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  2. We all know their limitations Diggs has the chance to be an elite cover guy Chido is solid but nothing special. Both will be torched against elite WR / QB combos if we are not getting pressure against the QB. Not having Chido just multiplied the chance of our secondary making critical errors against a experienced and elite passing offense. If our front does not disrupt the timing of Seattle it will be a long game and yes resemble a video game IMO first TD is what you will get if you expect our DB’s especially Chido to cover a elite WR 1on1 for an extended time. The second was a coverage error the DB committed inside where he had help making it a easy read for the WR to go outside
  3. Worthless people will have worthless takes, best pay him no mind...
  4. Because he was taken in the 6th round and plays on Jacksonville... Gotta love how that works. I've never understood why it matters where a player was drafted after NFL games have been played.
  5. sorry for getting smarmy. We all agree this secondary is no great shakes. Diggs seemingly being our best DB already is a testament to this
  6. You let the truth get in the way of a good story?
  7. The movie really isn't about that, but you can go right ahead and insert your politics into the discussion. I was actually talking about HISTORICAL FACTS: https://www.washingtonpost.com/sports/2020/09/23/gale-sayers-death/ Go pound sand
  8. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1zhwMjcB1pV7EyWF2DHoWY0-XgIRnS9FJ/view?usp=drivesdk And Allen plays 59% and there will be rotation which I stated in my write-up. Hamilton splits his reps with only Abry Jones while Bryan and Jerrnigan split the other.
  9. I might consider it when Week 4 rolls around. There's a few groups to update already.
  10. great to dump Lowry, now you need to find another DL starter to take those snaps
  11. Very interesting listen on inside the birds podcast today. Caplan said he talked to a source that played on offense in the league and says he thinks Carson is not listening to coaches and freelancing way too much. Honestly, with the way he has played recently, I feel like this take is spot on.
  12. Haskin is a game manager he doesnt turn the ball over but walks right into sacks he loves moving to the left where its our weak point. However we wont have a top 3 pick our defense will make us at least 6-10
  13. Devonta over Lewis, even on one week prep. Neither is good so just pray for a goalline TD. I would play AJ Green and Corey Davis personally. I know Green looks washed but the target share/air yards are all still pointing in the right direction for him and it's not like you have great alternatives. Could end up being some garbage time for him to feast.
  14. Maybe Saquon Barkley should just walk away from the game. To be that injury prone at RB.....it's just not going to work out for him in the long term.
  15. shouldn't we have gotten an injury report by now? weird silence on that end
  16. I want Kittle to play but not this weekend at metlife.
  17. Key seemed to be in for a lot of snaps and not just clear pass rush snaps. Maybe I'm wrong but Ferrell seemed to be lining up inside a fair few times too.
  18. Ah I see. I just don’t think our DBs as a unit have been very good. We are seemingly thrilled with Diggs just because he doesn’t completely and totally suck. But as you said, it’s not like he has really done anything great either.
  19. The jets obviously aren't trying. Gase needs to be fired. And I dont see anything wrong with Darnold other than he has hsd terrible teams around him and bad coaching. If they go Lawrence, fine. But I think you'll see Darnold become a star. You dont see allen succeeding and Darnold failing because hes better. You seeit because Allen has had a better situation. Better coaching, better players around him. They allowed Allen to flourish. While the jets expect darnold to succeed with zero run game, zero nfl wrs, and the worst coach in football. You give Darnold a real run game, and real nfl wrs I bet you he stars. Hes ultra talented If we do end up with Lawrence, hopefully they dont do the same to him. This organization is a disaster. I feel like our front office is capable now, but Gase is not the man. I just want a HC who knows how to run a team and can prepare. Hires good coordinators.
  20. I still disagree with letting Jones go .. I think they will ink him. He's going to get Kamara/Cook money, and both of those guys have a 5 million dollar cap figure for next year. Dump Lowry at 6.3 mil and plug Jones in there. LaFleur is going to want Lightning and Thunder of Jones/Dillon going forward.
  21. Started Away yesterday. Almost have it finished. Pretty good show.
  22. The movie really isn't about that, but you can go right ahead and insert your politics into the discussion.
  23. No doubt, Cam looks like a man on a mission. Like i said in another post, if we come ready to play and arent drinking the cool-aid, i like our chances.
  24. Gale Sayers was better than Walter Payton. I don't care what anybody has to say about that.
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