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    Classic example of why you should always submit a resume even when you don't meet all the job requirements.
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    Why is anything relevant? Why are we here? What is the point of this all?
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    The WR version of Sam Bradford. Do just enough to keep giving teams a taste.
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    on february 8 2010 myself and @11sanchez11 entered this domain. i know i came with intention of posting some bull**** and pretending like i knew what i was talking about at the ripe age of 13. i'm not sure sanchez's intentions and it doesn't matter. but he's my ff-birth brother and even though he ignores me every time i @ him with something i continue to just accept that as a cute little thing he does. i just happened to look at my post count and noticed the next post i'd make would be post #30,000... it's such a ridiculous number and i can't believe i'm a guy that actually has that many posts on a message board. i've spent a pretty huge chunk of my life on this site. like no exaggeration maybe 5% of all my time alive, which is pretty regrettable in retrospect. but maybe it's not, time enjoyed is never time wasted. so shout out to all the guys that've made this forum a place where i can come and see what's up with my sports teams/chime in with some **** posts and play some games. the MoL @mission27 @TLO, who i spent countless hours with just posting the most ridiculous **** imaginable with in chatrooms with during my high school years. @Malfatron who i've probably talked to every day on here for the past five years and is someone i consider a pal despite never meeting him. @Outpost31 who's the yin to my yang and probably my favorite poster on the site despite all of his opinions being atrocious. @Tyty who's always been a brother on this site since the start and a guy who've i always thought came from the same stock as myself. @beekay414 there's no one i enjoy getting into arguments with more than my temperamental brother BK. might be the only person i've gotten into arguments with on this site lol. all that brought us to the point where i don't think either of us are capable of getting pissed at one another. integral part of the FF family. @Adrenaline_Flux who brought me into the jaguar forum family circa 2012-2015 and served as the leader of that unit, which was always a lot of fun. my magic basketball brethren @KhanYouDigIt @dtait93 who i've shared my worst moments and most hate-spewed posts with over the years. it's been pure magoc. the rest of the packer forum fam @AlexGreen#20 @incognito_man @Norm @ThatJerkDave @Cakeshoppe @HighCalebR you guys make that sub the funnest place to go and bull**** about the packers on the internet. and also @JBURGE even though he's big-timed the pack forum and is too cool to post with us now my fellow october 18er and future KTA-associate @ET80 who've i talked to on this site more over the past year than the other nine years combined. the hoop homie who got the whole Philly fan base pissed at me and is always down to do some silly **** whenever we cross paths @ITS_RAMMY_PLAYBOI @Nazgul who's one of my favorite guys to play these TAST games with and is always down to spew hate with me. @theuntouchable @Shady Slim both essential guys to every TAST game. the homie @Dome who i've been posting with forever now too. special shouts to my tap water brother as well @Glen and some of the OGs I don't post with as much anymore, but were guys i posted with a ton earlier @bucsfan333 @husker_vikes3 @BigBillsFan13 @Bednarik60 @Victor Cruz Pun @swoosh @Its A Sabotage @IrishGreen probably didn't shout out a ton of guys i wanted to, this was just off top real quick appreciate yall and everyone else for making this a cool place to come and post
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    He won the division and made the playoffs, and got a playoff win. No, he's not the worst.
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    I love how people give Mahomes crap for not dumping his girlfriend because she isn't objectively beautiful. Our society is pretty trash tbh.
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    If he isn't commentating anymore we won't be able to hear him commentate.
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    Sucks he’d be doing less games, but it could save MNF. Get Booger out of there please.
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    Watch this end up being the best hire
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    Ok. You have been banned. Everyone get back to football.
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    They went from laughing stock of the league the first half of the season to a .500, compete with anyone type of team in the second half. What a turnaround. Dolphins have the potential to be a great team in just two years.
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    Nice to see Steve Sabol get in. His influence on the game was staggering.
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    Sir, this is a Wendy’s EDIT : TY 4 the likes i feel like a big time YouTuber now
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    About 170 receptions, 5,000 yards and 70 TD's. Would take a pretty monster season.
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    There's no way Cowher should've gone in over Mike Holmgren. Holmgren coached 3 HOF QBs, won 3 NFC Championships, 1 Super Bowl as a coach, 2 as a coordinator/position coach and has a coaching tree that has won 3 Super Bowls as head coaches as well as Andy Reid who's highly accomplished in his own right. Cowher was more of a TV stunt to me.
