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  2. A little OJ in the morning

    Yeah, no. Unless it's for a 5th or later.
  3. Coach Matt the Flower is a good looking man. We are going to win all the games because of this fact.
  4. A Look at our Draft History (and why we suck)

    I’d hate to miss out on the really good kid at CB who has only had two acl tears at pick #17 this year ”He’s a worker” ”He’s battled through adversity”
  5. @CWood21 you watching the Packers tonight or the Cardinals? I love the Cardinals, I moved where I did because of the proximity. But the Packers are family! Screw the Cardinals tonight.
  6. GDT: Titans at Broncos

    I think they are just going over what it means to go with Tanny. I think if you go with Tanny you are going with him for good and ultimately saying you won't even entertain the thought of bringing back Marcus. I think they are really asking themselves are they ready to declare Marcus done. They are going to go through the plan if so. Do they want to look at Tanny as the vet they bring back while drafting a QB. How much are we willing to give Tanny. What if fails do we go back to Marcus. I truly think I they are going through all the scenarios and what they mean for the immediate and long term. Vrabel doesn't seem like the type to go back and forth. He is going to either say Marcus is still the guy or that it's Tanny from here on
  7. Steelers DL Stephon Tuitt tears pec; out for year

    he gets dominant at times, like nobody will stop him, a bit scary actually. Too bad he got hurt, he has had injuries set him back before and rebounded.
  8. I will be checking in during the MNF game, so tag me with questions or info.
  9. I still think Tugboat is the best lynch, honestly.
  10. Lions @ Packers GDT

    I think it's a defensive game. We take it 19-17.
  11. I am finishing up with work here in the next few minutes. I feel like a decent case could be made for a few of the options. If we are going inside the mason group, I am thinking Nacho is as much guilty looking vs Naz. Nacho, then naz, then Orca of that group. I am not sold on Malf at this point. He seemed to have some play on the night moves from N4 ( I think it was that night at least). Was waiting for Tugboat to respond. Then stated he had used up his moves after N3. Something feels off with that. I could see Malf making the play to "watch" rackcs and put a guilty on bcb as fellow scum. I would also see how others could view my N1 sensor list as having fellow scum in it as well. Probably will be not around much tonight with the MNF game to watch.
  12. That's what success is to Rammy.
  13. Sorry my memory was wiped clean who are you? How did you know me?
  14. Bold prediction: Jared Goff will be benched

    Even the shifted goal posts don’t make sense. Physical talent at the QB position has never consistently been an indicator for success at the QB position. Cam Newton is more athletic and has a bigger arm than Drew Brees. Mike Vick was more athletic and had a bigger arm than Peyton Manning. Jamarcus Russell was more athletic and had a bigger arm than Tom Brady. Randall Cunningham was more athletic and had a bigger arm than Joe Montana. It’s a cop out. He won’t say Watson>Brady, but he’ll say Watson’s hypothetical accomplishments with Bill>Brady’s GOAT accomplishments with Bill. He’ll say Watson’s talent>Brady’s talent. Just won’t give us the clincher.
  15. So... What's the Deal with Gurley?

    He's got Rice Krispie knees.
  16. A Look at our Draft History (and why we suck)

    I remember that life, now I live in the harsh reality of 5 eagle alerts on my phone, only to be met with practice squad RBs and washed up LBs getting released I hate it, why have you left us Howie...why
  17. Eagles releasing LB Zach Brown

  18. The "Kick the Tires" Thread (Other Teams Cuts)

    Forum favorite Zach Brown is getting released, again. someone now say NO.
  19. Mhm. I guarantee that I am town and that meant nothing to you. So you say you're town and you want me to simply believe you now?
  20. Tuitt torn pec...done for season

    Way too much dead $$$, but why cut him when he’s at his prime and a he’ll of a player?
  21. Who do you want as HC

    I don’t know, the more I hear Dan is chasing Tomlin the more I think Tomlin is using Dan to squeeze a couple more bucks out of the Steelers. Who would leave that job, probably the best head coaching job in the NFL, for this mess?
  22. Week 7: VIKINGS (4-2) at Lions (2-1-1)

    And I'm not wrong. I think our TEs need to play a bigger role this week. Morgan is probably a better player than Conklin at this point and he's been good for us.
  23. You Have 24 Hours

    I won’t like it, sure. But will I love it?
  24. Steelers DL Stephon Tuitt tears pec; out for year

    they have depth on the DL. Its a major loss but they should be ok. I thought so, he was a controlling whoever he went up against. Bush probably has taken over since he was allowed to play. This kid is legit. Heyward is quietly having a solid season too, consistent pressure inside.
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