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  2. 2019 NFL Draft Round 1 Talk

    I don't think I would make the move. Arizona drafted themselves into a corner and I would try to low ball them. And while I like Rosen as a player and am interested in a young qb this year, I am more interested in giving AD a chance to really fail by building a good team around him.
  3. 1(12): Rashan Gary [EDGE; Michigan]

    Very much how I feel. Can't believe what Pittsburg did, even though it was reported for a week. Still, I think Gary is getting wrongly tagged lazy. I don't know where that's coming from. He's young, too early, was playing injured, and did what he was supposed to, with 83 pressures. Classic steal here. Just hope they identify his strength. Cuz he can be a stud. A lot less bust potential than some other guys imo. And I don't see the Perry/Datone comparisons.
  4. 1(12): Rashan Gary [EDGE; Michigan]

    To Nagler's point, there might not be a better fit for Pettine than Gary if Kollmann (a hobbyist who nailed the pick) is to be believed
  5. NFL Draft Discussion (Rounds 1-7)

    Spoiler alert you animal.
  6. Baltimore Ravens 2019 Draft Thread

    should ask the Saints if they are willing to part w/ their 2nd rounder since they don't have any picks until late 4th.
  7. NFC East: Now half good!

    @MKnight82 I think the Redskins killed it. Pretty surprised that Snyder and co. made such good picks lol. A lots going to hinge on how well they can develop Haskins though
  8. Official 2019 NFL Draft Thread

    I think the Jets keep Lee and he might be our Edge guy. He has put on weight and looked good last year. Williams will find was to get pressure. Williams is A LOT better DC than Bowles. Bowles player guys our of position like Leo and Lee.
  9. NFL Draft GDT: Day One (no spoiled picks!!)

    Sure - i'll pop it up later
  10. No worries- either is equally acceptable!
  11. Rounds 2 and 3 discussion thread.

    Of the 3 players Dorsey was looking at in the 1st, at a guess 1. Bradbury 2. Dillard 3. Savage
  12. Just an honest question- is "shadow draft" really clearer? If so, no problem changing the terminology/thread title. It just feels even less clear.
  13. NFL Draft Discussion (Rounds 1-7)

    Just got home from the 1:50 AM Avengers showing BTW, and Wow that was an amazing movie! Seriously, wow! Climax is jaw dropping. Audience behind me and the wife literally screamed and clapped. I heard people sobbing around us, but totally got it. I had to fight back the tears myself. Highly recommend it. Now I rest, and tonight we draft. Cheers!
  14. Draft Scenario Discussion

    Unless they decide to revisit stupidity again GMcC won't ever be the one to fire Nagy. A HC hire needs to be the GMs decision. That's a the proper hierarchy because it's imperative both work as a unit to operate the team on and off the field. The only proper chain of events is the GM is fired and the new GM deals with the coaching situation or we go back to Teddy Bears and GMcC stumping for John Fox but trying to convince us all it was 100% Ryan Pace's call......nonsense. When ownership usurps a GMs authority you end up losing the GM anyway as GSH did with Jim Finks. This time GMcC wised up and let Pace hire his own HC and so far it's worked out well. I've been in a senior management role 3 times in my career and if the company owner or GM had insisted on controlling who I hired to work with me I would not have remained with that company. In fact when I once hand picked an assistant manager for my division and the GM took him from me in a lateral move to another division and subbed his own brother I quit less than 12 months later. I get to pick my team. Those are my rules. Pace's baggage is behind him now and has been ever since GMcC gave him the reins, Trubisky was drafted, and John Fox was let go. We dropped the curtain on that before the 2018 season but held Pace responsible for showing immediate improvement and we got more than we counted on. There are very few NFL HCs who have the final say in all personnel matters and I would bet my last dollar Nagy isn't one of them. The hard cap makes that nearly impossible. I'm not implying Nagy has no say but I'm sure there are times when Pace has and will continue to confront him with choices he will have to make and still others where there won't be any choice at all. Nagy can't manage the cap. Pace and Laine have to do that.
  15. i'm not a fan but when you do not even try, you'll never find your #1 WR. hope it works out this time around. can still draft Kelvin Harmon to block the ish out of fools.
  16. I can't believe some of you guys would have picked Oliver over QWill. Q is better than Oliver in all aspects of the game and has less wear and tear on his body. Q is also bigger than Oliver too. Q is an Aaron Donald, Warren Sapp type guy. He will get high sacks and pressure. Remember running the ball is a big part of the AFC East. The Pats are more a run team now and the Bills are too. Miami will run a lot too with no QB. I like the pick plus you still have a ton of edge guys and 3 or 4 C I still like,
  17. 7PM Eastern, 4PM Pacific.
  18. Who do we get with our 2 #3s?

