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    You’re just asking for every response to be about breaking the fumbles record. Why do you do this??
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    That's a solid description of the passing game with Trubisky...
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    It's a bit early to say that he's a #1 overall pick, but he's thriving in a system that has its roots in the Gulf Coast Offense. I don't think anybody who watched Burrow last year thought he lacked the size, athleticism, or arm strength to be a NFL QB. However, he was a first-year starter playing in an archaic offense. Even then, he wasn't awful. He showed promise. In a modernized, pro-style offense, he's tearing it up this year. So yes, I think it's quite reasonable to look at his accuracy, decision making, physical traits, leadership traits, and mental acuity and see a guy who has the goods. Frankly, Van, you're offering a ridiculous opinion.
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    no. the colonies will stand strong. this is our sport.
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    Well at least he doesn't have to move out of his house
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    1/10 Couldn't you at least have said "Kick them into high gear" or "Give them a swift kick in the backside"?
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    The title of this thread makes it sound like Jeffrey Simmons is a cyborg
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    Dude stop defending trying to smash a dude in the face with his helmet, you look awful right now
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    Whenever somebody tells any of us that we don't know better than NFL GMs, just point to Bruce Allen lol.
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    Feel bad for the single mother working 2 jobs to barely get by and still finds a way to get it done. Not some chad looking bozo.
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    Apparently booger went out of his way to say that this is the same head that got hit when mason had his concussion earlier. THE SAME HEAD AS BEFORE GUYS looking for source, this seems too good to be true
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    Rudolph should have also been suspended, first to try to rip off a helmet, first to throw a punch and he didn't even get ejected.
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    The Chargers' struggles are purely because they are the Chargers.
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    This tweet encapsulated everything I think is wrong with immediate reaction journalism.
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    The OL wasn’t bad in 2017. They were similar to this year: good at screens and run blocking, mediocre but not terrible at pass protection. Injuries took their toll at the end of the year but until then they were no liability. The main reason Keenum had so many pressures was that he held the ball and tried to improvise (unlike Cousins, who’s had a long time to throw this year within the design of the play). It’s not because the OL was a problem. Keenum played YOLO ball, Fitzmagic style, and had a run of great luck, repeatedly got bailed out by his receivers on downfield throws. He did have a couple of excellent games in there (Thanksgiving in Detroit was his best IMO) but overall the numbers looked better than he played. The team also benefitted from a fairly easy schedule with Rodgers hurt, catching the Saints in week one before their defense got up the speed, playing a Bengals team that had quit for the year, and having a “road” game in London against the hapless Browns. 2017 was fun but it was never going to happen again. Keenum was a gamer, but he’s not accurate downfield. They absolutely did the right thing in not extending him. ... I also would‘ve been happy to keep Teddy, but evidently the team wasn’t comfortable that his knee would hold up. And of course he didn’t really play again until this year, so 2018 would’ve had to go in a different direction anyway. He won games for the Saints this year but didn’t play especially well, or produce much. He still looks like the limited QB he was in 2015 — a conservative game-manager, but effective in that style — not the more aggressive downfield passer he seemed to be developing into in preseason 2016, before the injury. ... Cousins is playing well this year. He hasn’t been mediocre, he’s been one of the 10 best QBs in the league. The scheme is well suited to him, but he’s played well within the design of the offense. Goff’s performance last year is a decent comparison. Goff in 2018 had PFF grades of 84.4 (passing) and 85.5 (overall), both 8th best in the league. He was 4th in passer rating, 8th in YPA and 8th in passer rating. That’s all during the regular season. He had a few elite games (Chargers, Vikings on TNF, Saints regular season), but also had a terrible stretch, with 3 games in a row graded under 50 (Lions, Bears, Eagles). Despite those ups and downs, the Rams went to the Super Bowl and were an A+ defensive gameplan from Belichick away from winning it all. Cousins by comparison this year has a PFF passing grade of 84.7, good for a tie for 3rd in the league with Brees, and an overall grade of 