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    Incorrect. The chiefs once received AJ Jenkins.
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    Seahawks destoryed the chiefs in this trade
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    He should be banned from having an offseason.
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    going postal makes it seem like he killed a bunch of people not that he was just a drunken moron.
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    We wouldn't have been able to draft Baker if we took Brady. Just incredible foresight there.
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    Some reports say it happened after hearing about the picks made. I think we may have hard evidence that Ryan Griffin and @ET80 are the same person.
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    Rosen goes from a bad roster with a 1st time DC turned HC to…..to a bad roster with a 1st time DC turned HC
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    Tom Brady also kisses his 11 year old son let's not act like he's vindicated here.
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    Jesus - I always underestimate how long that takes. Thanks for reading along guys, really appreciate the reads and feedback. I would imagine the biggest departure for mine and other's rankings would be the Seahawks. I personally love what they did, turning 4 picks into what I would guess is 8 players who can play significant roles for them this year. Plus they've got the goat John Urusa, seriously check this guy out.
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    This is blown out of proportion by the media with a twisted narrative. “Scouts were sent home for Easter because the rest of the week is devoted to simulating draft process/trades/etc. This has been known for a while, according to Raiders reporters. Fewer people, fewer leaks. Seems like a good way to prep and run a draft.”
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    That's one way to tell Arizona you don't want to play for them.
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    It's back baby, the thread which upsets everyone and unnecessarily ranks draft classes unreasonably early. To anyone who is new to this, I try and have a bit of fun with it so please don't take it too seriously. Stacking each class bottom to top is a hard thing to do and obviously preference is given to classes which have as many players I like in them - so teams who set their stall out with a tiny number of picks are up against it to do well. Preference is also given to how well a team handled their draft capital, whether they addressed needs and, more importantly, whether their respective talent selector made their teams better (which could take years to properly assess). UDFAs are not included in the assessment, but will include players acquired for picks during the draft (Josh Rosen for example). Rankings: 1. Arizona Cardinals 2. Washington Redskins 3. Buffalo Bills 4. Baltimore Ravens 5. Tennessee Titans 6. Seattle Seahawks 7.Miami Dolphins 8. Minnesota Vikings 9. Carolina Panthers 10. Pittsburgh Steelers 11. LA Chargers 12. Indianapolis Colts 13. New York Jets 14. LA Rams 15. Green Bay Packers 16. New England Patriots 17. Philadelphia Eagles 18. Denver Broncos 19. Jacksonville Jaguars 20. Oakland Raiders 21. Kansas City Chiefs 22. Houston Texans 23. Cleveland Browns 24. San Francisco 49ers 25. Cincinnati Bengals 26. Dallas Cowboys 27. Tampa Bay Buccaneers 28. Detroit Lions 29. New Orleans Saints 30. Atlanta Falcons 31. Chicago Bears 32. New York Giants
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    Wait, what? WHAT!? Jeremiah!? So when is the league gonna hit up FootballsFuture Mods for GM gigs? I got a resume ready to go!
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    I'm pretty happy with the draft class overall. I'll break it down into 3 tiers. Top of the draft is for starters (soon if not immediately) and long-term building blocks. Garrett Bradbury looks like the best OL the Vikings have had in a long time. He's athletic and a perfect scheme fit for the ZBS. He was productive in college, won awards. He seems like a leader. The value was good at that pick. I was tempted to take the LT, Dillard, and aim to get a C/G in round 2, but Jenkins and McCoy (my targets for round 2 IOL) were both gone by 50 anyway, so in hindsight the Vikings played the board right. I'd still like to move on from Reiff before too long but I think he can still play well enough to justify his contract, especially if the OL has at least 2 other solid pieces. Reiff is also a good leader for the OL group, which otherwise lacks a familiar veteran presence even among the backups. And after Elflein's disastrous 2nd year, upgrading at C should've been the main priority all along. I hadn't watched Irv Smith Jr play until they drafted him. There's a lot to like. He's a bit small to be an in-line TE but his technique as a blocker is sound. He didn't test great athletically but he looks like an easy mover on the field. He runs good routes, he's got good hands, and he's great after the catch. He's young, he's got NFL bloodlines, and he's a very clean prospect. The value was good with the pick. I was hoping to take another position in round 2 and get a TE in round 3 or 4, but in the end the guy I liked (Josh Oliver) was gone before the Vikings pick in the 3rd round. So again, they played the board right here. I think the Vikings are planning do a lot with Smith positionally, lining him up anywhere from the backfield to the slot. Kubiak