    A couple names that are going to stick out to me or Byron Murphy Julian love the corner from Penn State whose name I cannot pronounce or spell. AJ Brown Hakeem Butler David sills in Miles Boykin. Having said that I could definitely see us using at least third in 1/6 or something to move up into the second round to select Chase winovich or greedy Williams
  19. 1st Round - 16 Booms/16 Busts

    Both QBs, Gary and Jacobs will all be busts.
  20. 2019 NFL Draft Round 1 Talk

    Hard pass on DK Metcalf. There's 10 WR I'd take before him.
  21. Lions Forum Fantasy Baseball Discussion Thread #32

    I was lucky so far injuries are minor lost 3 SP and 1 OF but getting them back now. Guys starting to heat up at the plate finally getting warmer the truth is for these batters is coming 2 more weeks you should see who is good or faking it.
  22. 1(12): Rashan Gary [EDGE; Michigan]

    Pros: The ceiling is legitimate. He was the number 1 recruit in the country coming out of high school for a reason. He's a great athlete, both with the timer and as far as pure natural athleticism. He fits the defense perfectly for what they're being asked to do. We're a team who's asking our Edge rushers to line up outside but play an inside gap with some frequency. Length and strength is the name of the game there. Gary has both. When his hands are there, he's absolutely unlockable in the run game. Teams were running a ton of zone read off of him to try and keep him occupied. He brings positional flexibility. In the long run his best spot is probably on the inside as a 3 or 5 Tech, but he can play on the edge as well if he can show consistency as a power rusher. He was playing at around 300 pounds in college with a fair amount of that being highschool babyfat. At Michigan he cleaned his body up and weighed in at 277 at the combine. What direction the Packers take his body will likely tell a lot about his future. If he can get back up to 300 even if half of the difference is bad weight, he'll have a future in the inside. If they attempt to keep him very lean, that probably indicates edge rusher is his future. As a pass rusher, he flashes a handful of inside counters. Whether or not he's going to be able to set that up against NFL Tackles is anybody's guess. That's where he's at his best, when he can use his speed to set up his inside stuff. To a large extent he was productive on a down by down basis. The DEs in that scheme are not meant to be the stars, you look at how Burns and Sweat were used as wide 9 pin the ears back rushers intentionally lined up on the weaker tackle and preferably away from the potential help. Gary didn't get that. He was the Strong Side Defensive End based on pre snap alignment on a strong majority of plays. That's a fancy way if saying that there was usually a TE on his side to help chip. He also was asked to play right off the tackle and not given the chance to really kick outside with much frequency. Very similar to how the Packers defense operated last year, the DL were kept inside so that the LBs and DBs could fire their gaps. His true sophomore tape was arguably his best. It helped that he wasn't the marked man on the DL every game and he did well playing a pretty advanced two-man rush/stunt game with Maurice Hurst. He was allowed a lot more freedom on the outside when the IDL could handle their business. He also showed a more refined hands and feet game both inside and out.
  23. 2019 Day 1 Draft Thread (NO SPOILERS!)

    Not when it stabalizes the whole O-Line and is glove like fit for the new zone blocking scheme coming in. Elflein moves to LG where he was an all american in college. The Vikings could have the most improved O-Line next year if it falls together.
  24. NFL Draft Discussion (Rounds 1-7)

    Talk it and be relentless about it. Scorch the Earth, baby!
  25. Day 2/3

    My Rankings: Top 10 Players for our 2nd Round Draft Choice: 1. Trade down to 45-55 and get a 3rd. 1000%. - Sooo much talent in the third this year. I really want TE Warring. If not possible here is my board for 35. 2. EDGE Zach Allen I still don’t feel very comfortable with Mauro/Key Run/Pass down rotation. Zach Allen is very underrated and I think he’ll be one of the best players of this draft. Great run defender and power rusher. Another big DE for PGs scheme. 3. CB Julian Love My favorite corner of the draft. Sticks to you like glue. The 3 quarters he was in, Trevor Lawrence didn’t complete a pass on him and went 12-21. The quarter he was injured, Clemson scored 20 of their 30 points. 4. CB Rock Ya Sin Physical nasty corner with solid man coverage and press coverage skills. 5. G/T Dalton Risner Pro Bowl Caliber Guard, Above Average RT 6. WR A.J. Brown Get the most polished WR in the entire draft. 7. EDGE Chase Winovich Hard to project Winovich at the next level but I really like him. Tons of heart. 8. CB Greedy Williams I was getting carried away with Greedy falling but I’ve always had him ranked behind Ya Sin, Love, and Baker. 9. CB Byron Murphy Murphy is a good coverage corner but not highly physical and mostly a zone corner. 10. WR Parris Campbell I’m not the highest on Parris Campbell by any means but he has a huge ceiling, and being taught by AB? I’d be on board. 11. TE Kahale Warring One of my favorite TEs in the draft. I like him a lot more than Irv Smith. Wouldn’t take him at 35 but if we trade down to 45 or later, I would definitely consider him.
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