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    Reggie shouldn't and won't cave. You don't let a guy hold you hostage like that. If Penn had a better track record with the front office he probably could have come in on time and asked for the bump and got it with no issues but with the turbulence last year as well I doubt he even thought about that. I can't wait til we replace this dude. And Newhouse isn't garbage. Look good last game tho I wouldn't like the depth going into the year with what we have minus Penn at the position.
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    None of those guys are edge players though, or have a lot of experience at holding an edge and turning runs inside keeping outside contain. Bowman, Smith and Foster all have the ability, or should/used to, to make pursuit plays, to be in coverage, and the athleticism, quickness and instincts to read the blocking and shoot gaps to make plays. That ability is mitigated if we put them on the line and allow blockers to get hands on them immediately. Is there much difference between the SAM and LEO? That I'm not too sure on, it seems that their roles can switch depending on how we are lining up according to the defense. With the exception of course that maybe the SAM drops back into coverage a bit while the LEO has more pass rushing responsibility. But again, those roles could switch on any given play. Brooks as @Forge said is our starter at SAM and has experience setting and edge and getting after the QB, Harold to some extent does as well, Watson seems capable of doing the same, all to varying degrees of success mind you. I don't think we'll see Armstead, Lynch or Dumervil drop into coverage too often so our SAM needs to be able to do both. Our MIKE and WILL are your more traditional LBs. All that being said we are talking about very average players or common players in the NFL. In order to have trade value a player must stand out in a certain area whether I'd be age, athleticism, potetential, pass rushing ability, etc. and be valued enough for another team to give up something to acquire said player. None of Brooks, Harold, Tank and even Dial really offer anything more than depth to another team I would assume. Maybe Dial can be a two down DT for a team or a base 3-4 DE but how many of those exact players exist in the NFL? Quite a few for probably a cheaper total than Dial would cost, we here about UDFAs and guys getting signed off the street to fill that exact role. Our team is still in the early stages of rebuilding therefor the talent on our team I believe is quite as tempting to other teams as some of us would believe, especially our depth players at that. I would love to be able to move McDonald and Dial for a potential CB, WR, OG, SAM/LEO but I just don't really see us getting any sort of return value for the guys mentioned above, atleast not anything that we don't already have on this team.
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    Trip was amesome. Best pasta for sure, pizza was really good, but I prefer American pizza to Italian. Give me LaRosas any day of the week. I will say, Italy was absolutely beautiful. I want to live there one day. I'd recommend anyone spend a week or more there.
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    Yeah it'd be annoying to have to mop up after all the ladies.
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    Name: Illadelegend215 Age: 27Family: 1 brother, girlfriend, step daughterState you were born in/state you live in now: Pennsylvania/ PennsylvaniaOccupation or area of study: behavioral health work (working with children that suffer from behavior disabilities)Interests besides football: basketball, anime, music.Favorite current Vike player: Stefon DiggsFavorite all-time Vike: Randy Moss/Adrian PetersonHow many Viking games have you attended: noneWhat one current player from any team would you like on the Vikings right now: Joe ThomasWhat one player from all time from any team would you like on the team right now: Prime Randy Moss
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    Richie Braham should have been a lot higher. He might be the most underrated Bengal of all time.
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    Hi Guys happy to join the Flock, been lurking for several years on the old Board, finally decided to join the party. Heres to a succesful season! Hope to be a steady contributor. About You Username: berlin calling Age: 38 Where's home: Germany Occupation/Area of Study: Purchasing Manager Your Ravens fandom history When did you start following the Ravens: 2006 i guess What made you become a fan: SMASHMOUTH DEFENSE Favorite current Raven: Sizzle All-time favorite Raven: Ray Favorite moment in team history: watching Ed Reed doing the confetti-angel in NO made me tear up Your interests Other favorite teams: no room for that Hobbies outside of football: Music, Travelling Favorite movie: dunno Favorite TV Show: The Shield Favorite band/musical artist: depends on mood
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    Who's watching the game tonight? @showtime @Meeker @SoS @animaltested @Seachickens @imani What are you guys hoping to see in tonight's game against the Vikings?
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    I work for a DME company and I have walker waiting for Kupp. Signed @chris00cm with loathing.
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    Those two throws were a little better.
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    They said something real quick but did not gve any new information.
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    Smh, Robinson misses another tackle. Reid playing in the box is going to be good for him.
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    We're gonna sign someone at olb after cuts or cheap trade. If not I'll go dark side.
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    If this storm knocks out my power it would be a mercy kill
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    "Yo this is Fred from Upper Marlboro and I think we just gotta give Pryor a shot under center. Kurt isn't making anything happen and we need a guy with some athleticism out there" At least 15 of those a morning
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    Butler is getting his butt kicked.