used a lot of 12 personnel (2 TEs) in Houston 2011-12, when he won back-to-back division titles with Matt Schaub at QB (including beating the Bengals in the playoffs one year despite starting TJ Yates). His teams had the TE2 play considerably more snaps than the WR3. Taking that approach with the Vikings, Diggs/Thielen/Rudolph/Smith would be the base offense, with depth WRs used mostly rotationally. I really like the way the Vikings played the top of the draft. They seemed to have a very clear idea of who they wanted and why. Even when other choices were available (Dillard still there at 18, multiple "steals" available at 50), they stood pat and got their guys, without any sense of panic. Bradbury and Smith look like they could be career Vikings. I'll give the 1st part of the draft a solid A. ... Second tier of the draft is for rotational players, starters in limited roles, and depth/development at premium positions. For this draft, that was rounds 3-5. The best thing Spielman did here was trade down several times, creating several additional picks, including the 5th rounder I'll include in this section. I love trading down, because it creates value. Of all the players drafted between the Vikings original 3rd rounder (at 81) and their eventual pick (102), the only ones I think the Vikings would've been strongly interested in were the guards, Nate Davis (at 82) and Connor McGovern (at 90) -- and the Vikings ended up getting a guard we would've been happy with at 81 anyway (Samia), in the 4th round. Give Trader Rick an A+ for maneuvering. As for the picks themselves, it's hard not to like Alexander Mattison when you watch his highlights. He runs with vision, flexibility and power. He should be a great ZBS back -- one cut, get upfield, hard to bring down. He's not a home run hitter like Murray or a bob-and-weave jump-cutter like Cook or McKinnon, he's just a classic slashing running back, and a good one. His college OL was pretty terrible but he made them look good by finding little creases, and always finishing his runs. I think he could be considerably more productive in the pros. I won't be surprised if he matches Cook's production while offering much better durability. Having said all those nice things, the value was poor at this pick. Not just because Mattison was ranked lower on most boards (I get the idea, if you like your guy just take him), but because it's so easy to find at least half-decent RBs later in the draft. I would've much rather seen them use this pick on a position where the talent drop-off is much sharper from pick 100 to the 7th round, then take their RB later on. Options we can wonder about in retrospect: Hakeem Butler the WR (taken 103rd), Chauncy Gardner-Johnson the S (105), and Maxx Crosby (106) or Anthony Nelson (107) as edge rushers (and skip the DT on day 3 in favor of an RB at that pick). I loved Butler's highlights, and would've been thrilled if they'd taken him instead of the RB. But then again if the Vikings are planning to be a 2-TE offense, they may not see a path to starting for any WR with Diggs and Thielen in their primes and locked up for years to come. But even so, come on -- take a DB or a pass rusher, not a running back. Dru Samia is the mid-round guard everyone liked this year. I watched a few clips and some game film of the OSU OL. He moves well, he's strong and his hands are good. He's supposedly got a mean streak too. I like Samia lot more than Isidora -- he's not heavy footed or a waist bender, and he's more natural in pass protection (including identifying and passing off stunts, and looking for work when uncovered). OSU pulled Samia a lot on gap run plays. His movement skills are good enough that I think he should be fine in a zone scheme. Value was good for a potential starting guard in the 4th. I think they can hope for him to be a starter. Hopefully Samia will get a chance to compete with Elflein and Isidora at LG this year. Longer term, maybe he's the RG and Kline gets released in a year or two. Bradbury-Samia-O'Neill could be a really nice right side of the line, all on rookie contracts. Their 5th round pick was the LB, Cameron Smith. It looked like they lost out to Blake Cashman going to the Jets a couple picks earlier. I haven't watched Smith play, but his athletic testing is good and PFF liked him. He got a lot of tackles, and hardly missed any, which is a good sign coupled with the athleticism and grading. He's healthy, unlike Downs last year -- so this is the best LB prospect they've drafted since Kendricks. Hopefully he can be an upgrade from Gedeon as an early downs depth LB, and be good enough as a rookie that they can move on from Brothers. For the 2nd part of the draft, I'll give the Vikings a B-. I love the trading, like Samia, think Smith will be OK and appreciate Mattison as a player even if I hate the fact that we drafted him at 102. ... Last 2 rounds of the draft are for roster bubble depth and development. I kind of like the fact that the Vikings didn't take a "faller" here either. I watched enough Emmanuel Hall halfway through round 6 to get excited about adding him but if they didn't have him on the board for whatever reason, I'm again OK with them sticking to their plan. Armon Watts is a pass rushing DT. Not especially explosive or athletic, but uses his hands well as a pass rusher. His role overlaps with Jalyn Holmes (much more athletic but lacking refinement), Jaleel Johnson (no pop as a pass rusher in the pros, more of a NT/DT tweener who doesn't seem likely to break through as a starter) and Ifeadi Odenigbo (last seen as a DE). He'll have to beat out 1 or 2 