82.7, which ranks him 9th (between Prescott and Stafford). He’s 3rd in YPA and passer rating, and 10th in QBR (the QBR and PFF overall grades are both dragged down a little by his fumbles). He had a terrible game at Lambeau and didn’t play well in the other 2 losses, but the Bears and Chiefs games were not especially his fault, as the OL struggled, the run game couldn’t get going, and the defense didn’t step up either. Goff is a limited QB, as this year has shown (Goff’s rookie year and 4th season this year are both clearly worse than anything Cousins has done as a starter, including last year). But he’s a legitimate NFL franchise QB, who has shown he can lead a winning team in the right scenario (similar limitations exist for every franchise QB, even elite ones, as witnessed by Rodgers 2015-18, Brees’ three years of 7-9, Wilson’s career since the INT in the Super Bowl, etc). I think Cousins is quite similar to Goff in terms of his talent level and career performance. He is a franchise QB, though not elite. Other recent comparisons would be Stafford, Garoppolo, and Ryan. Some of the recently drafted starters seem likely to end up in this ballpark — one or both of Wentz and Prescott, at least. QBs in that tier are a clear step down from the best of the best (Wilson, Rodgers, Brady, Brees, and soon enough no doubt Mahomes and Watson). No one should mistake a B+ QB for an A+, but it’s not true that you can’t win with them, or that they’re not worth paying. There is an argument to be made that unless you have an MVP at QB, you should keep looking for a QB. But since the Vikings didn’t have the option last year of signing a QB that good, it’s hard to fault them or complain too much that they landed Cousins. And since Cousins is being paid 20% less than Goff’s extension ($33.5M AAV), less than Ryan and Wentz, and basically the same as Garoppolo and Stafford, it’s hard to look at his contract and think he’s significantly overpaid. ... The Rams with Goff didn’t win it all last year, but I still wouldn’t think of their year or their team as mediocre, or their fans as settling for anything by being happy with how well they played in 2018. Similarly, I don’t think Vikings fans should have too much reason to be upset if they “only” win 11-12 games this year, however it goes in the playoffs. The NFL is incredibly competitive, and the margins are very small. Even the better teams don’t have much more than a 5% chance of winning it all, heading into the year (except the Patriots, sure). The Vikings are a really good team this year, somewhere around the 5th best in the league so far by multiple metrics including points differential, DVOA and PFF grades. Cousins is playing well. The offense has been excellent. The defense has regressed to some extent but they’ve also had some bad luck in coverage (two dropped pick 6s, the phantom holding call on Smith and a series of ridiculously improbable completions made the Cowboys stat line look a lot better than it should have). They are 7-3 and would control their own destiny for the division and the 2 seed if only the Packers hadn’t been propped up by the refs in the Lions game. That’s despite playing 6 games on the road (more than any other team in the league), and facing 5 teams who currently have a winning record (compared to 2 on their remaining schedule). They do need some injury luck (hope Kline and Thielen come back soon), and Zimmer will need to spruce up the coverage during the bye week. But this is more or less exactly where you hope the team would be after week 10, if they’re going to develop into a winner. No team in the league comes through the regular season unscathed, or without some serious concerns. Just looking at the NFC teams ahead of them in the standings: the Niners just lost at home and their QB looked overwhelmed, the Saints just lost to the Falcons at home, the Packers got blown out by the Chargers, and Seahawks have only one win by more than 7 points despite facing the Bengals, Browns, Cards, Bucs and Falcons. Fans who ignore all the evidence that the Vikings are a good team that’s playing well this year while repeatedly emphasizing the few negatives and arguing that the team needs to be turned over from the GM to the coach to the QB to the OL to the defense are tiresome. It makes me think you don’t know what you’re watching, since you can’t tell the difference between good and bad, or last year and this year, or what you expected or feared (or maybe hoped? — so you could be right?) and what’s actually happening in the actual games. My suggestion to any Vikings fan reading this is to enjoy the year for what it is. This is about as good as any fan or any team could realistically hope their team could be, 10 weeks in. Even so, the season very likely won’t have a happy ending. That’s not because Cousins is a mistake, or the fans are settling for mediocrity, or the front office is incompetent but because it’s unlikely for any single team to win the Super Bowl. Despite all the good signs so far, the Vikings are still definite underdogs to win it all. They’re now up to a 7% chance in the 538 model, but that still leaves them roughly 13:1 against. But of course the other good teams have similarly long-but-not-impossible odds. And one of them is going to win. The Vikings are good enough to win this year. They probably won’t, but they might.
