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  2. Marvel Mafia - Signup Now!

    He was always my favorite. BAMF!
  3. Jimmie Ward has a broken collarbone

    Should have never been re-signed. Really didnt understand the move. Never healthy and extremely average when on the field
  4. Paraphrasing here - We're the best team in the league. We're not going to fold. If we go out to Toronto and they come out and set a great tone and we get punched in the mouth first, we're not going to fold. If we lose, we lose. We're not going to fold, that's not what we do. ^That was in response to a reporter saying that the Celtics folded in the final game of the Bucks/Celtics series. I think Giannis is going to bring it on Saturday.
  5. MKE Bucks Thread | Win or GTFO

    Season end?!?!?!?! The Bucks are playing Saturday night! Just take it one game at a time. The season wasn't on the line tonight, it's on the line Saturday. Obviously it would have been great for the Bucks to win in Milwaukee, but the Bucks have been a great team all year. Don't throw in the towel now!! Come on Puggie!!!
  6. It's whatever. This season was phenomenal and super fun. Heartbreaking to be this close and fold. Guess that's what happens when you try to run before you can walk. When push came to shove, the Raptors punched us in the mouths and, instead of fighting back, the Bucks went into a shell and haven't come out. It is what it is.
  7. 5[150]: Kinsley Keke [DL; Texas A&M]

    Continuing this down here because why not. I'm running low on energy so this may be the last update, try to hold back the tears. EDIT 5: This is also not a good game for Aaron Jones. I assume he left due to injury as he's been MIA for awhile and the box score only shows 4 carries for him, but before he left he ran either the wrong route or a very poor route on several plays, and had a bad read in the run game that probably cost him 10-15 yards. However we've seen far better from him very consistently so you just shrug and move on. J. Williams played a hell of a game in relief, or I'm just such a huge Jamaal stan I can't tell. Probably both.
  8. It's not about the Raptors tbqh. It's about the mental fortitude, or lack thereof, with Wisconsin sports teams. First sign of adversity this entire season and they are folding like cheap lawn furniture. It's a never ending cycle with Wisconsin sports and it completely rips your heart out every time it happens. There's a reason why I'm a pessimist and it's not because I'm a naturally negative person lol.
  9. To me, it's not like the Raptors are the Golden State Warriors. They're not some juggernaut team that has an insurmountable lead. I think they can be beaten in Toronto. The Bucks have already shown in this series they can beat the Raptors and even in the losses they've hung with them. People are entitled to feel how they want, but I picked the Bucks to win this series and I still believe they'll get it done. If they don't, hats off to a heck of a season and congrats to the Raptors.
  10. Bradley Sowell and Taquan Mizzell change positions

    The real news here IMO is the Mizzell switch, which I think makes it less likely he somehow steals a roster spot. I don’t want him anywhere near this team.
  11. Game 1: 10/24 from the field, 3/9 from 3pt line, 1 reb, 3 ast Game 2: 8/22 from the field, 4/8 from 3pt line, 3 reb, 2 ast Game 3: 8/20 from the field, 1/5 from 3pt line, 5 reb, 5 ast Game 4: 7/21 from the field, 3/10 from 3pt line, 6 reb, 2 ast That was against Portland. I know against Houston, he didn't play all that well in at least three of those games, either. I'm not talking about him in general, I just meant how he's playing right now. All I was saying was, if KD doesn't come back and Klay keeps playing like this the Raptors (if they make it) have a real chance to win.
  12. Daniels’ best position has always been center so this was a given to happen eventually IMO, but I don’t think that Whitehair’s snapping played any role in it. The shotgun snap issues Whitehair had in 2017 were basically nonexistent last year.
  13. ERFA tags Chase Edmonds Keke Coutee Ryan Glasgow Oren Burks Levi Wallace Taron Johnson
  14. Whatever you say. The Bucks had the crowd behind them all night and they **** the bed. So spare me the horse crap that the crowd dictates the game. Energy isn't real. Neither is momentum. The players play and they fail on their own. Fans have nothing to do with it.
  15. This is a losers mindset. It was like Portland, when the warriors tied game 4 after the blazers were up 17 or whatever the whole crowd lost their energy and the team felt it. Whether you think you can, or you can't, you're right.
  16. CB - Justin Gilbert Safety - Rahim Moore (probably worse ones) CB - Dee Millner DE/Edge - DeQuan Bowers DE/Edge - Marcus Smith OG - Danny Watkins HB - Trent Richardson
  17. He is constantly setting screens and spacing the floor. The warriors run a lot of plays were his abilities are a key piece of the puzzle. He is a lot better than you are giving him credit for. He has some good ball fakes and a good fade away jump shot. He drives the lane with success. Hes worked on his post up game a lot and when he is in rhythm he is a smooth. Oh, and he may be the best catch and shooter of all time. Even if that was all he could do, he wouldn't be a 'trash can' offensively.
  18. 2019 Free Agency V2

    anyone left in free agency that interest you? still think we can add G and DE to the mix- few guys I like: Jermaine Kearse WR Bruce Ellington WR Martavis Bryant WR Ted Karras G Andy Levitre G Richie Igcognito G Matt Slauson G Brendan Fusco G Jeff Allen G Ryan Groy G Chance Wamack G Patrick Omameh G Johnathon Cooper G Derrick Morgan DE Nick Perry DE Kony Ealy DE Andre Branch DE Allen Bailey DE Dominique Easley DE William Haynes DE Ethan Westbrooks DE Muhammed Wilkerson DE Josh Bynes MLB Corey Liuget DT Bennie Logan DT Domata Peko DT Morris Claiborne CB Kayvon Webster CB Eric Berry S Tre Boston S all those guys prolly make our team. suprised we haven't looked at Chance Wamack, Mayock once called him the best player of his draft class
  19. MLB Regular Season 1.0

    Yes, but actually no... You should probably check what other guys are doing before making these statements. Bellinger & Yelich are at the top of the race so far with a few others with an outside chance.
  20. The NEXT series after GOT ends ?

    Yes I am so hyped for this.
  21. Now's not the best time, my man. You don't know Wisconsin sports history and the toll it takes on it's fans. Our teams crumble when pressure mounts. It's not like I'm pulling this **** out of thin air. We'll lose by 20 on Saturday. If we can't put forth effort in a must win game at home, we sure as hell aren't doing it on the road after a huge let down. It's over.
  22. Bobby Wagner Contract Situation

    Give Seatte Aaron Donald and they'll consider.
  23. I mean, he literally does not contribute anything offensively except for shooting. If he's not making shots/scoring, then he does nothing. How am I wrong here?
  24. You're seriously telling me to stfu? All I was just doing is saying the Bucks can still win this series.
  25. Offseason workouts underway (OTA's page 6)

    It's a losing battle, my dude. People see what they want. I've generally taken to letting the chips fall how they will and keeping my nose out of it. If there's something that incenses me on here, its QB debates. The Pryor days were hell.
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