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  2. Raiders Defense

    PFF just recently made a run D rankings for the upcoming season. We were placed at 27, which is the same spot we got during the 2018 season. They said that while our front 7 will look different with the new additions, it won't necesseraly be better with guys like Burfict and Marshall. I think they undervalue the facts that: -Hurst and Hall will be 2nd year guys now in the middle. They will be stronger and the game will be slower for them. -Ellis should play a lot more this year and he is a good run stopper. Him and Hankins should give us a good, fresh NT rotation. -Our DE position got a lot better VS the run IMO. Mauro easily replaces Frostee's play and Ferrell should bring a big boost in Key's place as a base DE. -While Marshall is not run stop specialist, he is a savy veteran, who can work effectively behind a solid DL IMO. -Burfict wasn't strong last year against the run, but historically he was a solid/good run defender under PG, so if his body holds up, he can be a nice upgrade with his knowledge, experience -The Joseph-Abram safety duo should be a really active run support unit and that could help a lot against the big runs. Overall I expect our run D to get better and to be among the average units in 2019.
  3. Falcons ink Grady Jarrett to new 4 year deal

    For a dt I k ow he could get to the qb, if he plays both the run and pass nearly equally well, this sure is, relatively speaking a barging for ththe falcons.
  4. Hopefully Las Vegas works out for a long time.
  5. Buying a House

    Tell him no. He can do that stuff himself later on
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  7. Best writers/sites

    Want to read more about NFL analysis instead of watching TV. Want to know who are the best sites or writers that teaches you the fundamentals of the game and uses analytics in their analysis. I realize I lack knowledge of basic football strategy and want to understand what statistics truly matter so fundamentals with analytics should be good balanced for analysis.
  8. The NEW FF Elite Fantasy League

  9. Best Setup for Gaming Laptop? PC Gaming etc

    I bought mine because I can game at work.
  10. Green Bay Packers 2019 Offensive Line

    This may be the plan considering the $ we paid him, not to mention Bulaga isn't made of steel...
  11. Green Bay Packers 2019 Offensive Line

    So many of you underrating Lane Taylor... it is highly possible he's a better player than Billy Turner. I'm not making any claims because I want Turner to be a good + fit for us but the flak Taylor gets here is silly. The guy has been solid and has even gotten us out of shambles at LT. Plus, he's a grandmaster chef on the grill!
  12. Oh I know they were close but I imagined the law suits have taken their toll
  13. They have in the past. The guys have been best friends since they both came up under Ace Steel. The later (MJF) is more what I'm expecting to happen.
  14. You think Cabana and Punk could work together? I'm just really hoping for cult of personality to hit and for MJF to come out
  15. Random Raven Remembrances "RRR"

    I recommend not watching the final kick. And just remember we won the SB the following year, to keep spirits up. For such a crushing loss, there were some really great moments in the game. The Pollard tip/Rookie Jimmy Smith INT is one a lot of people forget about. Right on the heels of a Flacco INT, off a throw that would become one of his strongest later on in his career. Cameron and Joe really weren't a great match. For being such an everyman guy irl, Flacco imo was a high maintenance QB prospect. And Cameron just wasn't the right guy to extract peak play out of and force progression in Joe. I think the organization has learned some valuable lessons from the Flacco era about the realities of drafting, developing, and supporting a franchise QB. One of the many things that makes organizational consistency/continuity so valuable, you foster a nucleus that if equipped to do so- can learn from trial and error and fine tune multiple aspects of team building and player grooming.
  16. Green Bay Packers 2019 Offensive Line

    Could easily see Turner play rt next year with Taylor and Jenkins starting inside.
  17. Carrick back, 2 years/$3 Million
  18. Who's your 2019 Breakout Player

    I think so, yeah. Moss is really smart. He’s more than just a fast guy. He has a lot to teach. And he seems like he likes being around the young guys. I’ll bet he’s worth it. On a side note, they have very similar builds. Eerily similar.
  19. Top 10 Linebackers

