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  2. No one could have seen him making this sort of leap in the offseason. Unreal run from him. Great season from the Nuggets. Needed game 2 or 4. Closer series than 5 games would indicate but Lakers are a very good defensive team. Pretty ugly games in general.
  3. im sure hes playing a part like most guys these days, the problem is he just doesnt play it that well. colby, conor, heck, even jon at times... youre either watching cause you want them to win or lose. Izzy isnt good on the mic, its awkward and cringy. He doesnt have the same thing those others do.
  4. doesnt mean he had Covid-19. A lot of people were on the list prior to the season.
  5. You don't have to over spend on other players just because one is throwing a temper tantrum And good spot in 2008, as Thompson kicked a number of players out, simply because of their contracts, I believe that included the already mentioned OGs and S. Barrowing from the future to pay today can be alright, but if you do it too much it can down right kill you and crush you, both in football, personal life and even nations. Also the ones arguing over dead cap spaces, you can't blame Ball for dead cap (unless you're saying he over paid the player), because that's all dead cap is, payment that the player already got, that hasn't officially been accounted for... and can any of really argue Rodgers has been over paid? So Rodgers earmed that money, we.just have to account for it. Dead cap is.just a sunk cost that shouldn't be used for making decisions, as it's nothing be accounting...
  6. tbh it's tough fight for Izzy, considering he's somewhat undersized (in terms of weight) for 185. He makes the weight easily. I don't even know if he walks around at 205. Also with Jones going to heavyweight, a little hard to see how that fight will happen now.
  7. He lives in the moment, no doubt. Just don't find it very appealing and I'm someone that LOVES cocky athletes but there's a line.
  8. Izzy a better striker than Jones no doubt, but Jones would be able to dictate the fight exactly to where it needed to be. He’d be stronger, have the size advantage, and he hasn’t met an opponent he can’t take down. JBJ also has an extremely underrated chin
  9. Win and we're in. Our reward is likely the Dodgers and we're without Burnes. That wouldn't be pretty methinks.
  10. I agree. Fines need to be more consistent and more expensive.
  11. Cut the antics post fight and I'm a fan. He's too good to be mock humping his opponent and then yelling "I just came all over you" afterwards. No need for that. Dance, Naruto run, do your machine gun stuff and let that be that.
  12. I still think Jones beats Izzy, especially if it’s at LHW. The of competition Izzy has beaten compared to Jones is hardly impressive. Plus Jones would have 4” Reach, something Izzy isn’t use to.
  13. I'm not adding the OT for 2021, but adding them in 2021 to get a year of NFL experience under their belt for 2022 and beyond when Wagner is a FA, Turner might be a FA... But Packers traditional have done this a lot under Ted Thompson and Gute especially with their second pick (or top 2nd rounder), as we have done this year with RB... added the RB the year before the starter will be a FA to let the rookie get a year of experience under their belt, in case we don't resign the starter. Off the top of my head, Matthews the year before losing Kampman. Nelson before losing Jennings I think, Cobb before possible losing Nelson and the list is a lot longer.. of them using picks on a position they just lost or more often, might lose the next year.
  14. izzy's a great champ. no bull****. keeps it moving with the title defenses. one of the most respectable champs we've had a minute.
  15. I know Jones is moving up. But man what a mega fight that would be.
  16. Throughout their careers if you go by percentages it's more likely that LeBron will make the finals than Dwight Howard will make a free throw.
  17. seconded, this just prisoner of the moment stuff.
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