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    Might have to wait another year still for that 2k season.
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    I don't want to be those things so I'll agree with anything you say.
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    Sir, this is a Wendy's.
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    We need an app that narrates people's posts in Alex Jones' voice.
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    Just for a bit of off-season fun, I've ranked every team by the quality of their coaching staff, the quality of their roster and their regular season schedule. Hope you guys enjoy it. Ranks 1. Philadelphia Eagles 2. New Orleans Saints 3. LA Rams 4. New England Patriots 5. LA Chargers 6. Minnesota Vikings 7. Indianapolis Colts 8. Green Bay Packers 9. Pittsburgh Steelers 10. Seattle Seahawks 11. Cleveland Browns 12. Baltimore Ravens 13. Chicago Bears 14. Kansas City Chiefs 15. Atlanta Falcons 16. San Francisco 49ers 17. Buffalo Bills 18. Dallas Cowboys 19. Carolina Panthers 20. Tennessee Titans 21. Washington Redskins 22. Houston Texans 23. Denver Broncos 24. New York Jets 25. Jacksonville Jaguars 26. Cincinnati Bengals 27. Detroit Lions 28. Tampa Bay Buccaneers 29. Oakland Raiders 30. Arizona Cardinals 31. New York Giants 32. Miami Dolphins
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    Meanwhile Josh Gordon stays suspended for smoking weed.
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    She gets a kick out of being with an NFL player.
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    The SF one where Harbaugh and a bunch of other guys left comes to mind
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    I was a delivery guy for good and had to punt a raccoon.
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    More NFL rushing yards this decade: Derrius Guice or @aceinthehouse?
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    I have no issues with it. The accusations are pretty serious, he is a star on a team in the spotlight, so the NFL has to make sure they get this right. Which means they will still find a way to screw this up, because its the NFL lol
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    Lol @ the Lakers the most though. Failed getting Paul George. Failed getting Kawhi. Now both of them are going to be playing in Staples Center for the Clips.
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    Big winners so far? Every team that didn’t give Middleton 178M.
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    Makes sense. NFL only suspends you if you do truly despicable things like smoke weed in your free time or deflate footballs.....
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    The 16 game per player limit is such a bad idea. What other sport limits the amount of games a player can play? Either make it the full 18 games, or keep it at 16. Don't do this half *** BS in the name of 'player saftey' Backup QBs everywhere, rejoice! "Here in week 19 we have Deshone Kizer vs Chase Daniels to determine the NFCN winner and #2 seed in the playoffs" while a perfectly healthy Aaron Rodgers sits on the sideline. yeah... that's what the people want
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    So since there was no evidence we’re just gonna act like there was no collusion... er, I mean abuse?
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    The league's obsession with an 18 game season is beyond ridiculous at this point. What we have now is perfectly fine.
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    Just in case Mike Brown happens to read these threads, going to have to confidently state that the jury is still out on Hue Jackson as an NFL head coach.
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    https://www.theplayerstribune.com/en-us/articles/josh-jacobs-alabama-nfl-draft TL:DR... Josh Jacobs has overcame so much and I wouldn't be surprised if he had a Blind Side type movie at some point.
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    We traded Porzingis for literally nothing.
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    Let's take time to make fun of the Celtics one more time. Six years later since the steal of the century, the Nets are well more equipped than the Celtics going forward. The Nets even got Kyrie LOL.