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    Here's Garrett standing outside Jerry's house:
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    Stefanski's Vikes had a horrible game plan yesterday. Honestly, that's the only reason ppl are down on this hire IMO. McDaniels with a ton of power? No thank you. Bienemy is the one other choice I think would have been OK with. But honestly, Stefanski seems like a good choice, for 3 reasons: 1. He was smart enough to suggest bringing in the Kubiaks to update the WC concepts for MIN's O. That suggests he's a guy without ego blinding him to his weaknesses (the Kubiaks helped for sure, although they negated that benefit a fair bit with their OLC they insisted come with them - more on that in next post below). 2. Zimmer's a notoriously old-school run-first HC. Stefanski's game plans have to follow the HC's general direction. There's no indication that he will follow that same level of too-conservative planning, now that he's going to be the HC. If anything, many OC's change personality once they are given full power. Why do I think he'll change for the better? Well, when Thielen/Diggs openly complained the O was way too run-heavy - Stefanski adjusted immediately once given the green-light. That's another big plus in my books. 3. He's not Josh McDaniels, in that he'll let the GM's build the roster. Hiring Andrew Berry as GM and letting Depodesta run the team, rather than having McD whisper into Haslem's ear, is a MUCH better formula for success. Remember, every time Haslem has "his guy" - disaster has ensued. The Johnny Football draft debacle, Hue as HC, and in the end Sashi Brown losing his job for correctly blocking the AJ-McCarron - for - 2.1 trade deadline deal that Hue Jackson & Haslem engineered behind Sashi's back. This is a complete 180 from a Haslem-fingerprint hire. Doesn't mean it is a lock to succeed, but the process is far sounder. It's a start.
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    Hey at least it's not Josh McDaniels.
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    They watched the Vikings yesterday and thought, "That's the kind of conservative, check down offense we need in Cleveland."
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    Aldon Smith? Dude was a monster, let’s not forget. A Top 10 Pick and the best player on that Niner Defense with Willis. At the time, was the best edge player in the league with Watt. He would of had a record setting second contract. He had 14 sacks his rookie season and 20 sacks the next year when the Niners went to the SB. Then threw it all away the following year. He easily cost himself 80M not getting that second contract and probably 180+ over the course of a career. His net profits from his rookie contract are less than 15M total. I don’t see how anyone touches Aldon here.
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    The Saints had the ball first last year and lost. They were on D first this year and lost. Maybe its just them?
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    A power hungry coach who dismantled Denver, failed to recreate the Patriots 2.0 and then quit on the Colts? What could possibly go wrong?
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    Rewatching this, I was curious to see what the offense was doing when it was managing Big Plays Let's start with the question, how do you identify Cover-2 presnap? The short answer is that you're looking for 2 deep safeties and the 2 boundary CBs playing with outside leverage looking to force the outside WRs to have an inside release. This one is very easy to identify as zone coverage, the Vikings have their #2 CB isolated on Marcedes Lewis at the top of the screen. Once you see that, it's pretty easy to conclude you're looking at zone. Due to the alignment of that CB, you now have Anthony Barr lined up on Kumerow, and Kendricks lined up on Graham. When you know you've got Cover-2, you know you want to force switches, and you know you want to attack the deep middle of the field. On this play, Kumerow is going to go outside and vertical. He wants to pull Barr to the back boundary side of his zone, be picked up by the strong side CB, and then be passed back off to Harrison Smith. This will be executed adequately. Graham is going to run the same route, but he wants to pull Kendricks to the back boundary side of his zone, and hopefully be missed by Barr and Smith will be on the far outside of the field covering Kumerow, leaving him open deep in the middle of the field. Or if Kendricks decides to run with him instead, that opens up Davante on the slot. Davante runs the slant route, and Kendricks is so busy fretting Graham, that he can't get down in time to pick up