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    Year 1 - Stress fractures requiring surgery in pre-season Year 2 - Broken leg in game 4 Year 3 - Broken collarbone in game one The guy has to be the unluckiest player in NFL history
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    I hope JJ Wilcox gets a suspension for that hit. The concussion he probably gave himself is only half the lesson he deserves for that garbage.
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    That had to be the worst clock management Ive seen in the NFL since the last time MM had the worst clock management Id seen in the NFL.
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    I guess you could say the response would be. (•_•) ( •_•)>⌐■-■ (⌐■_■) Savage.
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    Congrats on leading the division after week one! My cousin is a die hard Rams fan, so I watch them every week when possible. Today, we had the Rams game going and my Seahawks at the same time. Awesome start to what is hopefully a promising season for you guys.
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    Same old, same old: Dom Capers' defense keeping us afloat.
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    i was hoping the transition to the new forum would have lost ztoa. bummer
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    Andy Dalton going to throw 64 interceptions this season...
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    Can we go 5 minutes back in time and pretend none of that just happened
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    George Kittle just moved past AJ Jenkins on the 49ers career receiving list.
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    Cue the Redskins fans crying for a week. Their tears will replenish my electrolytes
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    I really hope Tuitt's injury isn't serious.
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    Man at least Braylon Edwards was fast
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    So you admit the Ravens season was ended by the Steelers and you're calling them "not a threat"
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    Anyone else catch the dude in the crowd with the shirt that said "Sundays are for kissin' titties"?
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    This team is a disaster. Don't tell me you can't make conclusions from pre-season.
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    Matakevich on track for 16 blocked punts. Its gonna happen.
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    Then he has a burn AND a responsibility.
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    With the OK from 21 and Webby I've decided to get a pick'em competition going strictly for Titans games. In this pickem, you simply post your score prediction each week to enter. At the end of the season, the person in first place will receive a $25 amazon gift card. I'm kinda iffy on how to do tiebreakers for this, but I've decided to make it as Titans related as possible, so the tiebreaker will relate to your predicted Titans score for that game. If you correctly predict the Titans score in that game, you'll receive 7 points. If you're 1 point off of the Titans score, you receive 6 points. 2 points off the score, you receive 5 points, and etc until we reach 6 off which gives one, and if you're off the Titans' score by 7+, you're awarded no points. However, in order to qualify for this, you need to correctly predict the winner of the game. So if you predict the Titans to score 24 points and win, but they scored 24 points and lost, you receive no points. As an example, if titans0021 predicts the Titans beat the Raiders 24-17 and KingTitan predicts they beat the Raiders 20-17, and the final score is actually 23-17, the standings would look like this: 1. titans0021 - 1-0(6pts) 2. KingTitan - 1-0(4pts) In the end, if this tiebreaker system still results in us having a tie at the end of the year(which it technically could), I'll just send a gift card to each winner. If there's any questions feel free to ask, otherwise go ahead and post your predictions. Remember to include score and who you think wins. Anyone is welcome to participate in this, even if you're not a Titans fan.
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    Discussing Redskins' teams from 7 years ago and arguing about Jim Haslett is not what this thread is for. Clean it up.
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    Does someone want to check Eli's phone at halftime to make sure he didn't send Andy Dalton a text that read, "Hold my beer"?
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    Just imagine how upset Troy and Joe would be if our corners got caught with their hands on the Seattle WRs like their DBs had on ours the last two plays.
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    The running game doesn't exist. Part of it is the OL, part scheme and then part of it is Kelley. It's a perfect storm.
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    we can blame kirk for a lot of things today. i think he will shake off the rust. A big problem is the running game makes this offense one dimensional
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    I have to believe that Tomlinson with no knowledge of the playbook > Beadles.
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    They definitely showed some flashes. Felt like they were playing up to our level moreso than us playing down (which is usually what happens). I mean, I do think our offense stagnated because Ben and Bell didnt play much at all before today and Bryant has been out of football for a year....but I still felt like the Browns were playing smart football and got after the ball well on defense. Its too early to say anything though. Week 1 is full of anomalies. I dont think the Bengals are as bad as they looked. Browns fans should be happy with how they looked today, though.
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    Kirk was wildly inaccurate Running game was (again) non-existent Offensive line was putrid Terrelle Pryor's catching ability is abhorrent Defense can't get off the field on 3rd down Outside of that, this team has NOTHING to worry about
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    There we go. Working together in the secondary.
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    Im not up for all this hype work you guys do. I'll let the game plan and the players speak for themselves. If it isn't enough then so be it.
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    We could put Julio Jones at safety and he'd start dropping everything. It's s right of passage for Redskins DBs.
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    But then how about passes that should be INTs but get dropped?
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    And again, if we could just hold onto the danged ball (Norman, ,k and Pryor) and not get stupid holding calls (Reed) we'd be up 14-0
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    This is what I keep saying. And as I type this, Reed cuts his route short and then circles and falls down short of the 1st. Our offense in a nutshell.
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    Better hands and that's a first down.
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    RedZone is totally ignoring the Falcons/Bears game
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    I keep hearing the "strategy" part of the game, and used to think that myself, but just don't get it any more. The "strategy" only comes from having someone so godawful that it's hard to watch. If the NBA required that each team play with one randomly selected member of the audience for 5 minutes, there would be more strategy in the game. Do you put the fat middle aged white father of 3 with your best players or your worst? Do you play him only when the other team is also playing a fat middle aged father of 3 or are you willing to go 5 on 4 because you'll get a 5 on 4 later? Way more thinking. And also way more terrible.
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    You don't need to pop the blister. Wash the area twice daily (and if soiled) with mild soap (Dial is fine) and warm water. Apply a thin layer of bacitracin. FWIW I'm an RN who previously spent 5 years working in a Burn Unit. Start there and let me know if there are any changes (increased redness, temp over 100.5, etc).
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    Right?!?! Id have guessed early 30's for sure.
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    Dat butt in the background of the last Jennifer Connely photo da real MVP.
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    BTW, I just put a fake last name and fake SSN in the Equifax checker, and it said I may have been affected. So they're just trying cover their asses.
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