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  2. Where is Lebron going?

    LA for the 4-year max regardless of whatever else they can add or a 1+1 with Philly b/c you can’t trust Embiid’s health long term. Leonard will still hit the market next year and wants to be in LA. Worse case they can’t sign anybody and they hope Ingram is a star by then.
  3. u dont speak for our cult last time i checked the handbook
  4. All Things Wrestling Thread

    Ellsworth back
  5. Texans locked up Benardrick McKinney 5 years 50 mil 21 mil grt

    O'Brien the HC and he costed us 2 wins with Watson (Patriots and Seahawks) so IDK.
  6. Cowboys DL David Irving suspended 4 games

    Not gonna lie...i had a massive laugh at this given your avy.
  7. Texans locked up Benardrick McKinney 5 years 50 mil 21 mil grt

    funny thing is that I wanted Kendricks round 2. We needed a cover ILB badly.
  8. Huge to have Elfein back early. Get them offensive lineman working together and growing together
  9. Lions Forum Fantasy Baseball Discussion Thread #31

    15-0-0. yikes Slim
  10. The Offseason Thread

    I'm not going to jump for joy if we sign Dez Bryant, but I'll still feel better about our receivers than I do right now. I'll take a low-risk contract on the chance he regains some explosiveness. Worst-case, he's still better than Tajae Sharpe and provides some sort of depth on the outside (with the assumption that Taywan is purely a slot guy). He's not prime Dez and he's not a No. 1, but we're simply not going to find that at this point. Our receiver depth is absolute garbage right now, I'll take a shot on just about anyone that has any sort of proven production. I have no concerns about him damaging the locker room. The second he tries to pull anything with Marcus, Lewan will end him.
  11. We have a depth chart thread though? @Ragnarok is gonna do all the power rankings though so I'll post mine at some point to help my friend out.
  12. Who's in your avatar?

    A woman modeling a hat and sleeping bag from Cheetos' now-defunct Winter Fashion Line.
  13. International Football Thread

    A lot of people have problems with Benzema being left out of France team because of his past allegations and racial issues but, he wasn't very good this year and I'm one to think that is the actual reason. Although, I do believe he's better than Giroud....
  14. Updating depth charts for new power rankings I guess?
  15. Share Your 53 Man Roster Predictions

    After his injury I have no idea what he'll have physically. But another part of his 3 years is that he's been injured for most of the last two years, and much of the first as well. Not sure that's going to be better this year. But *IF* he showed up *healthy*, *and* being used properly, we might see a somewhat different guy. Health is so much a part of it, as the classic Adams-year-2 versus Adams-year-3 illustrates. Obviously for Rollins to come back 100% after the sever injury/surgery that he had, that is NOT either certain or likely. But in the hypothetical landscape where he was, you never know.
  16. Are we posting depth charts now? I don't understand what's happening.
  17. The Siege of Gotham Mafia - N5 is now! Send in moves

    Everyone get moves in. Let’s wrap this up.
  18. The Siege of Gotham Mafia - N5 is now! Send in moves

    You have 24 hours to send in any night moves.
  19. The Siege of Gotham Mafia - N5 is now! Send in moves

    A man was sitting at his desk in the depths of Wayne Enterprises. He was developing another fancy gadget to help Batman fight the evil that walked the streets of Gotham. While working into the night, the man happened to glance up at one of his security camera feeds. He remained locked on the screen with a puzzled look etched on his face. The mob was attempting to tear down the doors to Wayne Enterprises, soon they would find him and all of his fancy new gadgets and weapons. The man said aloud, "Well Amy, this doesn't look good does it." A woman's voice responded through a computer, "I'm afraid it does not." The man walked over to his desk and opened up a drawer. He reached inside and grabbed a bottle of scotch and opened it. He took a number of long drinks from the bottle before laughing. "Run operation code We are Batman." "Are you sure," The voice fired back. "Run it" he shot back at her. He slumped down on the floor, with the bottle still in his hand almost half drunk now. A defeated look over took his face as the voice bellowed out, "Self destruction sequence initiated, two minutes unti......" He had heard enough and unplugged the computer. Slumped over with a bottle of scotch still in his hand, he began to sob while singing. "Amazing grace, how sweet the sound that saved a wretch," His voice started to become broken as he continued, tears flowing from his eyes, "Like me. I once was lost but now am found, was blind but now I see. Was blind but now I see...." He looked up one last time and with love said, "We are Batman!" as an explosion ripped through the building. @MD4L is dead, he was Lucius Fox - Civ aligned
  20. The NFC East Thread

    the brewers pitcher was drunk like donovan always was?
  21. Times Are A Changin

    Thank you, @gopherwrestler, for you willingness to serve the community here in that capacity. It is a mostly thankless duty. Generally, the people that notice are the people that have a bone to pick. I hope you have elephant thick skin. On one hand, whenever you have to enforce a rule there is a fair chance that someone will be annoyed with you. On the other hand, whenever you fail to enforce a rule there will be a decent chance that someone will be annoyed with you. Thank you so much for being willing to subject yourself to it all. Don't let the complaints get to you, there is no way to satisfy everyone -- do your best, don't hesitate to unstick sticky situations, don't take things personally, refuse to get overly responsive to the negative feelings and provocations of others, learn to be patient, don't be quick to blame, don't worry about looking stupid, and most of all stay consistent. It isn't easy. I do not know who chose you, but I think that they made a great choice. You were a great choice to meet this task. Best of luck to you!
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