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  2. What Did You Cook for Dinner?

    It gives it a nice little zing IMO
  3. 2019 Offseason Preview/FA Rumors

    Looking at that roster, damn with Q. Williams in at NT they could blow some people up, he and Leonard Williams. Then you have CJ Mosley a stud ILB and Gregg Williams a blitz master defensive coordinator. They could be a great front, I was never a huge fan of Polite coming out of college as a high 1st round pick but where they got him he is a steal and if only asked to rush the passer he could do some damage. And I think Blake Cashman could see some OLB time if Jenkins or Copeland do not perform as well, or Cashman could be a great ILB. CB spot is a little question but Adams is a stud safety, they could route out to be a pretty good defense. But yeah that front with Q. Williams in the middle could do some damage especially if they find edge rushers to push in.
  4. Come on, step away from the, "I'm the only one who has read it, and it's actually good if you look into it." I've read it and so have others. It's not. "Gorr was right" was a super lame way to get a woman Thor, which was always the end goal. And watching Thor Odinson whine and get worked over by some lame aliens while Foster was running around with Mjolnir and using powers that Thor never had and talking to Mjolnir like no other character had was just rubbing salt in the wound of the fan base. They essentially retconned so much of Odin and Thor's powers and origins that it was cringe inducing. You can't seriously tell me that you enjoyed the female super team assembled. That wasn't at all eye roll worthy? The entire thematic message of the story was, "whenever women have power, men in positions of authority will try to take it". And damn if they weren't willing to rewrite the entire Thor universe around her to do it, not just Thor, but Odin and Mjolnir and Asgard as well.
  5. 2020 Draft Prospects

    lol Sorry, I meant college football playoffs. Since we don't have a college football thread, I figured I could drop it in here. But those lists are good. I think if Gase does his part, I think we can be a wildcard team this year. My NFC match is the Bears and Rams. AFC, it's so hard for me not to pick the Browns to make it far. I'm stuck between Browns, Chargers, and Chiefs.
  6. Off-Topic: The Washington Nationals Thread

    So do you manage by stats or by feeling? Because everything the Rays do went out the window when Cash managed by feeling and ran Yarbrough out in the ninth last Sunday and blew a combined perfect game. Every other situation there, the Rays have switched to another pitcher to close out the game. What the other poster said about Fedde getting lit up the third time through the order, again, do you manage by stats or feeling? He was rolling, and heading into an important series against the Braves, I wouldn't waste my bullpen unless I had to against the Orioles. Let Fedde go, see what he can do the third time against a subpar lineup, instead of doing it against the Braves or another good team. There is no perfect answer.
  7. Titania Keeper League - Year 7 prep

    I don't think the league is created, I logged on here just to check. WHen it is up please renew me too, titans_5, believe my team name was madvillainy and I think I came in last or close to it last year.
  8. Slay and Snacks

    Pay Snacks. Trade Slay and a 2nd rdp for OLB Jadeveon Clowney. Pay Clowney.
  9. Cleveland Indians Thread : we might have a nice thing!

    Plutko threw a great game as well. Kluber is back throwing in the pen, and may not be far off. Plesac has been a pleasant surprise. Civale was just reactivated from the IL in Columbus. Might give Chernoff and Antonetti enough positive vibes to do what the Rays did last year with Chris Archer, and reload during the season. It has worked out OK for them.
  10. If the Steelers start 0-5....

    Furthermore, if we're trading Ben and didn't get Christian Kirk and Devin White and a pick in return, it's not worth it. But that's also not realistic because only one of those teams gets Ben. I mean i'm all for a realistic trade but, Money, nothing you post ever makes sense.
  11. Based on? Certainly isn't fan conversations if forums are anything to go by. Certainly isn't readership numbers. Unless you believe Marvel's Digital Sales numbers, which no one should.
  12. Redskins Losing Fans at a Rapid Rate

    With the way the rules are set up to protect QBs this year, and make any sort of pass coverage Charmin Soft, starting rookie QBs isn't the risk it was ten years ago, let alone 20. The issue with Haskins is, does he understand enough NFL principles and the playbook to be successful?
  13. Redskins Losing Fans at a Rapid Rate

    I will never become a Ravens fan, but I am definitely contemplating other teams whose management and ownership doesn't suck as much as ours.
  14. Cleveland Indians Thread : we might have a nice thing!

    Sometimes you just have to tip your cap to your opponent. Junis threw a hell of a game against us last night. Of all the "cellar dweller" teams we are in the midst of playing, the Royals have given us the most fits. They play hard fundamental baseball. The Indians cannot sleep on them. They play the game the right way. Fortunately last night, the A's did us a favor and clipped the Twins. Divisional lead remains at 3 games. Tribe and Oakland now tied for AL WC top spots - Tampa Bay and Boston next in line at 2 and 3 games back respectively. Time to put last night in the rear view mirror and go get them today to finish out the home stand.
  15. Redskins and Scherff working on contract extension

    Not a fan of giving Scherff big money at a position where the value isn't all that high. I'm a big believer in him, don't get me wrong, but giving top three positional money to a player who has seen the past two seasons end with a torn pectoral is not a smart decision.
  16. Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3

    I went to a friends house and played this last night it was really fun.
  17. What Did You Cook for Dinner?

    Lemon is interesting. I usually put a little butter.
  18. Aaron's run on Thor has always been highly regarded.
  19. Who would you take?

    I'd take Witten for Witten.
  20. What Should The Cowboys Do?

    Where do you get a better QB?
  21. Lol itt chuds who would never read the book make preconceived assumptions about its quality based on 2 pages and assume its regarded well because of SJW nonsense not because it's a good run. I have the entire run, it's a great run. Jane Thor added a lot of depth and interesting character developments to the franchise. Its lauded by fans and critics. For good reason. It's a great run, shes an interesting character. Baseline Thor had run his course at that point, he still mostly has. You posted readership subs from when the entire Marvel Line tanked. Thor books were one casualty of a line wide collapse because the physical industry is dying at an incredibly rapid pace.
  22. Jaguars All-25

  23. Robbie Gould Update; The Stalemate Continues

    That’s water under the bridge for me at this point. We made the wrong choice 3 years ago but it was 3 years ago. We only have like 6 rostered players who were even here then, and none of the coaching staff. I just want to see us get it right for 2019 and hopefully beyond which in and of itself shows a conundrum since this team is built to win now which suggests needing a stalwart for 2019 but also built to win for the long run which suggests needing a long term stalwart. If we don’t find the latter then we’re going to be doing the same thing next offseason as this one, so it’s gotta happen eventually and because of that I think the younger guy(s) may get more run into the regular season than many think even if there are some bumps along the way.
  24. Trade Zeke

    I'm offering Zeke a front loaded contract that can also be voided based on off the field issues. Zeke put himself in those situations and trouble continues to follow him. If he doesnt agree to those stipulations then trade him. At the very least you can find out for sure if Dak can win without Zeke.
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