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  2. Sad that's what they're giving their fans. We deserve better.
  3. 2[44]: Elgton Jenkins [OC; Miss State]

    He's a Guard
  4. Why isn't Elflein working out?

    According to Wikipedia Jones played both guard and center in the CFL, then started 13 games at guard for the Giants in 2017. It would be sad to see Elflein get cut now, but he's getting another chance and hasn't made much out of it so far.
  5. 2020 3 Round Mock Draft

    Colts own Redskins 2nd rder I don’t mind a WR in the first, as long as we are taking a DL early enough.
  6. Surprise Teams of 2019

    We have a thread for teams that are going to disappoint, how about one for teams that are flying under the radar and will be major surprises? Who ya got?
  7. Well danger gets role blocked and there's no kill. Am I missing something?
  8. Which team do you think is overrated and will underachieve?

    I just hope the saints start off slow like they always do.. A solid 2-4 start should get my blood flowing. Love them bastards.
  9. Here is a quote that says it all for me: "You want to kill a clubhouse, keep going to a closer who can’t slam the door after his teammates have sweated for nine innings to get a lead." https://www.cleveland.com/tribe/2019/08/what-are-the-cleveland-indians-options-if-they-replace-closer-brad-hand.html
  10. Also, Malf, you probably realize this, but some genius is going to ask you what drink you used to roleblock Danger. Unless your life is in... danger... probably best that the information is out of the thread for now.
  11. All things Antonio Brown: from Helmet to Feet

    I love the torch concept.
  12. Packers @ Raiders - Preseason Week 3 GDT (O Canada)

    CFL has goal posts only a few yards in to the EZ, not at the back like the NFL. They had to move it back so I'm guessing the issue would be with the hole where the original uprights would be.
  13. All things Antonio Brown: from Helmet to Feet

    They are putting giant eyesore of a torch at one end to obstruct an otherwise stellar view of the strip. That work?
  14. #FireBruceAllen

    How he navigates the T-Will situation moving forward now that its more of a national story will be interesting. It seems now more than ever that T-Will will NEVER play, so the onus is now on Bruce to make a move.
  15. I heard Tate Martell might have a position change to receiver? Surprised he has not won the starting QB job but that could change in a series or two, his ability to scramble could help a ton, I bet they put him in multiple wild cat type situations just like Ohio State put him in and let him run a little last year. Jarren Williams RS FR is the starter, will see how he looks against that Florida secondary. At least they do not have Perry starting that kid seemed pretty bad last season.
  16. NBA 2K20

    This is a stretch build I made. I made him taller, too - 6'10". For all the people who saying stretch 4's are dead, think again. AND this dude gonna be able to put on the Hall of Fame badges he wants to put on. Get ready.
  17. All things Antonio Brown: from Helmet to Feet

    I mean... hard to draft that level of talent. But man there are some exciting guys in this upcoming draft.
  18. 53 Man Roster Predictions 2019 Edition

    Kind of agree. God knows we gave Gilbert his shot last year and got nothing out of it.
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