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  2. I've had moments where I've lost a lot less money than he just lost and been a lot less calm lol
  3. 2019 Packers Forum League- PHASE 2 (GO TO PAGE 3)

    My draft availability is super open in the evenings. And almost any Sunday is pretty safe.
  4. "GoT extra / NFL MVP" tag was a classic. Danica might not be so happy though lol.
  5. I respect you as a poster so I won't make the snarky comment I want to make, but Klay has not been playing like a trash can offensively. He's a streaky shooter obviously but missing shots =\= playing poorly. It just means he's missing shots.
  6. I’m happy for Aaron looking at that pic.
  7. Giannis is going to need a monster game or else he's going to feel the wrath of criticism.
  8. it's not really for postups, unless they switch Lowry or FVV onto him. It's more to get open layups/dunks from Giannis' defender being out of position for a split second. Or open threes because the PG defender has to hold Giannis until his man gets back into position. Stuff like this:
  9. Total sidebar - lol @ the MIL owner's daughter wearing a Pusha-T t-shirt. Drake is probably eating this W up, though lol.
  10. aSK anything: 5.0: Designated Steve-vivor

    Man, I’m over 50 and thoroughly enjoyed this series. Dang I may have watch it again sometime in the near future. But I get it, taste/preferences are subjective.
  11. The Batman is Robert Pattinson

    Again, it was how they were done. Lex was laughably miscast, poorly written and directed and the motives driving his character to hate Superman were a ******* joke. Go look at Superman or Justice League Animated Series to see how Lex should be done. It wouldnt be hard, but WB finds away to make it seem hard. Darkseid is SUPPOSED to be overly powerful...and in most cases, is a boring character. However, the problem with him in this movie was that they tried to put 8 different storylines in one movie, and it ended up being wasted. The Death of Superman could have been done much much better and had a far greater impact. But since WB wanted to catch up to Marvel, they decided to cram a bunch of stories and character development into one movie, and it fell flat. Meh. He did amazing with Begins and TDK. I thought TDKR completely fell apart in the 3rd act and kind of ruined the movie. Man of Steel was okay, but the tone was too grim for a Superman movie. There was no levity outside of a few bad jokes. Honestly, I think the Dark Knight Trilogy hurt the current DC universe....because WB was scared to venture too far away from that darker tone because of the success of the Batman movies AND the failures of movies like Batman & Robin and Green Lantern. On top of that, I think they were trying to be different from Marvel. However, it just didnt work. I mean, you can have a Superman movie be darker, but it still needs to make Superman feel like Superman, and while I absolutely enjoyed parts of Man of Steel....it felt too pretentious for a Superman movie . It was trying to take itself more seriously than it should have. Oh....and Goyer's dialogue was laughably bad. Bottom line....they have never had the right group of people to make the DC universe really come to life on the big screen....and I dont think they ever will.
  12. Are you smarter than our front office v.2019

    Just my opinion, but I think we got him in Flacco.
  13. I got so used to LeBron dominating the East that seeing this year's playoffs has been so fun. The Raptors were so close to going down 3-1 to the Sixers. They were so close to going into OT in game 7 and who knows what would've happened there. They were down 2-0 in this series. What this playoffs are showing me is how close the Bucks, Raptors, and Sixers were to each other and how the East is in for fun times post-LeBron. I just hope whoever wins this series *at least* makes the Finals a fun series vs GSW, if they don't just straight up win.
  14. Marvel Mafia - Signup Now!

    TBH. Super Heroes are all boring and corny as s-.
  15. Marvel Mafia - Signup Now!

