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  2. All things Antonio Brown: from Helmet to Feet

    I mean... hard to draft that level of talent. But man there are some exciting guys in this upcoming draft.
  3. 53 Man Roster Predictions 2019 Edition

    Kind of agree. God knows we gave Gilbert his shot last year and got nothing out of it.
  4. Is there any other decent WRs on the market? We don't have much behind Diggs and Thielen.
  5. Is this a current Future Podcast, or a future current podcast? I'm confused.
  6. Raiders @ Green Bay "Tighten Things Up Bowl"

    Yeah definitely. I'm not saying it a good idea to do right away - or even ever. The travel and altitude could all be problems. But the NFL should, and has been, promoting hard in that market.
  7. Green Bay Packers 2019 Offensive Line

    Yeah, none of this is right. There's a reason McCray was riding the bench last year. He wasn't good at all.
  8. Patriots S Patrick Chung indicted for cocaine possession

    Players who haven’t been charged with a crime have been suspended on the basis of allegations before. He probably catches a short suspension as a result of this whole thing.
  9. He's not but he'll be busy this weekend so it's not an awful conclusion for him really
  10. If I had known we had 30 investigators, I woulda saved it for a more meaningful time.
  11. I corroborate oldman's dissent, in the spirit of comradery. I do not prostate anything. Words are too hard. And for the record, I still metatarsal @y2lamanaki and @Forge.
  12. It’s tacky if you make up invests in too close of proximity to each other. I didn’t fake an invest since November 2018 prior to the Star Trek game.
  13. Patriots S Patrick Chung indicted for cocaine possession

    You mean 23, right?
  14. 2019 NFC North Fantasy Football (DRAFT THREAD)

    gimme gronk & riley ridley thx
  15. Raiders @ Green Bay "Tighten Things Up Bowl"

    Fair enough, I'm a little skeptical about those numbers but the mexico city number seems fairly legit. I think the argument to be made at that point then is does an NFL team survive in the Florida markets as the secondary team. Lord knows the Rays aren't. The Heat do. Jacksonville, Orlando, Gainesville, and Tallahasse all only have their one team.
  16. Alright I’ll do you the courtesy of reading form now on. Promise.
  17. In what way? Injur...(not going to spell the whole word), turf conditions, laying a turd, all of these?
  18. I like the bcb vote. About to fly back to Nashville, so I'll be gone for a bit.
  19. I mean, I was trying to get people to talk about people, and you all were content ignoring it. So, there.
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