Adams. The backside LB is going to get run off deep by Lewis running a go route, and the backside CB is going to be occupied by Jones running the flare screen. +++ Now looking at this one, you've got 2 safeties back. The Vikings are trying to make this look like Cover-2, but it isn't. If you look at where the CBs are playing, they're not in any kind of position to force the WRs into an inside release. That doesn't do you much good in identifying Cover-3 vs. Cover-4 vs. some kind of man coverage, but at least you know that you have 1 on 1 coverage to the outside. From a schematic standpoint, there's not really much here. Lazard is going to take the outside release given to him and then cross over his man to the middle of the field and make a nice contested catch. Jones runs the flare screen to the outside to move Barr out of the way. +++ Cover-2 all day on this play. The playaction in the backfield is going to catch Barr. The Packers run the action with the TE coming across the backfield a ton, and Barr is going to read that action and come up to play the run. The outside CB is going to direct Adams inside and Barr isn't going to be there to pick him up. Rodgers makes the easy completion. On the backside, once again the hope is to force switches between the 2 CBs and the Safety. It works well enough but nothing really comes of it. +++ This is just a coverage bust. Vikings have a Cover-3 on, so Allison is going to run vertical and then sit down at the 15 yard marker to pull both the Flats CB and the Boundary Safety. Adams is going to run across the formation here as the eye candy for the ILBs to jump. Kendricks doesn't bite on it and lets him run past, and Barr picks him up across the field. For whatever reason though, Kendricks doesn't pick up Graham, I think he thought that the Flats CB (busy with Allison) would take him, but Graham ends up open in the Flats area and catches the drag route for a gain of 15. Lazard is running basically the same route as Graham just behind and deeper. If the ILBs jump Graham, he becomes the target. The Boundary CB shows good awareness to abandon his zone and follow Lazard even though he isn't in his zone. This is called pattern matching and is vital to playing good zone coverage. The recognition that there isn't a threat to your zone so you need to assist in another zone allowing that player to move down is challenging. Jones is going to run a wheel route in the hopes that the Flats Safety on the right side doesn't realize that the Boundary CB is gone and releases him to open air. Harrison Smith does not do that and Jones ends up covered. +++ When life gives you a light box, make TE Counter Lead. Tonyan's gonna come across the formation and cut down the playside DE. That frees up Bulaga for the killshot on the ILB. Turner and Linsley put on a blocking clinic and combo from the NT to the backside ILB. Jenkins and Bakhtiari both block down to the DT and DE respectively. 6 blocks and 6 wins. Control your orgasms. Jones is 10 yards downfield before a purple jersey even touches him. +++ Play Action is beautiful. Vikings are going to play some straight man here which they rarely do. Let's talk protection here because this is the single most beautiful pocket that I've ever seen in my life. Matt LaFleur probably has this in a frame in his office. Rodgers has about 22 seconds to throw here. Big Dog and the Mermaid team up to take out Danielle Hunter. Bulaga and Turner take out the 3T. Linsley and Jenkins take out the 1T. Everson Griffen tries to hit Bakhtiari with a spinmove that fails spectacularly and those two end up grinding on each other for an uncomfortable moment. Pick your target, any target, all of them are open and available. Kumerow sells the block on Harrison Smith for a moment before breaking out into a corner route that's wide open. Lazard is open the second that he clears Barr who jumped out of position to handle the play action. Adams is sorta open on the deep in, and that's where Rodgers goes. Great throw and great catch. +++ Not much to show here that isn't readily available. Bakhtiari gets a way with a bit of a hold on Griffen that prevents him from crashing down. Jenkins is going to bump the NT back onto Linsley and then get enough of the ILB on a sort of zone combo block. @Packerraymond here's your Ervin package. He's going to go in motion across the formation and bring the slot guy with him. It doesn't affect the flow of the defense much. MVS is going to get the seal on Rhodes, though Rhodes is going to do 90% of the work. The LB and the Safety flowing down are both going to run into Rhodes and fall down springing Jones.
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    Teams heavily dependent on one player are not well balanced.
