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  2. More people were going to see BW if it was the first Marvel outing in over a year. If they give us WandaVision prior to they might see less enthusiasm
  3. @Dcash4 that lineup looks great to me. There would be some growing pains but that’s a great youth transition with a ton of cap savings. I seriously could see Dotson being a peak level Ramon Foster type guard by 2021. He’s been nothing but dominant since training camp. If he went to a bigger school and wasn’t 24 y/o he could have been a 2nd rounder easy.
  4. what level of racist do you have to be to lose your mind in the year 2020 over a benign historical fact about a black guy and a white guy living in the same room lmao
  5. Really unlucky he got hurt.... but calling him a bust when he has looked really good through two weeks is so freaking dumb lol.
  6. I will step away for a bit but I’m fired up. Absolutely awful. I’m legitimately pissed off. (Not at you)
  7. First, you can't talk about being under/overpayed and then use the cap hit. For that you either use yearly cash flows (if you care about the money the owner pays in a given year) or per year average (that doesn't mean that you can argue who could get cut based on the cap you free up by cutting them). The way I see it. Wagner is a steal (5.5M/Y). An average guy who can start at RT can easily make 10M per year. If we take into account how Amos played in 2019 I believe he's being payed accordingly to that. And Kirksey averages 6.5M a year, which is about right I believe. Lowry is grossly overpayed. If we re-sign 2 or 3 out of Bakhtiari/King/Jones I feel like well cut Lowry, Turner and maybe Preston (that would free up 14.85M in cap space). I believe that, along with some type of restructure in AR's or Kenny's contracts would make enough space for us to pay them.
  8. Placed on IR already, another bust WR drafted by the Eagles. Shocking. https://twitter.com/RapSheet/status/1308840531938680836?s=20
  9. I’d be surprised if AJ plays, even if he’s cleared. Three straight big AFC games up next, let him fully heal up. Jonnu scares me.
  10. I agree with you - I think Sam becomes a great QB but unfortunately not here
  11. We all know their limitations Diggs has the chance to be an elite cover guy Chido is solid but nothing special. Both will be torched against elite WR / QB combos if we are not getting pressure against the QB. Not having Chido just multiplied the chance of our secondary making critical errors against a experienced and elite passing offense. If our front does not disrupt the timing of Seattle it will be a long game and yes resemble a video game IMO first TD is what you will get if you expect our DB’s especially Chido to cover a elite WR 1on1 for an extended time. The second was a coverage error the DB committed inside where he had help making it a easy read for the WR to go outside
  12. Worthless people will have worthless takes, best pay him no mind...
  13. Because he was taken in the 6th round and plays on Jacksonville... Gotta love how that works. Although I know he wasn't mention in the OP I've never understood why it matters where a player was drafted after NFL games have been played. No other argument for people saying Jones should be built around and Minshew shouldn't based on their careers so far, and we already know what people think if JAX were to land 1st overall (and they won't). As far as NYG/WAS, I think both should if they're picking that high. Could at least somewhat understand if NYG went another route, but Haskins hasn't shown even close to enough to keep you from taking a talent like Lawrence.
  14. sorry for getting smarmy. We all agree this secondary is no great shakes. Diggs seemingly being our best DB already is a testament to this
  15. The movie really isn't about that, but you can go right ahead and insert your politics into the discussion. I was actually talking about HISTORICAL FACTS: https://www.washingtonpost.com/sports/2020/09/23/gale-sayers-death/ Go pound sand
  16. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1zhwMjcB1pV7EyWF2DHoWY0-XgIRnS9FJ/view?usp=drivesdk And Allen plays 59% and there will be rotation which I stated in my write-up. Hamilton splits his reps with only Abry Jones while Bryan and Jerrnigan split the other.
  17. I might consider it when Week 4 rolls around. There's a few groups to update already.
  18. great to dump Lowry, now you need to find another DL starter to take those snaps
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