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  2. Why, in anyone's opinion, does it seem like the Vikings lack intensity? I agree, but I have no idea why.
  3. This would be news to me, and I've worked with the OECD and FDA.
  4. orcas and nazguls power seems semisimilar
  5. Speaking of illness, have we heard any update on Isaiah Wilson as far as the COVID/Reserve list.
  6. I really wish Zimmer and Spielman were gone....but alas, they are not. As long as they are here, I have no real hopes this gets fixed. How long has the OL been bad/terrible? Other teams draft OL and they start as rookies and are ok/good sometimes. Here? O'Neil and um, um, who? Taking a WR in round 1 was stupid, especially on a team built as this one is. DL/OL were the obvious needs. I'd rather they win 1 game, than 6.......or even 8. I was 100% wrong about Cousins, hopefully the Vikings admit it soon too.
  7. I don't think the Sharpe trade had anything to do with Good though. I highly doubt that we ever really viewed Good as a potential option to play RT and the only reason he got a chance to play there was because Brown/Young got hurt and Parker was inactive week 1 so we literally didn't have another OT to step in. Sharpe actually played pretty well in the limited time he was on the field here while Parker has been absolutely terrible whenever he has been on the field. Plus Sharpe is a swing tackle that has played both tackle spots. We're currently carrying 4 OT and that still would've been the case had we cut Parker and kept Sharpe.
  8. Minor mod correction: There are 6 alive and 6 voting. It's still 4 to lynch.
  9. Yes I want whatever Bitty is smoking... our run defense is good? Kamara averaged over 6 YPC and was getting 1sts at will. Penalties forced the Saints to pass plus they just didn’t stick to the run. As for him saying Cam isn’t good, he is certainly in the Top 7-8 QBs so far solely based on this season two games in. His arm is fine, his mechanics are better, and he looks more accurate than ever before. Plus his running is the same as 2015.
  10. I was more alluding to the comparative state of the U.S. pharmaceutical standards relative to our most similar counterparts: EU and Canada, which actually have higher safety standards, but lack a lot of the junk law that is pure protectionism for the industry and are only arguably related to safety (in a tertiary manner). In fact, one of the core components of NAFTA II was solidifying US pharmaceutical protectionism from Canada. It’s present elsewhere, but a hyper present bizarre dynamic for America.
  11. 1. I obviously disagree - that's fine 2. I came to this conclusion based on everything that I stated - this entire situation, led by a well respected and smart man, does not make sense to me otherwise 3. That's speculation on your part - we have seen mammoth deals given out all off-season 4. I agree 5. Maybe Douglas loves Mosley - he comes from the same place he did - we don't know Yes, this is all speculation as this is a think-piece. The underlying issue and reason for which I wrote this is because nothing in our current situation makes sense. As I stated, the pieces do not align AT ALL
  12. That would be my guess, but with the new IR, anything with a three week minimum should be an instant IR. So there must be some hope for the Steelers, even if this week is a stretch.
  13. One issue I have read several times about Mahomes is that he, after the planned dropback, tends to drift back even further. This of course leads especially the OT to let go once they sense they have moved the rusher far enough to the back for him to pose any thread ... only to figure out that Mahomes took another two or three steps back and squarely sits in the lane the rusher is taking. I definitely think that's one of the areas Mahomes still has to improve in ... when to step up and when to bail out. I feel he is still avoiding stepping up as it forces him to deliberately give up his outside mobility. Several examples of this during the Chargers game where he had room to step up but chose to bail out, mostly running for his life..
  14. Through 2 games Clelin Ferrell has 0 solo tackles, 3 assisted tackles, 1 pass defended, 1 QB hit, 0 sacks, 0 TFL, and 0 QB pressures.
  15. kelly and roberson being out with illnesses hopefully means they'll be ok for sunday. also hoping that butler will be able to go.
  16. Hmmmm....so who starts if Verrett is ready go Sunday? Him or Spoon? Personally, I'd leave Spoon in the there as the starter opposite Manny. He started last week and was ok so I'd leave him in there for the time being.
  17. I think thats exactly what we should be expecting, Thats what they drafted him for. To be like a 20 snap a game guy to put pressure on obvious passing downs this year, and expand to a more consistent contributor in the next few seasons I htink anyone expecting another big trade (because regardless of how many weve made recently, the actual in season trades are rare) or some guy off the street to make some big impact this year is just hoping at this point, as neither of those scenarios are all that realistic
  18. Not that I’m pessimistic but when I heard it was a knee bone bruise, I went ahead and prepared myself that he would be out for little while (3-5 games is my guess). Since Vrabel has taken over, the team has been over cautious rather than rush someone back, regarding injuries (which I don’t disagree with btw).
  19. He's a good coach. Even if Taylor was perfectly healthy Herbert looks more than ready to be QB1
  20. That's a great point, Ferrell was blessed to play with two other high first round picks on the interior DL during his time at Clemson which definitely helped him a lot. One of the things that bothered me about the Ferrell pick, and likely would've had a big impact on his draft stock, is that he didn't do any of the drills at the combine or Clemson's pro day. He never looked like a great athlete on film in college and I think he would've tested average at best and definitely wouldn't have been our pick at #4. That's another great point. When you look at the top QB's in the league very few of them went to powerhouse programs or were on extremely stacked teams: Mahomes (Texas Tech), Wilson (NC State/Wisconsin), Jackson (Louisville), Brees (Purdue), Rodgers (Cal), Wentz (NDSU), Roethlisberger (Miami OH), Prescott (Miss St), Goff (Cal).
  21. I've said for two years that tate should be running the TE flex out routes. Now he is actually the best option by far for it, so make it happen. You just can't line him inline. Green and Higgins outside, Boyd in the slot, Tate in the flex. Mixon and/or Gio out of the backfield or lined up tight to the formation.
  22. This was what I argued over with a few posters when HH was hired. We didn't have powerful guys (Long aside, but his athleticism was what really made him special). This isn't the 2005 Bears OL and shouldn't have assumed they would be able to play the same style. We have athletes out there, and aside from Ifedi there won't be a lot of plays where they dig people out or drive them out. But they can get into position quickly, have a hell of a lot of range they can make blocks in (versatility and wrinkles for playcalling) and allow the RBs to cut off their blocks immediately.
  23. Caption. They replaced me with a zombie...................nobody noticed. or To the new entrance guard at Gillette stadium "Let me in, I'm the head coach". "Yes, really". "Stop laughing". "No I don't want a handout, I earn $12m a year". "Why are you grabbing me by the shirt and trousers". Wheee, splot.
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