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  2. I think I read that Minnesota hasn't traded up from their original 1st round pick since like 1987, so... let's not get our hopes up. If they trade up, it better be for Sewell.
  3. They're just jealous of our weaponry. They have to work at it harder than Mahomes. When Peyton Manning was playing I couldn't stand Indy then Denver. But I had to secretly marvel at what Manning accomplished.
  4. Yeah...it's an opinion. But I think most folks would agree that a team is not trading a HOF quarterback for a rookie, in an essentially straight up deal. It could be done--they could put future picks out there. But would it be done? No. Seattle wouldn't accept it, in all likelihood. And it would be dumb of the Bears to do it. Yet again, as I said--the Bears could potentially be looking at being a true contender four years down the road, when Wilson will be thirty-six. So, me saying a basic one-for-one trade of Fields for Wilson won't happen is an "opinion"...but that statemen
  5. I keep hearing this, but so far it hasn't been the case at all. Maybe Veach isn't working at it hard enough? (LOL)
  6. Who are they saving him for then? Cause the Go Home show for Mania tied the lowest rated Raw of the year with 1.7 million.
  7. I agree. When I’m 40. I’m 32 now and have 8 more years until retirement.
  8. Again, no. Tall players have an advantage in this drill. 37" is a bit above average, but not much. It's not a problem area, but it's also not a plus. J
  9. We have two more scholarships, this year, that we need to fill, yet. Garrison Brooks entered the transfer portal and I don't think (I hope not) that Platek will come back for the free year.
  10. Horse brother is in this draft?!?! Dang I need some picks.
  11. Just one of those low energy games by us and playing to level of competition. Difference is that our star power literally and figuratively weren’t there to pull us out as per normal. Doesn’t help that Lakers started making all there 3s. We move though.
  12. Neil Peart has entered the chat. In a very Bernie kind of way.
  13. Brewers do the same thing when we have Burnes and Woodruff on the hill. It's like they think they can take the day off or something because they know deGrom isn't going to give up runs.
  14. That’s too damn small. 10,000 - 50,000 is the optimal size of a place to live.
  15. I think you guys did really well. Savard isn't have a good year and you got paid for his past form. Savard should be fine for Tampa because he'll fill a very specific niche in their bottom pairing, but you guys got a top notch return for a guy who is past his best play.
  16. It's pretty sweet even with him in there. He is so slow footed.
  17. Ben Mac and Drum played big That paint is sweet without DJ out there
  18. Nice job with this... would be pretty happy if this was our class!
  19. Honestly, it's never really something that's happened anywhere. Everyone always thinks it will be a thing, but it just never really has been. People jump as soon as one guy signs a lesser deal, but normally it's just because the demand was lower, so they went home. Like, Breeland didn't sign a team friendly deal last year, he just didn't have a market. The whole team friendly thing doesn't exist. Agents will make sure of that.
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