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  2. That, and the fact he was beat like a drum all night. But thats all.
  3. OK So you go back to the Joe Klecko, Mark Gastineau, Freeman Mc Neil, Weslely Walker. Kenny O' Brien era these players were great. When I tell the young guy on our board about these players they don' believe me. It nice to talk to someone on this board who isn't 14 years old.
  4. Yup. Big time scum. And I was told that it was FALSE Lol, your quote got messed up and i thought you claimed to lie detect yourself (and were joking)
  5. Lost both Sutton and Barkley to IR. **** At least Sutton was my WR3 and not my WR2 like most people though. I picked up Joe Kelly to replace Barkley and Brandin Cooks to replace Sutton. Joe Kelly seems to have a big role in the Charger Offense. 25 touches last week.
  6. What? It's one of the most powerful moves in the game. Gets your king into a more defensible position and gets your rook involved.
  7. Yup pretty much. The sky was always falling in these parts. Now that the lofty expectations of having the goat are gone my job as mod is sooooooo much easier. I actually enjoy GDT's again lol
  8. To be fair, the coaching in New England looks to be getting the best out of Newton, its been fascinating for me to watch. He seems to be concentrating more, playing within the system as opposed to just freelancing it and focused on the accuracy and looks a better passer than he was in Carolina. He's still obviously a major threat to run and he's plenty good enough to wreck a team like the Raiders who've always had a hard time defending mobile and scrambling QBs. This is the acid test for a young but still developing Raiders team and would be a real benchmark win but I think Edelman and the stable of backs are very easy to underestimate and the Pats will be just clever and streetwise enough to win a close one, our defence letting us down.
  9. Its crazy how every person in the NFL loves Dak but not some Cowboys fans.
  10. why not just put BW on Disney+? Mulan reportedly did well on Dinsey+
  11. Just not sure how anyone beats the Dodgers this year...
  12. Given Tyrod's story that just came out he might not be starting for at least a few weeks.
  13. Seems like Packer Fans and ARod before this year. I was shocked when I went in there and saw like 80% of them bashing Rodgers. I was like... I’ll take him!
  14. I think the Broncos should go sign Tyrod Taylor in the offseason, draft a Qb, then have Tryod Start a few games and then have the rookie come in. It seems like every place he starts he gets taken out by the third game by the upstart draft pick.
  15. I hate the situation but Please I’m begging you Let this be a lesson. Don’t let the media lie to you about these matters. Nothing they pushed was true. Absolutely nothing.
  16. I remain skeptical of Murray as a passer, but Wentz doesn't even have that going for him so far this year. On the other hand, can the Seoul defense play well enough for it to matter? I don't think they do.
  17. 😄🤪😅 I am not saying give him a pass for all of the previous head butting that he makes us do. However, you gotta give credit where it is due. Our special teams played one of the better all around games that they have "as a unit" in quite some time. They were definitely better prepared than they were week one and did some good things. That's all I am saying. He hasn't made me forget former ST Coach Bobby April. 😄😂
  18. We have the opposite type actually. The "even though 90% of the time this player is great but this one mistakes makes them total trash and they are going to cost us playoff games" types. Although since Brady left, we haven't seen those posters around much. HMMMMMMM
  19. It was pretty obvious after Lynn's press conference, that there was something iffy abou the medical treatment Tyrod had received. Punctured lung is no laughing joke, and I'm glad that they at lest recognized it and sent him to the hospital.
  20. Trade Jimmy and a 1st for Matt Ryan in the off season if not in range for Trevor Lawrence, Trey Lance, or Justin Fields. Yes I realize he’s 35 but 35 seems to be the new 32 in this league. Ryan has looked like a Top 5-6 QB just about every year since his MVP season in 2016. He was already a good QB when Shanahan got there but Shanahan forever unleashed his hidden powers. Ryan is also playing like a Top 5 QB this year but the Falcons are 0-2 so no one cares. You would probably get 3 great seasons and 1 good season before he retires. Make it a 2021 1st and use the 2020 1st to get an OT or whatever you guys need honestly. Maybe even the Clemson RB.
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