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    Lots of sheep think the Patriots are cheaters and the 49ers championships are cheat-free honorable endeavors. People think DeflateGate was real and that SpyGate was a big deal. You are ignorant if you believe in Deflategate. (or willfully delusional, you know... a fanatic) The first rule for it to be real is that the ref was smart enough to remember a bunch of numbers that he did not write down AND stupid enough to not know which gauge he used If both are not true then there was no violation In actual court testimony the NFL admitted that they had zero evidence against Tom Brady The second appeal recognized Goodell's power to suspend anyone for any reason. It was not a validation of the investigation in any way Destroying an old cell phone with pictures and information of the most famous couple in America is not evidence of a crime Unless you are stupid The deflator text message is only evidence if you are a clown If Brady likes the balls at the low legal limit and the 'deflator' found balls at the high legal limit and he DEFLATED them within the allowed range... What could his nickname be? How does almost always playing at 1 PM Eastern New England have a standing conspiracy to intercept footballs from NFL officials in the case that the early game is so compelling that the officials are too distracted to do his job? How does some fat dude pull off 12 deflations in 120 seconds like he was a member of the IMF Ghost Protocol team? You have to believe all of that crap for Deflategate to be real Also, here is the Wells Report pretending the needles look the same by spinning the bend in one needle away from the camera and pushing one needle forward on a ruler That doctored photo attempts to persuade fools that the gauges below are close to identical. Spygate was about someone standing in the wrong place It was also not an enforceable rule in 2006 or 2007 It was updated in a memo that the league did not ratify so it was not a real rule Belichick and the Patriots were punished for calling out Goodell as an a-hole See Goodell's power to suspend for any reason at all Destroying tapes that were shown on Fox TV is meaningless to the violation or punishment Google this image: Jets 2010 Spygate There was no punishment for this
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    Birthplace Nationality Player Position First year Team Albania Albania Kristjan Sokoli DE 2015 Free agent Angola Canada Christo Bilukidi DE 2012 Free agent Australia Australia Jordan Berry P 2015 Pittsburgh Steelers Australia Australia Michael Dickson P 2018 Seattle Seahawks Australia Australia Lac Edwards P 2016 New York Jets Australia Australia Adam Gotsis DE 2016 Denver Broncos Australia Australia Tom Hackett P 2016 Free agent Australia Australia Cameron Johnston P 2017 Philadelphia Eagles Australia Australia Jordan Mailata OT 2018 Philadelphia Eagles Australia Australia Brad Wing P 2013 Free Agent Australia Australia Mitch Wishnowsky P 2019 San Francisco 49ers Belize Belize Rakeem Nuñez-Roches NT 2015 Tampa Bay Buccaneers Brazil Brazil Cairo Santos K 2014 Tampa Bay Buccaneers Cameroon Cameroon Arie Kouandjio OG 2015 Free Agent Cameroon Cameroon Cyrus Kouandjio OG 2014 Free Agent Cameroon Cameroon Steve Longa LB 2016 Detroit Lions Canada Canada Eli Ankou DT 2017 Jacksonville Jaguars Canada Canada Antony Auclair TE 2017 Tampa Bay Buccaneers Canada Canada Brett Boyko OG 2015 Free Agent Canada Canada Stefan Charles DT 2013 Free Agent Canada Canada Christian Covington DT 2015 Dallas Cowboys Canada Canada Tyrone Crawford DT 2012 Dallas Cowboys Canada Canada Laurent Duvernay-Tardif OT 2014 Kansas City Chiefs Canada Saint Vincent and the Grenadines N'Keal Harry WR 2019 New England Patriots Canada United States T. J. Jones WR 2014 Free Agent Canada Canada Brett Jones C 2015 Minnesota Vikings Canada Canada L. P. Ladouceur LS 2005 Dallas Cowboys Canada Canada Austin Pasztor OT 2012 Tennessee Titans Canada Canada Jon Ryan P 2006 Free agent Canada Canada Nathan Shepherd DE 2018 New York Jets Canada Canada Brent Urban DE 2014 Tennessee Titans Canada Canada Luke Willson TE 2013 Oakland Raiders Democratic Republic of the Congo Canada Boseko Lokombo LB 2017 Free agent Democratic Republic of the Congo Canada Andy Mulumba LB 2013 Free agent Denmark Denmark Hjalte Froholdt OG 2019 New England Patriots England United Kingdom Jay