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  2. He has a point. Regardless of whether or not you liked it, Captain Marvel was not a good movie by any definition of conventional storytelling established since storytelling began. Captain Marvel's ending was among the worst in the history of superhero movies. Iron Man - Nearly dies, an entire street is destroyed, has to use his ingenuity, etc. Iron Man 2 - Takes a big hit to his image, gets people hurt, realizes consequences of what he is, etc. Iron Man 3 - I forget final battle. Think Pepper had to help him, think he was about to sacrifice himself or something? Thor - Has to become worthy to get his powers back, sacrifices self. Thor 2 - Forget. I think this one was equally as bad, and incredibly more criticized as a movie. Captain America - Literally sacrifices himself to win. And on and on and on and on and on and on and on. Captain Marvel? Girl power, I am unstoppable. It was a terrible, terrible, terrible, terrible, terrible, terrible, terrible ending. She literally crashes through an entire ship and then the blue guy LOL, NOPES, right out of there without fighting. It was an atrociously awful ending. The movie itself I thought was pretty good overall, but the ending was the worst in the MCU.
  3. 2 pre-season games, 17-game schedule, larger rosters game day rosters, 1 extra playoff week where the two extra teams play each other to move on (kinda like the MLB wildcard teams). That gives the other 8 teams an extra bye week before the playoffs (and probably taking off week 17 if they can) so they get plenty of chance to heal up/rest before the playoffs. Another bye week of sorts. Seems like a good compromise.
  4. Formerly The Gnat's Dynasty League - Drafting

    It expired shortly after 10 am CST.
  5. Really there are only three votes that make any sense. VMD, BCB, or myself.
  6. You Are Wrong About Lamar Jackson - Warren Sharp

    I think Vick's punishment was for a different reason.
  7. The following Vikings are not expected to play against the Arizona Cardinals on Saturday: WR Jeff Badet CB Mike Hughes DE Ade Aruna T Brian O'Neill T Aviante Collins TE David Morgan (PUP) DE Tashawn Bower (NFLI) NT Linval Joseph Below are the starter changes on offense and defense for the Vikings: Offense RT – Rashod Hill for Brian O'Neill Defense NT – 94 Jaleel Johnson for 98 Linval Joseph https://www.vikings.com/news/minnesota-vikings-not-expected-to-play-against-the-arizona-cardinals-on-saturday?sf218057415=1
  8. 2019 WR Corps

    I knew it was low, not that low though. Makes me scratch my head... was he injured at all? I don't recall any reports of it.
  9. Does anyone know if it is possible to stream the radio broadcast from a phone using the iHeartRadio app or the KFAN website? Or is it blacked out?
  10. You Are Wrong About Lamar Jackson - Warren Sharp

    Running QBs are always at a higher risk of getting injured than pocket passers. Does Kirk Cousins have great pocket presence? Matthew Stafford? Matt Ryan? Joe Flacco? Jared Goff? Blake Bortles? In fact, the counter argument can be made. The QBs that consistently (comparatively for a QB) either get injured (and play through it) or miss games, are usually the mobile guys. Wentz, Romo, Big Ben, Cam, Rodgers, Mariota, Luck, Tannehill, etc. Massive hits are perfectly legal if they’re above the QB’s knees and below the helmet. RG3 getting laid out by Ngata, IIRC, happened in bounds after RGIII became a runner. Nothing illegal about that play. And hits don’t have to be illegal or bone-breaking in order to take their toll. We’ve seen Cam tank hits early in his career, but now there’s always something with him. Same happened to Vick. It’s partly age, but the hits do their damage and make these guys seem older than they are. No, but those players never developed their game so that they could rely on their arms instead of their legs (sans 2010 Vick, who still ran a lot). Same with Kaepernick. Their running style wasn’t going to be something that’d last them their whole careers and it’ll be the same for Lamar unless his game develops. More wear and tear isn’t something that helps in this conversation, like you’re saying it does. Bro-science... A QB taking off and a running back running between the tackles are exceptionally different. And using a 1-to-1 with Barkley isn’t going to prove durability. I’d look at historical precedence of mobile QBs before just picking Barkley’s name out of a hat. It’s not just Vick and RGIII. It’s mobile QBs in general. Look at Wentz. Look at Rodgers. Look at Mariota. Look at Tannehill. Look at younger-Big Ben. The more you run and move around, the more susceptible you are to A) continuous punishment, and B) high speed collisions. Not really arguable. I didn’t say anything about Russell Wilson. I surmised that having a running, mobile QB is going to open up the risk of injury more so than it would having a pure pocket passer. Historical precedence backs that up. Nobody said he’s going to flame out of the league with injuries because of RGIII or Vick - they’re just examples of QBs that took punishment because their passing minds never developed.
  11. I liked both of those movies. Superman Returns is ok as a stand-alone family Superman. Both better than CM.
  12. 2019 WR Corps

    MVS has gotten 8 snaps this preseason.
  13. Formerly The Gnat's Dynasty League - Drafting

    By my calculations it appears @bigjohnson2009 time has expired a couple hours ago?
  14. 2019 WR Corps

    That run/pass % on is gross, but fingers crossed that's sans Aaron Rodgers numbers. Love the personnel groupings. Not a fan of the McVay 90%+ 11 personnel or even Mac's 75% (though it did work). I understand 11 personnel is probably the most efficient personnel but I think the 50-60% range is good there. I like attacking defenses using variation. Attack all blades of grass at every level of the field and with multiple groupings of personnel.
  15. Training Camp 2019 news and discussion.

    OLB Jayrone Elliot has been added to our roster in place of now injured Lavon Hooks
  16. 2019 WR Corps

    I might be alone on a rock here, but I was kind of expecting more reps/production for MVS this preseason. I know he's penciled in as a starter, but still. I saw G-Mo get plenty of action, but can't say the same for young Marquez.
  17. 2018/2019 EPL Thread

    Lets go Palace! ManU is my team, but you gotta love the underdog.
  18. Correct. I think this is spot on. Dang I'm kind of admiring how ballin' it would be if I was in the cult. Would have been very well-played so far.
  19. Yeah, this was my gaslight reference. Said VMD’s claim would be weak, but his own claim doesn’t even exist yet.
  20. You Are Wrong About Lamar Jackson - Warren Sharp

    Wilson gets brought up because he came into the league with RG3, Kaepernick, Tebow was still around, Vick with the Eagles. And he's a great runner. But as you said, he was always a good pocket passer.
  21. Training Camp 2019 News & Updates

    Talks of trading jeffrey after jjaw went off in preseason. I dont think howie would ever do that though.
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