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    Nonsense. Expansion teams have hope for the future
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    So they get hit with a slap on the wrist after being caught for the 7th+ time. And this is why they continue to cheat.
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    so can every other nfl player Ya fell for the oldest trick in the book
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    Wow IDK, only 2 years starting and what's he done besides being MVP and winning a Super Bowl.
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    Everyone prepare for this thread to devolve into a 50 page argument of Patriots fans explaining what “really” happened to everyone else and why it “actually isn’t cheating”, and fans of teams that have lost big games to them in the past explaining how this isn’t a big enough punishment... ......like the last 5 times we’ve done this lol
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    from Adam Schefter: I was told the Green Bay Packers just offered Raheem Mostert $ 5 million NOT to play for the 49ers next year - @adamschefter July 8, 2020
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    Pretty racist, man. The current name is an old time slur, and the logo is a stereotyped charicature of an oppressed people who were victims of a genocide. I would say the “idiots” are the ones who get upset about people not wanting outdated racism as normal in pop culture giants like the NFL. doubling down and wanting the same logo but calling them savages is just totally off base and as an indigenous person I find it pretty damn offensive, and it seems like a concentrated effort to be hurtful and racist on your part. Edit* I see you derailed the other thread with even worse inappropriate and hateful language. Can we please give this guy a ban? The response I want to give vs the one I am giving is much further down the line of calling a spade a spade. There’s not grasping the issue, then there’s this.
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    Kind of tough to leave off Mahomes 44 rushing yards and rushing touchdown That’s over 300 yards and 3 TD in a Superbowl to go along with a 4th quarter comeback and game winning drive.
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    Name them after the nastiest thing in their area The Washington Lobbyists
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    You've already got one locked. If you can't jump into this discussion without veering in this direction, don't join the discussion.
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    I think I got it this time.
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    Or trading him for Ben Watson. That's the fun of having BOB as your GM...every day is like a box of chocolates.
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    What's the first rule of fight club?
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    Has some more noise to it this time. Never say never.
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    Good, now keep it at 2 forever.
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    I mean... he spent the first part of his career with JJ Watt, DJ Reader and Whitney Mercilius. If you can't produce with that lineup, what can you really do?
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    If there's an NFL season and the NFL doesn't come up with a fair and affordable streaming option in light of COVD-19, I'm going to continue streaming them illegally like I have for a long time.
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    BDL Power Rankings 1. Camden Hoodrats -- Until proven otherwise a team that won the BDL Championship, remains at the top of my rankings. Does this mean I have no questions? Absolutely not. QB depth and Offensive Line are my biggest questions but again, this team, not much different, won a championship. Wilson, Zeke, Ward, Adams, among others are poised to potentially do it again. 2. Lancaster Werewolves -- While I am a little unsteady about Mayfield as the QB and the lack of depth behind him, The rest of their offense is stout. In top of that they have a potentially Championship worthy defense. 3. Rome Eternals - They do not have a QB depth issue.. the biggest question mark for me about this team is safety but overall it might be the most balanced roster in the league. Rome is no stranger to the post season. 4. Cuba Smugglers -- I think this team gets seriously underrated anthony Castonzo is a huge addition to the Oline. I think they have enough on offense to win games and a very good defense. They'll be in the hunt for sure. 5. Berlin Blitkreig -- Berlin has AR12 at the helm and an overall solid roster. The depth isnt as much a problem as it is for some other teams. They have a good mix of rookies and vets. Their "wow factor" isn't as high for me as others which is why they find themselves at 5 but still, a very legit contender. 6. Gotham Gashslayers -- With some further investments into their offense i think Gotham could be worthy of a higher ranking that what I am giving them but these top dogs are hard to sort out. I like what they've done so far and definitely view them as a threat. Their WR corps isn't incredibly deep but their starters are excellent and that has to count for something. They have a really good defense especially in the front seven. 7. Singapore Sentinels -- This is a solid roster with a serious issue at WR imo. They have the QB and the roster elsewhere however thatll keep them in contention and keeps them above some other teams. 8. New Orleans Jazz -- This roster overall is good. They have a top 5 WR and good compliments to that. Solud TEs and a good OL. However they don't have a single QB I view as championship Caliber. They've got one that sees ghosts, one that is inconsistent as F and one that is on one that...can dance on the sidelines? Despite contending for a title last season I dont see this team inside of the top 5. There are some serious longevity issues here. 9. Hungary Hippos -- This roster has good bones. There are some areas of doubt but as a middle of the pack team has good balance that could lead to a surprise run. Dak Prescott among othets was a wise investment. This is going to be an interesting team late in the season. Some of the drawbacks of this roster could be instability at RB if Fournette continues to struggle with health but Ito Smith & Mostert are more than capable of carrying the load. The WR Corps & their Safeties are my favorite groups of this team. Thats not a slight on the rest but these are their biggest strengths imo. Rookie Edge Rushing depth could be another draw back in this particular season but theyve got a very good Oline and overall good veteran skill on defense. Hungary was real close to making serious noise last year. The QB upgrade has the ability to possible push them further. 10. Antartica Katabatic Beasts -- They have the RL MVP and a great RB. Their best WR doesn't have a RL job, a rookie at TE, and holes on the Oline. Their defense however could be one of the best in the league and that alone will keep them in games. This team has a good future but getting rid of Diontae Johnson was a mistake. Their immediate outlook, well Im not lovin it. 11. Portland Horned Owls -- This team is bound to be a head scratcher. They got a good set up but we all know their gameplanning won't live up to their roster. They have some balance but there, for me, is no wow factor. If CMac goes down that running game is non-existent. They're probably a team that has to steal some wins 12. Seoul Dragons -- Overall I like this roster more than its ranking but I'm just not sold on Murray. When you couple that with the doubt I have for them at WR, you find their ranking This is a team that could surprise me and be really good. Right now, I just dont know what to expect from them 13. Ivory Coast Black Rhinos -- This is actually a well built team but it lacks the dominant ability at several positions, especially QB. I feel strongly that the needle is pointing North for them, theyrr just not quite to the corner yet. 14. Sacremento Sasquatch -- In a year that could be bad for rookies this team has a ton of them. There is nondenying the potential here and next year I think this team will be great but its hard to put them higher because of the league situation right now. 15. Oklahoma City EF5s - I dont deny that Patty My homie is a great piece but I find myself very concerned about the lack of depth on this roster. Injuries will happen and this team will not be prepared for them. In addition there are numerous spots i just dont feel like they can dominate, WR, TE, EDGE, and LB. 16. Williamsport Soul Reavers - This team has 3 potentiallly backup QBs, a ton of rookies set to start in a COVID year and while a good work in progress, still a long way from Championship caliber.
