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  2. Fiba World Cup 2019 Thread

    USA is my fourth team...Spain and Juancho number 3. Canada's squad gonna be pretty solid
  3. Space Jam Mafia: DAY 3 ends 7-19 @8 PM EST

    I did ask you what you meant by it but you didn't respond, leading me to have to assume what you meant.
  4. Space Jam Mafia: DAY 3 ends 7-19 @8 PM EST

    It's been years since I watched Space Jam but Patrick Ewing was not an alien cartoon in that movie at any point.
  5. Space Jam Mafia: DAY 3 ends 7-19 @8 PM EST

    You're running a good straw man right now. I'll give you that.
  6. Space Jam Mafia: DAY 3 ends 7-19 @8 PM EST

    I mean, it's what I assume since he was the only player I asked anything of this morning before you said I was just looking for an argument. Unless for some reason you're counting me asking the host for clarification what his announcement meant.
  7. Space Jam Mafia: DAY 3 ends 7-19 @8 PM EST

    I think it's far more likely that both of them would be alien creatures regardless of alignment. If you are to take the write up as alignment indicative, it would actually be more likely that Ewing would be good and Barkley bad. The problem is that you are assuming alignment because of a write up, which I don't think would be transparent anyway.
  8. Living in Denmark, we had various Super Bowls on tv through the 80's and 90's, but it wasn't a yearly event. In 2001 a new TV channel, TV 2 Zulu, was launched, and one of the concepts was to broadcast a sport mostly played in the US, the choice was between NHL, NBA and NFL. The original thought was actually NHL and NBA, but the late airing of especially NBA was the main reason, that NFL games was put on on sunday nights. I was on the NFL bandwagon from the start, which had a quite negative effect on my appearances in high school on monday mornings. As we rarely got more than 2 games a week, I didn't really have a favorite team. I didn't have any criteria for choosing a team, but I quickly discovered I liked defense. I began playing in the local club, that had a coach from Indianapolis. He talked about the Ravens defense and especially this Terrell Suggs guy they drafted in 2003, so I began taking a closer look at the Ravens. Eventually I just liked what I saw from the very few games the Ravens had on danish TV, so it took to the 2004 Browns beating (jamal Lewis going crazy and Ed Reed returning an interception for 109 yards I believe) to make me a fan. Began following the draft at the same time. The 2 hosts of the NFL on danish TV did such a good job, that by 2004-2005 people talked about the "zulu effect", they had on danish american football, which quickly evolved from there, and by 2006 Denmark was the country outside the US who aired most football games. Rotoworld and other US podcasts about football has also recognized that they have a broad fanbase in Denmark despite a population of 5.5 million citizens.
  9. Space Jam Mafia: DAY 3 ends 7-19 @8 PM EST

    You're just trolling at this point …..
  10. What does everyone do for a living?

    I'm a lawyer. Criminal defense, mostly, but I do some civil litigation too.
  11. Space Jam Mafia: DAY 3 ends 7-19 @8 PM EST

    Perhaps but I don't see it as town-sided trolling either way. Doesn't change that an official write up literally pegged PR's role as alien.
  12. Space Jam Mafia: DAY 3 ends 7-19 @8 PM EST

    IMO, I think Orca is trolling you if you think he is admitted scum
  13. Space Jam Mafia: DAY 3 ends 7-19 @8 PM EST

    You are the one picking arguments ….. .
  14. He did a nice job of separating how differences in their running styles behind different blocking schemes also separate Howard from Davis and from what we've seen from his college highlights Montgomery is like Davis plus. The fits are there without a doubt. I just posted a thread on how NFL teams have been using first down passing to their RBs to enhance their offenses and stay out of 3rd and long situations and it makes sense. If we were averaging less than 4 ypc on 1st down runs in 2018 and we can both enhance that with better RBs or by throwing more on 1st down averaging 6 yds per play that creates a whole new approach to 2nd and 3rd down play calling. Nagy's offense needed another Kareem Hunt type and both Montgomery and Davis fit that need far better than Howard did. IMHO Jordan Howard is still a productive back just not one whose the best fit for Nagy's overall schemes. Soble's analysis made that fairly easy to see.
  15. Space Jam Mafia: DAY 3 ends 7-19 @8 PM EST

    Let's review As swag pointed out, Patrick Ewing, the character who Pickle Rick is claiming, was literally called an alien in a write up. The Monstars are aliens. Orca, who is admitted scum, is voting md4l rather than Pickle Rick; despite claiming that he was in an auto-win situation since md4l cannot be lynched and the only way town has a shot is a no lynch. Why in the world would anyone town-aligned be voting md4l over Pickle?
  16. 2019 Offseason Trade Rumors & Free Agency Thread

    20 pages of cwood being garbage, utley being mad and our jazz fan trolling. Wonderful.
  17. Space Jam Mafia: DAY 3 ends 7-19 @8 PM EST

    Oh, ok I don't know what that is but k lol
  18. I agree with Marvez. He's bad, but i do like Excalibur and JR is definitely past his crime, but for the first few months it should be ok, to keep him at the commentary table for a nostalgic feeling and as a familiar voice for the mainstream fans. Afterwards keep him and probably let him handle some interviews for the show and youtube.
  19. The Milwaukee Yelichs Thread - Zack Thompson is Definitely a BOR Starter

    In a weird way I hope we don't. Those deals are so absurd you'd hope we do better by the kid than signing him for 8 years at modest arbitration prices.
  20. The SuperFlex Syndicate (Dynasty Discussion Thread)

    Yep, 12 Keepers.
  21. General Talk Thread

    I just want some Football action, I'm not well-versed enough to converse on an educated level. Just try and pick up what I can from reading around the boards. New Corvette was unveiled though... pretty car.
  22. LOL..... Come on man......Wims has shown us more than Currie. He was one of those fast midgets Mike Martz favored wasn't he? Wims is 6'4"/215-220lbs and Cordarrelle Patterson is 6'2"/228lbs. In the event of an injury IMHO either could be used in Burton place IF Nagy chooses to get them set up to do it. Remember we didn't realize Burton would be lost in that playoff game 'til the day before the game. Given how Burton is used a bigger WR may do better in that role than a slower TE. Patterson and Burton are about the same size but Patterson is far more explosive and I would love to see Nagy find more ways to get him on the field and get the ball to him. He can do enough things to earn his keep that if Nagy can exploit that he could be a huge difference maker this year as far as point production. I could easily see him used as a move TE as well. Wims should have a good shot at making the final cut if only because other than Patterson he's the only big body WR we have to add depth behind ARob. I think what it may come down to is Wims vs Ridley to see whose the first off the bench backup to the starters.
  23. Falcons extend LB Deion Jones (4 years, $57M, $34M Gt'd)

    Ah, Mr. Ketchup. This inside linebacker is best known for his work on such teams as the Detroit Lions and Prime Brees New Orleans Saints, where he would purposely scramble the defense and let the other team score so the quarterbacks would have no choice but to attempt a comeback. Big-time game changer, though not in the conventional sense.
  24. For the secret stuff, not the vote/day deadline
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