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  2. ***Spoiler Thread*** Avengers: Endgame

    Gotcha. I just don't see the point now that everyone knows she's dead.
  3. Day 2/3

    I really wanted Swear at 24/27. I hope we take another pass rusher, but would like greedy. But my official guess:I can see them taking Cody Ford or Smith Jr and then try to get Polite later somehow. Side note, I love jaylen Ferguson. Not sure where he goes.
  4. NFL Draft Discussion (Rounds 1-7)

    Is there a list anywhere of our official visits? I'm assuming not, but you could almost guarantee we are taking someone off of that list.
  5. I don't like this game!
  6. Baltimore Ravens 2019 Draft Thread

    And now we trade up into the second round and go get some O-line help! I'll be at a 9:30a viewing of Endgame, so I'll miss the 2nd rounds. *sighs* Perfect world we can get O-line help and somehow get Ben Banogu so we can go win this championship.
  7. QB Daniel Jones selected by Giants @ 1.6

    This organisation wanted to draft another Eli. That’s such an indictment. Then Gettleman has the arrogance to say he can sit for three years.
  8. 2019 Day 1 Draft Thread (NO SPOILERS!)

    I love ya, fin, but you are just the worst at this stuff lol
  9. Day 2/3

    1, Trade down 2, TE, let's say Irv Smith 3, OG, Risner or maybe Ford 4, CB, Rock Ya-Sin or Murphy
  10. 1(12): Rashan Gary [EDGE; Michigan]

    For sure. Bush has his own valuable skills but he had it relatively easy making those plays due to the DL eating blocks the way they did. I'm not sure how strong he is at shedding due to his size. Think he gets washed out of plays when he doesn't have Gary and Mone, in particular, eating blocks. Gonna be fun to follow what Pettine does with Gary.
  11. 1st Round - 16 Booms/16 Busts

    I think vast majority are gonna be good here. For the bad: - Daniel Jones could be ok after two years on the bench. But he’ll be middle of the pack. Worth pick 6? No. - Been saying all draft season Josh Allen does not fit a 4-3 defense what so ever. Almost all his sacks come untouched and if he’s on a blocker, he’s done. He’d be a great 3-4 EDGE. Would be an average 4-3 DE. - Lawrence is not gonna be that good imo. What is Gettleman doing? - Tytus Howard I had graded as a 3rd Round Prospect. I don’t see him developing much. - Tillery’s motor is too hot and cold, I see a inconsistent, mostly cold, career. - Gary, bust, as we all have stated many times Everyone else I think is gonna be a good player. A lot of good talent.
  12. Tyreek Hill under investigation for battery

    Shocked that the guy who strangled a pregnant woman didn't turn things around...
  13. Rounds 2 and 3 discussion thread.

    Jump up to get greedy
  14. Then as far as Floyd goes right now I truly believe Pace intends to extend is rookie deal before his 5th year option kicks in. $13 mil or thereabouts would be a massive kick in our cap nuts when we also have Jackson and Cohen to extend soon. Floyd is ascending as a player and just hitting his prime years. We'd have a tough time replacing him with another player even remotely his equal so I'd sure as hell do whatever I could to lock him into a 4 year deal. Here's my thinking. Dominant defenses win championships. Although we're nearly equal now Pace may be willing to weight our cap expenditures towards the defensive side of the ball where he values positions like Edge, DE, CB, and ball hawking FS pretty highly. As we move on I believe he'll try to keep his defense together as much as possible and depend more on Trubisky, a stable OL, Nagy's offensive creativity and more role players on offense to get the job done. Again, that's just a guess but IMHO it's easier to find younger cheaper skill position players who fit Nagy's schemes than it is to replace All Pro defenders in those key roles. Floyd isn't a generational talent like Mack but in the last half of the season he made as much of an impact as I've ever seen him do since he arrived. He's just now beginning to rise toward his ceiling so you get clever and find a way to keep him.
  15. ***Spoiler Thread*** Avengers: Endgame

    Probably in the past before the avengers when she was a full on spy
  16. The draft value chart is not the end-all-be-all and it doesn't account for real-life scenarios where demand would be higher. Clearly there wasn't much demand.
  17. 1(12): Rashan Gary [EDGE; Michigan]