Ajayi RB 2015 Free Agent England United Kingdom Jack Crawford DT 2012 Atlanta Falcons England United Kingdom Jermaine Eluemunor OL 2017 Free Agent England United Kingdom Alex Gray TE 2017 Atlanta Falcons England United Kingdom Menelik Watson OT 2013 Free Agent Estonia Estonia Margus Hunt DE 2013 Indianapolis Colts France France Anthony Dablé WR 2016 Free agent Germany Germany Moritz Böhringer WR 2016 Cincinnati Bengals Germany Germany/ United States Kasim Edebali OLB 2014 Cincinnati Bengals Germany United States Mike Jenkins CB 2008 Free agent Germany Germany Mark Nzeocha LB 2015 San Francisco 49ers Ghana Ghana Ezekiel Ansah DE 2013 Free Agent Haiti Haiti Dadi Nicolas LB 2016 Free Agent Italy Italy Giorgio Tavecchio K 2012 Atlanta Falcons Jamaica Jamaica Corey Ballentine CB 2019 New York Giants Jamaica Jamaica Patrick Chung S 2009 New England Patriots Jamaica Jamaica/ United States Danielle Hunter DE 2015 Minnesota Vikings Japan United States DaeSean Hamilton WR 2018 Denver Broncos Kenya Kenya Rees Odhiambo OG 2016 Arizona Cardinals Liberia Liberia Jehu Chesson WR 2017 Washington Redskins Liberia Liberia Kelvin Harmon WR 2019 Washington Redskins Liberia Liberia Jonathan Massaquoi LB 2012 Free agent New Zealand New Zealand Paul Lasike FB 2015 Free agent Nigeria Nigeria / United States Nelson Agholor WR 2015 Philadelphia Eagles Nigeria Nigeria Ade Aruna DE 2018 Minnesota Vikings Nigeria Nigeria Jeremiah Attaochu LB 2014 Kansas City Chiefs Nigeria Nigeria Ben Banogu DE 2019 Indianapolis Colts Nigeria Nigeria Obum Gwacham DE 2015 Free Agent Nigeria United States Leon Jacobs LB 2018 Jacksonville Jaguars Nigeria United Kingdom Efe Obada LB 2015 Carolina Panthers Nigeria Nigeria Chukwuma Okorafor OT 2018 Pittsburgh Steelers Nigeria Nigeria/ Canada David Onyemata DT 2016 New Orleans Saints Scotland United Kingdom/ United States Graham Gano K 2009 Carolina Panthers South Africa South Africa Greg Joseph K 2018 Cleveland Browns Spain Spain/ United States JJ Arcega-Whiteside WR 2019 Philadelphia Eagles Tonga Tonga Star Lotulelei DT 2013 Buffalo Bills Turkey Turkey/ United States Chris Conley WR 2015 Jacksonville Jaguars United States Canada / United States Brett Rypien QB 2019 Denver Broncos United States Germany / United States Equanimeous St. Brown WR 2018 Green Bay Packers United States Spain / United States Alejandro Villanueva OT 2014 Pittsburgh Steelers Zimbabwe Zimbabwe Stansly Maponga DE 2013 Free agent This sports-related list is incomplete; you can help by expanding it. Not many starters there and many are essentially out of the league but still interesting to look at.
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    Thought I would provide you all with an update re my son William. After having surgery to remove several lymph nodes, as well as a spinal and bone marrow aspiration we have been told that my son does not have lymphoma! He has a condition called, Progressive Transformation of Germinal Centres. This is a benign condition that presents itself like lymphoma, mimics lymphoma, and is often misdiagnosed as lymphoma. No one knows what causes it. I will forever be thankful that he got transferred and treated at Sick Kids. They were adamant from day one about performing their own pathology. A team was involved in determining this diagnosis so we are quite comfortable and happy. For the foreseeable future he will undergo a thorough medical every 3 months. His condition can lead to the development of lymphoma and auto immune issues but in both circumstances that is very rare. We just have to be on the lookout for any enlarged lymph nodes or re the auto immune concerns bruising that won't heal. Regardless we are thrilled. His oncologists told him to go and live a normal life. Talk about a wild roller coaster ride. I'm not religious but I told Will someone/thing is watching out for you. Thanks to all of you for your kind words and support. You'll never know how much we appreciate it. Cheers,
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    Didn't you ask the same/similar question a few months ago? Nobody is putting a gun to your head and is making you watch the NFL. Baseball lacks Brady/Belicheck, Basketball just took a hard left in terms of the Warriors continued dominance, college football tends to rotate a few times every 5-6 years or so - you're more than welcome to ignore the NFL if you're so upset about Brady/Belicheck.
