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  2. Decent list to work off of. This list is looking less and less copacetic.
  3. Home Improvement/Remodel Thread

    The same reason you rode a different bus than all the other kids. You're a very special boy. Honestly though I love assembling stuff. I've thought about freelancing on the side as someone who will come put your crap together for a fee smaller than the store is asking lol
  4. What if Mitch is not the guy?

    Someone posted the video below on Reddit and I was kind of taken aback... 2017 MT10 was seeing the field and throwing it with conviction. 2018 MT10 hesitates, and I think it's because he has SO MUCH information running through his brain. I read once that Taylor Gabriel said he had 4 different options on one route based on what the defense is doing. Imagine being a QB and having 2-3 seconds to scan a defense, think how your WRs should be adjusting, hope that they see the defense the same way you see it, and then get the ball out accurately and with velocity. It's a heavy load, and I get it for sure. I wish he didn't miss Howard in the flat or a WIDE OPEN Gabriel on a chunk play, but those things happen. I'm okay with mistakes, my concern and anger will rise if it turns into consistent issues -- which I hope it doesn't.
  5. Solder is fine and Hernandez has made some rookie mental mistakes, but looked really good in week 2. Halapio was probably the most consistent the first 2 weeks, but I don't think there will be a drop off from him to Greco. Greco is a really solid vet who everyone thinks highly of. The problem is the right side of the line. Omameh is garbage in every facet. Flowers performed ok on Sunday night, but looked like he always does. Lawrence would have wiped the floor with him if he was healthy, but he was obviously hurting. The biggest issue though is when those two have to communicate. Just like Jerry and Flowers last year, Omameh and Flowers can't seem to pick up a basic stunt. The Cowboys had some really creative stunts they were running that were effective that just plain beat us, but even the basic ones have those 2 struggling. It's made worse by the fact that they are both bad. Solder and Hernandez are athletic/talented enough to recover from things like that. You'll see improvement this week and for weeks to come. There were a lot of blown assignments that led to pressures and most of those pressures led to sacks, which is somewhat on Eli. Look at @veteranscout on twitter. He posted some real nice plays that Hernandez made that are overshadowed by the blown assignment. It wasn't just those 5 guys though: Engram and Ellison got bullied on a couple plays and Shane Smith had arguably the biggest blown assignment. It was so bad, it got him cut. I'm not 100% sure, but I suspect Stewart missed his assignment in pass protection one play too. Went inside too early and no one accounted for the outside most rusher. I think the OL will get there. Hopefully when they do, Eli steps up his game too. Even when he had a pocket, he was scared.
  6. Where’s Norm?

    He was banned 2 weeks following GB's epic comeback against Chicago. Saw it play it out in real time late Sunday night with a drunken Norm living his best life celebrating the fact and webby brought down the hammer of justice
  7. TNF: Jets vs Browns GDT The Battle of the light weights.

    Baker looks to have 'it'. I wasnt sure that magic would translate from college to pro, but last night he certainly had a sort of aura that made him just clearly stand out as a ship-steadying, franchise caliber QB. Baker looks great and Myles snags 2 sacks. Browns fans must be estatic, they are finally developing blue-chip talents. Ward played well too. Would it be insane to throw 1Y / 8M at Dez Bryant? Get Baker as much help as possible, and IMO Baker has the mix of that fun loving / uber competitive personality that Dez would gravitate to and respect.
  8. RB Frank Gore: 4th all-time rusher

    Yards per carry is irrelevant in this conversation. Curtis Martin was often the focal point of his offenses, and delivered many outstanding seasons over 1,200 yards. Few HOF backs enjoyed the kind of big age 30 and 31 years Martin had, only injuries stopped him at age 32. That's definitely not compiling. John Riggins was a different, yet truly great RB, who also wasn't a compiler. His next to last season was very productive, and Riggins could beat defenses in short yardage situations, and had surprising speed. Neither Martin or Riggins spent the last few seasons of their careers in mediocrity.
  9. Baker Mayfield No. 1

    Hop aboard now or look silly later on.
  10. Jones - A Shutdown Corner?

    They did.
  11. This Aint Packers Talk v69

    No denying this: "That is extra extraordinary considering it had been 635 days since their last win" But as for the rest. Extraordinary isnt the words I'd use to describe it. Again - early season stuff - and it was against the NYJ's. Lets not go overboard.
  12. This Is Rival Talk v1.0

    I was flipping back and forth between baseball and this game - so I'll allow my snapshot view isnt right on target. We'll see how he develops.
  13. Jones - A Shutdown Corner?

    Yep. Kinda wish they picked up that 5th year option. Rule for future 1st round draft picks going forward....try them out at their projected best position by year three.
  14. BDL Discussion Thread 2018

    Lol...gotta have someone to blame my failures on.
  15. GDT - Prime Time - Browns to ground the Jets

    Did last night really happen, or did someone dose me with some LSD to make me hallucinate that we won?
  16. The Browns inept special teams is a valid point that I certainly overlooked. My point still remains, that nearly everytime a coach and/or GM goes with the "wait and see" approach with a 1st round rookie QB, they end up starting the rookie early in the season anyway because the vet QB usually sucks. Bortles, Trubisky, Watson, Allen, Mayfield...the list goes on and on. I just feel unless you have an absolute quality vet at QB (ala Alex Smith last year) or the rookie QB is too raw to start(ala Jake Locker/Lamar Jackson), then you should start your 1st round QB. As much as I hated Ken Whisenhunt here, one of the things I did appreciate was that he named Mariota starter and run the first team snaps from day 1. Sorry for the small rant here lol.
  17. This Aint Packers Talk v69

    It was an extraordinary performance. Taylor was 4-14 for 19 yards and 0 points when he left the game. Mayfield came in and was 3-4 for 47 yards and a FG. For Cleveland that was extraordinary. Then he went on to lead the comeback and win the game. That is extra extraordinary considering it had been 635 days since their last win.
  18. ST coordinator sucks; Amos Jones.

    Nobody is taking a job with this team until next year.
  19. BTW, I'm still not totally convinced last night really happened. I think I just got so drunk to the point that I started hallucinating that we won. That seems more likely than the Browns actually winning a game.
  20. Favorite Team: Detroit Lions Week 3 Pick: Minnesota Vikings
  21. Please do, sir. If you do, the Bucs will be my NFC team this year. Haha
  22. Mitchell Trubisky's Future

    Granted, yes. But it's a bit unfair to say Trubisky has "busted" yet. Right now I don't see much reason to be optimistic nor pessimistic about his long-term success. We have seen plenty of QBs struggle early in their career to go on to be very good players, but we've also seen some who never improve. It's too early to tell.
  23. Random Thoughts

    I agree, in 99% of situations. I have no idea why Rosen isn’t starting over Bradford right now. The only outlier I can see to this is the Bills. That OL is so damn bad, Allen needed some development coming in, but he’s just going to get destroyed all season and I don’t think it’s going to be beneficial for him in the future. I’d have let him sit on the bench most of the season, get some development/learn the NFL and then spent the off-season making improving the OL before throwing him to the wolves.
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