of those guys to make the team, so he's a likely PS candidate unless he has a great preseason. Marcus Epps is a safety. It's very difficult to evaluate safeties unless you have all-22 tape, and in Epps case we only have a few highlights. He tested well athletically and his PFF grades are pretty good. They need a deep coverage guy unless one of the AAF signings can play that role, so there's a good chance here for Epps to make the team as the 4th safety. Oli Udoh is a developmental tackle. He's massive, like Jason Peters, and moves well, almost as well as Jason Peters. He went to a small school so he's technically raw, but he's not heavy on his feet despite his mammoth size. Udoh excelled under coaching at the East-West Shrine Game practices, so much so that he was "called up" to the Senior Bowl, where he again impressed. Udoh won't have to play at all this year unless injuries strike, so there's an opportunity for him to spend a year working on his technique, aiming to win the swing tackle backup role in 2020. There's incredible upside here given his physical abilities and the developmental curve he followed this off-season. Kris Boyd is a corner. Tested well athletically -- not very long, but strong, fast and explosive. That showed up best in run defense, where he was very good. In coverage, he got targeted a lot (95 targets in 2018!) and didn't make many plays (only 1 INT, 13 PDs). Zimmer and Jerry Gray may be able to get more out of him. There's room on the roster for a 5th corner at least while Hill is suspended, and maybe even a 6th once Hill returns, so Boyd should have a chance to make the final 53. Dillon Mitchell and Olabisi Johnson are WRs. They're both typical WRs, not pint size slot/gadget players, or 4.3 burners, or 6'6" jump ball targets. Mitchell is basically like Diggs, and Johnson is basically like Thielen. Mitchell is Diggs' height (6') and weight (197 vs 195), runs the same 40 (4.46), with a little better jumps (36.5" and 122" vs 35" and 115") and agility (6.93 3-cone vs 7.03). Like Diggs, Mitchell was a star recruit but had a somewhat disappointing college career (though not because of injuries, unlike Diggs). Mitchell runs good routes, can make difficult catches and is a threat with the ball in his hands. He was very productive last year, putting up 1184 yards and 10 TDs. That production means the Football Outsiders WR Playmaker Rating (https://www.footballoutsiders.com/stat-analysis/2019/playmaker-score-2019) loves him -- he ranks 7th, behind only Butler, Hollywood Brown, JJAW, Harry, Diontae Johnson and Andy Isabella. Mitchell's negatives are drops and other lapses of concentration, and some general sense that he was immature or coasting. Can't find his age online but he declared after his junior year, like Diggs, and so like Diggs will probably be a 21 year old rookie. If anything is going to help Mitchell reach his potential, it would be working with Diggs and the coaches who helped him develop in Minnesota. And Diggs' contract extension is probably a good motivator. Bisi Johnson compared to Thielen is slightly shorter (6" not 6'1") and heavier (204 not 192, though I'm pretty sure Thielen is over 200 now in the pros). They have very similar athleticism too, with Johnson running 4.51 (4.49 for Thielen), jumping 38" and 124" (36" and 120") and putting up a 6.88 3-cone (6.77) and 4.16 shuttle (4.49). The physical comparison is less exact than Mitchell-to-Diggs, but Thielen is who Johnson's role model -- he claimed in an interview that he's modelling his career after Thielen's, as an underdog who built himself up. Johnson has only-OK production, having been the WR2 his entire career across from more highly drafted Colorado State WRs like Michael Gallup. His PFF grades are good but not great. And on tape he looks like a solid all-purpose WR, nothing special. But of course that's what we all thought of Thielen at this point too. If they keep 4 TEs, there's probably only room for 5 WRs on the team. That means if one of these guys makes the team, it's at the expense of at least 2 of Treadwell, Jordan Taylor, Beebe and Zylstra. If either one of them wants to follow in the footsteps of their more famous Vikings teammates, the opportunity is there. Austin Cutting is a long snapper with a great name who's supposed to serve in the Air Force for 2 years, but maybe the Vikings can get him out of it. The idea of drafting a military long snapper is so Patriots that Belichick is presumably already trying to get this draft pick stricken for copyright infringement. Until then, the Vikings have a long snapper with excellent PFF accuracy metrics (which is a thing, it turns out), who'll be cheaper than Kevin McDermott. I don't know how to grade this portion of the draft, but I liked the approach. Favorite picks are Ugoh and Mitchell, least favorite are the safety and the long snapper. Let's say B+ ... Overall I'll give the draft a B+/A-. Most of the grade should be based on Bradbury and Smith, and I think they're in very good shape there. Need at least 2 of the middle tier players to work out at their expected level of contribution. Beyond that, if anything develops from the late round picks, this will be a strong class.
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    Don’t feel sorry for us, feel sorry for the child.
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    A 6th. A freakin 6th. A starting ILB, who's still under his rookie contract, who was a former 1st rd pick, and who was great in coverage last year is dealt for a future nobody. If Gase doesn't win 10 games next season, I hope he's laughed out of the league.
