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    Mamas, don't let your babies grow up to be runningbacksDon't let 'em ruin knees and never get paidLet 'em be quarterbacks and cornerbacks and suchMamas don't let your babies grow up to be runningbacks
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    I mean, I was under the impression that Ozzie basically stepped aside because he was done/semi-retiring. You make it sound like he was forced out which I kind of doubt.
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    Live look at the Rams trying to navigate the salary cap in the foreseeable future:
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    Nice job Houston. Now it’s time to extend your HC/GM to match the length of his deal, Kansas City style.
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    All y'all making fun of him for not having a hand are some clowns.
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    I'm smiling, that's for sure.
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    Except... he is literally on the IR list...
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    *Jalen Ramsey Follows Rams on Twitter*
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    But I'm probably still going to have to use the Create-A-Character feature to get Aaron Hernandez back in the game.
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    Packer fan observations here....concerning the Vikes. I came away very surprised at how well your OL held up. Couple mistakes here and there, but overall, this was a much better unit than we played last year. Even with our big guy in there, Clark, I thought your o-line held up well. Same thing for your DL. Couple of no name guys inside and I thought they held their own. Well enough to win ball games. Don't count Gb's o-line short. Great LT, great center, great LG who can play all 5 positions at a very high level. And we have depth. Runyan is flat out a football player and a mauler at guard. Wagner is a pros pro at RT. While I'm proud of our OL, your DL didn't lose the game. And we tried to run a lot. Still I'm amazing by Kendricks. He's just a great player and one that I feel is underrated in the NFL. He's actually a joy to watch. Very much admire Thielen. Doesn't have great wheels, but his smarts are off the charts. He burned pretty much every GB d-back out there, even Alexander. Surprised there wasn't more Irv Smith. Cook could have run for 200+ yards if the Vikes had any kind of lead. He's special. It's a "love/hate" thing with me and him. Love that you payed him big bucks, hate that I have to play against him twice a year. Was Anthony Barr even on the field? It's not like he hasn't seen the jet sweep motion before, but it seemed to absolutely freeze him. He's better than that, you paid him to be better than that. Secondary was simply overmatched. Thinking it is because Godgers showed up. And he hasn't for a while. He stayed more in the pocket and released the ball on rhythm while working the RB's in the flats and even going over the middle. He hasn't done that in years. He also manipulated those corners on man routes to get some big plays. Course two of them were dropped, but still, Rodgers was flat out "on" and dropping dimes out there. Poor young corners didn't stand a chance. This is obviously not the real Vikings. More of Vikings-lite. No Hunter, Yannick was feeling things out. I have no doubt that when Hunter comes back and Yannick has his feet under him, the defense is going to be considerably different. And better. Young corners should improve with reps, too. Offensively, if your line keeps up that play, it's going to work nicely. I think Irv Smith needs to be more involved as a second year player, because Jefferson honestly looked lost out there. Body language wasn't good, seemed uncertain of things, which is to be expected. Smith can take that load and Thielen looks as good/awesome as ever. It was an entertaining game from start to finish. We made a couple more defensive plays and our coach kept scoring TD's in the 4'th as opposed to kicking field goals, or this would have had a different ending. See yah next time and may health be kind to your team!
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    Drafting a first round QB was a better tool for helping Rodgers than giving him a shiny, new, rookie WR. He became angry, vintage, Chip-on-his-shoulder-Rodgers. Old man Rodgers is gone and Old Rodgers is back, all aboard the MVP hype train -- destination? Another heartbreaking NFC championship loss.