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    Maybe I'll check out The Defenders, since I'm not seeing any in this game
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    I'm hoping I can catch it at Chilis here in town
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    Love this gif lol Especially the people that ask if that's me
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    ha! yeah, in hindsight it sure it simple
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    Byard is going to go absolutely offfff this season.
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    I really hope none of the Tackles that showed up for the team get injured. It would improve his leverage while he is letting his teammates down.
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    Sorry for not posting as much, I have been away on business. My thoughts coming into the game last night - I am really looking forward to the Seahawks continuing to build off of their week one victory over the Chargers. Earlier in the off-season when the Seahawks did not sign Colin Kaepernick there was a pretty big fraction of fans who were disappointed because the backup quarterback situation behind Russell Wilson was highly questionable. Last week Trevone Boykin played well and I am hoping he can continue to progress throughout the preseason. Last night it was really obvious to see that Russell Wilson is now healthy. He suffered through nagging ankle and knee injuries last season that really limited his mobility. Last night he looked very mobile and limber. Kasen Williams has been extremely impressive so far in the preseason. He's a big target and seems to have terrific hands, even in tight coverage. On the Vikings side, I have really high exceptions for Dalvin Cook. Really fluid runner and terrific receiver out of the backfield.
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    I'm not going to be posting every tweet, every gif that comes out of a preseason game.
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    I'm excited to see if we open up the playbook for Hack, Anderson vs Slay, and to see Donahues debut. Really wanna see hack attack down field tonight
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    Yep, the main question is which QB is going to take a foothold in this competition. You would hope that they realise that this is an important chance for them to step up and take the starting position. Hoping to see good play from them. If we can get through the game without any more players getting injured that would be a nice bonus. Hoping for some good performances.
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    The highest vote goes to Deshone Kizer with 50% of the total votes. 9 of 18.
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    Something something something, 2007 and 2011 Superbowl champions
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    Reports are we turned down a 2nd Round pick before the draft. Guessing it would take a 2 2nds or a 1st and 3rd to pry McCarron away. Most likely won't happen.
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    Well, I've been lurking this forum for over a decade, and once had an account I sparsely used (MrAnderson2008), but figured since I am actually knowledgable now, might as well stop lurking and join the conversation! ALSO, If any of you remember the Forum's MEME WIKIA.....I was the one that started that, but it slowly died out Your life Username: Squatch Age: 27 State you were born in: Oregon State you live in now: Florida Something unique about you: In 2010 I was in a coma for 2 weeks after a car accident and am now full of metal. Also, if my actual name is searched on google, the news article about my wreck is still up. Your love of the Packers When did you start following the Packers: 1997, First football game I ever watched was 97? SB Pats v. Packers What made you become a fan: Just picked a team and stuck with them Favorite current Packers: Davante Adams, Blake Martinez, Kevin King, Godgers, David Bahktiari All-time favorite Packers: SAM SHIELDS!!, Brett of course, Nick Collins Favorite moment in team history: Nick Collins Pick 6 in the 2010 SB.....at that moment I knew, the trophy was coming home. Your interests Other favorite teams: Jags (Young Talent) Hobbies outside of football: Gaming Favorite movie: Law Abiding Citizen Favorite TV Show: Currently: Archer, No longer running: Blue Mountain State Favorite band: Linkin Park
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    @EliteTexan80 has the best avatar of anyone on FF, IMO.
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    They are doing the New 52 Justice League lineup I believe, though they should have done the same lineup as the "Justice League" cartoon series (except maybe keep Aquaman and lose Hawkgirl, though I wouldn't have been opposed to them keeping Hawkgirl). It's an almost universally loved cartoon series that a huge portion of their target audience grew up on. I still watch that show...it's amazing.
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    That dude had a ton of big offers for a 3* Same school as JPP and Denard Robinson.
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    I have returned from parts unknown!!! Name: Jake Age: 23 State: NY Hometown: Long Island Interests: Brooklyn Nets, Drinking, Working out, Eating Chinese Food 3 People: Steve Irwin, Ronnie Coleman, Joe Rogan Favorite Movie: The Departed Favorite TV Show: Game of Thrones Favorite Musician/Band: Travis Scott Fav Current Jet: Jamal Adams Fav Past Jet: Darrelle Revis Fav Non-Jet: JJ Watt Jets Games: 2 Earliest Jet Memory: Brett Favre leading us over N.E. in overtime in 08
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    Watt needs a year with Harrison to put on muscle and get some training for his hands. Just one game but once the tackle locked on he was mostly stuck. What we do not know if that is what he was suppose to do. Contain rather than pass rush. If contain, he did a very good job. Otherwise he was not very good in bending the edge or beating his man. For me the breakout player will be Dupree. I think we see double digit sacks from him this year.
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    Im hoping Bud Dupree and/or Arite Burns. I wouldnt be shocked if Jesse James has somewhat out of a breakout year.
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