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  2. A Thought Experiment On Changes To Make

    When did Scot draft a FB? And Gruden had DY and used him a lot in 2014.
  3. Watched it three times now. It’s amazing. Going again on Monday got to take the wife. Then will go one more time after that as I haven’t seen it in 3D and the wife won’t watch it in 3D. so that will be five times inside the first week. Will go a couple more times after Xmas
  4. Can't believe Junior said this (but he did)...

    He’s delusional. Galette is a situational pass rusher in the league at this point. I believe he should have played more snaps in nickle and we should have gotten Kerrigan, Galette and Smith on the field together on 3rd and long - especially after Allen went down - but he’s not a starter in the league anymore.
  5. I'm...undecided, having just watched it. I'll preface this by saying I'm not a Star Wars fan. Not in the sense that I dislike Star Wars or anything, but I've seen most of the movies once or twice, didn't really grow up with them, and aside from the most recent ones and A New Hope, I couldn't exactly repeat the plot back to you or anything. But it felt full of a random mix of excellent things and just downright poor decisions. With a lot of just mediocre stuff in between that. Loved: Most of Luke's plotline. It was a really fitting end, or it felt like it, in any case, but it seriously made me sad to see him go. His interactions with Rey and Kylo were excellent, Hamill did a great acting job in the movie, and I think he had the best motivations of any of the main characters (his cynicism and defeatist attitude at the start, and his slow climb back to choosing to help out were great.) Just about all of Rey and Kylo's interactions. The force scenes were great, I really liked their joint light saber battle, and the way they began to bond while still sort of being on opposite sides made me give far more of a damn about both of their character's than the first movie did. The first space battle. Poe in flight is excellent. Poe playing politics or trying to be funny is less so. But I liked Poe and the bombers taking on the dreadnaught, and Leia's reaction to the outcome was great. Her as the leader who hates losing lives is so good. They're surprisingly good at character development. Luke, Rey, Kylo, Finn, and Poe all had some degree of interesting, deep, and sensible character development throughout the film. I didn't always like what it took to get there (particularly Finn on casino world and Poe's weird rebellion), but a lot of characters wound up in really strong places compared to where they started. Except maybe Kylo, who was in a really interesting place like 2/3 through the movie then regressed a little bit at the end. But we'll get to that later. Meh: The humor. Just didn't strike me as funny. Poe's banter at the start felt like he was trying to copy Iron Man or something, and poorly. Most of Finn's plot. He ended up in a pretty great place, I think, but it seems like they struggled with how to get him there while also keeping him relevant to this movie's plot. You could literally have removed him from the movie and all the plot lines end up at the same place. It's like he needed his own, separate 20 minute long movie to get him where he needs to be, and just leave him out of this. And Rose's line after freeing the animals, the "Now it was worth it," followed by a ship predictably flying it's way over the cliff they almost fell off of, was a horrible mix of cringey and awkward followed by depressingly predictable. Just a bad 30 seconds of writing. I really kind of don't get where Kylo's motivation is at the end of the movie. Him going rogue on Luke, okay. Him having some daddy issues to take out on Han in TFA and Luke in this, okay. His back and forths with Rey I'm down with. But he goes from saying, let's just get rid of all of it on both sides and start over, to just kind of taking the spot on the throne as masked baddie #1. I don't get it. Nothing this movie did makes him wanting to lead the First Order a logical conclusion. I really liked everything between Rey and Kylo, and was intrigued about where they were going with it, and it feels like they just settled on going back to the familiar good guy with lightsaber and force against bad guy with lightsaber and force, for the next movie. With no Snoke, I no longer understand why Kylo is there. Maybe me not being a big fan plays into this, but where the hell did Yoda come from? That was really out of left field to me. Disliked: Leia forcing her way through space. A handful of decisions made by characters just....didn't make sense. If the lightspeed thing works, why not plan to do that? Why wait until they start blowing up transports? Why did the Admiral need to stay behind with the original plan, if the main ship was just going to float and do nothing? Does the First Order seriously have no way of seeing that those transports are there without bribing the dude with the stutter? If the plan was always the transports, why not tell people that? The movie seemed crazy reliant on last minute saves in the plot. Sooooo many deus ex machina. Like, some major conflicts were literally just steady sequences of repeated deus ex machinas. About to run out of fuel, we have transports. Transports getting shot, the light speed thing. About to get demolished, the Millennium Falcon arrives. Then trapped in the base, Luke shows up. Still trapped in the base, let's follow the foxes. Can't take the fox path, but hey, Rey's right on the other side of the rocks. Not every save needs to happen spontaneously at the last possible minute it could to make sure not everybody dies. They freaking killed Admiral Ackbar.
  6. The Pit of Misery!!!! Dilly Dilly