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    From a matchup perspective: Smith-Lowry-Clark-Lancaster-Smith vs. Fant-Jones-Hunt-Fluker-Ifedi: The latter group is something of a mash unit. Duane Brown, the preferred starter at LT appears unlikely to play, still recovering from knee surgery. His neighbor at LG, Mike Iupati has been downgraded to doubtful, so he shouldn't play either. George Fant (also listed as questionable with a groin injury) is a servicable backup at LT. If he can't play, Chad Wheeler will likely get the start at RT. Either Wheeler or a hobbled Fant should be potential matchup advantages for the Packers. Jamarco Jones is Iupati's sub at LG. Jones has been a very rough fill in for the Seahawks, which is to be expected when you get down to your seventh lineman. Joey Hunt at Center is a servicable option for the Seahawks, the former 6th rounder is a little bit undersized and had an absolutely brutal outing against Fletcher Cox of the Eagles. He was repeatedly beat with both speed and power, and seemed entirely unprepared for any of the Eagles pressure packages. It's not going to get easier this week as he lines up against Kenny Clark on standard downs and is likely to draw Zadarius Smith in the pressure packages. Fluker is the best player standing on this Seahawks line. That's not to say that he's good, but he's at least a capable NFL starter. He's a massive dude with some genuine drive skills, but he's also stiff, plays with poor leverage, and isn't always the quickest to pick up on the various stunting attacks teams like to deploy. He's going to get a lot of snaps lined up across from Lowry. On paper this is the Seahawks best matchup, trying to run right at Lowry's less than elite anchor. Hopefully Clark is in fighting shape and able to clean up some of the mess. Ifedi is a good athlete and a not great football player. He struggles getting hands on guys and doesn't have the anchor to lock things up when he manages. Both of these Tackles are greatly propped up by team's desire to not rush Russell Wilson overly aggressively. If the Packers have confidence in Martinez, Fackrell or one of the dime DBs to function in a spy role, Smith and Smith might really be able to get after these Tackle groups. Kyler Fackrell had a 3 sack game against this same Seahawks team last season. From the Packers perspective, the biggest question heading into the game is Kenny Clark's health. So far this year for the Packers, "Questionable" has just meant, likely to play. If Clark is a scratch or is even limited, this turns into an entirely different football game. That would turn the middle of the field into a tough wash for the Packers with Lancaster and Lowry manning the 2-man looks and Montravious Adams getting added for the 3-man sets the Packers like to run. They wouldn't be overmatched, but that would certainly kill a lot of the pressure up the middle that will be vital to both rushing the passer and preventing Wilson's scrambling. The Packers aren't an elite pass rushing team. They're 21st in pressure percentage and 15th in sacks, but they've shown new life in recent weeks with Zadarius Smith playing inside more and more. Hopefully Clark will be able to play, otherwise the pressure package that's likely to be run the most (Fackrell-Smith-Lowry-Smith) is going to lack serious teeth. Though there is a possibility that Rashan Gary could fill in for Lowry and open up an entirely OLB pressure package which would be an interesting show. Clowney-Reed-Ford-Green vs. Bakhtiari-Jenkins-Linsley-Turner-Bulaga Jadeveon Clowney (despite a 3 sack season) is still a stud. His 30 QB pressures (per PFR) had him frequently in opponent's backfield. His length is something that has given the Packers Tackles issues with from other rushers. In addition, he's a tough nut to crack in the run game. His length and strength make him extremely difficult to reach in the Packers zone attack. They will likely be better off looking to other side where Rasheem Green has proven to be a relative non-entity as a pass rusher and will be a much easier mark to run wide against. The Seahawks run a pretty even DT rotation between Jarran Reed, Poona Ford, and Quinton Jefferson. All three offer different skillsets, but all three are good run defenders for what they're asked to do. Reed is their typical guy who handles the most reps. He's the sort of typical NT build, 6'3-310ish guy who excells at anchoring down against double teams. Quinton Jefferson is a typical 5T build, 6'4 290, and moves really well laterally with a good enough anchor to win more than he losses. He brings a little bit of juice. Poona Ford is an UDFA guy who plays their 3T spot. He's really short at 5'11 but uses it well to play with leverage, and combines some nasty and good lateral quickness to be stickier than you would expect from a guy his size. Realistically, even with Clowney's contribution, this Seahawks team has been completely unable to put together a pass rush. They're 31st in sacks. They're 28th in pressure percentage. Meanwhile, the Packers Offensive Line has continued to play very well. Bookended by Bakhtiari and Bulaga, the pass protection has been tremendous. The two Tackles have combined for an incredible 6 sacks on the year. Bakhtiari's been a fair contributor in the run game, whereas Bulaga is arguably having the best season of his career. Elgton Jenkins has had a pretty darn good year even before taking into account that he's a rookie. If you're willing to put some communication errors early in the year onto