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    To be fair if I was in Brady's position, even if you exclude this and the Giselle thing, I'd be fairly happy being 15th. He's making like $14m a season. That's more than seven times what the average American makes in their lifetime. He could literally do it for one year and be set for life, not to mention that he's done it for a lot more than a year. Gimme that and 5 super bowl rings over Matthew Stafford's money.
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    The salary cap is a great thing, but it only works in an American style system of franchises where the league itself is the focal point, rather than the clubs within it. The American system also doesn't punish bad teams, which is directly at odds with sports operating a pyramid structure. It would be great for soccer as it would immediately make it more competitive and force teams to focus on youth development/ developing their own players, rather than going out every transfer window and buying a quick fix. It will never happen in soccer though as the bigger clubs, which are now essentially marketing machines, would never vote away their competitive advantage or willingly enter into revenue sharing. As for calling it wage suppression, the cap would likely go up every year. It could also help development of younger players, since the familiar tale at the moment is a younger player signs a huge contract without having played much in the first team and they stop trying.
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    VS Interesting Facts of this Game: Chicago owns the all-time series advantage This is sure to make Bears fans happy. Indeed since the Buccaneers officially became a franchise in 1976, the two teams have met 57 times with the 58th set to take place on Sunday. To date Chicago owns a comfortable advantage with a 38-19 record. This includes a stretch from 1983 to 1988 where they beat Tampa 12-straight times. By far the biggest of the rivalry. The Bears have won five of the last seven meetings. - Hopefully we continue to grow the lead Seven shutouts have occurred in the series Another fascinating twist about the series is how dominant the defenses have been at time. Either that or how inept the offenses have been. Both qualify for these teams. Seven times since their first meeting in 1977 (how’s that for poetry?) has one of them been shut out by the other. The Bears did it to them five times while the Buccaneers own the two most recent. Just don’t look at the quarterbacks for those games. It’s not pretty. - Neither team is getting a shut out here. Tampa traded them Dan Hampton People like to thank Tampa Bay for being the team that did business with the Bears last year in the draft. They were the ones who swapped spots so Chicago could snag Leonard Floyd. What most don’t remember is they were also a huge help in collecting one of the best defensive linemen in franchise history. Back in 1978 the Bears dealt three-time Pro Bowler Wally Chambers in exchange for a future first round pick from Tampa. That pick became the #4 selection in 1979, with which Chicago grabbed future Hall of Famer Dan Hampton. - Hampton just never could get notice due to living in the shadow of the Fridge /sarcasm They used to be in the same division These days the Bears are synonymous with the NFC North division while the Buccaneers reside in the NFC South. This occurred when the league went to an eight-division format in 2002. Before that it used to be six division with an east, west and central. Both these teams were members of the NFC Central. Chicago fans may love then to learn that the Bears won the final three meetings between the team before the division split. They’ve never met in the playoffs Again, this is a team that has met 57 times in their history dating back 50 years. In that span they’ve made the postseason a combined 24 times. Yet only three of those times did they both make it in the same year and to date they’ve never met in a playoff game. It’s one of those strange quirky facts that tend to pop up from time to time. One can imagine (or hope) that if Trubisky pans out the two teams might be meeting there a lot in the near future. - Won't happen this year either The cities have swapped some special players Another fun little fact about the weird connections the cities share is the players they’ve employed. One or two times throughout history they’ve sent one of their own homegrown athletes to the other to become a star. In the 1950s the Bears collected a young fullback by the name of Rick Casares who would go on to five Pro Bowls and help them win the 1963 championship. Thirty years later the Buccaneers grabbed a local Chicago kid by the name of John Lynch to play safety. He went to nine Pro Bowls and got them a Super Bowl title. The cities have swapped rather unimpressive players recently. Tampa has taken on Chris Conte, starting safety when he is not on his annual multiple game stretch missing games with an injury. The other former Bear the Bucs have currently on their roster is Jacquizz Rodgers. As of right now, the Bears have Barth (who has once been cut in favor of AND to win the job over Aguayo ) and Quartergiraffe Mike Glennon (who was replaced by #1 overall pick Winston, will soon be replaced by #2 pick Trubisky, and then will find another team to be replaced by another top 5 pick). Players to Watch Mike Glennon Through 3 quarters he threw for only 50 yards, but then threw for the league high 163 4th quarter yards. Expect Loggains to force more throws downfield, as there were opportunities to be more assertive. This will be his first game playing against his former team, and he should be hungry to make a statement about the team that replaced him... and for the team that drafted immediately to replace him. Akiem Hicks Fresh off signing his Akiem Hicks signed a 4 year, $48,000,000 contract he responded with a monster game - 3 tackles, 2 sacks, and