    Marvels comic and breadth of characters outshine. Plus I grew up in the 90s watching XMen cartoons every Sat morning. to they will always have my heart. DC has the Nolan batmans, but every other movie theyve made has been mediocre/bad.
  16. ***Spoiler Thread*** Avengers: Endgame

    So dumb. I understand that they don't want to give up the rights to those characters, but do they actually think they'll be able to do those characters justice?
  17. Game of Thrones - Our Watch has Ended

    By all means watch the show. The first 4 seasons are literally the best around. Season 5-6 start to deviate from the same quality as the books are no longer there to use, but it's still at a high level. Seasons 7-8 are incredibly fun to watch, because the spectacle gets ramped up - it's just that the writing and consistency have IMO rightfully been questioned. As for the ending, judge for yourself. Almost everyone agrees that S8 is rushed (and frankly it kinda started in S7), and I'm in the camp that much of the major plot twists weren't earned - the ending results aren't the issue as much as the lazy / inconsistent / contradictory writing that leads to those plot twists (the final twist being the one that kinda makes me chuckle in the fitting problems it presents, encapsulates S8 in a nutshell - but it also allows for the other main characters to achieve results that are more in line to the "best-case" outcome...so I'm still so torn - hate the mechanics and final choice for ruler...but how it enables other characters to end, I see why it's necessary - just such horribly lazy/contradictory writing to get there). Hopefully by the time you catch up, we might get news of the books that will finish the original book arc. Of course, if you take your time and finish by 2022+, I like your chances more on that last count lol.
  18. The Batman is Robert Pattinson

    It was an issue that I had with the films though. I was so bored by the villain in BvS. Lex Luthor was a little biznitch and the main monster (can't even remember his name) was just too powerful. It made it very boring. Like the dude would blink and destroy cities. That was certainly not the main reason those movies sucked, but it definitely was a factor for me. I really liked Man of Steel. And I didn't LOATHE BvS, but I found it to be very "meh". I expected WAYYY more out of a movie that contained both Batman and Superman. How did they screw that up so badly? And Suicide Squad was just bad. Someone on here put it best a while back: It felt like a 90's video game where you just take out goons until you hit the final boss in each stage. Just boring and predictable. The only thing that was good about that movie was the fap material that Margot Robbie provided. She's a 1,000/10. Aquaman and Wonder Woman were good, but Marvel is kicking the bejesus out of DC right now and it's not even close. I used to be on team DC during Nolan's Batman days and Man of Steel, but Marvel has bent them over a chair with no lube for close to a decade now. Another thing that annoys me about these movies is that they don't know how to sprinkle goofiness into it. They made their universe extremely dark. That's totally fine, but that means you can't drop in the same goofy 1-liners that you see in Marvel movies. Every "joke" has seemingly fallen flat in the recent DC movies. I really miss Christopher Nolan. That dude was so freaking good doing superhero movies. I wish he became the Kevin Feige of the DC universe.
  19. To be fair, though, Giannis with his back to the basket IMO plays into TOR's hands. I don't follow hoops nearly as much as all of you, but Giannis' postup game isn't anywhere near his transition game. If you're talking about freeing up so he can get into the paint facing the basket, I hear you, but Siakam's length and Gasol & Leonard's anticipation are so good, it's easier said than done. They sniff out the back / cross screens and back cuts really well. It's only when Giannis is screaming at them in transition or open court that their rotation breaks down. I do think TOR's D goes unrecognized. The guards are the mismatch posted up - but that's where MIL doesn't have as much game. When Anunoby is in the rotation, that's a sick D, such quickness on the perimeter and great footwork/rotation inside. Gasol had an awful night on O - but he, Siakam and Leonard were dialed in on D tonight (Ibaka too). It's the main reason why they hung around in the 3Q, honestly when MIL was up 12, I thought the blowout was coming. But the D buckled down. REALLY impressed there.
  20. Game of Thrones - Our Watch has Ended

    Watch it, the first 4 seasons are some of the best TV you'll ever see. The ending isn't terrible, it was just rushed and less than less than it could have been. The are still some great moments in seasons 5 and 6 too.
  21. MLB Regular Season 1.0

    Twins just need 2 home runs tomorrow to be the 2nd team in baseball history to hit 100 within the first 50 games.
  22. ***Spoiler Thread*** Avengers: Endgame

    They also own Namor's rights the same way. You'd think they'd want to start printing $$ with Marvel. Honestly, IMO I think their pride prevents them from doing it - they still see themselves as the top dog, they've been one of the top if not the top studios for so long. Helping Marvel dethrone them isn't in their DNA. Really, that's the only rational explanation.
  23. I'm talking about setting backscreens or cross screens for Giannis to go into the post. Not him as a ballhandler in the pnr.
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