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    2017 CB review Preface Using coaches film, I look at every single pass play a CB was involved in, and determine whether or not they did their job in coverage. This project was inspired by Cian Fahey who did a similar project a few years back, as he found that even the advanced targets and catches CB metrics many sites began putting out did not tell the whole story. Who were they covering? Was it actually their fault? Were they benefiting from poor QB play? A couple of notes about my process: For every eligible pass play, a CB either receives a "Success", "Shutdown" or "Failure" if he's in man coverage, or a "Good", "Great" or "Poor" if he's in zone. This is fairly subjective by its' nature, but I obviously try my best to be consistent. I do take into account situations, a CB is not going to get a "Failure" if the QB has 7 seconds to throw and hits the WR for a 10 yard gain who comes running back towards the QB after finishing his route. Letting up a 9 yard curl on 3rd & 10 is probably not a failure in the 1st quarter, but 4 down territory in the 4th quarter? It probably is. Hopefully you get the gist. Man Failure: CB gets beat by the WR, in other words, the WR gets in position where a completion can be reasonably expected to occur. Whether it does or not is irrelevant. Game situation is taken into account, as well as time to throw. Success: WR is able to run most, if not all, of his route but is unable to achieve a position where a completion can be reasonably expected to occur. Great throws or great catches won't change this mark. Shutdown: WR is able to run his entire route, or is taken out of play, and the CB remains in a position throughout where a completion would be next to impossible to occur. Zone Poor: CB leaves his zone open long enough that a completion could be reasonably expected to occur, or if CB is simply beat by WR in his zone. Good: CB does his job, covers his zone, and prevents any good looks from occuring in his zone. Great: Varies. Generally if multiple WRs cross into the CBs zone, aka it's a difficult play for the CB, but he holds it down, or if the CB shuts down the WR entering his zone. QB looking CB's way and deciding not to throw his way usually can get this mark. I am not a Xs and Os expert, and even if I was, I would not be able to truly know what a CB's responsibility on any given play was without seeing the playcall. Fortunately when it comes to man coverage, their responsibility is usually blatant, but it becomes a lot murkier in zone. I would implore people to look at my notes as they usually detail exactly how I interpreted any major plays, and around where you can find them to look at them yourself. I'm very open to adjusting the charting data if somebody believes a big play was incorrectly attributed to a CB (this situation would likely only arise in zone, or man that was so poorly played I mistook it for zone). I mentioned eligible pass plays earlier, let me elaborate. I look at every pass play, but I don't judge the following pass plays Designed screen. Designed quick passes. You can often tell if a QB is making 1, or no, reads after the snap. You see it a lot on goal line fades, or in the flat to the HB if the QB identified a hole pre-snap. I'm not crediting a CB for good coverage when the ball got out in 1 second and the QB didn't even look the way of the CB, UNLESS the CB's man is the target on that play, as then I am judging your coverage with the ball in the air. Zone coverage where all pass catchers converge to the opposite side of the field from the CB. (Compared to my 2017 data, I got a bit stricter with this) Now the most reliable and useful data from this whole project is the charting. I've recorded every reception given up, which entails who the WR was, the down, distance and quarter, and the general route ran. I am confident in the accuracy of this data, as there is very little subjectivity, especially when it comes to man coverage, as opposed to the success/fail data which involves a lot of subjectivity on my part. Any tough calls are detailed in my notes. I assign breakups very liberally. I give out "breakups" as such: if the CB was not there and did not interfere in some way, whether batting the ball in the air, knocking it loose after the WR grabs it, simply positioning himself in a way that makes it impossible for WR to catch it, etc., a completion would have occurred. Besides showing a CBs ball skill and aggressiveness, this number is valuable since it gives