was instrumental in stifling the Falcons' run offense. This week he will be counted on heavily to pressure Winston and a shut down lanes against McCoy. He very well might be the best addition of Pace's tenure. Nick Kwiatkoski The Bears have a huge loss with Freeman down with a torn pectoral muscle. Kwiatkoski will be counted on to shut down the run and will also be counted on to help cover rookie OJ Howard (in his first ever game). While Kwiatkoski has shown his strength to be versus the run, he will be forced into action in nickel as well. How he responds will be a major factor in the defense's production. While Freeman has been one of the best MLBs over the last year, he is 31 and will likely require surgery to repair that tear. This will provider valuable experience for him against several young players that he will undoubtedly butt heads with throughout his career. The running duo of Howard and Cohen These two have the potential to be a hellish duo for the rest of the defenses in the NFL. Howard, a tank who churned out 1300+ yards and a 5.0+ YPC while not even getting the chance to start until a quarter of the way through the season, is a lead back who had a lot of success in his game vs the Bucs last year. Cohen is the new dynamic though, who showed his elite athleticism and versatility as he churned out a fantastic game. These two will be fiddled with and likely used in more creative ways to compensate for the lack of depth at WR. Expect them to each get 15 + touches even in the most conservative of gameplans. I would not be shocked to see both top 20 touches in the same game, with Howard leading in rushing attempts and Cohen being heavily utilized as a scatback (he may be one of the receiving targets by the time the season is over).
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    That's a pretty neat trick Its been a couple hours and I'm not hugging a toilet so I think I might be safe. Which is great because I bought 2 weeks worth of food before this whole hurricane mess and like I said, I'm cheap. Throwing out that much food is enough to make me have a mental breakdown
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    In the future place a penny on top of a cup of ice in your freezer. If the penny has sunk to the bottom the ice has obviously melted and you'll know the food has to be thrown out but if it's still on the top of the ice, you're gtg.
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    The CB just dropped off to cover the 1st down.. Cause that's really important with time running out.
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    Don't worry, he'll be back next Tuesday or so ...
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    Just stop already jesus christ
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    I'm not acting like that. I said in general people are saying the Rams looked good because it was the Colts without Luck. But I know you all aren't bashing the Rams. A lot of you make sense about what to expect in the game because it's gonna be interesting to say the least and I can't wait till tomorrow to watch it.
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    Speight is Michigan's Joel Stave tbh.
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    Per google, 2007 was the year Wendy's released the Baconator. That could be related.
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    Excellent job Sugashane.
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    How about sitting a QB in their 7th season? Asking for a friend...
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    Fantastic analysis IMO...
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    While a salary cap in theory promotes competitiveness, in reality the effect is more limited than we would think. The reason why is it still requires teams to be competent. It requires teams to be competent in their hiring practices. They need to be good at drafting and they need to know who to sign and who to let go and when. It gives teams the opportunity to unload dead weight and try again more easily than larger guaranteed contracts, but if your front office just going to screw up in new and exciting ways, you're still not competitive. Not to pick on New York teams..... okay that's a lie, but you look at a league like the NBA: The New York Knicks do not have a competent GM and they haven't in well over a decade. As a result, they are not a competitive team and haven't been in a long time. Now compare that to an NFL team in the same market even: The New York Jets do not have a competent GM and they haven't in well over a decade. As a result, they are not a competitive team and haven't been in a long time. If you've got an owner who doesn't know what he's doing, hires a general manager who doesn't know what he's doing and a head coach who doesn't know what he's doing, you're not going to be competitive. It doesn't matter what structure the league has, you're not going to compete. Just the same, I am in favor of a salary cap. In the NBA, you have two teams that meet in the finals every year to the complete exclusion of everyone else. Even someone like myself who doesn't watch the NBA and knows very little about the league knew last year's finals would consist of the Golden State Warriors vs. the Cleveland Cavaliers before the season even started. The NFL needs to do whatever it can to prevent that kind of situation and if that includes a salary cap to make sure one team can't outspend everyone else, then the league needs to keep that implemented. Otherwise, revenue drops and teams have less money to hire people. At the end of the day, I think it's best for all parties involved if every team in league has a salary cap. The league would be worse if five teams had four hundred million each to spend and the rest of the league had 50-80 million per team and there would be less money to go around for the players themselves.
