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  2. Crowell is grumpy.

    You can evaluate him at any time, it doesn't mean it will be accurate or reasonable. In the 18 games he's coached he's had 6 guys play qb due to injury. Those QB's were to lead an offense that, especially last year, was one of the least talented in the league. If anyone doesn't feel Hue has met their expectations, I question their expectations. As @mistakey pointed out already, Hue has shown multiple times the ability to develop a qb and run a quality offense. The shifts, motions, formations, etc., that seem to have everyone's panties in a wad here are the same things he was doing when he emerged as a top coaching candidate.
  3. Around the NFC East

    Good read here. Hopefully we can execute a similar plan vs Zeke and the Dallas run game.
  4. Dolphins trade for Saints LB Stephone Anthony

    Yeah, he was Defensive Rookie of the Year.
  5. Whats reputation about?

    Or you make 1 killer thread where you hog the likes.
  6. Is Nicholson the answer at Safety?

    The difference between Jarrett and Nicholson is size and potential. Jarrett was a good player and a cerebral player, but he was probably never going to be more than a back up and nickle/dime/slot player on a good secondary. Everyone loved Jarrett and rightly so, he was versatile, solid and had a lot of heart but he also wasn't an elite athlete. Now Nicholson, he has elite traits to really develop into a good starter or maybe even a great starter. He's bigger and faster than Jarrett and seems to be just as cerebral. It remains to be seen what he develops into, but I think he has starter potential. Yeah, the way we've treated the safety position since Sean died has sucked. We should have never passed on good players in the draft or passed on signing good free agents since 08 but we did, almost every year. I'll always say that franchising Davis instead of Landry in 2012 was a mistake - especially given the 2012 & 13 he had when his Achilles got healthy - also, we should have retained Atogwe in 2012, restructured his contract so he could stay or asked him to take a pay cut to stay instead of just cutting him. I would have loved to see Atogwe & Landry as our starting S's in 2012 instead of Madieu Williams/Meriweather/for one game, Doughty and Gomes. It sucks not one of the safeties we drafted in the mid to late rounds in the last decade; Phillip Thomas, Dejon Gomes, Bacarri Rambo, Chris Horton & Kareem Moore never developed into a starter in the past decade. You'd think out of all of those bites at the Apple that one would have developed into a good starter. Most teams luck out in that regard with one mid to late round DB pick or a UDFA pick up every few years, but we never seem to except for Quinton Dunbar but he's not starter material. Chris Horton was overrated by the fan base because he got lucky with a few turnovers in the first few games of his career. The reason he wasn't retained was because he basically had the coverage skills of a MLB. So, while he was solid vs the run and a good tackler, he was an extreme liability in coverage. Of course, so were most of the safeties we trotted out there from 2008-today.
  7. The Official Boxing Thread IV - Golovkin vs Alvarez

    So at worst Canelo - 4 Tie - 2 (why is nobody giving the close rounds 10-10?) Golovkin - 6
  8. GDT - Week 3; Houston may have a problem...

    If Cannon is out they'll need 6 blockers and to gun run heavy. Run to left a lot early. Quick screens and dump-offs. No long developing plays, because Watt will detroy Waddle/Fleming one-on-one. Of course, McDaniels might get cute and decide to call some really slow-developing PA passes right out of the gate...and nearly get Brady killed.
  9. Perine

    I don't see Thompson ever being a 20 plus carry guy. He does need more than around 5 carries a game though. There's nothing wrong with using him on outside zone, pitch plays, sweeps, a draw/delay play like he scored on and the occasional inside zone to catch the defense thinking he'll be running a perimeter run. Then getting him a handful of touches in the passing game. All in all I propose a total of 15 to 20 "touches" but not 20-25 carries. Most of the touches I think Thompson should get if he was the starter is perimeter runs and receptions which means he wouldn't be susceptible to as much of a beating, similar to how he's used now, just expand his touches. Also, I see that Kelley is wearing pads around his ribs and thinks that he'll play, but I really wish they would sit him out. We need to let him get rest and get healthy, we have Perine, Brown and Thompson, there is no reason to play Kelley if he's not even close to 100%.
  10. 12th Man Rise Up - Introduce Yourself!!!