    Matt Blair was, far and away, the best overall Linebacker to play for The Vikings. He was also one of the very best athletes to play for them. He was their only linebacker who should have been considered for The NFL Hall of Fame. Studwell, at his peak, was nowhere near Blair at his peak. I remember thinking about how great na "steal" Blair was to be gotten in the 2nd Round. Hilgenberg, Winston, and Warwick were certainly good players, but they also benefitted tremendously, from being products of an excellent defensive system. They weren't close to having the athletic abilities of Blair, Siemon, McNeil, Barr, Kendricks, and Henderson. I'd put Blair first by a mile, then Siemon, then McNiel for play at their peaks, and replace McNiel with Studwell for overall career. But, it's a reflection of how good The Vikings' defensive line usually was, and how much they always had to pay those players to keep them happy, and keep them as Vikings, that the team usually didn't have enough cap room left over to pay excellent-lever linebackers, even if they had the draft choices to draft them. It's also true that The Vikings' almost always valuing their DL more than linebacking, often used their top draft choices for DL, and almost never for linebackers.
  20. Random Thoughts for May 2019

    A whole lot of people have under rated quite a few Bears players. My guess is after so many losing years and their way off predictions of the 2018 season they still believe we're one and done as NFCN Champs and we'll regress. The more you read the more you understand they have no factual basis for it. It's all just personal opinion based on losing Fangio and the defense and Mitch regressing and that's it. In many circles the Bears have been a hated team throughout their history. And given how long the Bears have existed that's been past down from Great Grand Father, to Grandfather, to Son, to Grandson. So when we finally began to lose again that was good and it should stay that way. Haters like it like that. My feeling is it's all whistling past the graveyard stuff but it can only be answered by coming out ready to kick Rodgers *** and take names in that opener on National TV. If you want to shut peoples mouths that's how you do it. When SF blew the Bears out of the '84 playoffs the same things were said about the '85 team until it couldn't be said anymore. They came out with chips on their shoulders and didn't remove 'em 'til the final gun of the Super Bowl. If this team wants that same respect they're gonna need to do something similar this year or face some criticism. I don't doubt that they can do it I just don't know yet whether they will but that opener will tell us a lot. JMHO
  21. Masked, but still pretty obvious it's him. And you keep him under the mask until they debut on TV. And even then, I'd probably make a serious run at getting Colt Cabana too, and make it look like a bait and switch, where a heel faction or pair finally corners or gets the drop on "Punk" (masked, with a hooded sweatshirt on, where you just think it's him because of the taped fists and the boots/kickpads, they yank the mask off to reveal it's actually Colt underneath and then the camera pans to show Punk has come out of the crowd from behind the heels to get the drop on them. It's an homage to Luger on the first Nitro, but done better.
  22. I know you've thought about it. Just for funsies. Let's say Punk is.... ALL OUT. How would you have him debut?
  23. 2019 Raider Depth Chart Thread

    this youtube channel on it lol
  24. Before anyone decides Wims should bulk up and move to a Move TE spot it would be nice to see what we have has far as TE now. Burton and Shaheen are locks and I'm fairly comfortable with a slimmed down Sowell moving to his spot as a blocker. Behind them we have Braunecker who I believe can be better than he's been able to show so far and rookies Bunting and Raymond who've also played TE for at least 3 years in college and have gotten some compliments during OTAs. In all likelihood Wims will back ARob at the "X" spot. He has the size to more adequately replace him if needed. At least for now I feel Wims should be given a shot at earning a spot on the roster as a WR. I'm not willing to say now that Ridley or Gabriel are necessarily any more valuable in the mix than Wims. Through camp and preseason we'll find out. All we can say now is exactly what dll2000 posted. He's made the most of every shot he's been given without fail.
  25. Dome is my guy. We’ve won games together. And one of the biggest reasons is you guys are scary mafia players lol.
  26. If/when (it’s really when) town loses y’all will day we should’ve vote Dome.
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