you an idea of how many throws their way were on target. By subtracting PDs + completions from targets, you can get an idea of how many targets were simply inaccurate throws or drops. Answers the question of "how much did CB's charting data benefit from poor QB play?" Snapshot of all CBs looked at thus far: CBMetrics2019.xlsx Stephon Gilmore Stephon Gilmore 2019.xlsx Overall Observations: Biases: Came into this expecting to see elite CB play. Believe Gilmore is best CB in NFL. Patriots play a ton of straightforward man. I am seeing a lot of cover 1. Physical corner, likes to keep hand on his man, sometimes gets caught being too physical. Huge beneficiary of Pats pass rush, at least in 1st half of season, where many teams clearly changed offense to employ more quick hitting plays. Good straight line speed, rarely burned outright. Not impressed by his change of direction speed, WRs often get serious separation on in breaking routes where he has to flip hips. Usually plays with outside leverage, funneling WR into middle of field. Follows opposing #1s all over the field, does not take breaks. Not afraid to undercut routes, trusts McCourty and co to cover him. 74 coverage snaps in the slot (16.6%) Data: Shadowed opposing #1 WR in all but 4 matchups (Dolphins, Giants, Eagles, Titans). Followed #1 WRs into the slot. Played 17 games including playoffs. 89.2% success rate; 86.8% in man, 95.9% in zone 8.3% shutdown rate in man, 9.1% great coverage rate in zone. 73% of coverage snaps were marked as man. Allowed 40 catches for 558 yards, 1 TD. Opposing passer rating of 40.0 when targeted. 23 pass breakups. Allowed 5 catches in excess of 20 air yards. Called for 5 penalties that cost 25 yards. Breakdown of Catches Allowed: 12 Slants for 133 yards 5 Comebacks for 57 yards 4 In routes for 54 yards 3 Go routes for 109 yards 3 Hitches for 21 yards 3 Flats for 20 yards Best Performances: Allowed 2 catches for 23 yards on 5 targets in shadow matchup vs Amari Cooper. 1 INT. Allowed 3 catches for 24 yards on 6 targets in shadow matchup vs Tyler Boyd. 2 INTs. Allowed 1 catch for 9 yards on 6 targets vs Giants. 1 INT, 4 breakups and 7 shutdown/great coverage marks. Worst Performances: Allowed 7 catches for 119 yards in shadow matchup vs Davante Parker. Marked with 7 failures in coverage in 1st shadow matchup vs John Brown, allowed 68 yards on 9 targets. Marked with 6 failures in coverage in shadow matchup vs OBJ. Tre'Davious White Tre'Davious White 2019.xlsx Overall Observations: Biases: Assumed to see that White is elite CB, but playing an easier role than Gilmore and just not being forced to do much as teams avoided him. Bills play a lot of zone coverage, constantly give different looks, and hide their coverage often. Makes this more difficult. Not afraid to get physical but doesn't press too often, even when playing up tight. Likes to play trail technique in man. Mainly sits at LCB but will have games where he follows around #1 on several downs (usually 3rd downs). Very disciplined with staying squared up and not leaving his back pedal too soon/late. Very explosive out of squared up position, lets him break on routes easily. Started following WRs in 2nd half of season 16 coverage snaps in the slot. Data: Majority of snaps were at LCB, however, he began to shadow opposing WRs in week 9, went back to LCB for final 2 games, then shadowed Hopkins for most of WC game. Played 16 games including playoffs. 88.6% success rate; 83.7% in man, 94.7% in zone. 12.1% shutdown rate in man, 10.6% great coverage rate in zone. 55.8% of coverage snaps were marked as man. Allowed 46 catches for 598 yards, 0 TDs. Opposing passer rating of 45.5 when targeted. 19 pass breakups. Allowed 5 catches in excess of 20 air yards. Called for 7 penalties that cost 60 yards. Breakdown of Catches Allowed: 9 outs for 78 yards 8 Slants for 85 yards 5 In routes for 69 yards 5 Comebacks for 58 yards 4 Hitches for 28 yards 4 Flats for 20 yards 3 Go routes for 115 yards Best Performances: Never targeted in shadow matchup vs Hollywood Brown. Allowed 1 catch for 27 yards on 7 targets in shadow matchup vs Courtland Sutton. INT, 3 breakups. Allowed 1 catch for 5 yards on 5 targets vs Patriots in 1st matchup. 