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    I wasn't following NFL in 2001 so I can't say for sure how it seemed, but people keep bringing up Pats 5-11 finish. That is irrelevant IMO since he's asking about how they were perceived heading into the playoffs. Well, if we're just going off odds, 07 Giants were +5000 at the start of the playoffs while the 01 Pats were +900. So it's not even close looking at archived futures, which is not surprising. Now going off their odds heading into season is another story (Giants were +3000, Pats were +6000). These archived odds could be wrong, but they make sense to me. Not only were the Giants a 6 seed as opposed to a 2 seed with a bye (which right off the bat makes the Pats a far more likely SB winner), but the Giants had 2 very good 13-3 teams they would likely have to go through, while the Pats just had one in the Steelers. Both years there was a team pretty heavily favored to win it all (Rams in 01, Pats in 07), but those 07 Pats were favored like never before to go all the way once the playoffs started (-400).
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    Sounds like something he would try to do.
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    Now it is clear why Kawhi was taking so long making his decision LOL. GM Kawhi>GM LeBron.
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    Why bump this after 4 months.
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    Eh, it took Baker about 6 days.
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    There’s another MKnight82 in the world! Our healthy baby boy was born this morning at 4:24am! I’m a father!
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    Ok, here you go. I bring you a power ranking despite being in the middle of the bar and dad's surgery. I don't care if you don't like it. If there was one thing that stood out, it was how many teams have really good defensive lines. #1 Rome Offense - Drew Brees - Todd Gurley - Phillip Lindsay - Amari Cooper - Julian Edelman - James Washington - Juju Smith-Schuster - OJ Howard - Jordan Reed - Tyron Smith - Ryan Ramczyk - Braden Smith - Brandon Linder - Justin Britt Defense - Carlos Dunlap - Marcus Davenport - Michael Brockers - Gerald McCoy - Matthew Ioannidis - Dalvin Tomlinson - Leighton Vander Esch - Matt Milano - Janoris Jenkins - Marlon Humphrey - DJ Swearinger Rookies to Watch - Chris Lindstrom - Jerry Tillery Analysis - Arguably the most complete team in BDL, Rome boasts an elite passing attack, potentially great rushing attack(depending on Gurley’s knees), and a fantastic OL to protect Brees. On defense, they have a solid edge rush(Davenport’s development will depend on whether this edge rush is just solid or great), a fantastic rotation of DTs, and two excellent linebackers. Their top concern is in the secondary where they need a couple of guys to step up. If they get this help in the secondary, Rome will once again be playing deep into the playoffs. #2 Carolina Offense - Phillip Rivers - Baker Mayfield - Alvin Kamara - Odell Beckham - Mike Evans - Sterling Shepard - Taylor Lewan - Lane Johnson - Quenton Nelson - Frank Ragnow - Nick Martin Defense - Nick Bosa - TJ Watt - Ndamukong Suh - Kenny Clark - Bobby Wagner - Jalen Ramsey - Jaire Alexander - Keanu Neal - Eddie Jackson Rookies to Watch - Miles Sanders - Jace Sternberger - Christian Wilkins - Taylor Rapp - Johnathan Abram Analysis - Carolina has a great passing game, regardless of the QB they start, with an incredible receiving corps. Kamara can do everything and they boast arguably the best three WR group in BDL. If only they had a TE. Like Rome, they have an elite OL to protect their QB. On defense, they have elite talent all over the field. While they need another LB and NB, they should match up very well with most offenses. #3 Hawai’i Offense - Russell Wilson - Saquon Barkley - Tarik Cohen - Antonio Brown - Ste’fon Diggs - Christian Kirk - Vance McDonald - Taylor Decker - Cam Robinson - Marshal Yanda - Brandon Scherff - Ryan Kelly Defense - Frank Clark - Jadaveon Clowney - Harold Landry - Kyler Fackrell - DeForest Buckner - Sheldon Rankins - Roquan Smith - Casey Hayward - Marshon Lattimore - Mike Hughes - Eric Weddle Rookies to Watch - Nasir Adderley Analysis - Last years champs, they are absolutely loaded on offense. They have some