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  2. (Poll) Win-Loss Predictions

    I could be wrong but I just don't think Jackson is going to be a decent NFL QB. His accuracy is horrid. People (Baltimore fans) excuse it by saying it's due to his mechanics and he'll improve, but I don't think something like that happens easily. He has to have ~natural~ accuracy being hindered by poor mechanics and I just don't see that ~natural~ accuracy. He's decisive which is good, but he's also a one-read QB. Doesn't progress through his reads. Extremely inconsistent altogether when it comes to passing and that's with the fact that his legs are a huge threat. If he ever tries to deliver from the pocket more and his legs are less of a threat, defenses will play the pass better. Idk, I just don't see it at all. Half of the Ravens fan base seem to be skeptical as well, while the other half are just overly optimistic about him (at least that's what I see on Reddit). Not that I'm upset - I hope they go all in on Lamar.
  3. Baltimore Ravens 2019 Offseason Tracker

    Re-sign Maxx Williams or Brent Urban LMAO
  4. 2019 Draft Discussion

    Washington might be looking to jump up from 15 to snag Haskins in front of Miami.
  5. Robbie Gould request trade

    Get a late 2020 pick out of Chicago and call it a day Don’t want players on team that don’t want to be here
  6. Offseason Rumors

  7. Beast Mode retires...again

    any way, the team would have told him we were targeting Jacobs? sucks he would retire right before the draft now teams know we really need a RB.. why couldnt he have waited 3 days lol
  8. 2019 NFL Draft/College Thread

  9. Clowney gets Franchise Tag

    We also have to recognize his was much better when playing DE rather than OLB. Why our coaches don't realize that or utilize that only god knows. Even if he doesn't roam playing him at the other DE spot and getting another OLB. That is why I want to get BBK in the 2nd. Kick Clowney down to DE. Allow Mercilus to be rushing the passer 95+% so hopefully he gets his groove back.
  10. Around the NFL II - Even NFLier

    I'm not sure Philly would have gotten a 1st for Bradford had a team in contention not suffered a terrible injury first. The playbook point is certainly fair, but that's just base system stuff. Gameplan plays aren't installed until the week of the game, so it's possible he could survive on cliff notes weekly. I think there's a good chance Rosen could raise his stock considerably between now and September with a great preseason. The league knows that offense was miserable last year. If under a better offense Rosen shows why he was a top 10 QB, then his value will improve.
  11. 2019 NFL Draft/College Thread

    I think it is possible that our 1st rounder this year is kind of like last year with Rashaan -- didn't come in for a private visit, in order to not tip other teams off. The other rounds though, I think we stick to only private visits/private workouts as our selections. I still think Burns and Wilkins will be gone by #19, though, so at that point, I can sure as heck justify a SIMMONS pick.
  12. Offseason Rumors

  13. Criminal Minds Mafia - Town Wins

    There was about a 3 month span that I was scum in every game it seemed like
  14. 2019 Draft Talk (Draft Order in OP)

    Cbssports is saying Gary has injured shoulder and will have to be managed this year there goes his chance of going high
  15. Chiefs trade for Seahawks Frank Clark

    That's some mental gymnastics. I'm impressed. I did say in OT though
  16. Chiefs trade for Seahawks Frank Clark

    Technically, the DE (Ford) jumping offsides nullified what could have been the game sealing interception, so in a way, yes, it was the reason they couldn't stop the Pats... prior to OT.
  17. Around the NFL - Playoffs Baby

    That's the part that had me really scratching my head. They immediately let Kareem Hunt go once that video came out, and they're already dealing with Tyreek Hill's issues.
  18. 2019 Draft Talk (Draft Order in OP)

    Hopeful Gruden is in love with him move down 2 spots and still have chance at Bosa Williams or Allen
  19. Godzilla: King Of The Monsters - May 31st

    I bet that's at the end of the the movie. Majority of the movie will just be the main 4.
  20. lol remind me of the other two one time @theuntouchable drew scum in my games like 7 out of 8 times or something insane.
  21. 2019 Offseason Preview/FA Rumors

    Let's go! https://twitter.com/diannaESPN/status/1121032406931312640
  22. TACT XIX: Totally Worth A 1st, Thanks Oakland!!

    So sorry Matts - condolences to you and your kiddos
  23. FINAL! Mock.

  24. Who the Browns are showing interest in.

    It is definitely a concern not to ignore, but a Day 3 pick is extremely low risk. Throw in the MSU RB success, his vision, production when healthy, and that he's going to be at worst a nice RB #2 and insurance policy until Hunt comes back, and I think that it's worth it, even with his fumbling issues. Plus, I think that his ceiling is EXTREMELY high. If he somehow becomes a future star, we have leverage with Hunt/Chubb in a couple years, or Scott himself. JMHO
  25. 2019 Offseason Preview/FA Rumors

    Yeah and needs an extention, but if he'd be willing to sign a 2-3 year deal, it's worth it.
  26. 2019 Western Conference First Round Thread

    Good effort by the Blazers, but OKC won the season series 5-4. Westbrook is the people's champ. Doing it big but not getting recognized by a flawed system.
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