1 INT Worst Performances: Allowed 5 catches for 72 yards on 5 targets in shadow matchup vs DeAndre Hopkins. Season low 77.8% success rate in shadow matchup vs OBJ, was targeted 13 times in just 27 coverage snaps. Allowed 7 catches for 88 yards on 8 targets vs Giants. Darius Slay Darius Slay 2019.xlsx Overall Observations: Biases: Watched film AFTER Slay became Eagle, so bias there. Slay has textbook man/zone tendencies, hips and eyes towards QB when zone, hips and eyes towards WR when man, makes charting him easy. Doesn't press often. Not uncommon to see him line up right across from WR a yard out, but he still doesn't use bump and run technique. Shadows opposing #1s. He usually has help either over the middle or over the top, but Lions were not afraid to leave him on his own. Easily spotted by forearm sleeve on left arm, usually black when home, white on road. Uses variety of coverage techniques, but has some tendencies such as relying on trail technique out of tight man. 71 coverage snaps covering slot (18.1%) Data: Shadowed opposing #1 WR in all but 3 games (Cardinals, Eagles, Bucs) Played 14 games. 87.0% success rate; 85.1% in man, 90.2% in zone. 6.8% shutdown rate in man, 9.8% great coverage rate in zone. 63.5% of coverage snaps were marked as man. Allowed 46 catches for 662 yards, 3 TDs. Opposing passer rating of 75.5 when targeted. 20 pass breakups. Allowed 10 catches in excess of 20 air yards. Called for 7 penalties that cost 62 yards. Breakdown of Catches Allowed: 6 Comebacks for 78 yards 6 outs for 37 yards 5 Go routes for 170 yards 5 Corners for 125 yards 5 Crossing routes for 76 yards 5 Slants for 41 yards 4 Hitches for 23 yards Best Performances: Allowded 1 catch for 6 yards on 2 targets vs Bucs. Allowed 4 catches for 28 yards on 9 targets in shadow matchup vs Courtland Sutton. 3 breakups. Allowed 3 catches for 46 yards on 9 targets in shadow matchup vs Amari Cooper. 3 breakups. Worst Performances: Allowed 8 catches for 128 yards on 11 targets in 2nd shadow matchup vs Stefon Diggs. Allowed 6 catches for 109 yards and 1 TD on 11 targets in shadow matchup vs Davante Adams. Allowed 6 catches for 75 yards on 13 targets in shadow matchup vs Keenan Allen. Ronald Darby Ronald Darby 2019.xlsx I don't really feel like doing whole little write up on Darby because I doubt many care lol, I will say, I was surprised he did not end up with worse marks. He perhaps breaks my little system though, because so many of the deep catches he allowed were air tight coverage, which I normally don't mark as failure... The WRs were just outplaying him in the air for the ball and doing a better job of adjusting, and it obviously is a problem, not just bad luck (as I normally would chalk up a big completion where perhaps the throw was perfect or it was a jump ball), when this is happening every week. Jalen Ramsey Jalen Ramsey 2019.xlsx Overall Observations: Biases: Seemed to have down year, didn't think he made much of difference for Rams, so I figured maybe there was lapses in effort/technique since he obviously is still in physical prime. Failures often a result of misjudgements, while his "successes" and "shutdowns" feel more dominant than those of other CBs looked at. Superior athlete to pretty much everybody he lines up against. Lets him rely on reactive play, doesn't need to anticipate routes. Very physical CB, will match WRs physicality. Rarely loses a physical coverage snap, and often gets a shutdown. Had shadow responsbilities in matchups with clear #1 WR, which ended up being half of his 12 games. Despite only 2 INTs (and 1 officially) on the season, you can tell even in man he will try to bait QBs to make throws by trailing behind guys or giving them space, knowing he can make up ground quick. 39 coverage snaps in the slot (12.3%). Data: Shadowed opposing #1 WR in games with shadow worthy WR, essentially (6/12) Played 12 games. 90.2% success rate; 90% in man, 90.7% in zone. 12% shutdown rate in man, 15% great coverage rate in zone. 66.1% of coverage snaps were marked as man. Allowed 37 catches for 470 yards, 1 TD Opposing passer rating of 76.5 when targeted. 11 pass breakups. Allowed 5 catches in excess of 20 air yards. First down rate of just 56.7% on catches given up. Called for 2 penalties that cost 30 yards (both in week 10 vs Steelers) Breakdown of Catches Allowed: 8 Outs for 56 yards 7 Slants for 59 yards 6 Curls for 66 yards 4 Go routes for 175 yards Best Performances: Held Hopkins to 34 yards on 5 catches. Not targeted a single time in shadow matchup vs Cooper. Held Robinson to 3 catches for 34 yards on 8 targets, only had 1 failure in coverage. Worst Performances: Allowed 3 catches for 69 yards on 6 targets in shadow matchup vs Julio, had 5 coverage failures. Allowed 52 yards and was penalized 2x for 30 yards in shadow matchup vs JuJu. Sherman next, probably final CB I look at for 2019.
