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  2. 2019 NFC North Fantasy Football (DRAFT THREAD)

    Cody Latimer NYG WR @Bigbear72 is OTC
  3. Preseason AP Poll released

    MSU has 0 QBs. I'm not worried about a team w/ 0 QBs at home. Could they win the game? Sure, anyone can win at any time. Reloading is one thing, yes, but they lost a lot and some coaches (who came to our side). We can assume one of the young backs will do well, absolutely. We can assume anything but that doesn't mean it's the case. Again, my whole comment is predicated on Fields living up to his hype. If he falters, we will have a bad year. If he lives up to his potential though, we could certainly be in the mix for the playoffs.
  4. 2019 Hard Knocks: Oakland Raiders

    I was hoping to see more of the defense in that game. They completely shut down Murray, I’d love to have seen more trash talking swagger. The defense is obviously the weakness of the team and I’d love to see them play with confidence. I could honestly do with less AB considering how much we already see of him in the media.
  5. 53 Man Roster Predictions 2019 Edition

    While it might happen, I have a hard time seeing Lazard making the roster over Kumerow. I think talking about Moore making the roster at this point is a lost cause unless he starts turning camp/ the preseason on it's head. He hasn't shown anything that would suggest that he isn't a practice squad caliber WR. His hands are as bad as any WR's we've rostered over the last 10 years and he's shown a level of ineptnesss not being able to correct the issue in year 2.
  6. In his defense, best case scenario he was "only" an accomplice, accessory to murder, obstructed justice, purgered himself on the stand, and willfully destroyed evidence (Blood was found in his limo after he fled the scene and it's a shame they never could find that white suit/tuxedo).
  7. Ryan Allen released

    And what I mean is Gostkowski sucks when it counts. The scary part is he is shaky on extra points now too.
  8. You Are Wrong About Lamar Jackson - Warren Sharp

    That's where I'm at. And no I didn't have him as the 2nd best QB like you did, but I saw him as a fringe top 10 pick based purely on potential. But after seeing just how God awful some of the throws he made last year, I can't in good conscience keep my opinion that he would be a potential stud. And I'm a Browns fan but I don't discriminate based on that. I thought the Ravens and the Steelers had great drafts this past April. Calling out Lamar Jackson for not being able to throw is calling a spade a spade. I could care less about what analytics tell us. Football success isn't measured through random formulas some guy made up in his basement. The ugly throws that Lamar Jackson made last year made me want to give up on him. Truth be told, I was rooting for Lamar. I watched his first start with hope that he would rip it up and give us the kinds of highlights that nobody else before him had. But that's just not gonna happen. It's a bit harsh to say, "he sucks," but he's certainly not ever going to be a good passing QB if you ask me.
  9. Sony made a ton of money with Venom with no Spiderman in it. Imagine now if they did put Spidey in it.
  10. Matrix 4 is happening

    Gloria Foster passed away during the start of filming, so they had to re-cast
  11. Training Camp 2019 news and discussion.

    I actually agree. I think he thinks he won in this situation and imo if he were to be healthy all year and statistically have his worst season, imo it would prove otherwise once and for all.
  12. Matrix 4 is happening

    Part of the reason the sequels sucked is they tried to introduce too many characters with grumpy demeanors who wore sunglasses inside.
  13. No, because his helmet wasn’t technically on the “banned list” since it didn’t get tested until just recently. Once the other players’ helmets got on the banned list, they got a year grace period. That’s what Brown wants. But yeah, all the NFL would have to do is say that the players were given until 2019 to use one of the approved helmets (worded specifically that way, opposed to not using one of the banned helmets) and then Brown loses his argument.
  14. Patriots WR Josh Gordon reinstated

    I get what you're saying but stupid people dont magically stop being stupid.
  15. Formerly The Gnat's Dynasty League - Drafting

    Like I did in my league's discussion thread, we can list any 2020 trades in the OP of the new thread for tracking purposes.
  16. Ryan Allen released

    Except Gost has been a medocre.
  17. NFL network: Jaylon Smith new deal

    I thought you could re-sign/renegotiate a rookie's contract after 3 years. Zeke only has 3 years.
  18. What Are You Thinking About v.CC

    I don't want to cook charcoal, I want to cook food
  19. Vince Williams' time with Steelers over?

    This very much. We are now at the point where is was pointless to have VW on the roster to some respect. We could certainly have used that money to address safety or TE. I know that hindsight is always 20/20 and they didnt know they would get Bush and its always easy to criticize after the fact but it's also the truth and a truth that could have at least partly been aware of before the deal was ever signed.
  20. NFL network: Jaylon Smith new deal

    No exception. Drafted players can be given a new contract after 3 years, undrafted players after 2 years.
  21. Packers Training Camp 2019

    Has he? I need to go back and rewatch again. Shoot! 😂. I know Jamerson has been just god awful. I recall Tony just absolutely destroying Martinez in pursuit. I'm not recalling the misses with Redmond. Not that I dont believe yall. I was thinking he was a shoe in for the roster.
  22. Formerly The Gnat's Dynasty League - Drafting

    Ah, that's right. Forgot about that. Hopefully he'll see this and change it for us. We can move to another thread after we get done drafting. @The Gnat
  23. Salary Cap and Player Priority

    Smith only got a $5 mil signing bonus so his 2019 cap number only increased by 1 mil. He gets big salaries plus another bonus starting next year with a lot of injury guarantees. It's win-win since it doesn't prevent extending the others this year.
  24. Am I winning yet? Who we pegged as scum? Give me free updates. Y’all do all the work I’m just here for the free bagels
  25. You Are Wrong About Lamar Jackson - Warren Sharp

    Sustainability is overrated. The NFL is a year to year league. You are NOT going to get an answer about how sustainable a guy is within a season. It's just something you can indefinitely say regardless of what transpires. Tom Brady playing well past 35 has been unsustainable for several years now and its still considered unsustainable in his 40s for good reason, but its missing the point. Its actually quite an assumption that any QB is going to be good and healthy 10 years from now. The Ravens have him cheap and under contract for 4 years. Pivoting is always an option down the road. All we are going to get an answer to is if he plays well enough to help the team this year. Like sure the Browns string of losing seasons has certainly been unsustainable for many years now. But, the relevant question is if it going to happen this year
  26. A losing record is really a technicality, he's 7-7 in appearances with one being when he came in relief and mounted a 14 point comeback that doesn't count as a win for him. Since context doesn't matter for these quotes I guess the context that he took over a 1-31 team and went 7-7 is irrelevant.
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