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  2. This has to be one of my favorite scenarios I've run across in a PFN Penei mock 5. Penei Sewell, OT, Oregon 38. Terrence Marshall, WR, LSU 69. Joe Tryon, Edge, Washington 111. Milton Williams, DL, Louisiana Tech 149. Anthony Schwartz, WR, Auburn 190. Nick Eubanks, TE, Michigan 202. Deommodore Lenoir, CB, Oregon 235. Josh Borregalas, K, Miami
  3. Saw that as well. I actually think the Raiders going into 2021 wayyy underrated and Chargers going in overrated. I’m expecting 10-7 and 6th or 7th seed. We are playing the NFC East for crying out loud. If we can’t make the playoffs and go 3-1 vs the NFCE, Jon has gotta go.
  4. I believe Russell Wilson will be traded. That's my opinion but I'll also betcha a buck it happens. 🤑 As for the rest I'm simply theorizing by extension on why GMcC suddenly became OK with swapping a kings ransom to allow a HC who couldn't make a franchise QB out of Mitch Trubisky and the guy who drafted him to make yet another top five QB pick? Especially one for a QB whom I don't see as any kind of fit at all for Nagy's way of doing things. Am I supposed to believe he's that one leopard whose willing to change his spots? Not likely. Not when he's still trying to prove "his way"
  5. With our 6ths, I grabbed Adetokunbo Ogundeji, EDGE, Notre Dame and Trevon Grimes, WR, Florida Trust me on Grimes. He's raw, but the talent is there. Five star recruit, 6'4" frame. Scored 9 TDs for us this year.
  6. Can you link me to these people - a thread, an article, anything? I mean, Lawrence to Jax is a slam dunk on so many levels... Now, you could argue that Lawrence is a little overhyped right now, but that's not arguing this specifically...
  7. Bianca gave away the match with the crying, but we already knew shes going to win lol. One of the most predictable matches on the card. Was a nice moment to see though, she deserves it.
  8. Coming in late with my pick again. @EaglesPeteC what's up man? You have my board. I DMed it to you this morning because I knew I couldn't be on the clock in either of my slots. Either way, the Tennessee Titans, with pick #216, select Trevon Grimes, WR, Florida
  9. If much rather have a CB in the second and a guard in the 3rd than a RB in the 1st. But as long as Kyle doesn't mess up the Fields pick I won't be that upset.
  10. I could see them doing hot potato which they haven’t done for a while. Drew at Backlash, Bobby next PPV, holds onto it for a few months and loses around September.
  11. I'll disagree, sort of. Mahomes knows he's rich. He doesn't rub the Chiefs' noses in it. He's going to do alot of restructuring in his career. He wants good players around him
  12. You know when people say I wouldn’t watch that if you paid me? Or I wouldn’t watch that if it was free? Because I got the Ghostbusters remake for free with my Movies Anywhere account and I still won’t watch it. I would watch it for 100 dollars though. Not a penny less. Unless I could give one penny and get a hundred dollar bill. That’s the only way I would watch it.
  13. Saw a report and a podcast saying that Bateman was closer to the #1 WR than most think. Said-Bateman is closer to what NFL WRs are about. Can do it all. Run all the routes, Block, separate with routes and speed. Said- Chase uses his size more to get open and that's scary cause you can't do that in NFL. Made some think of N'Keal Harry. Said- Waddle reminds some of Henry Ruggs. Said-Smith is a 160lb WR and the history of those type WRs doing well is very slim. It's lying season but those negatives made sense.
  14. I think I read that Minnesota hasn't traded up from their original 1st round pick since like 1987, so... let's not get our hopes up. If they trade up, it better be for Sewell.
  15. They're just jealous of our weaponry. They have to work at it harder than Mahomes. When Peyton Manning was playing I couldn't stand Indy then Denver. But I had to secretly marvel at what Manning accomplished.
  16. Yeah...it's an opinion. But I think most folks would agree that a team is not trading a HOF quarterback for a rookie, in an essentially straight up deal. It could be done--they could put future picks out there. But would it be done? No. Seattle wouldn't accept it, in all likelihood. And it would be dumb of the Bears to do it. Yet again, as I said--the Bears could potentially be looking at being a true contender four years down the road, when Wilson will be thirty-six. So, me saying a basic one-for-one trade of Fields for Wilson won't happen is an "opinion"...but that statemen
  17. I keep hearing this, but so far it hasn't been the case at all. Maybe Veach isn't working at it hard enough? (LOL)
  18. Who are they saving him for then? Cause the Go Home show for Mania tied the lowest rated Raw of the year with 1.7 million.
  19. I agree. When I’m 40. I’m 32 now and have 8 more years until retirement.
  20. Again, no. You seem to be under the impression that it is harder for tall players to do well in the vertical jump. It isn't. In fact height is an advantage in this drill. 37" is a bit above average, but not much. It's not bad, but it's also not particularly good. J
  21. We have two more scholarships, this year, that we need to fill, yet. Garrison Brooks entered the transfer portal and I don't think (I hope not) that Platek will come back for the free year.
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