    The guys comparing Winovich and Gary like the SSDE and WSDE are the same position in that defense are mind blowing. That said, Bush's open field tackling ability, and ability to close the distance on a ball carrier or receiver in a hurry are definitely legitimate. Just not interested in that super early.
  18. ***Spoiler Thread*** Avengers: Endgame

    Did anyone else feel Ike fat Thor was a terrible idea? It was funny for like 5 minutes but kinda hurts Thor’s persona.
  19. 2019 NFL Draft - Offensive Line

    Even if we're talking about medicals and weight concerns...unless they're really really bad... idk. I just haven't ever really understood why he was hyped as a potential Top-10 pick in the first place. He plays like a guy with a decent future as a RT in a really run-heavy scheme looking for that classic mauler. But he's not exactly the model of the modern smooth pass protecting Tackle. Like...Risner is also still out there. Doesn't have the same injury concerns (that i know of?), or the weight concerns. Has an even nastier demeanor, top tier character, and from what i've watched, a more reliable blocker. Unless you somehow think Taylor is going to be a LT despite not even being viewed that way within his own college team. Even without the injury stuff...i don't think he's a better RT-only prospect than Risner.
  20. Love the player but hate the pick. We now have 6 300 plus DTs., with none being a traditional 330 NT. I wanted Oliver or Allen. The difference between Oliver and Williams is that Oliver is more versatile who with his speed and power can be a pass rushing threat as a 43 DE. Allen would have offered something we’ve been missing for so many years, a 34 Edge Rusher even if Q and Leo turn out as good as Donald and Blockers, the Rams still finished 19 in total Defense and that’s with the 2nd best offense in the league. In this age of prolific passing offenses.it sort of does make me question the importance of the DT position. With the signing of Mosely, it seems that Mac is more concerned with stopping the run As others said this sort of makes our taking Shepard and Fatukasi wasted pick. i really hoped for an edge rusher and help on the OL. The pass rusher is probably not going to happen, hopefully we address the OL on Saturday it will be really interesting g to watch the play of Williams, Oliver and Wilkins,, all now playing in the AFC East
  21. ***Spoiler Thread*** Avengers: Endgame

    My question is this... With Natasha dead, how are they going to treat the Black Widow movie?
  22. Day 2/3

    Wanted harry. I'll take aj brown or greedy. Both great picks at this point. Or trade back a few picks and still get one plus a 3rd
  23. NFL Draft GDT: Day One (no spoiled picks!!)

    Packers at 12 might have been a shout, as they selected Gary. But maybe you're right.
  24. NFL Draft GDT: Day One (no spoiled picks!!)

    Maybe and maybe not im starting to get away from that you could have gotten him later thing because alot of the times i say that their are reports that come out a few days later with teams actually going to take the guy who got taken earlier than most of us expected like 3 or 4 picks later. They have alot of intel on teams and alot of inside stuff that we don't have access too. Like when we took Keanu Neal it was viewed as a full round reach but their was a team or 2 that said they were looking to get him a little after us if we hadn't taken him round 1 and same with Deion jones in round 2. That worked out well for us in the long run even though us mock drafters viewed it as a reach but nfl teams had different values than us on them. Also seen a interview a bit ago from Dan Quinn saying they had info that a few teams from 16 to 20 were looking to take Lindstrom and even texted him after we took him congratulating us on it and sending a few cuss words his way saying they was wanting him. Once again this shows quite a few teams had Lindstrom higher than alot of us mockers and a few analysts did and actually rated higher than Ford who we all thought was a higher rated player who fell by every team. It's sad how little info we know sometimes compared to the insiders on the teams and i wish i could get inside info just once lol
  25. Tyreek Hill under investigation for battery

    Wow what a POS. Banhammer this guy out the league please.
  26. 2019 NFL Draft Day 2 Thread (NO SPOILERS!)

    Adderly, CGJ, Risner, Butler, or Brown at 44. Sternberger, Warring, Hardman, Isabella, or Montgomery at 75.
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