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  2. Yeahhhh, you right you right. Though I kinda figured that would be the case. It would work as a show, just not an Assassin's Creed show a ton of fans would also love. Would pull in a different audience. Maybe just mitigate the problem a bit and make it a female assassin. They do the same crap with male love interests but they get killed off way more. Benefit of a show would be it would hopefully not ruin the whole thing? It's probably best untouched unless someone was willing to go all in and make it right.
  3. There was an indie game called Child of Light that came out like 5 or so years ago. I think you maybe don't do the dialog as rhymes and you could have a really beautiful kids movie that adults would watch. Something that kinda goes back to like a Neverending Story type of dark childrens' film, coming of age tale. It already has a pretty and unique art style and beautifully sad music
  4. Still wouldn’t work. They’d make some vapid flavorless love interest of the main character that is hot, wants peace and is the daughter of some important political figure that ends up getting assassinated. They’d never make a pure assassins creed story, it would be watered down gitchy gitchy borderline romcom drivel
  5. I have absolutely no concern about his ability to finish, as long as he takes notes from Lavonte David. All he has to do is go watch Lavonte David film from college, and then watch what Lavonte did in the NFL and how that proper form tackle technique works, and Queen should be good. He is young and inexperienced, so obviously his feel for going with the flow and stay a bit behind the ball is going to improve. Its all about play recognition and experience I hope, because the rest is there
  6. The Office for National Statistics in the United Kingdom has estimated that 6% of the population (3.4million) have had COVID-19 after an antibody survey. 13% in London and as little as 3% in some rural communities.
  7. Yeah there is too much to really condense. A show, sure. Especially because you wouldn't be beholden to how the games do it. "One time period at a time pls" You could make a pretty watchable show that's like dark national treasure in the modern day, and historic drama/action mixed in. You need the time to build reasons to care about the assassin and the modern day protagonist. Watchdogs, especially with this new one is set up well to do a movie or a show. It's a basic premise and easy world to get because it's only a couple steps beyond reality. You could write a noir story and make it a little more like the first one, you could go get Guy Ritchie to do a film set in the london that will be in Legion and it'd fit perfectly.
  8. I should have voted for Dame. He's the Mavericks' Daddy.
  9. Seems like a lot of the big names don't want the cameras following them around too much. Certain guys just don't get shown at all. I enjoyed that episode. Mcvay is hilarious. Probably has a career in the media after he flames out in a few years Goff = mclovin Napoleon Dynamite love child RIP whatever hbo employee that had to sit through 1000 hours of zoom meetings for two teams and figure out how to edit it Joey bosa and Nick bosa are so awkwardly monotone it's hilarious. I never realized exactly how similar they are. They really are like big, goofy, cartoon grizzly bears Herbert is big and a tad awkward because of it, but he's a good kid so he has a chance to make it. I will say I don't trust his tenacity which is definitely tied to his inconsistency from play to play. I wonder how many misses they edited out on those stupid target throws. That drill doesn't train your eyes. Your eyes are tied to everything you do as a qb HBO >>>>>>
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  11. Darrel Young played in 209 snaps in 2014 & 109 snaps in 2015 and then, Callahan and/or Gruden wanted to move in a different direction w/ 2 TEs more instead of a FB w/ one TE, they went w/ two TEs more w/ Reed & Davis. That decision probably hurt Alfred Morris and our running game more than anything in 2015 and for the rest of Gruden’s tenure as HC. That being said, I agree with the rest of your post.
  12. All 1st Round Picks(Lamb,Aiyuk,Jefferson) and future 1st Round Picks (Chase,Smith) on this list. Then Devin Duvernay. Good company. Other Duvernay stats: - 2.04 career drop rate is the lowest of any Power 5 WR since 2018 - 0 missed games in 4 yrs - Led NCAA in 1st Down Catches on 3rd Down with 25
  13. It's going to be really nice to get out from under Crawford, longo, belt, pence and Pablo. Just brutal. Time to turn that page. Love that they helped bring us titles (well, except longo) but their time is definitely gone
  14. I doubt I end up doing it, but this is the first year in forever I’m giving drafting a QB in round 1 some serious thought. I had Mahomes a few years ago and that was probably the most fun I’ve ever had playing fantasy....And this league is a 6 point per passing TD league. But I probably Will be to scared to touch them and I’ve always been one where if I dont grab one of the top 2-3 guys at QB, I tend To wait on one for a long time. So who are the 2-3 QBs you guys are targeting in the 9-13 round range? Quarterbacks in this league always tend to fall a good round or 2 below their ADP because everyone in this league seems to always have the same strategy when it comes to QBs. Outside the top guys. Kinda like Cam, Rodgers and Burrow this year at their current ADP.
  15. I’m a Chivas fan so Club America are our mortal enemies. Plus they’re crazy corrupt. As for the matchup tomorrow, I’m definitely going to watch. Barca ruled the footy world for a few years and they don’t anymore but they still have the best player ever. Bayern should be the favorite to win the entire tournament. I want to see them give Barca a good beating.
  16. Couple other videos beneath this one. I guess it's good the guys are bonding, and everyone looks to be in solid shape. Getting oiled up and wrestling for catches with the squad doesn't seem like fun to me, but to each their own I suppose. Hope they don't hurt anything and stay COVID free.
  17. Went from playing in the slot with Gase to whatever the hell Kitchens was doing
  18. Whats wrong with America? Historically decent, top 5 team in terms of franchise value. So seems long term theyll intend on at least trying to be decent without selling off quality players for cash. And theyre Yellow. Which being from LSU. That Yellow and Purple (Mazatlan) really grabs me. And what you think of my question on previous page? This a good matchup to watch tomorrow? I know nothing of Euro leagues. But want to see what theyre about and at least give it a try.
  19. All of the All or Nothings on Amazon have been great! Definitely helped with the lack of sports. I just need to watch the Man City and Michigan ones.
  20. The Washington RedWolves Gold and Burgandy Cyborg Corps Ogre Duo Werewolves Warlocks
  21. well Mandrews certainly is willing to acknowledge his shortcomings and improve on those... Link its his 3rd year, taking from recent pics he put in a lot of work to be in best shape possible so i can't see why he wouldn't improve on his blocking and close the gap further to be in contention of a top3 TE league wide. thus, making a +15m$ / year investment in him not that unlikely to me.
  22. Sadly, this is offset by paying Jason Witten 4m this year lol
  23. I mean...Alex Armah played about 125 snaps per season in that role while Norv was there. Call it 8ish snaps per game. Caught a few passes, ran for a few TDs over the two years. Not a big role, but a lot more than we ever saw with Gruden. I’d love to see Thad Moss in that sort of role. It would be more of an H-back than a traditional FB, I’d assume, but he’s a pretty hard-nosed football player from what I’ve seen. I think he’s probably the best bet on the roster to fit into a role like that, though it would be interesting to see how Hentges would fare if they shifted him to such a position. That said, for my money at least, the next Mike Sellers is right up I-95, burying LBs and playing defense for the Ravens.
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