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  2. NFL Week 2 picks

    CincinnatiDetroitMinnesotaTennesseeNew EnglandBuffaloPittsburghDallasBaltimoreHoustonKansas CityChicagoLos Angeles (LAR)PhiladelphiaCleveland
  3. NFC East: Now half good!

    Been trying to tell you guys that. The Ignore button is Pure Bliss! Until one of you/all of you start quoting that is?

    Week 2 pick: BALTIMORE RAVENS
  5. Chiefs release Byron Pringle

    Smith is now gone. J
  6. I wonder how much those guys got paid to stand behind a guy and dance unenthusiastic.
  7. Are Rivera or Newton in trouble if Panthers miss the playoffs?

    CAR is 0-2 at home, both NFC games, and 0-1 in the Division. Sure, some 0-2 teams have made the playoffs, but I don't recall anyone who lost both games at home, and in-conference to boot. You have to wonder if the injuries to the lower body are now cascade injuries for the beating he's taken. The shoulder is the biggest concern, though - he doesn't look right anymore when throwing, and he was never a guy who had elite accuracy/placement - so losing anything skill-wise, well, he looked brutal as far as placing the ball beyond 15-20 yards downfield, or in tight windows. The OL did him no favors either (Shaq Barrett was a terror) - but the days of D's accounting for Cam and letting others eat seems to be passing. They're now daring him to beat them with his arm, and he's failing miserably.
  8. the falcons posted it the other morning and eagles twitter bullied them into deleting it. Eagles already got 1 win this weekend.
  9. Notable Stats and Observations

    good to see a fellow eagles fan doing well
  10. 2020 NFL Draft Thread

    The WR group is amazing. Jeudy, Shenault, Higgins, Lamb, Ruggs, and Reagor all look like 1st round talents.
  11. Are Rivera or Newton in trouble if Panthers miss the playoffs?

    Interesting that all of those quarterbacks finished #1 in DYAR via Pro Football Outsiders (except for Rodgers who was #2 behind Brees when they both had 45+ touchdowns the same year). Marino is unknown since the metrics don't go that far back, but I'd be shocked if he wasn't #1 that year. Newton however, finished 11th according to their metrics in 2015. Behind Jay Cutler even. PFF had him 4th behind Palmer, Brady, and Roethlisberger. Doesn't really matter though since 45 touchdowns is 45 touchdowns. Just thought it was interesting.
  12. Predict Joker's box office

    Its not going to be Deadpool, but a movie like Logan could be a good barometer for what we could expect, and that did 88 mil opening weekend and 226 mil total domestic for a 2.55 multiplier. If we are just a little conservative with the opening at 70 million with a 2.4 multiplier, you get to 168 million. I think its legs will be better than Logan with it coming out in October and it having Oscar buzz, so that multiplier is going to go up, and I think it will do over 75 million its first weekend. I doubt it will have huge overseas numbers because its not some huge blockbuster film so I think the box office take will be closer to 50/50 with the domestic total. Opening Weekend:79 million 2.8 qualifier Domestic Total:221 million No WW opening prediction since I dont know what markets it will open in on OCT 4 WW Total:209 million Total:430 million

    Week 2 Pick: Kansas City Chiefs
  14. 2019 Week 2 PACKERS vs vikings GAME DAY THREAD

    I don't know what's more sad. Knowing exactly what you were talking about or knowing someday I won't remember my name but will never forget Waldo Cheerleader chick
  15. Trade Help

    Worth noting, it's dynasty. But yeah, even then, the upside of Howard is far greater than anyone else their.
  16. Somebody is being a hater. Canelo should have lost the first fight to GGG, but he deserved the W in the second fight.
  17. Raiders officially release Antonio Brown

    Normally I would agree but we are not back home until November 3rd and we have a chance to build some momentum with a young team that has a lot of new parts. Confidence is key and to go 2-0 at home allows for us to have some missteps and still maintain belief in ourselves that we can right the ship once we get back home. It does not necessarily mean our season is over but I do think it will drastically reduce our ability to overachieve this year.
  18. 2019 Week 2 PACKERS vs vikings GAME DAY THREAD

    @cannondale coming through in the clutch!
  19. Sheesh. Clearly you have a receiver type. Depends on if you’ve got safe bets at RB as to what I would do. If your RBs aren’t particularly safe than I would start Calvin Ridley. I feel he’s a safe bet to secure a touchdown based off his TD numbers from last season. Throw in the fact that this should be a high scoring affair and he’ll get some opportunities. He should also get between 70-100 yds off 6-7 receptions, 9 targets. Hilton I have benched only because it’s a divisional opponent that’s familiar with him, they have a nice secondary with one of the best deep ball safeties in the league. Especially with Brissett throwing his way 33% of the time week one, can’t imagine the Titans won’t look to lockdown Hilton and force the other receivers to beat them. Cooks should be guarded by Marshon Lattimore for much of this game. I have him on my bench in one of my other leagues this week. Not too sure about DJax matchup. Haven’t really followed who is on that Bucs defense. I like Brown to put up yards and he’s a threat to score on any given play. Patrick Peterson is out for the Cardinals, I don’t think they have the speed to match. But I do think it could make sense for them to bracket Hollywood and thus Boykin might end up having a game as he shreds the intermediate parts of the field.
  20. They do not want all of his information. Just communications he had with AB and third parties regarding AB. It somehow plays into the case but AB is acting as if there is more to it or that Drew knows the truth about this particular case. No way a judge rules he needs to turn over information regarding other clients or irrelevant communications.
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  22. Devin Singletary...

  23. 0-2 with a tease we could win in the first half
  24. 2019 Week 2 PACKERS vs vikings GAME DAY THREAD

    You know, something is missing from this Vikings thread...
  25. The Washington Badnames v The Daklas Cowboys

    Jeff Heath
  26. Devin Singletary...

    Decent comparison, but I think Devin could be a bit more than "slightly", potentially. The thing that seems to me to separate Singletary from other backs around his size is the fact that he plays PHYSICAL. Sure, he'll break your ankles in space, but when he lowers his shoulder, he gets in there and hits like a bigger back. Can handle the inside game. Makes him different.
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