless Warriors

    Dear god Jason Terry is 40
  8. MKE Bucks Thread (1-0)

    Kidd gave up on this one in the 3rd, what a joke.
  9. 2017-2018 NBA GDT V1: Winless Warriors

    all the teams i root for are like 50% hurt lol
  10. She was one of those people with naturally good teeth too. She brushed in the morning, but that was it. Bright white teeth and never had a cavity in her life. I brush in the morning and at night religiously, I floss and I use mouthwash and still get cavities.
  11. I agree that there is a chopping lock for hues head. I just don't thik he is aware of it yet. At the moment i think our coaching is preforming worse than our talent. I would rather Hue goes than Sachi. I hope in Sachi not Hue. I don't think we will get a good coahc until we win at least 5 games and have talent.
  12. my fart and @Jlash ex's breath would have to fusion-ha to compete against majin Haul
  13. 2017-2018 NBA GDT V1: Winless Warriors

    I like our all wing lineups
  14. Lmao hilarious post Jlash thank god you made her your ex, bad breath on a chick is just an awful look
  15. ALCS: New York Yankees vs Houston Astros GDT

    Both pitchers are dealing tonight.
  16. Everything Pokemon Thread!

    I may need to do some updates before I could help. I've barely play4ed the new games lately. I've been playing G/S and now I re-acquired Heart Gold/ soul Silver
  17. What Are You Thinking About v.CC

    Anyone have the Mystery Oreos? They're Fruity Pebbles right? Didn't they already make that flavor?
  18. CW21's Packers Mock Draft v2018.01

    If he plays as well as Palmer and we go 3-8, send Ted out the door with Dom.
  19. In Jackson this week (I may hav mentioned that a couple dozen times) checking out Yellowstone and the Grand Tetons. Just ate a filet mignon and creamed spinach with a huckleberry bourbon old fashioned to wash it down. To say life is great would be an understatement. How about you bud?
  20. MLB Expansion, Realignment, Postseason Revamp coming?

    They should though tbh
  21. And I'm okay going into next year with Hue. However if it starts out like this one I'm pushing myself in front of Ditch and calling for Hue's head. There should be some progress this year. There has to be next year.
  22. 2017-2018 NBA GDT V1: Winless Warriors

    baynes is the best midrange shooter in the NBA
  23. 2017-2018 NBA GDT V1: Winless Warriors

    The refs in this Philly Boston game are absolutely terrible....ruining the flow of the game. No wonder neither team can get into a rhythm.
  24. MKE Bucks Thread (1-0)

    Must be nice to get slanted officiating every time you step on the floor. 🙄
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