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  2. I saw a line giving Detroit +6. LMAO we dont even have enough players.
  3. I don't think his arm is really "underrated"...his deep shots are pretty much...toss it up and see what happens. They die halfway to the target...but man, they drop in the right area.
  4. Jalen Ramsey requests trade

    I guess there's a possibility Waynes could be part of the package coming back. It'd give the Jags at least a CB to fill the hole. But he'd be...basically the 3rd piece in a deal including a 1st, and another high pick or better player.
  5. I mean, even 69 aside...i thought Fournette really came to life and ran like he should after that. Just need him crashing down and bullying people. The whole point of Fournette, is that there aren't many backs that size who can generate that kind of momentum...he's gotta use that more consistently. He's a load when he runs like he should.
  6. How your team rookie have looked like week 2

    The league aint ready for this
  7. Random Ravens Thoughts: New Forum Edition

    My heart can't take this anymore. I need him to join a team now because y'all keep selling me hope that we actually have a chance. And if we do have a legit chance, I just hope it ain't for that first offer posted up above. Want no parts of my TE's leaving, pass!
  8. Random Ravens Thoughts: New Forum Edition

    Would be funny if some dopey Airport worker was rolling the night shift and saw Jalen Ramsey come through.
  9. Notable Stats and Observations

    You can melt down all the participation medals you want. They still give you zero ounces of Gold, Silver, or even Bronze. Rivers got a huge break with the Luck and Cam injuries. I think he moves up to the 9th best QB of his peers. (10th if you want to count the 6 year overlap of Warner) Brady Brees Rodgers Peyton Manning Roethlisbrger Wilson Ryan Eli Manning Is it really a Hall of Fame if more than 25% of the players get in? Rivers numbers are not really better than all of these superior QBs. (except Eli if we pretend the playoff numbers are not so much more important) Maybe we can have a meaningless stat accumulation wing. It can have videos of 10.0 ANY/A game highlights. Jake Delhomme had 3 games of 10+ Ayp/a in his Super Bowl run. (hold on though, those games were meaningful) I think they are going to have a review and give the Lombardi to Carolina because Brady was only at 7.69 that game.
  10. it official. @theuntouchable and @Pickle Rick have been nominated for eviction the noms wont vote @Adrenaline_Flux will only vote in the event of a tie (though you may send your vote early) for the rest of the houesguests, the deadline to cast your eviction vote is Saturday 10:30 AM cst. if you dont vote, you dont play the next hoh voters: 1. @ET80 2. @Outpost31 5. @Nazgul 7. @FinneasGage
  11. Around the League: 2019 Edition

    IMO we don’t need another DL with no twitch and no explosiveness at the combine Taco ran a 4.92 with a 1.73 split., a 7.17 3cone and a 4.39 shuttle. In the events that demonstrate explosiveness, he had a 33” vertical and a 9’10” broad. Willis was 4.53, 1.58, 6.85 and 4.28 with a 39” vertical and 10’5” broad. neither performed well in the nfl but I think that Willis has more of a chance to develop into at least a situational pass rusher.
  12. GDT "Monday Night Football" Edition: Bears & Redskins 9/23/19

    Here's a game that our offense can finally build some confidence on. The first two games: 1) I believe that the Packers defense is the real deal, and that the team is markedly improved, hence our horrid performance offensively. 2) One of the toughest venue in sports to play as a visiting team with the altitude. Now if we struggle vs this mediocre Skins team, then there will be reason for alarm. I really want to watch more games before I gauge how this team is doing.
  13. Sounds like the creativity of a 12 year old. This is why promoting a position coach to OC almost never works out unless he’s been groomed under a offensive guru to be the future OC. McVay under the Grudens a prime example.
  14. NBA 2K20

    I've been talking to a lot of people and they've all said pure stretch is a really bad build this year. Like, really bad. It's probably the worst PF build. 2K nerfed that build so heavily.
  15. Around the NFL 2019

    i thought watson getting sacked 6 times week one was bad but Mariota getting sacked NINE times tonight is just mind boggling.
  16. Random Ravens Thoughts: New Forum Edition

    Yeah, agree there @berlin calling. It's imperative that we re-sign Stanley especially given what our interior line looks like and with Yanda getting ready to call it a career soon. EDIT: And yes, @DreamKid he is definitely bluffin'. BIG BLUFFIN', but boy how I wish this were true, lol
  17. Congrats @Nazgul My replacement nominee is @Pickle Rick @Malfatron
  18. Random Ravens Thoughts: New Forum Edition

    You think this guy is a troll?
  19. Looks like he lost the OL weight and looks great. I really feel for that guy, best LT in the game for a decade and only made the playoffs his rookie season. Should be a Hall of Famer at least without question.
  20. GDT Week 3; Browns VS Rams

    Bring a Browns fans means having been desensitized by dysfunction porn. Dawg Pound?
  21. Random Ravens Thoughts: New Forum Edition

    there is also Stanley they need to pay. and don't tell me he is not worth top money, look at that train wreck Concklin has become for the Titans. heralded after his rookie season, now a liability. can't trade away draft assets and at the same time lose foundation players because you try to build the legion of boom pt. 2
  22. Dolphins bench Ryan Fitzpatrick, to start Josh Rosen

    Too bad for Miami. They could have had Taco and Beef Supreme.
  23. The Run Game doesnt matter

    So, what you are really saying is that the run game does matter...teams that have the ability to run out the clock tend to win. Keep in mind that in the nfl most games are within a touchdown. The margin of victory/defeat is narrow. That’s why over the entire history of the nfl, winning the rushing battle gives the team a 75% chance of winning.
  24. What we should do if Mitch is not the guy

    I really don't get what all the hate is about. He's still under rookie contract and if he still sucks come 2021, he will be replaced via the draft. The problem is that Chicago has no history of developing QBs and in the NFL, systems and coaching have a great deal of how a QB develops. Chicago has a history of poor QB play and great defense and running backs. The reason why? It may have to do with weather, it may have to do with mindset, I just can't put a finger on it. We just need to realize that we may never have an elite QB and we just have to bolster our team so that we can win regardless. Right now we are 1-1 as a result of playing our toughest rival having a top 3 QB in the league and playing at Mile High where they are nearly impossible to beat in their season openers. Going forward we really need to add higher quality weapons on offense. Allen Robinson and Trey Burton are decent weapons but they are not necessarily gamebreakers that can win games by themselves. We have a volume of weapons on offense but we may need to emphasize quality over quantity. It may be the case that Mitch doesn't have a go-to guy night in and night out.\ Also, we really need to utilize the jet sweep early and often on games. As a linebacker, if Patterson is motioning to the left and with the running threat of Mitch going to the right with the option to toss to Cohen, this play can be incredibly hard to defend. We really need to implement an offense that utilizes Mitch's feet to be more successful.
  25. {Poll} Should We Trade for Jalen Ramsey?

    Greedy: 2019 Player Grades Overall 76.8 Ramsey: 2019 Player Grades Overall 48.9 Now I'm not saying Greedy or even Ward are better players but Ramsey hasn't been shutdown this year (Ward hasn't either his grade is 45). PFF isn't entirely accurate and Greedy hasn't really been challenged yet but I'm cool with Greedy, Ward, Mitchell, Carrie and our 1st round pick next year over the alternative.
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