    Your life Username: animaltested Age: 31 State you were born in: Seattle, Wa State you live in now: Hanoi, Vietnam Something unique about you: IDK, I guess that I have spent the last 6 or so years living and working in Asia. Your love of the Seahawks When did you start following the Seahawks: mid 90's, terrible time to be a Hawk fan. 1997 was about when I was old enough to have the attention to watch an entire game. 1999-2000 was when I really got into, watching every game start to finish and such. What made you become a fan: Locality? IDK, nobody around me were huge sports or Hawk fans. My mom kinda. Favorite current Seahawk(s): Russell Wilson, Thomas Rawls (I still believe), BamBam, Sherm All-time favorite Seahawk(s): Brian Blades, Matt Hasselbeck, Shawn Springs, Joey Galloway, Skittles Favorite moment in team history: Super Bowl XLVIII Your interests Other favorite teams: Mariners #mediocrity, University of Washington, Sonics #rip Hobbies outside of football: Video Games, Music, Cooking Favorite movie: Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind or Oldboy Favorite TV Show: Right now? IDK Peaky Blinders I guess. Veep and The Crown have been the only shows I have stuck with as of late. Favorite band: As of Late? The National, Kendrick Lamar, Beach House, The XX.
  11. future QBs

    So what I can gather is that despite missing his top wr - Meredith - and Kevin White being lost for the season again, Glennon has been average. If we had to trade for him next year - if we were to lose Kirk - to be our stop gap until a rookie is ready, it seems at worst he'd be average and probably not too far off from what Kirk plays like most of the time. I'd really like to see this for Kirk Cousins.
  12. Marvel/Netflix: The Punisher trailer

    Im sure it will be good, but I am still not in love with this Punisher yet. I will reserve judgment, but right now, it just looks alright.
  13. GDT - Week 3; Houston may have a problem...

    Rookie QBs vs Patriots since 2000 in New England W/L: 0-8 Comp %: 51 Pass YPG: 196.8 TD/INT: 5-16 Passer Rating: 50.7
  14. Trade Help Thread

    I wouldn't. I still see this being a split backfield in Tennessee.
  15. future QBs

    I'm not sure what you're trying to say, but we've been doing a good job of developing our own drafted players - particularly since Jay got here - but I do think we need to spend more on just 1 top end FA in each offseason. You know, like we did with Norman and before that Jackson & Hatcher. It'd be nice to have one of those interior DL. I think if Bree continues to play at an above average level he's going to be gone unless we move on from Norman - which is highly unlikely - we drafted two 1st round talent CBs in the last two drafts who look like the real deal and either could step in to Bree's role as the #2 corner.
  16. I hope all the players (and fans) are getting prepared for the inevitable lock-out in 2021
  17. Things other than Redskins

    When you click to save the image it should offer an option which says original picture or something like that. If you click that it gets you to where the picture originally was loaded and then you can copy that link at the top
  18. Today
  19. NFL - Week 2

    That whole culture is defense, defense, defense. Do I think he would have done the same for us? Probably not. It does beg the question how do we create an atmosphere like that to make plays like that with players. We have seen renewed careers from our trash on other teams. Newman probably being our most notable one besides Ware.
  20. TNF Week 3: Rams @ 49ers

    Looking for a big game from Hyde and Kupp. Gotta love that San Fran kit too. Black and red just works. Like coca cola.
  21. TACT XVIII: Zeke's Whacky Weekend Adventures

    You see nothing mod! Walk away....
  22. TACT XVIII: Zeke's Whacky Weekend Adventures

    Wait, in both of these statements it still seems like you are still talking about the customer. Because of the sentence that is underlined. Again I would agree with you, but there still seems to be a double standard on who can be denied services and who should not. The guy was taking his insults to social media. Do the Lions really have the right to deny someone at that point? I mean lets put it this way, if I was having a bad day and I go to a Starbucks and don't get the latte I wanted. I go on a tirade (but im not even being racist) just hurling regular insults about piss poor service or someone being stupid or what not. Someone's recording, makes it go viral. If Jerry Jones looks at this, and hears through some other means that I have tickets to a Cowboys game. Does he have the right to revoke my tickets? Thats the code of conduct again. By this statement here, if the Cowboys follow the same one. They technically could. I think there is a issue here that they over stepped their bounds.
  23. How to stock the draft cupboard?

    You are a 100% right. the Village idiot would have drafted Williams & Adams so he gets no credit for that. He failed big time with the rest of his draft picks. His draft picks can't even make the field, he had to go out and pickup veteran players who are starting for the Jets as we speak. Why some people are sucking up to Mac is way beyond me. In Mac own words " I don't care what Jets fans think".
  24. The NFL has an Offensive Line Problem

    Maybe the NFL needs better coaching. How would you class the Pats' situation on OL? We don't have any stars, in fact, it's a young OL especially the interior. But It's around about 15th-10th range. Solid, especially in PP. But the coach is a diamond. It's almost the same line that got Brady killed in Mile Hill (20 hits) but a change of coaching, and they look decent.
  25. GDT - Week 3; Houston may have a problem...

    If Cannon out, that is a problem. He has played Watt as well as anybody has the 2 or 3 times they've met. Even bossed him in camp, according to a story I read. We'd have to leave in a TE in there.
  26. Tight Ends

    Well, come on then. Lets see your rankings. I see one other has him in 5th as well.
  27. Marvel/Netflix: The Punisher trailer

    When the Disney announcement was made Netflix claimed it wouldn't effect any of their current or planned Marvel series.
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