guys returning from injury on the OL that could make them even stronger up front. While they have a very good defensive line(assuming Rankins returns to form), they do have some question marks at linebacker and in the secondary. They need someone to play next to Roquan. Also, Hughes and Nasir need to grow up quickly. #4 Ivory Coast Offense - Andrew Luck - Nick Chubb - Alshon Jeffery - Jared Cook - Trent Williams - Ricky Wagner - Zack Martin - Kyle Long - Jason Kelce Defense - Khalil Mack - Myles Garrett - Da’Ron Payne - Maurice Hurst - Larry Ogunjobi - Patrick Peterson - Malcolm Butler - Tre’Davious White - Adore’e Jackson - Earl Thomas - Devin McCourty Rookies to Watch - Daniel Jones - Devin White Analysis - Arguably the best OL in BDL protects Luck and Chubb. The biggest flaw on this team are the weapons. Alshon is very good and Cook is still getting it done, but who else is going to catch passes from Luck? Like the OL, the defense is stacked. Their defensive line and secondary are as good as you’ll fine in BDL. However, they desperately need Devin White to make a big impact from D1. # 5 Singapore Offense - Aaron Rodgers - Le’Veon Bell - James Conner - Kareem Hunt - Keenan Allen - Corey Davis - Eric Ebron - Joe Staley - Duane Brown - Marcus Cannon Defense - Everson Griffen - Danielle Hunter - Aaron Donald - Damon Harrison - Deion Jones - Jaylon Smith - Desmond King - Jason McCourty - Jessie Bates Rookies to Watch - Michael Deiter - Nate Davis - Erik McCoy Analysis - This is a team of great strength and obvious weakness. QB, RB, weapons, DL, and LB are all very, very solid. However, holes in their OL and secondary could drag them down. They need the rookies and young players to step up quickly. How quickly the young guys develop will determine how this team finishes. #6 Berlin Offense - Tom Brady - Aaron Jones - Lamar Miller - Will Fuller - Chris Godwin - Kenny Golladay - Marquez Valdes-Scantling - Hunter Henry - Kolton Miller - Taylor Moton - Gabe Jackson - Corey Linsley Defense - Justin Houston - Demarcus Lawrence - Lorenzo Carter - Mike Daniels - Brandon Williams - Leonard Williams - Taven Bryan - Da’Shawn Hand - Tremaine Edmunds - Rashaan Evans - Ja’whaun Bentley - Gareon Conley - Josh Jackson - LaMarcus Joyner - Damontae Kazee Rookies to Watch - Derrius Guice - Marquise Brown - Irv Smith - Quinnen Williams - Rock Ya-Sin - De’Andre Baker - Byron Murphy - Juan Thornhill Analysis - How good this offense becomes will depend on a number of 2nd and 3rd year players making another step forward. Brady is gonna Brady, and there are some consistent guys on the OL and at RB, but progression by these young guys could make this offense as good as any in BDL. The front seven on defense is very talented, with the deepest DT group in BDL holding the middle. But once again, just how good it becomes depends on some 2nd year players, especially at LB, developing. CB is also a question mark with a ton of rookies and 2nd year guys around. #7 Cuba Offense - Deshaun Watson - Dalvin Cook - Julio Jones - Brandin Cooks - Anthony Castonzo - Rob Havenstein - David DeCastro - Alex Mack Defense - Fletcher Cox - Jurrell Casey - KJ Wright - Richard Sherman - Isaiah Oliver - Bryce Callahan - Derwin James - Ronnie Harrison Rookies to Watch - Michael Jordan - Elgton Jenkins - Rashan Gary - Joejuan Williams Analysis - Cuba has a number of fantastic pieces on offenses. Julio and Cooks are an awesome 1-2 tandem and their OL should be very good this year. While there are some holes elsewhere, the bigger concern is in the backfield. Watson keeps getting obliterated behind a poor RL offensive line, and Cook had been limited to 15 games his first two years. If they both stay healthy and play to their potential, this offense should be great. Especially if Ian Thomas turns into a consistent player. Cuba has two elite DTs, an underrated secondary, and some solid-to-very good linebackers. However, they may have the worst edge situation in BDL. They desperately need a couple of their young guys to step up now. If they get an edge rush and their backfield isn’t beat to hell, this team could finish above 7th. #8 Portland Offense - Patrick Mahomes - Davante Adams - Mike Williams - David Njoku - Laremy Tunsil - Alejandro Villanueva - Clint Boling - Will Hernandez - Matt Paradis Defense - Dee Ford - Whitney Mercilus - Jason Pierre-Paul - Kawann Short - Malik Jackson - Blake Martinez - Zach Brown - Desmond Trufant - Tavon Young - Malcolm Jenkins - Marcus Maye Rookies to Watch - N/A Analysis - Reigning NFL MVP, very talented OL, and 3 very nice receiving options is a great offense. While they could use another WR and their RB situation is as questionable as any team in BDL, Portland should be able to win some games by just airing it out. Especially because they could have a very good defense. While their edge guys are very up-and-down, they have a very good DT tandem and very good linebackers to solidify the middle of their defense. They also have a very respectable secondary that while not elite, is good enough. If they can get a run game and their edge guys are ‘up’, this team could finish a fair bit higher. #9 Gotham Offense - Carson Wentz - Derrick Henry - Kerryon Johnson - Rashaad Penny - Tyreek Hill - Jarvis Landry - Kyle Rudolph - Hayden Hurst - Jake Matthews - Mitchell Schwartz - Mike McGlinchey - Shaq Mason - Andrus Peat - Maurkice Pouncey Defense - JJ Watt - Leonard Floyd - Chris Jones - Benardrick McKinney - Zach Cunningham - Josh Norman - Xavier Rhodes - Jourdan Lewis - Damarious Randall - Minkah Fitzpatrick - Justin Simmons Rookies to Watch - Josh Jacobs - Jachai Polite Analysis - One of the most complete rosters in BDL, they have top tier talent all over. Their defense is one of the best in BDL, they have a very talented OL, and a strong running game that should be even better this year. Their offensive weapons leave a bit to be desired. Rudolph is slowing down, Hurst is unproven, and Tyreek might face suspension. If Tyreek avoids suspension, this offense suddenly become explosive with Landry serving as a perfect slot WR. If Gotham gets a 3rd WR, this offense suddenly becomes very scary. Gotham is this low for two reasons. First is a general lack of pass rush. Watt and Jones were elite last year, but they need one more guy to be a consistent pass rusher. Second, and the main reason, is concern over Wentz’s health. He has missed significant time the past two years. If he goes down, Gotham finishes lower than this...if he stays healthy and plays up to his talent, Gotham finishes higher. #10 Hungary Offense - Jared Goff - Leonard Fournette - Larry Fitzgerald - Greg Olsen - Nate Solder - Jack Conklin - Andrew Norwell - Kelechi Osemele - Ali Marpet Defense - Brandon Graham - Arden Key - Jonathan Allen - A’Shawn Robinson - Luke Kuechly - Aqib Talib - Dre Kickpatrick - Harrison Smith - Jabrill Peppers Rookies to Watch - DK Metcalf - Andy Isabella - TJ Hockenson - Andre Dillard - LJ Collier Analysis - Great young QB protected by a great OL. But they may have the worst set of weapons in BDL. Larry and Olsen were both top tier guys, but they are real old. Fournette is honestly more name recognition than good football player right now. That said, they drafted four offensive players that I think will be huge contributors in the next year or two. I really think we view this offense very differently in a year. Like on offense, their defense is give-and-take. If Key or Collier become a viable DE, they will have an elite 4 man DL. Kuechly is as good as any LB in the league, but they have little next to him. They have some solid players in the secondary, but their are question marks. This team is likely a year away, but I really like the foundation they’ve built on offense. #11 New Orleans Offense - Sam Darnold - Josh Allen - Ezekiel Elliott - Tyler Lockett - Sammy Watkins - Michael Thomas - Zach Ertz - Andrew Whitworth - Joel Bitonio - Kevin Zeitler - Travis Frederick Defense - Calais Campbell - Geno Atkins - Sheldon Richardson - Johnathan Hankins - Danny Trevathan - Stephon Gilmore - Kyle Fuller - Chris Harris - Haha Clinton-Dix Rookies to Watch - Drew Lock - Jawaan Taylor - Jonah Williams - Nick Bosa - Josh Allen - Chase Winovich - Dre’Mont Jones - Jeffery Simmons - Darnell Savage Analysis - This will be similar to Gotham. Awesome weapons and a great interior OL although OT will be a question. They also have a very good DL that has a number of elite prospects and a very good CB threesome. Safety is a major question mark as Savage is a rookie and Haha has been crap the past two years. The other question is off-ball linebacker. Trevathan is still good but they have no one next to him unless one of the rookies plays that