Corey Linsley and not the rookie, it's possible to conclude that Jenkins hasn't allowed a sack this season. He's had too many penalties and his pressure rate hasn't been tremendous, but he's been a fighter and not having a single rep where he was whipped cleanly enough to allow a clear sack is impressive. He's also been a strong run defender. His strength and athleticism is on display often, he just needs to get more confident in his reads and what steps he should be taking. Linsley has been solid as ever. He's been dependable in pass protection and has really started to blossom in the run game under LaFleur. He doesn't have the pure drive skills or the length of the truly elite Centers, but he attacks angles extremely well and has a really nice first step for sealing off defenders. He and Jenkins have started to develop good chemistry with more reps this year. Billy Turner is the weakest spot on this group, which isn't a cut at all. He's a league average Guard. He's got a really nice anchor and is a naturally good athlete, but he plays upright in a way that you don't usually see out of an athlete of his caliber. It messes up his ability to react and pick up stunters and other guys pushing to shoot gaps that he's not expecting. It's hard to move laterally when playing upright which is why he doesn't show well at Tackle. He's a strong contributor in the run game though. He, Bulaga, and Lewis form a great pair to run behind in short yardage situations. +++ Jaire Alexander-Kevin King-Tramon Williams-Adrian Amos-Darnell Savage-Blake Martinez vs. Tyler Lockett-DK Metcalf-David Moore-Jacob Hollister-Travis Homer Pettine has taken the reins off the defensive backs that he dropped on them after struggles against the Chiefs and Chargers respectively. The return of some man to man coverage was a welcome late season addition the last three weeks of the year against the division opponents. If there was ever a time to match receivers, this game against the Seahawks would be it. Jaire Alexander matches up very well with Tyler Lockett's quick-twitch explosiveness and shiftiness and doesn't need to worry about any potential size mismatch. Alternatively, DK Metcalf's size and vertical may be too much for the shorter Alexander. Kevin King offers the opposite skillset. King's length and longspeed offer an ideal matchup against Metcalf (if he can hold his ground at the line) but Lockett's shiftiness may present difficulties. That doesn't mean that Pettine will choose to shadow receivers. He rarely did so this year, and he's still a zone coverage coordinator at heart, but there are options available to the Packers in the secondary if they need to make the adjustment. Alexander has allowed a coverage line of: 16 Starts/110 Targets/59 completions/812 yards/4 TDs/2 INTs/82.1 Passer Rating King has allowed a coverage line of: 14 Starts (15 games)/85 targets/50 completions/864 yards/4 TDs/5 INTs/84.6 Passer Rating Williams has allowed a coverage line of: 7 Starts (16 games)/57 Targets/33 Completions/363 yards/2TDs/2INTs/73.9 Passer Rating After the top two guys, the Seahawks become much less intimidating. David Moore started off as the Seahawks 5th receiver on the year but injuries have hit the group hard on depth and what was a platoon has shifted into just Moore. His best two games of the year have been 2 catch performances for 65 and 57 yards. Similar to Moore, Hollister wasn't intended to be carrying these reps. None of Nick Vannett, Luke Willson, or Hollister really showed much to separate from the group. He's not a very good blocker. He's not a good receiver. He's in place there as a matter of necessity. Chris Carson and Rashaad Penny were arguably the most exciting 1-2 punch at RB in the league. And then they got hurt. Enter Travis Homer who is again embodying next-man-upism. He's a decent enough player to operate as a backup role, but he should never have been thrust into the starting role that he has due to injury. The acquisition of Marshawn Lynch was supposed to remedy that somewhat, but that's purely a band-aid. Homer's 11 carries for 12 yards against the Eagles can't have been encouraging. Lynch adding 7 yards on 6 carries to combine for 19 yards on 17 carries has to be encouraging for a Packer defense that hasn't always been the stoutest against the run. How the Packers are going to utilize their safeties will be much of the story of the game. They'll spend a fair amount of time in the two deep coverage to protect against the two good Seattle WRs vertically. But that leaves Martinez as the only second level defender, which has to be scary if you're worried about Wilson making things happen with his legs. Amos may be dropped into the box as a means of adding some more speed into the secondary. How often who is playing where will tell what Pettine's priority will be in this game. Neither Hollister nor Homer should scare the Packers enough that they feel they can't ask Martinez to play a little bit of man coverage out of the backfield when and if it becomes necessary. How that will be utilized in accounting for Wilson will be something to watch. +++ Shaquill Griffin-Trey Flowers-Quandre Diggs-Bradley McDougald-Bobby Wagner-KJ Wright-Cody Barton vs. Davante Adams-Allen Lazard-Marcedes Lewis-Jimmy Graham-Aaron Jones The Packers are going to try and run the ball. They feel like they have an advantage in the trenches and they're going to want to get Aaron Jones involved early. The Seahawks are 28th in the league in yards per attempt allowed rushing, and Jones has been the lifeblood of the