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  2. NFL Snooze News: Volume Four, Por Favor

    Depends on Mayfield. Is he a future top 5 QB or just another Matthew Stafford type. Cleveland has a lot of talent so I understand the excitement. This is probably the most talented Browns team since the expansion team returned. And it instead of talking about their QB being a bust, for the first time, they are talking about how great the QB could be.
  3. No. Lol. Sony’s stock took a hit immediately after this story broke.
  4. Preseason Thread

    I remember when Vaccaro got a little short with a reporter for making comments about Andrew Luck’s “sneaky” athleticism. Vaccaro called out the reporter and said something to the effect of: “We’ve seen him play every week for the last 5 years. His athleticism isn’t sneaky, you just think it is because he’s white.”
  5. 2[44]: Elgton Jenkins [OC; Miss State]

    This is why they brought in Billy Turner as well. He thrived under being thrown to the dogs at multiple positions along the OL. His time here should be a lot less stressful than in Denver, which one would think would benefit him.
  6. 2019 NFC North Fantasy Football (DRAFT THREAD)

    Saints D/ST for my pick. @squire12 is OTC
  7. Cleveland Indians Thread : we might have a nice thing!

    Yup, that was a tough one last night.
  8. Formerly The Gnat's Dynasty League - Drafting

    Funny you should mention that. I just finished doing that. That way we don't have to hunt through 30 pages comments to track them.
  9. Browns sign Braxton Miller

    He won’t make it past cuts IMO.
  10. The WR battle of 2019

    I think fines/suspensions for on field play during the preseason are ridiculous. Preseason games are nothing more than practice, where players, coaches, and officials are trying to work through things before the regular season.
  11. Because you guys still underrate the International Box Office. Its still important, it still counts as money made (sure not the same as Domestic) and every argument started about it you guys pretend like its Monopoly money and doesn't count at all. You have to atleast admit they love to tout that International total, and it is mostly the sole reason Venom is getting a squeal. I dont know if we will ever get the real story of how this is going down right now, but to just assume all fault on Sony here is a really Marvel fanboy-ish stance. You think that Disney/Marvel is just standing there like the bully took their toy and left them on the playground with nothing? It seems more likely to me that the juggernaut that is the MCU wanted more, more money, more control, more everything Spidey. I dont blame them, and I dont blame Sony for wanting to hang onto the one big hit they have with a death grip either. But after the very lack-luster Phase 4 announcement, Losing the possibility of Spider-Man is going to hurt the MCU too
  12. Matrix 4 is happening

    I remember renting it from Blockbuster
  13. Embrace the heel

    I’m all in on embracing the heel. We can now go full Rick Rude “What I’d like right now is for all of you fat, out-of-shape sweat hogs to keep the noise down while I take my robe off and show the ladies what a real sexy man looks like.”
  14. Browns sign Braxton Miller

    Did not realize this was already added added in another forum. If mods want to delete/merge - go for it.
  15. Random Packer News & Notes

    I hope not, at least not for us. Unpopular opinions: (A) Smith is a much better ILB than Martinez in terms of his complete skill set; (B) I wouldn't pay Martinez anything close the neighborhood of $10m/year nor would I give him half of the guaranteed money Smith got. Every year this team seems to overhaul at least one position. For me, next year it's ILB. We'll likely need 2 new starters after Martinez gets paid elsewhere and we finally realize Burks is, at best, a role player.
  16. 2019 WR Corps

    Completely agree with this take. I do believe that Davis' inability to stay on the field is a factor. Doesn't make sense to keep both and we aren't likely talking about Shepard right now IMO if his return ability was not a factor. I'd prefer to keep Shepard. He doesn't have the real world return experience and might not be as good but he's got much higher upside as a WR IMO. Davis is a really good ST player but he's shown very little as a receiver over the last 3 years. I like Shepard's ability in the slot and the fact that we've got control over him for a much longer period of time. Davis is a UFA next year with little chance for a contract extension IMO.
  17. 2019 NFC North Fantasy Football (DRAFT THREAD)

    Darren Waller TE OAK @The Gnat is otc
  18. Formerly The Gnat's Dynasty League - Drafting

    Any of my WRs on the block for some RB help. Or additional picks. Including Harry.
  19. You Are Wrong About Lamar Jackson - Warren Sharp

    I think he's hot. So what if he looks like he was beaten with a shovel for the first 13 years of his life? Plus, having eyes that far apart allows him to see the edge pressure better. Plus, who doesn't like a weak chin and and acne scars? ...I feel bad now.
  20. Packers Training Camp 2019

    That was pretty much everyone's position when he left. Come back to the topic after this coming year to see if can sustain the bump he got with his new surroundings. I do. The guy was a malcontent, couldn't stay healthy, and then complained about everything. Regardless of what Kizer has done, you can't tell me with a straight face that he didn't benefit from getting traded from a toxic situation to another in which he had a better chance of succeeding at the time. I was thinking he was as well, but he had a rough game against Baltimore. Penalties and being caught out of position were the bigger issues for him. I thought he had the talent lean as well, but he's having a rough camp. I hope he can turn it around in the last two games. Some of it may be rust, who knows.
  21. Matrix 4 is happening

    Now I remember playing that Matrix game on the original Xbox. God I'm old.
  22. Browns sign Braxton Miller

    I envision this signing as a depth signing maybe - possible PR as well. https://bleacherreport.com/articles/2850519-browns-news-ex-texans-eagles-wr-braxton-miller-signs-contract
  23. Preseason AP Poll released

    cincy will win the aac..the game vs osu will definitely be a trap game.
  24. Valhalla Villager: News, Rumors and Gossip

    Given how many young guys they’ve got, I don’t see why they wouldn’t keep 10. Developmentally speaking, we don’t have a lot of young, developmental type players at many other positions. Certainly not guy that you probably couldn’t get to the practice squad. Given the premium on OL I’d rather see the team protect an extra lineman on the 53 man roster than an extra DL, LB, DB, or TE.
  25. The NEW FF Elite Fantasy League

    Trade Deadline is Sunday at 1159 PM eastern time.
  26. Random Packer News & Notes

    The fact that he did is one of few reasons I'm still not 100% sold on the current group of decision-makers we have running the show. My 1-year old daughter could have told you Brice had no business ever starting a game at safety for an NFL team.
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