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  2. Or continue with Cousins as the long term answer and build up the OL or something along those lines, as if that would fix Cousins.
  3. I have nothing. I'm purely lol this game in honor of Forge
  4. It'll likely be a better movie than Captain Marvel, which made a billion dollars. I don't expect that from Black Widow, but it making $500 mil worldwide is certain achievable.
  5. I think it comes down to how well our OL holds up against your DL and if Ward can shut down Terry. If we can do that, we should win. If we don't, then you guys have a good chance at winning on Sunday.
  6. There are several other plays where #28 WAS the guy getting burnt by Ridley in the video, and yes the dropped INT where he leaped as high as he could in the air to try and catch it by his waist. He has in no way been a crucial acquisition and our bottom 10 passing defense in no way deserves hype. Chido was playing poorly as well, and LEWIS had some of the worst coverage I’ve ever seen by the goal line. #27 has been good, and great for a rookie. Woods has been okay I guess. But we haven’t held a team to under 270 yards passing yet and we have allowed the 7th most points. There’s no way that Diggs is playing great, Woods is okay, theres nothing wrong with Chido, and Worley is a vital when we can’t make a stop to save our lives. All of that can’t be true. I see Diggs playing solidly. Everyone else has pretty much been terrible, and the numbers back that up
  7. True...not quite life threatening but it can happen. The nerve block is technically challenging. You have to be extremely well training and experienced with ultrasound. And even then you just have to be incredibly careful when advancing the needle. And you can’t have a jumpy patient. I’ve aborted on injections when patients could hold still. You are just so close to danger that there is almost no margin of error. But with that said...it can be a life changing procedure for those with ribs fractures or persistent chest wall pain.
  8. Dude had 15 Rushing Attempts for 75 yards being a 5.0 average and had 2 Rushing TDs.
  9. Turner is the clear cut of the group. If Runyan continues his progression and maybe even Wagner if they move Jenkins to RT.I think most of the defensive players stay... I think they let King walk (which I think will bite GB in the end). Bak is the only one they will give great money too. Dillion was still drafted in the 2nd round... Jones is still likely gone. Depending on what Linsley wants he is likely gone too with Patrick and Hanson on roster. Everyone is worried about Jones but I think King has to be the one everyone worries about. Unless there are a ton of fans of the packers CB depth On this forum.
  10. You’ll have to look at the play again. Philips isn’t getting beat on the swim. He’s correctly passing his man off to Skura so that in the event that Watt rushes the d gap, the C gap is protected from the blitz. How that play SHOULD have went down is Phillips passes off 94 to Skura, Skura bumps 94 to the right towards the 5 spot, but doesn’t overcommit and pursue, instead he continues to drop into his set and maintains the wall. 94 reengages Skura. Now as Phillips doesn’t have to take so long on the pass off of the defender, and Skura has proper spacing with Tyre, Philips would’ve been further back in his set and could’ve then handled #41 coming on the delayed blitz. However because the handoff takes so long he’s out of position and instead just decides to hit somebody... effectively and nonsensically double teaming the DB with Brown Jr. But out of position against #41 speed rendered him helpless to the play. To recap if done correctly Skura engages 94, Tyre engages #41, and Brown engages the DB that he correctly blocked. Now on the opposite side of the line Bozeman double teams Stanley’s guy, like an idiot. His responsibility would have been to, after seeing one of the two defenders drop into coverage, to look inside... which he did not do. However had he done so, Bozeman’s guy would have been JJ Watt coming around on the loop. If the OL had blocked that correctly, Dobbins could them have released out of the backfield to the right and went into the flat and been available as a check down to Lamar. The Texans showed 7 in the box, with 5 defenders overloading the right side of the OL. This is why the right side of the OL is supposed to angle their sets to the right. It’s also why Dobbins has to go from the left to the right side of the OL to assist with the pressure. He does this correctly. But as the Texans only sent 5, that was enough for the OL to block alone without additional assistance from the RB, unless one blocker got overwhelmed. Thus in summary the biggest culprit on messing the play up was Skura. By him not accepting #94 earlier, it blows everything else up.