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    I cannot think of a guy who has had his hopes dashed worse with poor QB play in a long time. He goes to college at Penn State and in his junior year plays with Christian Hackenberg, who is supposed to be a QB phenom, but instead he’s just not that at all. He gets drafted by the Jaguars to play with #3 overall pick Blake Bortles and he’s garbage. He leaves the Jaguars to play with #2 pick Mitch Trubiski and he’s still trash.
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    Hated it. I like watching fringe players battling for roster spots in live games. I'm fine with not playing any starters but I think it was sorely missed for evaluating 2nd-3rd tier players.
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    Eh...I like Mixon as a player, but I have trouble with the though that any running back making 7 figures a season is a "steal of a deal".
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    I don’t wish that on Allen Robinson after playing with the QBs he already has....
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    I hereby disallow the votes from Rutgers and Maryland. We are now processing a formal recount to appease your request. We'll let you know when the recount results are available. The results are in! The vote was 9-3 in favor of delaying the season. You can stop talking about Rutgers and Maryland now.
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    Houston, because it's on brand to beat a team you shouldn't beat early on and then celebrate like you've accomplished something ...only to come back later in the playoffs and get doused with reality. Just like last season, Houston will win the RS game, KC will beat 'em in the playoffs...
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    This is good. Important for cops to know that if they shoot an unarmed black man a crowdless playoff game might get postponed.
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    Two strong drafts? Trades a backup kicker to Minnesota for a 5th round pick that turns into a trade for Calais Campbell. Traded a fifth and a backup LB to the Rams for Marcus Peters who went on in half a season with 3 picks and 2 for touchdowns. Retained a few vets, got Derek Wolfe and manages a good salary cap. Earl Thomas turned out to be a bad signing. Big deal. Even Bill Belichick makes bad signings.
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    Its that time of the year again... where all of America is glued to their TV screens for action packed entertainment. No, I am not talking about shark week... this is CARP week. Dictionary.com defines CARP as the following: a large freshwater cyprinid fish, Cyprinus carpio, native to Asia but widely introduced in tropical and temperate waters: an important food fish in many countries. Footballsfuture defines CARP as: The merger of the Bengals and Browns, to overcome all curses and blunder of our histories, to create a one Ohio team, unstoppable in all phases. There was a time, long ago, when the prophecy was first spoken. Men and women on this forum did not know how to handle such an incredible idea. Steelers fans mocked, Ravens fans sneered... how could two Ohio teams ever find common ground and love. Thus, the idea of CARP was born. Forum elders still tell tales of AJ Green lining up alongside Jarvis Landry, of the three headed rushing attack in Chubb, Hunt, and Mixon, of the defense that would still probably suck, but would be OH so much better. Tonight, these two teams face again, ready to remind fans of what could be. Questions will arise, laughter might ensue, but the hope remains... that one day... Ohio will be one... The Columbus CARP Sit down with your children. Teach them why its important to have a RT not named Bobby Hart protecting their franchise QB. Explain to them why the Browns never invest in Linebackers. Pray together that each QB will live to see tomorrow. While the playoffs may be but another dream for both these teams, another dream awaits on the horizon. CARP. CARP....... CARP We are CARP. We are many.
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    Every single time I read "X player has been placed on IR" I go "oh wow that's huge", and then I remember it's only for 3 weeks.
