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  2. Random idea/thought, could this be something that Sony could be doing and pushing for to get Venom into the MCU as their end goal for the MCU bump in terms of the money.
  3. Formerly The Gnat's Dynasty League 2019 DRAFT THREAD

    N'Keal Harry, WR New England @CalLionsFan
  4. You Are Wrong About Lamar Jackson - Warren Sharp

    If the shoe fits.... 😂
  5. Don't worry my entire role in this game is to drink so just send me your vouchers
  6. NFCN Rivals - Packers Thread

    Sounds more like the picks we used to make. Hallelujah......those day are over.
  7. Personally I dont mind either way. I do echo concerns that Google docs get blocked at work and doing it on the phone is a pain, but having 24 hours should allow folks time at home. Having specific increments isn't ideal but it's not devastating. If it helps save time and effort, I'm fine with it.
  8. You Are Wrong About Lamar Jackson - Warren Sharp

    Every thread that has Lamar Jackson's name in it turns into a "Lamar Jackson Sucks" thread.
  9. You Are Wrong About Lamar Jackson - Warren Sharp

    That’s not even a real thing.
  10. Agreed. Ray Lewis gets labeled a murderer all the time and that's just not true. He definitely did some shady stuff that revolved around a murder, but he didn't actually kill anyone. It doesn't mean he's a great dude, but it also doesn't mean we should lump him in with guys like Aaron Hernandez and Rae Carruth.
  11. 2019 Practice News & Notes

    I like Mike. Hes no nonsense which is great. You can tell he lives for this stuff.
  12. Who Has Better Handles, LeBron or Kobe?

    Who Has Better Handles, LeBron or Kobe?
  13. Valhalla Fantasy Football, Season 4 2018

    I personally am good with just the Dynasty league, I feel like that should give us enough to talk about.
  14. 53 Man Roster Predictions 2019 Edition

    Out of all of the "he's just an over-hyped training camp guy" candidates, Lazard is the one guy I'm not pounding the table for a spot on the 53. Give me Kumerow and Shepherd all day over him. Ideally, we'll cut Lazard and Moore and get at least one if not both on the PS.
  15. For the love of God, why are there two people on this entire thread that understand domestic versus international box office? Venom did NOT make a ton of money compared to literally every other superhero movie made in the past 10 years. Suicide Squad made more money for DC than Venom made for Sony. This is all of course neglecting the backlash Sony would receive if they deprived Marvel fans of SpiderMan being in the MCU. If you or anybody thinks that there wouldn't be a massive backlash and boycott of the second Venom movie and every stupid Venom spinoff for them killing Holland's Spider-Man, you're out of your damn mind.
  16. Dynasty League Start-up.

    You can take my spot if there is no room left. @John232 I'm trying not to lag but I know I will lol. If you already have 12 slots, you can give my slot to Chain.
  17. @TedLavie Is there a way to manually enter a bid? If so the winning gm can just enter the bid in once they've won. Saves us sheet folks from putting it all in while keeping the open forum notification system in tact
  18. 53 Man Roster Predictions 2019 Edition

    Eye test. He was a bit behind like most rookies last year, but he seems to have found a confidence in himself this year that's translated to the football field. You hear about it in practice, you see it when he gets his opportunities on the field. I'd be happy even though I'd rather keep both. Went back to look at his college tape and with poor QB's until his Sr. year he found ways of getting open and making plays when he could. That experience has clearly helped him at the pro level and it's been on full display all preseason. He wins one-on-ones, he doesn't stand around after running his route if the play extends, and he doesn't commit penalties. He and Kumerow are neck and neck in regards to stats so if Kumerow were to make the team and Lazard would not, it would simply be because of Kumerow's experience.
  19. Packers Training Camp 2019

    When he covers like Deion, I'll ignore the rest.
  20. You Are Wrong About Lamar Jackson - Warren Sharp

    Has the strongest arm maybe ever. Has excellent athleticism. Is tough as nails and can absorb punishment. Has zero around him in Buffalo or in college. Allen makes some bad decisions, but the whole, "he can't throw accurately" thing is way overblown. He's a deep shot QB that won't pepper defenses underneath to preserve his completion percentage. Of course guys that take deep shots aren't gonna be as accurate. And Josh Allen was pretty darn good for the Bills last year. Lamar was good for the Ravens too, but unlike Lamar, Allen doesn't seem mechanically broken. Allen needs to improve his mental processing speed. Lamar needs to improve from a fundamental standpoint way more than Allen does. Maybe both bust. Maybe both become great. But their on-field struggles are not coming from an identical issue. I am a big Josh Allen fan and I think he's going to be a star in this league in time.
  21. Preseason AP Poll released

    There's a lot of chatter around here suggesting the same thing. I think UC will get there at some point but I just don't feel it's that time just yet.
  22. TCMD League SIM - Official Signup

    I dont have that kind of skill.
  23. Packers @ Raiders - Preseason Week 3 GDT (O Canada)

    You can always tell the mood in the the forum depending on the time the GDT comes out. Raiders are trending up with it coming out on Tuesday. That being said i doubt much is shown because we do play each other again later in the season.
  24. You Are Wrong About Lamar Jackson - Warren Sharp

    NOT if you're asking a QB to run the ball 15 times a game AND NOT if someone can't/doesn't evolve. Ask Robert Griffin, Derek Anderson, Rick Mirer, and others who couldn't evolve their games. I agree. And year to year, a QB especially had better EVOLVE/progress. That's literally what I said. Also, CONTEXT matters. I said that it's not sustainable in terms of longevity. There's a historical precedent here for QB's who run the ball THAT much. If Cam Newton, who is WAY bigger/stronger than Lamar can't do it, neither can Lamar. See: Vick, RGIII, Cunningham, Steve Young (early years), etc. Running the ball 15 times a game isn't sustainable. Quit taking my words/quote, which I was kind enough to post again for you, out of context. It's not an assumption to say that he WON'T be healthy 10 years from now IF HE RUNS THE BALL 15 TIMES A GAME! To argue otherwise is asinine. I 100% agree. Most likely, yes. That said, if he shows great improvement throwing the ball consistently, especially from the pocket, some of those questions may start to get answered. Over 20 games of a sample size is a lot better/more of an indicator than 6. 4th time you took my quote out of context. LOL.
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