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  2. Draft game.

  3. 2019 Draft Talk

    I'd take any pick in round one, but I think you'd have to see the board first. If you grab Dillard at 18 and Bradbury/Lindstrom are still there in the late 20s, I make the trade to get back in the first. Trading Waynes makes it easier to extend Alexander now, plus there will be extra cash to bring in a veteran WR, which this team certainly needs.
  4. 2019 Cornerback Coffee Talk, no big whoop...

    That would be the likely scenario, possibly they could move him to the 49ers at the top of the 2nd round, if there's a requisite player available...the 49ers have the need and the cap space.

    I think Dorsey expected it to go public

    Yup. Plus if anyone was paying attention, Dorsey made comments long before the draft about how much he liked Baker (as did McCloughan). I thought Darnold would ultimately be the pick, but I said weeks before that I wouldn't be remotely shocked if he goes with Baker instead.
  7. Broncos CB Chris Harris demands new contract or trade

    So the inevitable position gets taken - none of what Klis says below is surprising - but the willingness to wait until later and get 2020 picks does create more suitors. Should be an interesting weekend.

    what would be the most shocking draft move you could see? Patriots trading up for Haskins for me.
  9. 2019 NFL Draft/College Thread

    This is why we needed last year. If we all noticed that we only ever drafted players we have on visits, the rest of league certainly did as well. Now JRob has created a bit of doubt and our draft plans are less predictable by other teams in the league.
  10. Reassessing the RB Draft at the 11th Hour

    I liked his tape before combine happened, but his jumps and speed at combine really sealed it for me. Jumping ability to me has always been a bigger tell of pure football athletic ability than 40 time. When you can do both you don't know someone can play and you don't know heart, drive or intelligence, but you know they are an athlete. Walter Payton could jump out of the gym.
  11. 2019 NFL Draft thread

    We can keep all discussion here. Do y'all want a spoiler free thread? Or all the spoilers? Are there any preferences?
  12. Post your final mock

    1- Oliver DE 3a- McGovern C 3b- Edoga OT 4- Boykin WR 6- Marshall CB 7-Hill RB if we trade back to Washington we get 2nd and next year’s 1st 1-Bradbury C 2-Winovich DE/OLB 3a- Howard OT 3b- Johnson CB 4 Boykin WR 6-Alexander DT 7-Hill RB
  13. 2019 Draft Talk

    Personally I wouldn't move Waynes for less than mid-1st value. He was a 1st round pick and has lived up to that level of play. He is young, just hitting his prime years, has elite speed, and tackles well. I see absolutely no reason to give that up for less than high-1st round value. The unknown of a draft pick is a risky return for a proven player at a premiere position.

    This will be fascinating to watch.
  15. Cavaliers Thread: Embrace The Mediocrity

    Sam Presti is going to have to live with choosing Ibaka / Westbrook over James Harden. He could have kept Harden and Westbrook iirc
  16. 2019 Steelers offseason news

    I hope it saves us a little $$$
  17. Is it too early to focus on the 19 draft?

    I very much believe those reports!!! The problem is I very much believe Haskins is the guy to Snyder and Co. Do I think he fits Jay’s offense? I think he can play in it!! I think Grier is the best fit!!! We just need to hope 14 teams in front of us do us favors!!! Trading up would be silly!!! BPA if Haskins is there then take him. If not Defender or trade down!!! I’d be very okay with a trade back and a Savage selection!!! Best FS in the draft in a few years!!!

  19. Beast Mode retires...again

    Like they didn't know this before.
  20. Is it too early to focus on the 19 draft?

    I believe them because Dan and Bruce always seem to **** up things!
  21. Bold Prediction Thread

    The Patriots will draft a WR in round 1 The Packers will take a QB in round 1 and it will piss everyone off Diontae Johnson will go in round 2 The Steelers will reach for a DB again The Texans won't go OL in round 1
  22. Beast Mode retires...again

    Always assumed he would retire and he was out here trying to get high during the last game in Oakland last year lol. I think it’s for the best for the team that he did. He was always fun to watch the run against the Saints will forever be remembered took the soul of the Saints that game.
  23. Your Top 5 Big Board for pick 9

    With the talks heating up more and more I think Oliver and white will be off the board by the time the bills pick at 9 so I have decided to update my top 5 that should be there or close to it at pick 9. 1. Monteaz Sweat, He has a heart condition which the league cleared, if he is there and the bills medical staff cleared him upon meeting with him this is the guy to take, not only was he a combine beast but the 2 years he played at Miss St he had the 2nd most sacks only behind Josh Allen in the SEC. He was #1 in run stopping % last year and 11th most pressures in College. 22.5 sacks in the 2 years is pretty impressive. His speed and arm length are better then the average. I think he would be the long term pass rusher the bills are looking for. 2. Tj Hockenson as much as I didnt want this as I feel like Te is an overrated aspect of the offense he could be a safety net to Josh Allen and put some extra blocking on the run game if need be. 3. Christian Wilkins another DT raising up as he is a 3 tech DT the bills need to fill long term as I like Jordan Phillips I just dont see him as starter material and think they would complement each other. Only knock on him is he is a huge DT and Mcdermott made the comment they arent looking for space eaters and want someone more agile. Even at the size of 315 he still can move. 4. Jawaan Taylor he is a true RT the bills could look at 5. Brian Burns, he has the grit and attitude Mcdermott likes to see his speed is not as quick as Sweats but is close and can be wreaking havoc on the passer, the only bright spot on FSU team the last few years with 38.5 sacks. His knock is his weight which is 249 pounds but will likely bulk up to 260 by the time the season gets under way. With Oliver and White off the board and all 5 still available come pick 9 ideally want to see if they can make a move back with a team in hopes of recouping an extra 2nd rd pick.
  24. Beast Mode retires...again

    Exactly now teams know Edge and RB a huge need
  25. 2019 Draft Talk

    I don't think there is any way in the world they can let 1st and 2nd round draft picks sit on the bench this year. I don't think they will go OL back to back - I was playing with the hypothetical proposed earlier. With the dire need to improve the position group, a high draft pick has to be a plug and play starter IMO.
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