    Yeah, and then everyone got hurt from our All-Pro LT to our star rookie DL. We have a lot of young talent on our team. I think they’ll develop over the next few years and we’ll add some more young talent at ILB, DL, RB & WR. I would not fire Gruden and blow this thing up and for god sakes! Show KURT the $ Bruce!!
  7. Stats don’t tell the whole story, I remember a poster told me that once. Care to tell me who that was? A 40 time doesn’t matter as much as on the field speed, quickness and instincts. Cravens is an awesome player if his mind is right. I’d take him anywhere on the field but his natural position is as a SS or WLB.
  8. Relationship Advice Thread

    I feel your pain man. Ive been with my girl for over 5 years and her grandmother is the same way to me to this day. Best way that i handle it is to talk to my girl about it and avoid the situations if possible. Its asking for confrontation if you address her yourself, altho i do have a certain level of patience before i would eventually make my feelings on the matter known. If i can be frank, your girl's mom sounds like a judgemental witch. My advice would be communicate your thoughts and feelings to your girl, see if anything changes with her mother, and if nothing does, limit the situations you expose yourself to involving her. Your girl is your priority, not her mother so just focus on whats best for you 2. Its her loss if she develops a negative relationship with you when youre the one making her daughter happy.
  9. Teams you don’t want to face in the playoffs?

    Jags... Those boys are some bad hombres. (PS... We all know this is a thinly veiled “Pimp my Jags” thread)
  10. https://www.thescore.com/nfl/news/1447321 I'll welcome him back so he can sign a 1 day contract and retire here! He may have never turned into the player we all hoped he could be but man he was an exciting player. He also carved out an entire position in our offense that we still use to this day with Sproles and now Kamara. I'll never forget the excitement during the offseason of 06 when we signed Brees and then the Texans passed on Reggie and we got him. That was the turnaround of Saints football, so while he may not be some legendary Saint on the field and won't have his number retired or anything like that lol, I say bring him home on a 1 day and let him retire as a Saint.
  11. This one was trash.. Rougue one blows this one out the water
  12. Redskins vs chargers GAME THREAD

    You mean 09? The Zorn year when it all fell apart? I don’t think so. Unlike in 09 when we also had a crazy amount of injuries, this year we have a lot of young talent on our team that is developing and a better qb that we should be building around for the future. In 09 we had an old team that was falling apart and wasn’t being aided and rebuilt well through the draft because the 08 draft was the worst in team history and Snyder/Cerrato signed Haynesworth that 09 offseason, the worst signing in Redskins history.
  13. Redskins vs chargers GAME THREAD

    Knighton was out of shape and soft in 2015. There’s a reason why Denv didn’t want him anymore and why he didn’t get a long term deal. He’s Albert Haynesworth he was lazy and ate himself out of the league. Thank good Allen didn’t give him a long term deal in 2015.
  14. I am looking for a team to follow outside of the Browns

    Bandwagon, & jump ship to whoever wins each year. Or, listen to Kareem & follow the NBA - America’s League
  15. GDT - WK 15 @ Pittsburgh - We're on to Pitt