  11. We ran veer too! Veer! Which was basically power except we skipped a guy in the count. And it was open! Whitehair just got whooped by a monster of a man. I posted it somewhere. Maybe its too much. But these guys should be able to handle it. Seem to handling it fine. Most FL HS's run all those same concepts. If they can do it, Bears should be able to do it. I think Daniels needs to be better on his traps. Ex Denver player, forgetting his name ... . Mark Schlereth, had an excellent teaching video on various blocking techniques. He did it perfect. You can see when players aren't using great technique by comparing to that video. Should be partially on YouTube somewhere.
  12. The "Laser Show" also included a bad pick where he stared down an out route and threw a bad ball. Cam is playing well but lets not act like it wasnt just one game. Week 1 he threw for a 155 yards vs the Dolphins.
  13. I prefer the all black as well, but they typically don't go to that until mid-later year recently unfortunately. Here's to hoping though. And I doubt Pittsburgh will be wearing their away jerseys at Heinz on Thanksgiving so in all likelihood we wont be able to wear the blacks then : (
  14. Out of curiosity, what additional information do you think we should have, or should I pull up Naz's quote from the other day?
  15. Does anybody really care about the BW movie? I disagree with their decision to push it back but oh well.
  16. As a back-up for Driskel https://bleacherreport.com/articles/2910169-blake-bortles-reportedly-considered-by-broncos-after-drew-locks-injury
  17. Still too early to tell but seems like a lot of us were wrong about Metcalf. Ignoring 3 cone for all future WRs. He was #1 on everyones board before the 3cone. It even soured most NFL teams considering he fell to the Final Pick of the 2nd Round.
  18. Agreed. I didn't have incredibly high hopes that BW does THAT well at the Box Office. Forbes guess was $270 million. Let's say it does that the first Captain America does ($170). That said, they share less with themselves than they do with the theaters.
  19. Players under contract currently with rough depth chart. various FA listed Spotrac has GB projected at $5.2M in cap space based on a $175M base salary cap. Prime players for restructure or release. Restructure pushes money down the road, release opens up more holes to fill. Adams Preston Smith Z Smith Amos Turner Kirksley Lowry Wagner Key ERFA RFA UFA STARTER Allan Lazard Chandon Sullivan David Bahktiari QB Aaron Rodgers Jordan Love Krys Barnes Will Redmond Kevin King RB AJ Dillin Patrick Taylor Malik Taylor Raven Greene Aaron Jones FB Randy Ramsey Tyler Lancaster Corey Linsley WR Davante Adams Devin Funchess Kabion Ento Tim Boyle Jamaal Williams WR MVS EQ Yosh Nijman Robert Tonyan Lane Taylor WR Willington Prevlion Parry Nickerson Tyler Ervin TE Josiah Deguara Jace Sternberger Montravius Adams LT Marcedes Lewis LG Elgton Jenkins Simon Stepaniak C Lucas Patrick RG Billy Turner John Runyan RT Rick Wagner STARTER LDE Dean Lowry NT Kenny Clark RDE Kingsley Keke WLB Preston Smith Jonathan Garvin LILB Kamal Martin Oren Burks Curtis Bolton RILB Christian Kirksey Ty Summers SLB Za'Darius Smith Rashan Gary LCB Jaire Alexander Josh Jackson SS Adrian Amos FS Darnell Savage Vernon Scott RCB Ka'dar Hollman STARTER PK Mason Crosby P JK Scott H JK Scott PR KR LS Hunter Bradley
  20. Its fun to play a variant where you dont have to say check, and if they dont see it, and your next move takes their king, you win
  21. just to give a common example. Giving the flu shot incorrectly is as easy as injecting it a centimeter too low on the shoulder and you could hit the bursa sac which would cause bursitis and could limit the motion in your shoulder for life.
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