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  2. BDP's 2019 GM Mock - Sign up now!!!

    I’ll do Indy as a test run for TCMD you can have Denver. @BringinDaPain put me down for Indy and Bowser for Denver
  3. Post your Depth Charts here
  4. Survivor III: Winners Versus Losers

    unopposed Agreed. However, if the NFL is any indication.....MVPs don't win it all.
  5. Official New Jersey Devils Thread | #FireHynes

    bout sums up my feelings
  6. BDP's 2019 GM Mock - Sign up now!!!

    @drd23@TheVillain112@tom cody@titans0021@Duffman57@The LBC@BleedTheClock@pigsooie5@Sllim Pickens@ET80@scar988@deuces22wild@khodder@El ramster@TheChancellor@showtime
  7. Official New Jersey Devils Thread | #FireHynes

    Our PK? our power play?
  8. Random Packer News & Notes

    I thought the same thing. They're both fast, but MVS is the fastest WR we've had since... Javon Walker, maybe? Also, .05 doesn't seem like much, but it's actually slightly greater than the difference between Trevor Davis and Greg Jennings/Randall Cobb, who both ran 4.46.
  9. Bills cut Charles Clay TE

    He plays tight end
  10. Who ends up drafting Kyler Murray?

    I almost said this too. They're in a position to consider something like this, especially if Bosa and Williams are gone and they for some reason don't like Oliver.
  11. February 2019 Bears Prop Bets for 2019-2020

    Pick One of Following: Callahan and Amos resigned Amos resigned Callahan resigned Neither Callahan nor Amos resigned 3rd round pick: Trade Out, S, RB, OL, OLB, CB, TE, Other Bears 4th round pick: Trade Out, S, RB, OL, OLB, CB, TE, Other Bears 5th round pick: Trade Out, S, RB, OL, OLB, CB, TE, Other Bears wins Over/Under 11.5 Howard Over/Under 1000 rushing yards Cohen Over/Under 450 rushing yards Howard Over/Under 20 receptions Cohen Over/Under 70 receptions Trubisky Over/Under 3400 passing yards Trubisky Over/Under 27 passing TDs Trubisky Over/Under 12 INTS Robinson Over/Under 65 receptions Robinson Over/Under 825 receiving yards Mack Over/Under 12 sacks Floyd Over/Under 7 sacks Hicks Over/Under 7 sacks Jackson Over/Under 5 INTs Fuller Over/Under 5 INTs Long Over/Under 7 games played Shaheen Over/Under 11 games played Roquan Smith Pro Bowl Y/N James Daniels Pro Bowl Y/N Bears First Round Bye in playoffs Y/N Two part tie breaker question: Who takes 2nd in NFCN and does that team make the playoffs Bears, yes Something something Kevin White
  12. Is Philip Rivers a HoF QB?

    I mean he retired top 5 in yards, touchdowns, and completions despite starting in the NFL at age 28 and missing like 2 seasons worth of football due to injuries.
  13. 2019 Free Agent Discussion

    We don't have a younger Matthews or Perry to add to. Clowney turned 26 yesterday and is coming off three straight Pro Bowls. He would change our defense overnight.
  14. 2019 Free Agent Discussion

    I mean chances are we aren't going to have a chance to get a guy like that anyways. I'll be very surprised if Lawrence, Clowney, Ford and Clark aren't all franchised. NE doesn't use the tag much but very well could for Flowers. I think targeting a tier-2 guy may not just be the recommended route, but perhaps the only route available once FA actually starts.
  15. NBA Wagering Thread (ALL IN on NBA World Stars 😂)

    2H - Georgia Southern ML, -260 The spread before the game was 8.5. We only have to win by 5. Total chalk play but were looking for easy money. Vegas can win and so can we.
  16. Super Bowl LIII: Rams vs. Patriots - Poll Added!

    That’s how I knew the Patriots were going to win this game. They were the last shot left for this decade
  17. Random Packer News & Notes

    Is MVS faster than Davis? MVS is obviously a better WR. I just don't think he is faster. I would love if they had a 100 yard race at family night. There is enough room for 8 or 10 guys to line up across the field and race. I would really have liked to see a race between Sam Shields, Nick Collins, and Ryan Grant. [edit] It appears that MVS had a faster 40 time than Davis. It was 4.37 to 4.42, so not a huge difference. I thought Davis ran faster than that though. I thought wrong.
  18. BDP's 2019 GM Mock - Sign up now!!!

    @Ragnarok do we only need a replacement for Dingo?
  19. Is Philip Rivers a HoF QB?

    He got in on merit, he got in for historical significance
  20. Free Agents

  21. NFL Seasons over.. On to the Combine, FA.

    I would prefer JuWuan James to Williams for RT. Resign Collins and Jamon Brown. Go after Malcolm Brown, Za’Darius Smith, JuWuan James.
  22. General Season Talk

    Interesting. You think he’d get franchised over D Law and J Clowney?
  23. 2019 Free Agent Discussion

    Isn't that what Pettine has done all along though? I just don't think adding Clowney to this defense is the same as adding Peppers to younger Matthews and Perry.
  24. 2019 Free Agent Discussion

    We need guys who can create sacks on their own. I like Pettine and I'm glad his scheme is creating sack opportunities for Martinez and the DBs, but you give something up on the back end when you send pressure like that. Imagine if we had an edge rusher who could hound the QB all on his own.
  25. BDP's 2019 GM Mock - Sign up now!!!

    I'll do the Lions
  26. 2019 Free Agent Discussion

    Creating sacks through blitzing is worse than creating sacks without blitzing. The reason GB had to blitz so much is because the front couldn't generate pressure by themselves. If you can get high-quality EDGE guys, you don't have to send extra men from coverage.
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