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  2. Week 12 - CARP LIVES ON

    It seems inevitable, really.
  3. UK Posters

    You need a new job McMc
  4. HoF Semifinalists Announced

    Ah, blindsiding people is his claim to fame and something that should aid him to the Hall of Fame, by your account. While you're stroking it to your own nonsense, I'll let Brandon Meriweather and James Harrison know that their headshots (or as you would say, tackling excellence) help change the rulebook, so they have something to help their case for entrance to the Hall. Maybe we should start crediting and nominating those who caused the rules to be enforced against facemasking, high/low blocks, being suspended for PEDs, and such, as they clearly "changed the NFL." With your thousands of hours of focus, how have you missed the fact that WR blocking has ALWAYS been emphasized? You know, when the NFL was run-first for so many years? Him blasting players who were unaware was what he was initially noticed for, not because he was the Larry Allen of WRs. Keep going though, I'm sure you can continue talking yourself into anything. You seem to find yourself very convincing.
  5. Top 10 CBs?

    No problem. I'm just curious as to why a rookie CB is higher than someone like an established great CB such as Xavier Rhodes this season. Is this ranking based off personal preference, stats from somewhere, what?
  6. 2017-2018 NBA GDT: Celtics win 16 straight

    Yea I really don't understand why they don't run more stuff for Tatum especially. Him and Brown should be driving to the basket frequently with how good they are at finishing and drawing the foul.
  7. Raiders Fire Ken Norton Jr.

    Yeah, I get what you're saying. The underperforming this year is team-wide, though. Thanks for disagreeing with me without being obnoxious and needlessly dismissive.
  8. 2017-18 NCAAB Thread

    Woooooo. Rick Barnes!!! Woooooo.
  9. If they think Big V can be a permanent piece on the offensive line I'd be pretty bummed if they took an OL round 1.
  10. Top 10 CBs?

    Thanks Captain Buzzkill...
  11. 2017-2018 NBA GDT: Celtics win 16 straight

    Smart, Rozier and Morris all have five shots a piece. All 1-5. Tatum has only 6 shots and Brown only 7 shots. Makes sense.
  12. Top 20 Wide Receivers Of The Last 20 Years?

    I think that, for the most part, it legitimately is a toss up. For me personally I just liked Donald Driver's game more. Though unfair, for me, it will always be hard to seperate MC from that Saints Offense as a system.
  13. Tyrod BENCHED

    I mean Buffalo got a starting G/T and WR in round 2 this year. Also Milano who should be starting at WLB was a 5th round pick so its not that out of the question. Reality is they would start out of necessity because Buffalo lacks depth.
  14. Top 20 Wide Receivers Of The Last 20 Years?

    Yes, taking out those games where he played less than 40% of the snaps (for BOTH players becuase Julio has some games where he was hobbled and clearly wasn't all in) hurts Julio's argument (that solely being that Brown has played "longer") so we must refute it.
  15. Top 6 pick

    It would be to replace Massie, not Leno.
  16. Lions Claim Dwight Freeney

    Not entirely sure why he was cut, either.
  17. "No part of LeBron tainting what's coming".... Um, okay.
  18. 2017-2018 NBA GDT: Celtics win 16 straight

    Celtics desperately need another scorer. We're dead when Horford doesn't give us anything.
  19. Around the League Talk

    I know Revis is far from the same guy but why didn’t the Titans work him out when they worked out a bunch of guys I never heard of? Anyone over McCain would be fine with me but I wished the Titans did there do diligence atleast
  20. Spielman's take on Trubisky

    I think it’s going to go the other way. I think it’s going to be his first multi touchdown pass game. That said I think we’re going to lose something like 33-24. Our D is in trouble without Floyd.
  21. Raiders Fire Ken Norton Jr.

    Uh, what? They were bottom-10 in almost every relevant defensive category last season. And they do have some talent on that side of the ball ... granted, they aren't extremely talented but every time I watched the Raiders it seemed like their defense was simply out-coached and unprepared. Norton may not have been the only problem, but he was definitely a problem imo.
  22. Tennessee Titans Free Talk Venting Thread

    Decker has been targeted in the Red Zone this year no doubt my issue with his targets they weren’t very good throws or designs to get him open. Even the 1 TD he got Mularkey said the play was designed for Smith who looked like he was running through bushes trying to get open and Decker found his own way open.
  23. 2017 College Football / Scouting

    I wouldn't be opposed to one but I think I'd rather go QB, double dip at Pass Rusher, and a center. The center is the weak link on the line and is likely the reason why we can't run the ball well. Pass Rusher is the position that's eluded us the last 12 years so I think double dipping would be smart. If one of the players turns into a good Pass Rusher it will be worth it, I think that position will spark this entire defense (I expect us to snag a CB in FA as well) and then QB round 1 should be expected.
  24. Way too much WR pondering on a game day

    I wish I had read this sooner, I'm going through the same thought process in my mind! I think Trubisky has been developing a nice trust factor with Inman, and I'm definitely curious to see how the rest of this season plays out. I see him as more of a 3 or a 4 in my mind because, knowing our luck with injuries, that will bump him up to a 2 or 3. He's also a wonderful hedge to Cameron Meredith, whom I think the Bears will retain. So as locks in my mind for next season, we will have Cameron Meredith, Dontrelle Inman, and Kevin White. I don't trust Kevin White whatsoever, but I don't see Ryan Pace giving up on him. Here's to hoping Pace is smart enough to not rely on White for anything (hence making him WR4 and if he earns a higher spot in camp, great). That still leaves a gaping hole for a true #1 WR, and I am hoping that's where Pace gets aggressive in free agency. I'd love to get one of Watkins or Robinson, but Robinson coming off an ACL (along with Meredith coming off a torn ACL and slight MCL tear) might be too much risk to "Bear", especially since Kevin White can't stay healthy at all. Maybe he offers WR1 money to Jordan Matthews? 1. Jordan Matthews 2. Cameron Meredith 3. Dontrelle Inman 4. Kevin White 5. Tre McBride Maybe in a perfect world, the light turns on for Kevin White and we get Matthews/White on the outside with Meredith/Inman in the slot...
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