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  2. Bucs hire dline coach Brentson Buckner

    The vaunted Big 12 3-3-5 defense. It's an interesting hire because it is outside the Jacksonville tree. I wonder what authority Buckner was given to come here. Does he handle the line stunts? In this case, the dline cant be worse then last season. Im sorry it's just not possible.😀
  3. The Quenton Nelson, G, Notre Dame band wagon thread!

    Yea, Quenton Nelson would look good in that LG spot. don't know his BD. He's 21-22 yrs old. Born in 1996. No idea the month... We would have Nelson locked in till 2023. Our line would definitely rival Dallas.
  4. 2018 draft thread - still sucking a decade later

    Whoa you guys are all aboard the QB train now? I figured you would hop on with me on the Goedert train. Figured an impactful TE would be huge for y’all.
  5. Merica's Baseball League

    I'm out this year guys sorry
  6. TCMD - Frequently Asked Questions (OPEN)

  7. Calvin Johnson vs Antonio Brown vs Julio Jones

    Jones has no business in this discussion IMO... Johnson and Brown are really close, I'd take Megatron if I were building a team.
  8. TCMD - Frequently Asked Questions (OPEN)

    You will have plenty of time late night when you are trying to get the baby back to sleep to do some late night interwebbing with @ny92jefferis Once he gets the coffee rolling, he is good to go
  9. and in that one fell swoop, one steeler from australia brought the entirety of duval to its' knees
  10. @Adrenaline_Flux, you are the kingmaker. Infect one of the following players to kick them out of the HOH 1. @Raves 2. @gopherwrestler
  11. Around the NFL

    Yeah, I'm sort of anticipating us going the RBBC this year. Frank-ly Gore (heh), might be one of the best budget options for us. Crowell would be up there too, but I think he'll be too much. Morris would be the other obvious option. But Gore's competency as a blocker and ability to churn out yards on a consistent basis would be needed. Not to mention the guy is one of the most respected players in the league. Then I think we go RB in the 5th or 6th and push Mosert and Williams to really do something. We also have McNicols who still might flash something.
  12. Offseason news/rumours

    Trying to make sense of the minimum salary cap spend. I think this was brought up a few times and I didn't see a response. So, figured I would take a shot at it. As I understand it, each team has to spend at least 89% of the salary cap over a 4 year period. If this is correct, the minimum the Jets need to spend in 2018 is $129 million assuming the salary cap is set at $178 million. See below for my analysis 2015 2016 2017 2018 Average Cap Spend $153M $159M $145M $129M $147M Salary Cap $156M $158M $167M $178M $165M % of Cap 98% 101% 87% 73% 89% So, $129 million is the minimum we will have to spend this year. But that doesn't mean it's the prudent thing to do. Since we were below the 89% mark in 2017, if we have another year below 89%, we could be put in a situation where we are forced to spend money on players we don't want.
  13. jacksonville knocked the steelers out of the playoffs, shady slim gets his revenge by knocking off @Adrenaline_Flux
  14. Which Wide Receiver should we sign (2018)

    Davis had a good 2016 year TURTLE. Also makes more sense of him than Wheaton who idk why you want ?. the connection with davis and manusky makes sense . wheaton again sucks . Rather over pay for Wallace than give that no good chump a chance .
  15. Here are some options on contract restructures to save a little cap space for 2018 Bryan Bulaga (saves $2.4M in 2018, adds $2.4M in 2019) Mike Daniels (saves $2.9M in 2018, adds $2.9M in 2019)
  16. @Shady Slim infect one of these guys to eliminate them from the HOH comp 1. @Raves 2. @Adrenaline_Flux 3. @gopherwrestler
  17. Best SB Winner Since 2010

    I don’t need to over complicate things when referring to matchups because it’s right there for you to see. You just are dismissing them. That’s on you not me. Yeah it is fair to assume that Patriots could have similar success, just like its fair to assume the Eagles would. But I never denied the Pats would score points. I’m just saying the Eagles would do the same. Yes even with those players you mentioned Eagles would still overpower them. Eagles have fared against just as equally talented players and still did damage. A dominant o-line changes the game dramatically which is something you aren’t registering. Dallas were able to control games because of their line, it didn’t matter who they faced because they were that good. You’re basically saying put a better defense out there than the Pats did and it would’ve made a difference when pretty much against every one of the better defenses in the league they played against they score at least 30. The Falcons had a darn good o-line but it wasn’t near as good as Philly, they dominated defenses pretty much throughout.Secondly in that SB, the most important player on that line was playing with a broken leg. You forget that. Third of all, during that game Falcons lost Coleman. I am very much aware that they had great duo of RBs. I was speaking on behalf of that sole individual game. Youre right they only scored 17, but again you’re ignoring that they still presented more problems than Peyton? Why, because of matchups? Believe it or not the NFL is about matchups.
  18. Which Wide Receiver should we sign (2018)

    Why do you keep bringing up the drug test . He's a very talented dude from what I remember didn't Trent Williams get suspended or something ?. Bryant a young talented wideout and you don't even ant him cus he's one blow a way?. Like you don't k ow if he does it again . He's worth the risk
  19. AJ McCarron UFA Now

    Exactly. I think the Mike Glennon situation is the exact reason why he would tell them who not yo draft. I don't think Glennon would have went to Chicago had he known they were taking a QB at 3 (technically 2 with their trade up). I don't think he ever thought they'd take a QB.
  20. 2018 Free Agents

    Best Nickle in the game. I really wonder what his market value will be. I can’t imagine cheap.
  21. TCMD - Frequently Asked Questions (OPEN)

    I'll chime in here and there as much as I can. Have a little one on the way in the beginning of May and it's my first one so just have to see how life plays out lol. Really hoping she waits until after the Draft to come haha
  22. FF Big Brother 7: HOH is up (Sax on the clock)

    A gift for @Shady Slim
  23. The Quenton Nelson, G, Notre Dame band wagon thread!

    He's a big dude, too. 6'5" 330 lbs
  24. TCMD - Frequently Asked Questions (OPEN)

    I actually discussed this a little prior to this years start. I had worked on some formulas that would generate a list of possibles, but didn't use it this time because I wasn't getting enough feedback. Hoping that this meeting we have at the end of this, allows me to get things fixed and add some new additions to this mock. Now that I have everyone's attention, I'm always looking for help during the regular season but never really get it and don't blame you guys for not wanting to spend every day with these mocks. This year I'm hoping to get a lot of feedback from everyone after this is over and still fresh on our minds. Trying to get people involved once the season starts or during the playoffs is impossible.
  25. 2018 Vikings Draft Prospects - Defensive Line

    In my last mock I had him going to us. Have a 2nd round grade on him.... I’ve seen him in the 1st all the way to the 3rd. Will be an interesting guy to watch
  26. 2018 NFL Draft Discussion

    Davenport. Pending combine, but I like his style better.
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