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    Because the random number generator spit out 8 this time.
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    Cincinnati needs to be careful, Burfict might cut 'em back.
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    Much has been said about how much the Packers spent in terms of dollars in free agency, but the raw numbers often don't really diagnose the actual contract itself. That's what this thread is an attempt to do. Going into the offseason, the Packers had roughly $34M in cap space which includes the ~$7.8M they rolled over from the 2018 season. So without further ado, let's dig into those contracts. I'll be using the same format. Base Salary | Signing Bonus | Various Bonuses | Cap Hit | Cap Savings Guaranteed portions are italicized Za'Darius Smith 4 years, $66M, $20M signing bonus, $20M Guaranteed 2019: $1M | $5M | $1.25M | $7.25M | $12.75M 2020: $2M | $5M | $10.25M | $17.25M | $2.25M 2021: $9.5M | $5M | $6.25M | $20.75M | $10.75M 2022: $14.5M | $5M | $1.25M | $20.75M | $15.75M Let's start out with the guarantees. The only part of Za'Darius Smith's contract that is guaranteed is the signing bonus, which means if they cut him at any point in time the only part they'd have to account for would be the signing bonus which would accelerate and hit in the year he's released. If they release Za'Darius after Y1, they'd incur $15M in dead cap. If they release him after Y2, they'd incur $10M in dead cap. And if they released him after Y3, they'd incur only $5M in dead cap. In the first year, they only eat $7.25M of the cap space, which is a bit below where I anticipated. I expected it to come around $10M, so that adds a bit extra cap space than I anticipated. After Y1, they can save $2.25M which when you factor in a replacement player for roughly 500k, you're really only looking at a savings of $1.75M. Figure in the $15M in dead cap they'd take on, it seems highly unlikely he's released after the upcoming season unless something goes horribly, horribly wrong. After Y2, it becomes a bit bigger question. His cap hit jumps up to nearly $21M which would be top 3 for highest cap hits among non-QBs last year. The packers ave $10.75M by releasing him, which pushes it closer to $10M when you factor in a replacement player. This is the first choke point for the contract. If Za'Darius Smith continues to develop, that decision becomes a bit hazier. If he doesn't develop, that's an easy out and only leaves the Packers on the hook for $10M in dead cap which isn't insurmountable. We just released Nick Perry which has a dead cap of $11.1M, so the Packers aren't completely turned off by a large dead cap. If they opt to retain him for the 2021 season, he probably gets released after Y3 because $21M as opposed to saving the nearly $16M makes the decision rather easy. Overall, this is essentially a 2 year, $34.5M with what amounts to a pair of options for $10M and $15M roughly. If Za'Darius Smith is productive, Y3 probably sees him in a Packers' uniform. Probably unlikely he sees Y4 in a Packers' uniform New Cap Space: $26.75M Adrian Amos 4 years, $36M, $11M Signing Bonus, $12M Guaranteed 2019: $1.25M | $2.75M | $1.9M | $5.9M | $5.1M 2020: $1.75M | $2.75M | $4.9M | $9.4M | $1.15M 2021: $4.9M | $2.75M | $2.4M | $10.05M | $4.45M 2022: $7M | $2.75M | $0.9M | $10.65M | $7.9M Again, let's start with the guarantees. On top of the signing bonus which is always guaranteed, the Packers guaranteed the roster bonus in 2019 for $1M. Since there's little chance of the Packers releasing Amos prior to the season, there's really no reason to factor that into it other than face value. After Y1, they can release Amos and save a bit under $1M once you factor in a replacement for him. Unless he's awful, he's going to be back in 2020. After Y2, you can release him and save roughly $4M. If the Packers develop a safety behind him, you're probably able to get away with releasing him but you're probably not getting a high quality safety for that money you're saving. If you release him after Y3, you save nearly $7.5M which creates the first significant chokepoint. If Adrian Amos is playing at a high level and you've already had him play Y3 with a cap hit of just over $10M, you're probably willing to bring him back for another year at 600k more. Overall, this is a really healthy contract and doesn't create any real obvious cap outs. I wouldn't be surprised if he saw the entirety of his contract. New Cap Space: $21.65M Preston Smith 4 years, $52M, $16M Signing Bonus, $16M Guaranteed 2019: $0.85M | $4M | $1.15M | $6M | $10M 2020: $4.35M | $4M | $5.15M | $13.5M | $1.5M 2021: $6.85M | $4M | $5.15M | $16M | $8M 2022: $11.35M | $4M | $1.15M | $16.5M | $12.5M The Packers structured Preston Smith very similarly to Za'Darius Smith that they could conceivably opt out after Y1 if things went horribly wrong. Unfortunately, $12M in dead cap and really only saving $1M makes it highly unlikely the Packers would release Preston Smith after Y1. After Y2, they have a $4M roster bonus due the 3rd day of the league year, which creates the first chokepoint. If they release him, they save $7.5M when you factor in a replacement roster spot. If they opt to release him after Y3, they save $12.5M which is a pretty easy release point considering they'd only incur $4M in dead cap. This is effectively a 2 year deal at $27.5M with an option for another year. Odds are high that he doesn't see Y3, and even less likely he'd see Y4. New Cap Space: $15.65M Billy Turner 4 years, $28M, $9M Signing Bonus, $9M Guaranteed 2019: $1.35M | $2.25M | $0.65M | $4.25M | $4.75M 2020: $1.7M | $2.25M | $3.65M | $7.6M | $0.85M 2021: $4.15M | $2.25M | $1.65M | $8.05M | $3.55M 2022: $5.2M | $2.25M | $0.65M | $8.1M | $5.85M This is probably the most interesting structure for me. It's essentially a 1 year deal with 3 options. Y1 has a low cap hit as is usual when you're only counting $4.25M. In 2020, his cap hit jumps to $7.6M and while the savings are minimal to say the least, his cap hit would have ranked 15th last year among guards. If this was a good buy low candidate, he's a strong to keep on board but the minimal dead cap after Y1 ($6.75M in dead cap) make a relatively easy out next year if he flops. Odds are if he's good for Y2, he's going to remain good in Y3. This is definitely one of the more intriguing contracts we have since it essentially treats every year as an option with the low dead cap number. If the Packers can develop a solid young OG this offseason, we can release Lane Taylor next offseason and save a bit over $4.6M. Rinse and repeat the offseason after that, and you're saving nearly $3M the offseason by releasing Billy Turner. New Cap Space: $10.9M So right now, we're sitting around $10.9M and some change. Figure roughly $5M for draft picks using OTC rookie contract projections, and the Packers have roughly $5.9M left to play with. That doesn't include the $3.3M we saved by releasing Nick Perry. That pushes our cap space to roughly $9.2M and we can open an additional $4.75M by releasing Tramon Williams. I don't anticipate they release Tramon unless they sign another DB. And that doesn't include restructures, which as far as I can remember we haven't utilized since Ted Thompson took over and I don't anticipate changing anytime soon under Gute. Right now, we've got $9.2M in cap space to play with the potential to push it to nearly $14M. Figure roughly $7M for rollover, and we've got enough money to re-sign Wilkerson and Breeland provided neither are asking for an insane amount of money.
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    The ripples from the Marcus Gilbert trade will be felt for decades
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    Hunt is more of a 1-2 kick guy, no?
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    i mean, the entire forum didn’t know either, you included.
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    Should be a good strong leader in the locker room.
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    The Bills trading for Antonio Brown was fun for a few hours.
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    Jrry I checked the film and I don't think there's any overreactions in this thread. Check out this from the Week 3: pretty clear signs of knee damage.
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    Blake Bortles times released: 1 Tom Brady times released: 0 Just another stat that Blake has over Tom Brady.
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    This is precisely how I expected it to happen call me Nostradamus
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    I mean...your QB still cant throw a football. Wouldnt get too cocky just yet.
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    Next you’re gonna tell me the Browns got obj
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    Titans finally get their #2 receiver.
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    This is some GOAT level pettiness by the Steelers. I love it.
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    They won’t even be as good as the 2018-19 Chiefs. I respect your positivity though.
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    Raiders should trade for Big Ben.
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    I'm not even going to laugh at the contract. I think that was largely to be expected, so I'm really not surprised. But man, you can just feel this not ending well at all.
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    I know when I'm trying to build a playoff roster, I always start by over paying off the ball weak side linebackers. Awesome strategy
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    Man deserves a blank check after handing that interception to huey
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    Stop trolling. If you're not going to post about the thread, don't post.
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    Definitely the step dad that we needed to make us eat our vegetables and instill good habits until mom divorced him and married a new fun step dad that buys us PlayStations
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    Dorsey is a legit great GM. And this solidified the Browns no longer being the league doormat.
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    Well, this is what happens when the Browns get a legitimate GM. Thank the Chiefs for stupidly firing Dorsey.
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    So now that it’s confirned Rosen stays in AZ where does Murray end up?
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    Ok its friday here. I'll keep you guys posted.
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    Nah bruh, I got proof. Look at this text message I just got:
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    Must have re-signed Dontrell Hilliard.
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    Can you program some of your bots to give me likes?
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    Long blonde hair, big muscles. He's been on the team since 2009.
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    We're the Ravens, we always have linebackers.
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    No matter the details of the trade. Broncos win this.
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    You have a pass rusher on the wrong side of 30 who is likely to be a cap casualty if not traded. The team acquiring him will be on the hook for over $15 million this year. Last year, under similar circumstances, the Rams traded a 5th for Aqib Talib. I'm sticking to my guns here. Who has the motivation to tell Schefter that there's a bidding war?
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