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  2. This is think that's been allegedly going for years, not just last year.
  3. Cavaliers Thread: Embrace The Mediocrity

    Love gets bullied because he's not strong, not because he's light in the pants. Love is built like a preschool girl. Toppin has plenty of muscle on his frame to bang with the bigs down low. Can he defend a true center? Probably not, but how many of those guys exist in the NBA anymore?
  4. I wouldn't hold my breath on that. I'd expect the worst frankly. But hey, no skin off your bones.
  5. šŸ““ Death Note Mafia - Sign up!!

    This is lame
  6. šŸ““ Death Note Mafia - Sign up!!

    Then Iā€™d be playing
  7. Yeah... if Snyder's been paying off the officials, then they have been cheating him! But the allegation is being made to "other" owners as well. Hmmmmm. Might one of them enjoy partaking in a little South Florida Korean massage the morning of a Championship Game?
  8. Coronavirus (COVID-19) - 3rd try

    People who aren't wearing masks because they agree with you politically. "Both sides are the same"-ism is a tried and true political deflection strategy. It's old news man. Gonna have to do better.
  9. Snyder/Gruden: Needs its own thread

    I agree .. the bribing, for the NFLs future, is the bigger story. The cheerleader stuff is the bigger humanity story and legal issue if true.
  10. šŸ““ Death Note Mafia - Sign up!!

    Delete my name heathen
  11. Snyder/Gruden: Needs its own thread

    if bribing the refs can be proven and if other owners or coaches are involved, the NFL will be in deep trouble and will lose a large segment of its fan base for ever. The NFL will never be the same if it is shown that bribing the refs has been a practice shared by owners. I might just be done. PSL holders will sue for every penny back, if true as well. It's called fraud. It needs its own thread so I started this one. Name names, Washington Post. Which owners pay off refs? And do any of them prefer Korean massages in FLorida before playoff games?
  12. šŸ““ Death Note Mafia - Sign up!!

    I'm in. Last game I was lynched night one without making a single comment. Prior to that I was on an untouchable streak of success. Everyone who joins this game is locked in a cage together, and I'm the big bad. I know some of you are gonna take a shot at me. Go ahead, I'll read you like yesterday's news and lay it all out for everyone to see. I aint messing around this game. I'm here for blood
  13. Coronavirus (COVID-19) - 3rd try

    Who am I deflecting blame from? If you can't see the absurdity in a situation, I can't help you there.
  14. Snyder/Gruden: Needs its own thread

    WOW!!! I will say the bribing of refs has not worked for their W/L record ..lol
  15. šŸ““ Death Note Mafia - Sign up!!

    I know nothing about the theme but I'm in
  16. Vikings by the Numbers

    Vikings that have worn the number 53: Mick Tingelhoff (1962 - 1978) Henry Johnson (1980 - 1983) Tim Meamber (1985) Jeff Schuh (1986) Sam Anno (1987 - 1988) Steve Ache (1987) David Braxton (1989 - 1990) Richard Newbill (1990) Ivan Caesar (1991) Fred Strickland (1993) Tuineau Alipate (1995) Kivuusama Mays (1998) This number has been retired by the Vikings. The reason it was retired was because of the Hall of Fame career of center Mick Tinglehoff. Six times to the pro bowl, five times first team All-Pro, two times second team All-Pro, NFL Championship team member (1969), started in four Super Bowl appearances, and he played in 240 consecutive pro games. Not bad for someone who was an undrafted, free agent out of Nebraska. It took until his 32nd year of eligibility, but he was elected to enshrinement in the Pro Football the Hall of Fame. He is deserving of much more than a nod!
  17. šŸ““ Death Note Mafia - Sign up!!

    you should do it anyways
  18. 2020 Titans Off-Season

    Henry stayed true to his word from January... The Zeke/Bell contracts were always the starting point for Henry's contract. Was 3M high at 2/28 but pretty close with length, total, and guarantees Also, forgot I had brought Casey up in January as well (as much as I hated the move). I'm telling ya'll that the Titans FO goes through our forums looking for our nuggets of wisdom. Lol

    Dude, that is a fox.
  20. šŸ““ Death Note Mafia - Sign up!!

    Sadly, I am still on a hiatus from mafia.
  21. Jamal Adams Trade Thread

    Agree. I don't like 20 m for a safety either.
  22. It is over a decade...speculative
  23. News out of Washington

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