position. The back middle of this defense is a serious weakness. The main reason NO is this low is because of the QB situation. They have 2 very talented QBs with better RL teams going into their 2nd year. Who do they start? And how does their starter do in year two? If one of the QBs takes off, like Gotham, they will finish much higher than this. #12 Camden Offense - Jimmy Garoppolo - Lamar Jackson - Sony Michel - DeAndre Hopkins - Courtland Sutton - Delanie Walker - Evan Engram - Cordy Glenn - Isaiah Wynn - Orlando Brown Defense - Chandler Jones - Yannick Ngakoue - Akiem Hicks - Timmy Jernigan - Darius Leonard - AJ Bouye - Denzel Ward - Jamal Adams - Kevin Byard Rookies to Watch - David Montgomery - Damien Harris - Benny Snell - AJ Brown - Hakeem Butler - Montez Sweat - Dexter Lawrence - Mack Wilson - Greedy Williams Analysis - First, I love Camden’s defense. Awesome DL, the best safety tandem in BDL, two very good CBs, and an All-Pro at LB. And they made their defense better in the draft. The issues come on offense. While they should have a good running game and great receiving weapons, especially Hopkins, their OL and QB situation are concerning. Orlando might be the best RT in football next year and Glenn is a solid player. However, Wynn is basically a rookie coming off injury and I don’t know how much I trust the rest of the OL on their roster to play to a BDL level. The other major question is QB. Lamar needs to improve massively as a passer and Jimmy G has started all of 9 or so games. They need to get consistent play all season to finish higher than this. #13 Williamsport Offense - Ben Roethlisberger - Devonta Freeman - Tevin Coleman - LeSean McCoy - James White - Golden Tate - Calvin Ridley - Anthony Miller - Jimmy Graham - Donovan Smith - Charles Leno - Dion Dawkins - Cody Whitehair Defense - Michael Bennett - DJ Reader - Davon Godchaux - Dont’a Hightower - Myles Jack - Anthony Barr - Byron Jones - Donte Jackson - Carlton Davis - Ricardo Allen Rookies to Watch - Cody Ford - Devin Bush - Trayvon Mullen Analysis - I had a tough time with Williamsport. On one hand, they don’t have a ton of holes. On the other, they don’t have a ton of strengths. Big Ben is good, their backfield has some talented runners, they have some quality receiving options, and a good OL and DL. Their best positions are LB and CB. But even at those good positions, none are really strong enough to give this team an identity or overpower another solid unit. I think they need a year to build up some legit strengths, which shouldn’t take long, before they can knock off the top half of the league. #14 Anchorage Offense - Kirk Cousins - Christian McCaffrey - Cooper Kupp - George Kittle - Terron Armstead - Ja’wuan James - Joe Thuney Defense - Trey Flowers - Cam Jordan - Javon Hargrave - Vita Vea - Jarran Reed - Joe Schobert - Jarrad Davis - Jamie Collins - Chidobe Awuzie - Landon Collins - Budda Baker - Justin Evans Rookies to Watch - Noah Fant - Garrett Bradbury - Ed Oliver - N’Keal Harry Analysis - This defense is going to be very good. That DL will contend for best in BDL. The LBs should be solid if not good, and they have some very good guys in their secondary. This defense could compete. The issues are on offense. McCaffrey, Kupp, Kittle, and Armstead are all great players...but Cousins may never get love in BDL. Ja’wuan and Thuney are very good...but the other two spots are not good. And they need more weapons. I really liked their draft on offense because Fant and Kittle could be a great TE pair and Bradbury should be a 10 year starter at C. But I can’t get over Cousins. But Kupp is a slot WR and they have no explosive WR option. Harry might change that. I think this team is a year and a QB away from being a top 6 team. #15 Seoul Offense - David Johnson - Jordan Howard - AJ Green - TY Hilton - Antonio Callaway - Travis Kelce - Ronnie Stanley - Rodger Saffold - Laurent Duvernay-Tardiff Defense - Melvin Ingram - Bradley Chubb - Derek Barnett - Grady Jarrett - Linval Joseph - CJ Mosley - Darius Slay - Ronald Darby - Sidney Jones - Justin Reid - Marcus Williams - Terrell Edmunds Rookies to Watch - Kyler Murray Analysis - Good RBs, great WR corps, top TE, and a few very good OL. That’s a solid BDL situation for Kyler to join offensively. Not to mention an awesome DL. They have concerns at LB and a lot of questions marks