Packers offense in a lot of ways. His 16 rushing TDs have helped to boost an otherwise middling offense, especially in the redzone. Griffin and Flowers are two good CBs. They're long and they run pretty darn well. While neither is likely a matchup that the Seahawks will feel good about matched up with Davante Adams, they're at least not likely to be freaking out about it. Over 29 starts they've allowed 1267 yards which is a pretty darn good showing. Shaquill Griffin: 14 Starts/77 Targets/44 Completions/559 yards/4 TDs/0INTs/97.3 Rating Trey Flowers: 15 Starts/101 Targets/61 Completions/708 yards/1 TD/3 INTs/72.5 Rating Quandre Diggs has been a tremendous mid-season addition for them. He's been everything he was in Detroit and more as both a coverage and a run support safety. Bradley McDougald is a decent enough safety on the back end for the Seahawks. He's a far cry from what Kam Chancellor was back when Chancellor was the guy in Seattle, but he won't kill you. Bobby Wagner is obviously one of the best ILBs in the league and has been so again this season. KJ Wright continues to be the Lance Briggs to Wagner's Urlacher. Much in the way that the Packers rotate heavy who the 5th skill player will be (Lewis, Allison, MVS, Kumerow, Tonyan, etc.) so do the Seahawks with their 7th guy. Against the Eagles, Barton got the nod. He fills in nicely as the 3rd linebacker in a 4-3 against teams like the Packers and Eagles who run a lot of 2 TE sets. Things get very scary for the Seahawks after the top two CBs however. They don't really have a 5th DB that they like to roll out and utilize. If the Packers can utilize one of Allison/MVS/Kumerow to put a 3rd DB on the field for the Seahawks, I'm not sure even Seattle knows what they're going to do. +++ Aaron Rodgers vs. Russell Wilson I'm not doing this comparison. QBs don't play against each other. Don't play like **** Aaron. You've got the better roster. No excuse to not win this.
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    What a three year run Seattle had: 2010 1-6 OT Russell Okung 1-14 S Earl Thomas 2-18 WR Golden Tate 4-13 DB Walter Thurmond 5-2 S Kam Chancellor 6-16 TE Anthony McCoy 2011 1-25 OT James Carpenter 4-99 LB KJ Wright 5-154 DB Richard Sherman 6-173 DB Byron Maxwell 7-242 LB Malcolm Smith UDFA WR Doug Baldwin 2012 1-15 LB Bruce Irvin 2-47 LB Bobby Wagner 3-75 QB Russell Wilson 6-172 DB Jeremy Lane 7-225 G JR Sweezy UDFA WR Jermaine Kearse
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    The Browns shouldn't be #1, simply because of the fact that we shouldn't be able to win anything.
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    Read a tweet that said they might promote Joe Barry to replace him. Which if you let Wade Phillips go to promote Joe Barry, you should probably be fired as HC, I don't care what else you've accomplished.
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    I see this kind of thinking all the time from Vikings fans and I’m sorry, but it’s way off. It’s revisionist history to say none of their wins were big games, and all of their losses were. The Eagles were 3-2 coming into the Vikings game, and both of their losses were by 5 points or less. Alshon Jeffrey was back for that game. They went on to finish 6-4 for the rest of their season, winning their division. They would’ve had a better record than the Vikings this year, had they won in Minnesota. But the Vikings beat them by 18 points, thanks mainly to a fantastic game from Cousins. The Lions were a good team before Stafford got hurt. Should’ve been 3-1-1 coming in, if the refs hadn’t jobbed them at Lambeau. They didn’t lose another game all year by more than a TD with Stafford playing. Stafford had a great game, but Cousins outdueled him and won by 12, on the road. The Cowboys were very good this year (at least as good as the Seahawks and Packers), but lost almost all of their close games (the opposite of SEA and GB). Vikings beat them on the road, in prime time, and Cousins played well. The Chargers were another team that kept losing close games. They had a positive points didn’t coming into the Vikings game and had beaten up on the Packers at home a few weeks earlier. The Vikings beat them by 29. Their only other loss this year by more than 7 points was by 10, in KC. It’s stupid to think of those wins as games that somehow didn’t really count. In the NFL, basically every game is a big game. Very little separates middle of the table teams from the top of the league, which is why upsets are so common.
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    I think college OT is stupid and gimmicky. No thanks.
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    I know there was some interest in a video/stream effort. Hope you find it interesting despite my best attempts at charisma.
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    no NE in the AFC TITLE GAME!
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    they should hire Marvin Lewis
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    I remember when people called this team the worst team of all time.
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    Is your issue that he's not being unfairly criticized as much as other players? That's not an issue. Other QBs getting criticized every time they have a sub par game is the issue. Watson's over 4200 total yards and 33 TDs with a division title (once again) locked up 15 games in. I don't see what there is to complain about.
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