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  2. 2017-2018 NBA GDT: Games return tonight!

    I knew it was close but not that close. Sheesh.
  3. DC Movie Universe

    If Aquaman underwhelms, are they early enough in production on everything else to just scrap the DCEU? Was thinking about it today, and I'm unlikely to see either Aquaman or Flash in theaters unless I see a great trailer followed by strong word of mouth from sources I trust. Just not that much interest at this point. It's a shame because I really do think Cavill and Gadot was great casting, but the writing has just been so weak in total.
  4. MMA Thread | Stipe vs DC at UFC 226

    btw that Orlando card yesterday was like crazy fun. i maintain, mma is a tier all by itself when it comes to like event atmosphere imo. even though there was like no marquee fight.
  5. MKE Bucks Thread (32-25) | All-Star Break

    Typical Bucks tho. Big win followed by bad loss.
  6. MMA Thread | Stipe vs DC at UFC 226

    let's get a Pick Em' thing going again.. i'll keep tabs. for every card i'll just pick the fights are worth picking. start with with this ufc 222 card Frankie Edgar v. Brian Ortega Cat Zingano v. Ketlan Vieira Bryan Caraway v. Cody Stamann John Dodson v. Pedro Munhoz Stefan Stuve v. Andrei Arlovski Sean O'Malley v. Andre Soukhamthath Cyborg fight obvious. Yoder should be a showcase fight for Dern. Don't know the guy Dariush is fighting. Lombard/Dollaway is irrelevant. so 6 fights on this card. same value for all of the fights. will just keep tabs like records.
  7. 2018 Tank Watch

    Porter may still end up the best if he gets healthy and I expect he will. Maybe Porter sits out a and builds up the body like Simmons
  8. 2018 Vikings Draft Prospects - Quarterback

    You're passing on Mayfield?
  9. Guys are going to get "overpaid". Which means we don't think they're worth the money they get. After all, they're just playing a game. A game which could cripple them for the rest of their lives, or leave them so brain damaged they can't remember how to walk to the bathroom, but still, a game. So, was Perry worth his contract? Yes. Because that is what he and the team agreed was the proper compensation for his services. Was he great? Sometimes. Was he injured? Sometimes. Was he "worth it"? Asked and answered. Now, as far as CMIII, definitely, if possible, extend him and reduce his cap hit. But let him go? DC's still have to game plan against him. He is versatile enough to move around the defense, and though his sack numbers have declined, the number of times he's literally a split second late in getting to the QB is amazing. He still has the ability to change a game, and the Packers have too few of those guys to lose one because "he's making too much money."
  10. 3 rounds w/ trades

    The other mock was a beast i liked it quite well. As far as Payne who knows he is expected to be somewhere between 18 and 32 in most mocks. But with that said when you got 4 or 5 other guys like Hurst, Bryan, Wynn, Price, Mcglinchy in some cases, and maybe even Payne all with a good chance to fall to you in the next 5 to 8 picks or so then just wait it out since their all simimlar value guys. I tell you what though if you want to throw out a 1st, 3rd, 7th this year and a 3rd next year to go to 13 if their interested i'll take a stab at Smith
  11. Is RT REALLY a first round need?

    I don’t agree. I think there are just as many “ifs” with our OL as their are with our WR position right now. OL- We have Stanley, Lewis?, Skura??, Yanda, Howard? WR- We have Chris Moore?, ??, ?? I’d argue that Moore is nothing more special than the potential we’ve seen from Lewis. At least with the OL we have viable solutions. At wide receiver we haven’t one. And I think the reason we’re so bad at wide receivers is because we’re always trying to find the guy with the most potential late in the 1st round. Clayton and Perriman could both fit the bill here. Either that or when we take our shot it’s usually not the best receiver class. Either way, if I had to pick a position to give a “head start” to, I would easily give it to wide receiver. If you know you’re slow but strong. Would you rather I spot you 30 lbs on your bench or allow you to run 5 yards before I start recording your time? I’d rather do the latter and bank on my strength to look good regardless. Though I know some would rather build up an elite strength. It’s just after that 2006 season with the caliber of that elite defense that was wasted because of a poor offense, I’d rather build up a good team all around... which is what we had in 2013 when we won the Super Bowl.
  12. BDP's 2018 GM Mock Draft

    Patriots please.
  13. TCMD Discussion!!

    Following are still available TE Jason Witten DE Charles Tapper LB Damien Wilson CB Anthony Brown
  14. TCMD Discussion!!

    No takers on Andrew Luck?
  15. Steelers Listening to trade offers for Bryant

    Garcon surprised in his time in San Fran, but he’ll also be a 32 year old receiver coming off a season ending neck injury. Goodwin undoubtedly impressed in 2017, but has one year of productivity to his name. On top of that, he’s a small, one dimensional player. Martavis Bryant would come in and automatically be the best receiver on the team while having the size and speed to boot. Money isn’t really an issue with this squad either. I don’t see how the find themselves off the table for even inquiring. It’s not like they’re the Chargers or the Vikings at receiver.
  16. 2017-2018 NBA GDT: Games return tonight!

    Time to see if Wiggins got better and his fit is just poor with Butler or if he's actually regressed.
  17. 2017 Cornerback Review Part 3: Marshon Lattimore

    who is rhodes?
  18. Then everyone has 0 points and we ALL make picks again for Monday An everyone-way tie for 0
  19. Cincinnati Reds Thread - Nick Senzel, SS?

    Luis Castillo, Homer Bailey, and Amir Garrett all looked real string throwing today. If the Reds can get a little bit of health, they will surprise some people this year. I think they could end up over .500 if the rotation isn't anihillated by injury like last year.
  20. Marcus Peters traded to Rams

    Says he's a Chiefs beat writer but is this guy reliable? Says he's a HOF voter so I'm guessing he is legit.
  21. As long as there are no reasons to suspect lingering effects long term, it's be fine with the Reds taking him at 5. Might be able to play SS, super advanced hit tool, small strike zone, plus speed.
  22. Texans off-season thread

    Rumors circling that we might waive Lamar Miller. I dont get it. Foreman is coming back from injury and our other backs arent good.
  23. FF Big Brother 7: HOH is underway! (pg 36)

    BCB is essentially out, isn’t he? His two games are the same as Jason’s, and Jason has one win already. I messed the rest of my speculation up, but it basically comes down to... What happens if every player suffers a loss?
  24. MKE Bucks Thread (32-25) | All-Star Break

    Yeah I wanna win the game there with JET or Middleton. Not happy. Bad l.
  25. Why I believe Kirk Cousins will be a New York Jet

    Who wouldn't want him back on his rookie contract? It won't stop them from going after cousins. Also, they locked up a lot of their good, young talent who are going to hit the market soon. They're fine.
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