    Branch is out Patriots: DL Trey Flowers (rib), CB Stephon Gilmore (ankle), LB David Harris (ankle), WR Chris Hogan (shoulder), DB Brandon King (hamstring), DL Eric Lee (ankle), WR Matthew Slater (hamstring), LB Kyle Van Noy (calf), OT LaAdrian Waddle (ankle), DL Deatrich Wise Jr. (foot) Steelers: CB Joe Haden (fibula), CB Coty Sensabaugh (shoulder), WR JuJu Smith-Schuster (hamstring)
  16. GDT - WK 15 @ Pittsburgh - We're on to Pitt

    We get a lot of air time on Gen after Brady has a poor game, don't we. Jeez.
  17. Devin Hester Announces Retirement

    This is a rather overly simplistic way to view him. Let’s not act that TDs are the only thing that matters.
  18. @Kiwibrown I think you should reconsider the Pats. And I'll tell you why. We are the most like the ABs. Leaving aside the period of sustained success, I'm talking across the board! Steve Hansen is the Bill Belichick of the rugby world - unwavering, clever, knows exactly how to game plan for a particular team, and an A to the media. Take the first test match against the Lions - his game plan was actually unprecedented. ABs did NOT play expansive rugby like everyone though they would - avoiding the Lions powerful forwards, no. They pick and drove straight into the forwards, winning EVERY gain line battle, and also added a bit of flair like spinning and no-look offloads just before contact. Lions were stunned. See Belichick against.....well, most teams. Barrett - Brady. The best playmaker in the sport, the one who pulls the strings, who has the ball in his hand the most. Hell, Brady has even punted once!! Gronk - Retallick. Just a complete mismatch and an un-fair attacker. So big, yet athletic and mobile with deft hands. Takes a couple to finally bring him down Hightower - Kaino. Human crash dummy, and elite defender. Kaino won man of the tournament in 2007, Hightower won us two superbowls with defensive plays Edelman - Milner Skudder. Doesn't look much, but extremely shifty and hard to put down. Full of tries/TDs, both hobbled with the same injury Harvey Longi is polynesian. So, come and support your football equivalent
  19. Today
  20. If Superbowl, it's Panthers or Saints, for me. Can't stand mobile QBs and/or shifty receiving backs. That's our weakness.
  21. It's probably predicated on earlier season form, where there was genuinly 6 NFC teams that you could predict in the Superbowl, but only 2 from AFC. Now, however, it's completely not the case. If you were ranking them, you could come up with something like; Steelers Pats Eagles Vikings Saints Jags Chargers Rams or something. Playing field has been levelled.
  22. Teams you don’t want to face in the playoffs?

    For the Falcons it would be the Vikings and Saints I think
  23. THE Official #FireDoug Thread

    2013 Nick Foles throws a better deep ball than 2017 Carson Wentz, particularly along the sideline. He has an amazing trajectory. That being said, Wentz does everything else better. I expect to see a few of those to open up the offense, especially the short-to-intermediate passing game. The run will be the expected focus, even if not immediately. The Eagles may try to "surprise" with a pass-heavy selection in the first 15. For the most part, though, Pederson has been best in the second half. I expect that to continue.
  24. I am looking for a team to follow outside of the Browns

    Yup. If you want to upgrade to the Browns 2.0, become an Eagles fan. Same great non-Super Bowl winning flavor but with added regular season wins sauce. Same let-down, but slower time release. Act now and receive free snowballs and locks to throw at popular figures! PS. Stay the course. Stay a Browns fan.
  25. Random Raider Stuff

    Conley and Obi playing so little has really hurt the secondary this year. Hopefully they get healthy and make a real contribution next year.
  26. The Book on John DeFilippo

    I have never said those QBs are all down to LaFleur tho...I don't think they are and I think it is a massive over simplification to say just because a QB is doing with that it's down to the QB coach alone especially when the OC and HC are both QB focused as well...all I would say is more QBs have been better under teams LaFleur has coached on than any of the other candidates.
  27. The Book on John DeFilippo

    We aren't aiming to be Cleveland.
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