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    Imagine a division title London team that plays in the wild card round. They win, and then in a week have to go to KC or whatever for the divisional. Or a team goes to London, beats them, and has to come all the way back for another road game. It would be hell on Earth A video recently came out depicting all the behind the scenes logistics that goes on for a team going to London to play a game. It's done months in advance though since they obviously know the date. The NFL needs to drop the London idea. Don't see how it's practical, unless we have Star Trek transporter tech.
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    I personally would've let Teddy finish it off and give Brees another 2 weeks rest. Couldn't have asked for a better performance out of Teddy B.
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    A million times this. I'm so sick of people saying that Rudolph was a victim. The guy wasn't a victim at all. I'm not excusing what Garrett did but I find it laughable that Rudolph isn't also suspended and people are treating him like he's some sort of victim. Off the football field if you instigate a fight with a guy much bigger then yourself and you get your *** beat for it you got what you had coming to you. This is no different, the only problem here is that what Garrett did was excessive. That's it.
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    If you're too undisciplined for the Freddie Kitchens Browns I don't see how you have much of a future in the league tbh.
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    Cousins beat a team on the road in prime time that had a better than .500 record. Celebrate!!
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    Fun fact: Seattle Seahawks fans call themselves twelves because they started watching football in 2012
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    when: 1982 how: VHS what: the thing where: $3 movie bins at walmart who: john carpenter scorned peck boy bashaud is back in town and he's PISSED. summoning the energy of erebus at will he's a threat to burden the sanctimony of our beloved peckers. overt threat likely but possibility of trojan horse attack as well, so the peckers will need not loosen in their attentiveness. all the while, glutekunst continues herding goats to his cheese temple in search of a hoof that can supplement the mobility of chief receiver davante adams. roughly ~ 110 hours remains until kickoff. will glute manifest a hoof? will a trojan horse work its way around the peckers security? will anyone care? ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- WILL IT SNOW? tune in and find out ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- "The Incomparable" Tony Brown's Corner death, taxes and tony brown is gonna whoop your candy ***. he'll be returning monday night to continue cleansing the world of ectomorphic gerber boys ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- final score: 15 kief 33 peck
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    Conspiracy theorist: I'm an expert in my field I KNOW what I'm talking about. Skeptic: Proof? Conspiracy theorist: no.
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    Darnold wants to throw in the towel but it'd be intercepted.
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    Good game guys, good luck the rest of the way. Keep the division out of the hand of the cheeseheads.
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    Gimme a break. Im sure the guy on last years cover has been just fine.... ...oh.....this is awkward.....
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    There are a lot of players in here that really have no argument as All-Pros... Looking more like a Pro-Bowl thread.
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    Consider this: A standard, 10 gallon bucket of Gatorade weights more than 80 pounds. Every game in the NFL, completely unsuspecting coaches are blindsided with 80 pounds right in the back of the head. ATTEMPTED MURDER.
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    Give him 4 games. I'd say more but Rudolph started this **** by trying to shove Garrett's helmet into the ground, and then re-engaging after they had been separated. This was classic lashing out, frustrated, ****ty, "Treat me like a real football player until it's time to start getting hit", QB behavior.
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    Kookie23 has been banned for a month.
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    As someone who sh*ts on Ferrell any chance, I have gotten. I would like to start this off by saying tonight I eat crow and a lot of it, but happy to eat it. Thank you for giving us a glimpse of what you can do. Raiders really looking at 6-4 right in the face with the Bengals next Sunday.
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    Two halves of football... as a backup, with a coaching change. Good god, can we stop this already?
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    The Jets medical staff would decapitate him, then clear him to play.
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    No. I feel bad for Rosen, gave up on after 1 season w/ 0 help and then shipped off to a tanking team.
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    Instant gratification crew I guess checking in. When will you morons get the too early scenario?
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    Happens to every QB, we just don't hear it. Non-story.
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    Remember watching him on the Bengals and thinking, he's going to make a great Patriot someday...
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