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  2. Coaches on the hot seat

    Anybody know why tweets are suddenly stretching the page? It didn’t do this until a week or so ago seemingly after they shut down for maintenance for a few hours. I’m sure @Webmaster knows this tho, right?
  3. Might as well be a home game for rome.
  4. Mullens time as the QBOTF has come to an end, also Singapore's offense doesn't work without a good QB.
  5. Trade rumor/suggestion thread 2018/19

    Boy that’s tempting
  6. I'm too hungover to give this a proper response, just know I acknowledge some of these and agree with a few. But oh boy are you wrong on your squad of medicore runners (Kamara's aces no denying that) over Johnson+Jones+Ekeler.
  7. What movie are you watching?

    Still the greatest theme song opening of all time.
  8. Based on the KC vs LA game, Pat Mahomes should be the MVP

    Nah, it's that one coward. He wanted to be a real cowboy so bad, but those lil nuts on him wouldn't let it happen.
  9. Best Defense in 2018

    officiating being strict, the penalties and then some good offensive play to say the least. Some of the catches that were once spectacular are routine now and the league has progressed in offence .
  10. Don't do a prequel to a very successful show unless it's something entirely separate from the original show (Like GOT's upcoming one) Or a story that's actually worth exploring, like with Better call saul.
  11. Cavaliers Thread: Embrace The Mediocrity

    I think that was preordained regardless of what we did. Always have liked JR. Wish him the best.
  12. BDL Discussion Thread 2018

    Oh man this is gonna be a bad week for BDL gameplans isn't it.
  13. Red Dead Redemption 2

    Nice outfit with the Red. Ive been rockin a sort of "Locked Stocked 2 Smokin Barrels" British Hoodlum feel. (Bridle Thoroughbred beside me)
  14. LOB/Orange Crush vs KC/LAR

    LOB for sure loses out, IMO. McVay and Reid are too good at scheming to not be able to beat a defense that pretty much just lines up and does their thing. You knew what the LOB was going to run schematically, they were just good at it. Reid and McVay are too good to not beat that. And Reid's offenses have excelled consistently against Gus Bradley's defenses in LAC which run a similar scheme. I think Payton would probably succeed in that match up too with the talent they currently have, if we wanted to throw in New Orleans. The Seahawks got the best of the Saints back in 2013, but that wasn't the same level Saints offense.
  15. Best Defense in 2018

    This is what I have been thinking as well. Oddly , if you can believe this (I couldn't) the steelers made 4 consecutive 3 and outs in the jags game which helped them win. I know it's bortles, but still, they stepped up and as of late have been playing decent. I don't want them on this list because of how horrible they were and they have made our forum sick by neglecting the D in UFA and the draft. I watched the Bears a bit, and they are a solid D. I don't know all the stats, but they are solid and generate TO's. It will be a game when they face the Rams or Saints thats for sure.
  16. Chiefs take it. Saints don’t have anyone near as good as Donald. Rams had 5 Tos and barely one. You think the saints could get 2 TO? Let alone 5 LOL. those bozos get lit up more then a spoon on Demi’s house.
  17. 2018-2019 NCAAB Thread

    Solid game rn (Duke/Auburn)
  18. Around The League

    I agree. We need more speed too. Q runs exceptionally well for his size and robby is just tall and quick but can go over the middle or handle contact. Robby is worth keeping but we should be looking for him to simply be the one trick pony he is and not a starter. We need our Tyreek Hill or Cohen or Cooks etc. We tried with Devin Smith, but he was an awful football player who had zero heart. Stewart was tough but couldnt even beat out players on the back end, and Hanssen just sucked. We have to draft skill positions much better. Hell we have to do better on every pick.
  19. This Is Rival Talk v1.0

    Interesting info. Notice a trend that the average over the 52 years is 13.3, yet the last 14 years (around the major rule changes favoring offense---about 2004) only 2 defenses have been at or under that 13.3 number. Comparing "era's" of the post 2004 rule changes, that average moves up around 16.5
  20. This Is Rival Talk v1.0

    In fairness, for a lot of that, scoring was way down. But still, it's a pretty wild stat.
  21. 2019 NFL draft where the jags pick at 32;)

    One thing most organizations haven't battled for a our decade of darkness: Blaine Gabbert followed by Chad Henne followed by Blake Bortles. You put a solid/franchise QB on our team and we probably don't sit here talking about this at all. When you rely on everything outside of the QB position, of course injuries look larger. Look at what is happening in Philly with the injuries. They're falling off hard. Most team do experience drops if enough injuries hit, but for us they look larger because we haven't had a QB that can carry anything in the past decade. I love Blake as a person, and he's had his runs of 3-5 games here and there of solid play, but that's about it.
  22. Which AFCS QB would you take?

    with a good or better OL, I would opt for Luck. With less than that for OL, Watson since he has mobility.
  23. Brown to IR

    I think we've all learned, through the grace of Marvin's terrific teaching, that that's the only thing that really matters. If you've been around for more than a year or two, and have a grasp of what they're trying to do, you have tenure. You can screw up all day long, but you know that playbook man. So talent be damned, you are in.
  24. First things first: Heal up, boys. J
  25. Could James O' Shaunessey become our go to TE..

    hard disagree
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