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  2. Cam looked good in a Loss. He put up numbers vs a decent defense. Im not crowning anyone after week 2. Their defense struggles vs the run and that is our strength. They do have a talented secondary(so did NO) and BB at the helm. I feel like we match up well, but we are traveling to the east coast for a morning game. If we can force a couple turnovers on defense and win the TOP battle then i like our chances. We finally have an identity on offense and a coach that stays true to it. Waller is a nightmare matchup for any team and we have a top 10 run game that we run everything off of. This is going to be a tough matchup but definitely winnable. I think it will come down to focus, were a young team coming off a big win on Monday Night, are they reading the headlines or are they hungry for more?
  3. Was watching some of the Seattle game with the Pats and if you put Metcalf in a 81 jersey and just saw them lining up at WR. You would think its Calvin Johnson especially with the visor that DK wears.
  4. I do the procedure. It’s called a intercostal nerve block. You get within a centimeter of the lung plural. Pneumothorax is a known risk of the procedure. It’s not the outcome you want but it’s a risk that any decent physician will get a patient consent. Now whether physicians should be giving players nerve blocks immediately before games to allow them to play through rib fractures is a different topic entirely.
  5. Playoffs were fine as is. You could rarely argue a wildcard team was better than the 1 or 2 seed enough to complain about the bye. So really occasionally you had one division winner with a slightly worse record.
  6. 2021 Cap Hit Preston Smith - 16 Mil Good player, but with Gary coming on the Packers have some flexibility. Amos - 10 mil - He's pretty overpaid. Solid player, but hardly a bargain Turner - 8 mil - Overpaid. We've got a few guys that are cheaper and probably on the same level Kirksey - 8 mil - 8 mil is bit rich for that position in GB Lowry - 6.3 - He's worth half of that. Wagner - 6.0 - Remains to be seen .. could go either way. Some of these guys above won't be here next year. Bahk, King, Jones, and Linsley are more important than a good number of the guys listed above. I'd make a few cuts before I let those guys get away.
  7. I stand corrected. Lewis had the coverage, not 28. And it was horrible.
  8. Probably not as well as they wanted it to. There’s no way it would make up the box office difference.
  9. Bro, the Goaline pass to Ridley, #28 is all over him, until he gets Shook to the ground, mr. didn’t watch the game. Whether he is in man or that is his shallow Zone there is zero doubt that Ridley was his guy
  10. One of the better blocking receivers league-wide after two weeks, per PFF. Future stud.
  11. Its been very impressive how the NE offence has been totally catered to Newton even after he signed almost as an afterthought very late in FA. Do you think the Belichick master plan was to always go after Newton in FA or did he just fall into Bill's lap and then he had to scramble around revising his schemes?
  12. 1 PPR and .5 per carry Chubb vs Melvin Gordon. I have Chubb in at the moment with Drake but just curious would anyone start Gordon over Chubb? Both have tough matchups but both could still have solid games because of game flow. I expect the Browns to be winning this game so Chubb should see a 65% snap share. On the other hand, I think TB should be in control of the game so Denver would likely be passing more in which would help Gordon.
  13. I don’t know how anyone can say Brady was the problem last year. His weapon core was utter trash (no offense) like definitely Bottom 5 in the league, OL was just an average unit for the first time in years, and if you actually watch the games, Bradys arm strength was still fully intact unlike Rivers who was throwing ducks in Los Angeles. Was Bradys arm the same as 2007-2012? No. But it’s about the same arm as it was since at least 2016. He still has the same velocity. I would honestly not be surprised if the Bucs won it all, they have a Top 6ish Defense and Brady is still Big Game Brady with the best Weapon Core in the entire NFL. Evans, Godwin, Miller, OJ, Gronk. Plus I expect Fournette to get going at some point. @New Orleans was a Top 2 tough game on their schedule.
  14. As someone who has a PS5 pre-ordered and has a PC, I am going to wait to see what games will come to GamePass. I will get most games for PS5 mostly because I enjoy the console experience - moving it to the TV for single player and monitor for multiplayer, and I love the Playstation exclusives. I may end up getting GamePass for PC and run the subscription month to month for a game that comes out there that I cant play on the PS5.
  15. Feel free to direct me to, like, any of these plays and show how they're not potentially someone's responsibility in our primarily zone defenses, Mr. All-22. Only other one I remember him being involved in was tackling Julio after Chido gave up the fourth down
  16. The AFC POTW (Josh Allen) thread on r/NFL has roughly six times the upvotes as that of the NFC POTW Dak Prescott. Hating on our team is a literal pastime. It's understandable that our 'fans' would jump in too after 2+ decades of futility
  17. You don’t remember a guy named Calvin Ridley? The only time he is even remotely covered is when #27 guards him. first TD was against Chido. 2nd was against #28(and was some of the worst coverage I’ve ever seen.)
  18. I picked up Gaskin, D Henderson, J Kelley to replace Barkley. Hoping one of them breaks out lol
  19. You’re right, I haven’t seen any “fire belichick!!” comments lately.
  20. I know. I said I was not a good player.
  21. I can see us blowing this team out or the game coming down to a nail bitter due to Watson doing Watson things. I predict this will be the 1st game without a turnover is ages and we hit the 30 Pt mark. 34-27 Steelers.
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