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  2. MKE Bucks Thread | Win or GTFO

    I'm dead serious when I say Middleton needs to go elsewhere. I don't care about how we replace him. I don't care if it's with DDV and Sterling Brown. I don't care if it's with a washed up old guard. I don't care if it's with Peter Dinklage. He's worthless and will be stealing money from us if we pay him. I'd rather light the money on fire than line his pockets.
  3. Qb 1 will be jamracus russel 2007 no. 1 overall pick for Oakland. Unreal talent that was defeated by a lack of will and interest. Paid millions of dollars and is now broke. THis picks will be undisputed I am sure.
  4. George friggin' Karl. That locker room was cancerous as hell though and it all started because our head coach had a huge ego. We then traded Glenn Robinson for Toni Kukoc and traded Sam Cassell for Joe Smith. We went from Ray Allen, Glenn Robinson and Sam Cassell to Desmond Mason, Toni Kukoc and Joe Smith.
  5. 1. Emphasis on high 1sts 2. Emphasis on poor decision making rather than injuries. Let's do this.
  6. Glad only became fan in 2016, ya'll suffered way more than me
  7. I didn't even know Gary Payton played for the Bucks, and I now see y'all traded a prime Ray Allen for an old Gary Payton (who also had an expiring contract). Wow. Yeah, I understand that hate.
  8. Greatest rivalry in each division

    For the all 8 division in NFL, which are the greatest rivalry for each of them. You can answer with historic reasons or current, PLEASE EXPLAIN WHY FOR YOUR CHOICES, we all want to learn more knowledge of NFL! NFC East = NFC North = NFC South = NFC West = AFC East = AFC North = AFC South = AFC West =
  9. Being a browns fan feels .298% most of the time.
  10. 2020 Head Coaching Candidates?

    What was the bet and with who
  11. Doesn't excuse current incompetence but be grateful that your franchise has had a lot of success. You could of been like your greatest rivals in the 70s, the lowly Raiders
  12. Around The League V.2

    I remember DHB getting 'hammy' problems all the time. Speed kills LOL Availability is the #1 ABILITY!!!
  13. Official New Orleans Pelicans Thread

    They're scheduled to have a sit down meeting before the draft.
  14. Offseason workouts underway (OTA's page 6)

    I can find fault with so much you said but I'll just wait til my watch thru of the seasons throws is over to get to the it point for point. Sufficient my actual film study doesn't bear many of the things you refer to out, at least in the degree that you imply.
  15. AFC East is going to be the most exciting division, soon

    Pats are def still the kings of division and will remain conistent divsion challengers when Brady retires. But there finally has to be a rival for Pats in the division
  16. AFC East is going to be the most exciting division, soon

    Why is that, explain
  17. This season has been great and these playoffs were house money but it still hurts. Our supposed #2 "all-star" is just a glorified Harrison Barnes and needs to take the money elsewhere because he's a god damn mental midget bum. Seriously, I'd rather have Matt Barnes than Khris Middleton. Like, current retired Matt Barnes. Haven't hated a Bucks player this much since Gary Payton. I'm fully expecting to get blown out on Saturday. Team is just toast and simply doesn't want it as much as the Raptors. I'm not going to blame the refs when the effort was pathetic. Just heartbreaking. Being a Wisconsin sports fan sucks. Packers blow the NFC title up 12 with 5 minutes to go, Badgers blow the B1G title the season they went 12-0, Brewers blew the series vs the Dodgers last year. It's like clockwork. Spectacular failures is what this state does.
  18. The Official Derek Carr Thread

    Derek Carr is a good QB who can/could be GREAT!!! I don't get the hate but all good. I think it's the 'good guy' vibe and not having a beer with the guy vibe the fans have that leads to the hate...He doesn't care.
  19. Who will be the worst team in the NFL?

    Anyone who says it's Miami Dolphins are going to be shocked and doesn't understand how NFL works. Yall remember when Jets were supposed to get #1 pick for Sam Darnold in 2018. Didn't happen because coaches and players don't tank. Miami won 7 games last year with pretty much same roster as this year. Do ya'll think Ryan "Struggles against Practice Squad and complains to coaches about Practice Squad players" Tannehill is going to be huge loss for Dolphins, that they go from #13 to #1 pick in 2020 Draft? Hell no lmao
  20. The Official Derek Carr Thread

    He has had that pressure before as well. There are no excuses at the moment, that is correct.
  21. Marvel Mafia - Signup Now!

    I second this. If not at least a meta joke on the captain marvel role where they aren't sure of their alignment.
  22. 5[150]: Kinsley Keke [DL; Texas A&M]

    Well after all this Lancaster discussion, I decided to check out the tape on him just for my own amusement, and picked the second Chicago game since he had 6 tackles, 5 of which were solo. Also let it be known that over the last 5 weeks of the season the man had a ridiculous 16 solo tackles playing the nose. That's legit for any nose tackle, much less an UDFA rookie. To put it in perspective, the very best five game stretch of Clark's career he had 18 solo tackles. Lancaster already flashes big time ability to extend and shed, which is not an easy thing anywhere on the line but especially in the middle where no ref will ever call holding on a run play unless you're being tackled. Having said that, I have to say that the film was somewhat less kind to him as a rusher His workout numbers may be good but he doesn't quite play up to them. He's also pretty slow to react, although as a rookie I'll give him a pass there. His bull rush is no joke, and he has the ability to put people on skates; he'll get his hands in you and his feet never stop, no matter how many people are blocking him. But unless he makes a big jump in his quick twitch play, I just don't see much of a pass rusher there. He does flash a nice pull and slip counter off his bullrush from time to time though, and there are definitely far worse pass rushers at NT in the NFL. Just don't see a ton of upside at the moment. On side notes, I ended up kinda watching Lowry again because boy did he jump off the screen in this game. When you let Lowry penetrate or run to the sideline he really can be a problem, but even when they ran at him he was winning his 1 on 1's consistently. There's just a lot more pop in his game; he was playing on the other side of the LoS even when he wasn't shooting gaps. Also he flashed a nice swim move when the guard/tackle (can't remember) put his head down on a run block. I'd have to go back and watch more games than I have time for to have a real opinion, but I do have to admit that I was selling the man short. Unfortunately, the same is also true of Josh Jones, and not in a good way. His play at S was solid fundamentally; he reacted when he should, he stayed at the proper depth even when there was some tricky route combos, and he made some tackles. But he was also dogging it more often than not. On several plays the ball carrier ended up gaining 3-5 more yards because Jones assumed his teammate had the tackle and let way up. You're never responsible for someone else's mistakes, but if Jones was playing full speed he could have erased them. He's got far too much physical talent to be jogging around like he does.\ EDIT: Actually I take it back about Jones. His play at S wasn't good either.
  23. One more day to hold out. Thankfully it'll be a Friday.
  24. Was Tony Dungy an elite head coach

    Winning a SB =/= being an elite coach, let alone a consistently elite coach. Dungy’s mind as a pure DC was great, but he wasn’t an all-time coach or something.
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