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    Still rooting for Blewitt due to his name
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    Some of you guys are being *******s. You can not enjoy the show, that's fine, but you don't have to do it while acting all high and mighty about your intelligence and acting like the only things that stimulate your brain are existential conversations with Stephen Hawking.
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    Nick Collins folks. That was my comp before we picked him. LOVE this pick
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    Seahawks don't even like first round picks. How are they going to trade out of the first round twice?
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    Can we get some actual analysis why instead of blanket statements without any support?
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    Jon: You must swear to me you will never tell anyone. Sansa: I swear it. Also Sansa:
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    Alright, you put me in a math mood (first year cap hits) 1. Garrett Bradbury = $2,342,324 2. Irv Smith = $1,054,255 3. Alexander Mattison = $700,541 4. Dru Samia =$679,983 5. Cameron Smith = $568,786 6. Armon Watts = $537,273 6. Marcus Epps = $537,191 6. Oli Udoh = $536,902 7. Kris Boyd = $522,419 7. Dillon Mitchell = $515,079 7. Bisi Johnson = $513,645 7. Austin Cutting = $513,645 Bradbury knocks out Craig James ($570k) = $1,772,324 in new cap charges Smith knocks out Roc Thomas ($570k) = $484,255 in new cap charges Mattison knocks out Mike Boone ($570K) = $130,541 in new cap charges Samia knocks out Holton Hill ($570K) = $109,983 in new cap charges Cameron Smith is below the threshold, but his first year SB has to be counted = $73,768 in new cap charges Watts (see above for SB rules) = $42,273 in new cap charges Epps (see above) = $42,191 in new cap charges Udoh (see above) = $41,902 in new cap charges Boyd (see above) = $27,419 in new cap charges Mitchell (see above) = $20,079 in new charges Johnson (see above) = $18,645 in new charges Cutting (see above) = $18,,645 in new charges ----- That's $2,780,025 in new cap charges from the rookie class; even less than I estimated.
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    Folks- Rashan Gary at 12 is way better than Clellin Ferrell at 4.
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    Player A: 6'4 3/8", 269 lbs, 34" arm, 9 7/8" hands, 4.65 40 yard, 1.62 10 yard, 4.41 20 yard SS, 7.37 3 cone, 36" vertical, 10'1" broad, 24 BP Player B: 6'4", 277 lbs 34 1/8" arm, 9 5/8" hands, 4.58 40 yard, 1.63 10 yard , 4.29 20 yard SS, 7.26 3 cone, 38" vertical, 12" broad, 26 BP Player is Bradley Chubb, Player B is Rashan Gary.
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    Hill and Clark. Watch out, ladies.
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    NFL Draft Endgame Battle of Winterfell Let’s do this.
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    Julius Peppers is never mentioned in this discussion, but should be - 6' 7" 283, ran in the low 4.7s, was athletic enough to play for the North Carolina basketball team as a PF (he scored 21 points and pulled down 11 rebounds in his last game, a loss to Penn State in the 2nd round of the NCAA tournament). I think he's a freak in the same vein as Bo or Deion, but he doesn't get mentioned enough in these discussions. While his raw athleticism is good enough to get into the talk, his on field production and longevity probably exceeds everyone else.
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    Props to him for making no excuses; if I was shot in the head and survived that would be my go to excuse for everything. "you were supposed to be here 30 minutes ago" - "sorry, I was shot in the head" "this chili is too spicy" - "yeah, but I was shot in the head." "you were supposed to bring the ice" - I WAS SHOT IN THE HEAD"
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    Imagine watching one of, if not the, GOAT episodes of television and then going online to complain about stupid stuff. Imagine.
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    it's so nice seeing the old laughing emoji out in the wild. It's such a condescending-looking emoji.
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    That's just incredibly sad, but Doug's been hounded by injury after injury the past few years and just can't back healthy. I really hope he puts his body first. Dude was probably the best route runner in the league and really it took forever for people to give him his due. I mean Dude was smooth as silk and had pillows for hands.
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    Bosa’s mom looks like Ben Roethlisberger.
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    He’s here all week ladies and gentlemen! Be sure to tip your waitresses.
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    Baldwin has way better stats than Woods. You just aren't looking at the right numbers: Career TDs in a Super Bowl: Doug Baldwin - 2 The entire LA Rams Offense - 0 Career Points in a Super Bowl: Doug Baldwin - 12 The entire LA Rams Offense - Also 0
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    PET THE DAMN DOG!!!!!!!!!
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    Taking a WR at 12: Running up card if/when Josh Allen or Ed Oliver are available at 12: When people try to convince me Devin White would be a steal at 12th overall: Arguments for Hockenson or Fant when I've already debunked tight ends since 1980 who were taken top 23: Me when we draft an OT, EDGE or DL 12th overall or trade down, proving myself right once more:
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