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    Yes you should punt. They’re not unstoppable
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    Other than the fact that you are exactly wrong, sure.
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    "folks, the hole in the boat is going to magically disappear. Nobody has done a better job not sinking than me."
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    Whites deal looking like a steal.
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    In a perfect world Cam is MVP form and we reload around him for the next 5 years
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    So over my vacation, I've been doing a very deep dive into the analytics of the past 15 Vikings/Packers match-ups and have came away with a pretty neat stat.... In games where the Vikings and Packers play within the first month of the season, the Vikings are undefeated against the Packers when Minnesota has a lead at the end of the 4th quarter. Like wise, the Packers are undefeated when THEY have a lead at the end of the 4th quarter. So with that being said, the games in this rivalry are usually won by the team with the most points at the end of the 4th quarter which means that if Minnesota wants to start 1-0, they really should look to score more points than the Packers in week 1.
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    Oh I get it! He was born with a physical disability that caused him so much pain that, as a 4-year-old, he tried to cut off his own hand to make it stop! And then, he worked incredibly hard to overcome that disability to get drafted into the ranks of one of the most prestigious athletic organizations in the world! And like, you made some puns about his hand, because it was amputated when he was 4! That’s clever! He achieves a dream of millions by work and determination, but like you’ve got your thing too, where you make some bad puns on the internet. That’s great! You did a thing! I imagine you’re swelling with pride. This is definitely something to feel good about! Yay for you!
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    I dont find these jokes humerus.
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    This dude might be the most purely talented CB since even Charles Woodson, but his attitude is a complete ****ing toilet bowl that will ultimately be his undoing. Has to be an infuriating player to coach or have on your team as a fan. Edit: team not tram!
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    you guys dont need to spin all these arguments that dont make sense when you can just say you don't respect or support their cause. it's cool. it's not like we don't understand what's going on here lmao.
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    ok, I’ll bite. Show me where it was reported as a “covid death”. Autopsy, etc.. some sort of “verifiable fact” (reputable source of course). I don’t think you understand how this works. The COD is reported to the government, not the other way around. What you’re hinting at is a (relatively) old rumor that has no actual factual basis. If you think you have some, I’d love to see it. I mean, I’m an RN, I’m aware. No offense, but don’t ask me to worry about the “health and well-being of the county” when people on your side of this discussion can’t stop pissing in the community pool by not wearing mask and engaging in activities that put others at risk, including their own damned friends, families and neighbors. When everyone can manage to worry about actual health, I’ll worry about fiscal health. When does it happen? Good question. When chuds can accept that wearing a piece of fabric over their pie hole isn’t some form of “gubment control”. When goobers who barely graduated high school stop thinking that their opinion is as valid as epidemiologists and virologists who’ve studied this stuff their entire adult lives because of a meme they saw on Facebook or some slanted media outlet. Bottom line, when people stfu, put on a mask, stop acting like selfish children and accept the new normal. If mouth breathers could have just embraced distancing and masks we’d be light years ahead of where we are now, but no, we’ve got a bunch of tin foil hat wearing Cletuses delaying it for everyone. So I guess perhaps we should be asking you, when does this stuff become a priority? I will, and you keep believing Facebook fake news that’s typically aimed at boomers who don’t vet sources.
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    this is more of a twice-divorced uncle facebook post than a FF post imo
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    Not even apples and oranges. The NBA killed close to 10 teams before they even started up their bubble, and each team has about 15 players vs the 53 man roster housed by an NFL team. The NFL has bigger coaching staffs, bigger training staff, bigger equipment manager staffs... An NBA team might consist of about 25 people, player and non-player personnel. An NFL team is 4-5 times that... and that's over 32 teams, not 22 like the NBA shuttled in. You'd also have to find a confined space with 10+ Football fields in close proximity to one another to get every team playing a regular schedule - unless you're scheduling games on Thurs, Fri, Sat and Sunday. A bubble might work for the NFL come playoff time, but that's it. It's logistically impossible to pull this off for 32 teams over a 16 game schedule.
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