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  2. ok, you're right, lets do whatever we can and somehow pull of 5 wins! yeah! the Vikings can draft 10th and take some guard that has just as much of a chance to be a bust as Trevor. In fact, The entire draft is a crap shoot so "F" it, lets pick another CB. The only player you listed that has the same hype as Trevor Lawrence was Andrew Luck, his career was shortened due to injury. He was nowhere near a bust.
  3. And the team of 2020......everybodies favorite....... The team with the best stars, best HC, best GM, best FO, best Owner, best roster depth....everything.....they were the best. The Lakers? LOL What a joke! Well that joke was #1 in the toughest Conference and is headed into the Finals.
  4. boy are you wild? you talkin bout two great defensive teams. they ain't played anyone that wants to put up resistance.
  5. @Dome we have already reached a consensus Forge is the lynch
  6. It’s how I rationalize my Nats WS
  7. Herman and Ehlinger said it themselves, some of the younger players were feeding into the hype. Hopefully that games opens their eyes just like I hope it will for the Cowboys and their win last week. Just like the Cowboys, right now they're not a good football team but that's why they play the season.
  8. Bron and AD just ran through the conference without much resistance. I can see Lakers sweeping the Heat/Celtics next round.
  9. This is probably LeBrons last Finals appearance, he better make it count.
  10. how could you see what gif you were trying to send with you being blind? Lying already Forge
  11. Nuggets didn't lay down but another game where they played catch up from the start and couldn't keep up at the end. LeBron was awesome and the Lakers just are killers in close games. Every game is tight going into the 4th and they just always seem to amp it up and take over. If Miami gets it done, those 4th quarters are going to very interesting.
  12. The Johnsons won’t grossly overpay and if they get an offer from another team that’s close they would be wise to take it
  13. Crazy that Robert Horry has more rings than MJ
  14. NBA Finals appearance: Bill Russell - 12 Sam Jones - 11 Kareen - 10 Lebron - 10
  15. Kobe would've loved seeing Jayson take on LeBron 😞
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