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    Vikes got a first for Diggs and the Texans cant get a first for Hopkins.....SMH
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    I'm here for the @ET80 meltdown.
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    Dudes made over $100m over his career. Don’t think he has to worry much about his bills
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    lol they got more for him than Texans got for Nuk.
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    DeShaun Watson for a 2022 3rd round pick. You heard it here first.
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    Calling Romo a mediocre QB is some funny stuff and the joke is definitely not on Romo. 78-49 as a starter. 65.3% completions - T-7th with Peyton Manning 248 passing TDs - 23rd all-time 5.7 TD% - T-18th with Peyton Manning 219 yards per game - 40th all-time 7.9 yards per pass - T-5th with Kurt Warner, Russell Wilson, and Ed Brown 2.7% interception rate - T-38th with players such as Peyton Manning 34,183 passing yards - 32nd all-time (for a QB who only started for 10 seasons) That's 1000 yards more than Young and Aikman His 97.1 regular season rating is 4th all-time His 93.0 playoff passer rating is 13th all-time His 2014 season was the 12th highest passer rating season in NFL History. Romo is the Cowboys leader in almost every passing stat. Your 'mediocre' hot take is in the blue jersey below.
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    Gordon wants 2 shots at the Chargers each year That way he can get revenge on them... for offering him the best deal he was ever gonna turn down
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    Unless you just haven't been reading the news, I don't get how you can say this. It might not be serious for you, but it certainly could be for others, and it is in everyone's best interests to prevent its spread.
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    I think it's time to bring this bad boy back:
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    Delete Facebook, hit the gym, lawyer up. No one messes with a bitchin camero.
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    Welp, good luck with stopping the run game now that you’ve got him back!
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    Hey it's better than the Rams.
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    Does anyone have some Coronavirus I could inhale?
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    Here's a twist...nobody.
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    Bruh, DO NOT LEAVE NFL GM'S at home with nothing to do during a pandemic. wtf is going on
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    He threw a ton of interceptions for a HOF guy. I always find it funny that Chris Weinke went from HS football and baseball superstar... to FSU Football commit... to 2nd round pick of the Toronto Blue Jays... to buried in the Blue Jays' minor leagues for six years... to a 26 year old freshman QB at Florida State... to a 28 year old Heisman winner... to starting QB for the Carolina Panthers... to winning his first start as a Pro... then losing his next 17 games as a starter. I guess it's not weird, but it certainly not something you see daily.
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    We need to take break here. Too much political discussion, subtle insults and bickering. I’ll open this back up or start a new topic soon. We all need to put aside our differences and come together now more than ever.
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    I’m beginning to wonder if holding the “Design the New Rams Logo” competition at the school for blind children was a bad idea, even if the intentions were good
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    I don't expect to see 80,000 fans in attendance by September, but I expect we will see football. They now have a 45 min test for covid-19. If the virus is still raging in September, I could see testing the entire NFL on game day. Anyone who tests positive will be quarantined. Everyone else will play in front of a TV audience. I'm sure there will need to be testing during the week and maybe even have players isolated. It will be costly and inconvenient for the players and league, but many will do it if it's possible. We can keep this topic open if it stays focused on how the NFL will handle the Coronavirus. Do not use this topic for general discussion of the Coronavirus.
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    The coronavirus is unforgiving. It’s already killed two threads
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    He needs to be immediately tested for COVID. This has Trojan Horse written all over it.
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    Imagine having to cut your overpaid RB instead of getting an elite WR for him.
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    Not a fan of 17 games. All records are going to be decimated within 5 years.
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    NOT @mistakey, he went out to eat last night. He dead. NOT @MWil23, @Reginaldm9, @big poppa pump, @Bucketheadsdad they’re around a bunch of gross kids and prolly already had Coronavirus and aids like 6 times. Eww. NOT @NateDawg or @pnies20 I wouldn’t want them to be placed in an unethical situation with their jobs and what I may do left stuck in one location for 2 straight weeks. NOT @bruceb, he hasn’t been vaccinated for anything since polio and might die if someone coughed on him. NOT @Kiwibrown, @hornbybrown @Don Roshi @Mega Ron @Aztec Hammeror any of the other foreigners because foreigners are how this whole thing started. NOT @buno67 because, well, he’s buno. NOT @Mind Character because I don’t need a murder charge on my hands. Day 3 hearing about charlatans and it’s over. NOT @candyman93 because he’s part of the emergency response team for this ish. He gonna die too. NOT @malibuspeedrace because he’s not even in the FF HOF. NOT @freakygeniuskid he’s around way too many people in church. Disgusting. NOT @Horseunit, that username is enough of a clue. NOT @BleedTheClock this idiot just got engaged apparently after listening to our tales of woe for years. How sharp can he be? NOT @ditchdigger or @CBrownsmanI can’t think of any compelling reasons, but I’m on a roll. NOT @DaWg_LB., because the reefer bbq would make to too enjoyable, I wouldn’t want it to end. NOT @NudeTayne he’s a Russian bot, clearly, and I’m not bunking with foreigners. NOT @Thomas5737 even I don’t like Baker that much. NOT @brownie man even I don’t like Simmons that much. NOT @Rod Johnson a man who first and last names are words for a penis? What would the neighbors think. NOT @Bonanza23 he boils his meat like a frog. USA USA USA! You slackjaws are bad enough on the internetz, I couldn’t imagine you in person. I’ll wait this out in my toilet paper fortress alone, thank you very much.
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    Them going bankrupt is ridiculous. Most of us make under 100K a year, hell probably under 50K if we're being honest and none seem to have issues supporting their families. Even after taxes a 3 year life span of the average player thats still around 500-600K during your tenure, money some will never see. Not to mention most are either college graduates or close to finishing or at least have the means to earn a degree. Point is if you cant manage the money you do make then you dont deserve more of it.
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    I'm going to be honest, I read the thread title and assumed this was going to be a Bearerofnews rant about agg%.
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    Man, the Jaguars took a great young nucleus of players and literally ran them all out of town. Unbelievable levels of incompetency there.
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    Gentlemen, i am now at the coal face looking after possible covid 19 patients. Keep me in your prayers.
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    🤣🤣 Did you just want some attention bro?
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    *When you realize you have the Rams 1st round pick next year*
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    Billy Spikes would be proud of you @RaidersAreOne
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    *Deshaun Watson has left the chat
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    Something tells me the same people minimizing the argument "Only _______ people have died and most of them are over _____ years old" would feel differently if it were their family.
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    Peyton Hillis. Madden cover.
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    Good for Tony... one of the best in the business (IMO) from the moment he started
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    Design firm after hitting hide on the navy layer and smooshing it down flatter
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    Davante Adams isn’t a “true 1” in what world?
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    I hope Brady plays at a HOF level for the next 5 years at least. He's your problem now NFC.
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    The title is a bit of an overstatement. He's saying that he didn't have the ability to spot the more nuanced pre-snap tells. That's not that rare for a young QB.
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    I think what he means and what people think he means is very different.
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