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    I know some will criticize him for passing on the deal offered him, but I’ve always been intrigued with what Cousins did parlaying a couple tags into 100% guaranteed big money in the 9 digit range.
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    Woo, after 26 house showings from 3 PM Friday until 5:30 PM on Sunday, we got two offers on our house, one that was what I was hoping for, and now it's just paperwork and inspection to getting our house ready for closing, and the small detail of finding our own house.
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    Steal $50k in jewelry and cash Buy off the people you robbed for $55k ??? Profit
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    David Johnson? Anyone? Anyone?
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    You must be this tall to ride the ride
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    Ah, he's talking about the same guy that missed out on 14.5M and then didn't get the contract he was looking for in FA the following year. Yep, that logic makes sense now.
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    Pardon the interruption. I AM GOING HOME BOYS
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    I will never underestimate the NFL's ability to get creative and pull things off when money is on the line. I'd expect a football season to happen if for no other reason than that.
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    Drives drunk. Smashes into another car. Flees the scene. Still not the biggest P.O.S. Giants kicker in the past five years.
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    This is it FF. This is our time to purchase an entire franchise league, and run real drafts. I've got at least 3 dollars I can contribute.
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    All the people acting as though the Browns hype happens every year.... This team was seriously 0-16 three seasons ago. Yes, they got a lot of hype leading into last season. Baker looked great at the end of his rookie season, they had freed themselves from the shackles of Hue Jackson, MG was going into his third season coming off a 13 sack second year, they had added OBJ, Chubb was coming off a good efficiency year and going to get the ball more while the team had added Kareem Hunt. There was a lot to be excited about, so they got hyped up. Makes sense. But this has certainly not been an every year thing.
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    ^ These athletes need to go and risk THEIR lives so I can sit on a couch not risking mine and be entertained!!
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    He had a trademark for Warriors for an AFL team but let it lapse. There is a guy in the area who gobbled up that trademark, as well as close to 50 others, to hold against him so they are probably negotiating that one. In any event, I have my season tickets paid for this year, but if they whitewash the whole history of the team as well as just the name, I'm not going to be a fan anymore. Erasing the name, colors, fight song, not being able to say Redskins on past broadcasts or not being able to wear the old gear to games, especially with my personal connection to things.........it's going to feel too much like an expansion team. A lot of Redskins fans are going to be in the same boat, and I don't judge people either way.
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    Watching Americans argue that 20-somethings are biologically incapable of isolating themselves and abiding by social distancing requirements seems strange given that European 20 somethings were able to do so successfully enough to stop spreading the virus. It's strange to me the same way it was strange to me in school seeing a kid who never did his homework or paid attention in class argue with the teacher that the test was impossible, despite him being the only kid that failed.
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    We're done here. @BleedTheClock - you should know better, so this will earn you a WARNING.
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    The more damning reasons to change it are the documented impact that negative connotations in media have on Native American populations. The American Psychological Association has presented research on this for years. Here's their (very well sourced, scathing) statement on it: https://www.apa.org/about/policy/mascots.pdf
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    Lol. It's not Chris Jones' responsibility to take less money just because the league artificially depresses player wages through the salary cap. He's got his ring, and it's a business. Careers are short and he probably only has one shot at this kind of payday. Wanting to get paid what he's worth doesn't mean he doesn't care about winning, it just means he's not a rube.
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    Is this about filming the Bengals sideline? This is old news. Who cares?
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    I don't see why things would get bad in Texas. I mean it's not like they had a Lt. Governor pay the fine for a Salon Owner who openly defied the states closed shop and stay at home policy, which then showed every person in the state they could basically do whatever they wanted. I can't see ANY reason Texas would be hit worse than other states.
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    We had our offer accepted on a house! Moving to the big town of Lauderdale (2,500 people) in the center of the Twin Cities. Bigger place, nicer yard, and two great decks on it, very excited for this! Now we just have to deal with the unreasonable demands that came out of our inspection. Painting soffits, trim, garage (not an issue) Adding shower to claw foot tub (something you add in offer) Boiler tune-up (fine) Outlet cover (you got it)
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    take the money while you can while theres no season
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    Put em in a bubble then. An individual bubble. Like this: I'd watch this non stop.
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    Eh, probably strongly influenced by this forums inordinate amount of Browns fans. Seems like every off season there is a strong "They are about the right the ship, turn the corner, [INSERT NEW GM/COACH HERE] is changing the culture" narrative around here. This goes back to the old forum and early oughts.
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