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  2. DC Movie Universe

    It’d likely be a number of shades darker, so it’d probably be tougher to actually see what’s happening.
  3. What Did You Cook for Dinner?

    I know, it’s just so damn pretty
  4. ***Spoiler Thread*** Avengers: Endgame

    With Disney owning both franchises do you think they would do that.
  5. The STL Cardinals Thread - TINSTAAPP

    So Bader hitting that Peter Pourjos level yet? Dude is horrible at the plate.
  6. Critical Acclaim is now synonymous with, "How woke is it?" That's why Wonder Woman is the 11th best movie ever made if you follow Rotten Tomatoes and its rating system. Female Thor is stupid. You don't have to be a sexist to think so. If Jane Foster gets Thor's powers that's great and I think it could be and will be a great movie. If Jane Foster takes over and starts getting called Thor instead of her Goddamn name, that would bother me because that would be stupid. At this point I don't even care if I'm called a sexist because it's getting stupid and people are literally delusional if they can't understand the concept. Pepper Potts wore an Iron Man suit. She wasn't called Iron Man or Tony Stark. Peggy Carter picked up Captain America's shield. She wasn't called Steve Rogers or Captain America. Captain America wielded the Powers of Thor. He wasn't called Thor, he was Captain America with Thor powers. Batwoman did not become Bruce Wayne or Batman, she became Batwoman. If that's being sexist, I don't want to have to do the delicate egg walking mental gymnastics to conform to delusional norms and I'm content being that old sexist boogieman. I just can't keep up with it all anymore. I got called an incel for laughing at the fact that SJWs are calling The Lion King white patriarchy (probably by a literal incel neckbeard who calls women m'lady), and I really don't care what I get called for this post. If Jane Foster literally becomes Thor and gets called Thor, that's stupid. Bottom line.
  7. All or Nothing - 2018 Carolina Panthers

    Just finished watching. Biggest takeaway: Cam is a really impressive human, despite his terrible fashion sense.
  8. I’m looking forward to it. I take it Jane (Portman) will be taking the role while Thor is off with the GOTG. Also, Ali as Blade excites the hell out of me. And I’m thrilled we actually get to see the real Mandarin. Dr. Strange and Scarlet Witch is going to kick *** as well.
  9. 2019 Fantasy "MY GUYS"

    Forget the exact stats but something along the lines of Reed avg 6-7 targets last year with about 5 catches per game...I know Redskins are a dumpster fire...however when healthy(very key word)...Reed is a fine starting TE, and very cheap. Usually don’t like drafting 2 TEs but I’ve been doubling up at TE with a Reed/Andrews combo in very late rds.
  10. Top Ten Viking Quarterbacks

    4 of the top 6 only played 3 seasons or less with the team. Ouch. I predict Cousins will be #2 on this list by the time he retires.
  11. The STL Cardinals Thread - TINSTAAPP

    I really hope we’re not thinking of sending Carlson out. I guess it would be for Stroman?
  12. What Did You Cook for Dinner?

    Your face gives a nice little zing IMO
  13. Who would you take?

    Haha for sure. I’m not sure how anyone passes on ‘95 Deion either I prefer the “which player would you steal from a division rival?” edition of this game. Of course, that one’s almost too easy (Fletcher Cox)
  14. 2019 Fantasy "MY GUYS"

    New OC definitely will run the ball more...see the last month of last season. OL should be a lil bit better...it’s just a matter of health for Cook.
  15. Hill under investigation for Battery

    Are you purposely being obtuse? You dug through my posts from 3 months ago to quote something that I JUST told you? Dude, (read slow:) I. WANTED. HIM. GONE. But that was directly after the highly edited tape. Furthermore: (again read slow) I. DIDN'T. CHANGE. MY. MIND. BECAUSE. OF. A. POST. ON. A. MESSAGE. BOARD. There has been so much stuff that came out about everything that led me to believe it wasn't so cut and dry especially after they released that whole tape. How the boys arm being broke wasn't some result of beating the boy but a fracture consistent with breaking a fall. No he shouldn't have stayed with her from what we can all see but that doesn't mean he beats his kid. People are in relationships for all kinds of good/bad reasons, who knows. I know what I read and I formed an opinion sorry if you don't like it. Im a father and was beaten as a child so my fandom in not my priority on this like you keep implying. Again, I'm done with this. Ps here you go: "There was only a small sector that didn't want him booted after the highly edited tape came out. I wasn't one of em. But we've been following this case pretty close and little by little there was so much mud in the water it wasn't clear anymore."
  16. Delivering mail when the heat index is in triple digits sucks.
  17. **TCMD** - Keeper Draft Thread

    @DTMW78 OTC @bcb1213 OTC
  18. Guess final division record!

    Yep Redskins=11-5 Cowboys=10-6 Eagles=8-8 Giants=6-10
  19. Early Predictions for the Final 4

    home game against Ohio St and returning QB. The Wolverines are favored to win the Big 10 for a reason.
  20. Training Camp 2019

    Agreed.. I think Lee makes big push this year and pj hall
  21. Does Erik Spoelstra Have A HOF Coaching Resume?

    Yes - don’t agree to it.
  22. My time to make my pick is no longer the longest! 👍
  23. What Did You Cook for Dinner?

    It gives it a nice little zing IMO
  24. 2019 Offseason Preview/FA Rumors

    Looking at that roster, damn with Q. Williams in at NT they could blow some people up, he and Leonard Williams. Then you have CJ Mosley a stud ILB and Gregg Williams a blitz master defensive coordinator. They could be a great front, I was never a huge fan of Polite coming out of college as a high 1st round pick but where they got him he is a steal and if only asked to rush the passer he could do some damage. And I think Blake Cashman could see some OLB time if Jenkins or Copeland do not perform as well, or Cashman could be a great ILB. CB spot is a little question but Adams is a stud safety, they could route out to be a pretty good defense. But yeah that front with Q. Williams in the middle could do some damage especially if they find edge rushers to push in.
  25. Come on, step away from the, "I'm the only one who has read it, and it's actually good if you look into it." I've read it and so have others. It's not. "Gorr was right" was a super lame way to get a woman Thor, which was always the end goal. And watching Thor Odinson whine and get worked over by some lame aliens while Foster was running around with Mjolnir and using powers that Thor never had and talking to Mjolnir like no other character had was just rubbing salt in the wound of the fan base. They essentially retconned so much of Odin and Thor's powers and origins that it was cringe inducing. You can't seriously tell me that you enjoyed the female super team assembled. That wasn't at all eye roll worthy? The entire thematic message of the story was, "whenever women have power, men in positions of authority will try to take it". And damn if they weren't willing to rewrite the entire Thor universe around her to do it, not just Thor, but Odin and Mjolnir and Asgard as well.
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