in the secondary. Plus the OL has arguably the two biggest holes in BDL. They don’t even have another OT on the roster. There are just too many holes with a rookie QB. #16 OKC Offense - Josh Rosen - Joe Mixon - Melvin Gordon - Adam Thielen - Robert Woods - DJ Moore - Trey Burton - David Bakhtiati - Brandon Brooks - Rodney Hudson - James Daniels Defense - Von Miller - Ryan Kerrigan - Cameron Heyward - Stephon Tuitt - Lavonte David - Marcus Peters - Shaquill Griffin - Adrian Amos - Malik Hooker Rookies to Watch - N/A Analysis - I think this team is better overall than Seoul and maybe a couple others right now. They have two very talented RBs, three WRs that will see a ton of targets, Burton who should be better, and an OL that could be in the top 5 in BDL. Like their OL, their 4 man DL could easily be top 5 in BDL. They also have an elite safety tandem. Their second biggest flaw is that they have issues at CB and LB, so coverage will be an issue. But the biggest problem, and reason I had to put them last, is because they are the one team with a QB that may not even start week 1 IRL. If they bring in a Matt Ryan or Derek Carr and either have a big year...they can easily be a playoff team.
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    About every 5 @mission27 posts I get the free laugh that somehow the word cocksucker is not banned on this website.
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    I mean have you seen his rap sheet? Not long enough, IMO
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    I don't comment much on NFL General topics, but just wanted to say I look forward to this every year. The effort you put in to each team's write up is appreciated.
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    Josh Gordon suspended indefinitely for smoking some pot, Hill beats his son and gets nothing. Checks out.
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    Now...good Viking fans...as I have had us remember some of the lowest moments in Minnesota Viking history...by the power vested in me as an "Ancient"...along with the sword of Odin and the hammer of Thor...I hereby dismiss all the demons and devils that have so plagued this noble franchise through its history! Let our warriors clad in purple be mighty and valiant! May they return home after their battles with the plundered treasure of Lombardi hoisted high in their ruthless and battle-scarred hands! May the noble Viking Warriors of the past...Kapp...Tarkenton...Grant...Page...Eller...Marshall...McDaniel...Randle...Yary...Foreman...and Krause...be vindicated by the new Viking warriors, and may their valor be restored to them! Skol...Skol...Skol...may the victory be ours at last!!!
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    Last night, the final nail in the Federation's coffin was hammered in. One of the last heroes fighting for justice, @squire12, aka the faithful bartender and confidant, Guinan, Civilian aligned, was shot dead by a phaser. One of the craftiest killers on board the Enterprise also met his end, ironically, to his own gun. @Forge attempted to fire at one of his Romulan enemies, when a crafty Romulan beamed the disruptor fire midshot back into his own face. He (well actually, she) was Lursa, House of Duras aligned. While technically, the Romulan Star Empire's victory condition is to "outnumber all other players", I'm calling it here. They are two out of four players, and thus could force the game-winning no lynch. Therefore I am saving us the time and trouble and simply declaring them the winners. Congratulations, @Dome, @MD4L, and @DingoLadd! I will update the OP with all roles in the autopsy report - even those who didn't die. Furthermore, if you're interested in what the complete 32-player setup was as well as each player's night moves, you can find them here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1fEy7MdChKObThQdfQ-a4XKn8FPRX1D9jh8kTn16Dee0/edit?usp=sharing I hope you guys enjoyed my first setup! I've personally learned a lot. Thanks for playing!
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    Pascal Siakam will win MVP this year. You heard it here first.
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    I just want to point out every team Jerry West is apart of instantly hits gold.
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