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    Wish we had any draft picks to trade.
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    Well, sure. But last year Mularkey/Robiskie had to work with Rishard Matthews (who turned out great, but certainly not a game changer) and basically nothing else at WR, + Walker. IMO they did incredibly well, and who was able to thrive did. Matthews had a really solid year, Walker was good as usual. Marcus impressed, even though his season oscillated between bad and great games. That's only the passing game because I think that's what we're arguing over, not counting the running game who looked pretty great. It was hard for them to open up the playbook when the talent was not there to execute, but even still, they showed they were able to pretty well when they had to, and it worked out more often than not. Now they get to play around with more weapons, let's see what they can do first before we're asking for their heads? Marcus still has to prove he can play consistently good football himself, Davis to settle in, Taylor to take over the majority of the snaps in the slot and Murray to prove week 1 was him just not being back up to speed yet, and hopefully can return to last year's form. FWIW, I don't believe in Robiskie much myself, but it's way too premature to judge him as if he's holding Mariota back.
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    This. Running backs are screwed by the NFL, they have short careers, are easily replaced and do a lot of the dirty work. Alfred Morris was a pro bowler, had a couple of great years, doesn't get a decent second contract and won't get a third. Where as Mike Glennon and Brock Osweiler, who never preformed at his level of production get huge deals. A QB can make 50 million based on perceived fictions on their ability. A proven running back like Freeman for the falcons gets less. Also rules protect some player more than others. You cannot tackle a QB, by the feet, or and you ain't allowed to lead with your helmet. You can't tackle a receiver until they are safe to be hit, where a running back has a to less protection from the rules of the game, or a lot less enforced protection from the league.
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    There's a few things I want to highlight here. Graham is underrated, and he definitely is a quality edge rusher, but he is absolutely not an elite edge rusher yet. He has not shown the ability to produce and disrupt on the level of a guy like Watt, Mack, Miller, or Houston. And I don't really see an argument for it. If he can play a full season like he played last week, we can talk, but he's not elite because there is that gap between him and the top guys. You're not wrong, here. Pressures absolutely can be undervalued, but there is a difficulty in pressures because they're a very subjective stat. There's a reason you'll never find them on ESPN or NFL.com, because what constitutes a pressure will always be a matter of opinion, and consistencies have been found before in PFF's tracking of that stat. Additionally, while pressures do have value, sacks do still have more value. If given a choice between a player who gets 7 pressures in a game, and a player who gets 2 sacks and 5 pressures in a game, give me the latter. And while the amount of pressure Graham provided last year would set him apart from most players, guys like I mentioned above, the Macks and Watts of the league, produce that rate of pressure while ALSO producing double digit sack totals. Producing more pressures than Beasley does not make him the 2nd or 3rd most valuable edge rusher. Beasley is the opposite end of the spectrum. A highly disproportionate amount of his pressures were sacks. He didn't generate as much pressure as his sack total reflects. So comparing Graham to Beasley shouldn't really convince anyone. And saying him being better than Beasley makes him 2nd or 3rd just doesn't really make any sense. Those two things have nothing to do with each other. You're overlooking the obvious answer here. That he just isn't as good at finishing those plays as the elite guys are. That may not be the case, but it's generally the most likely answer. Particularly given that it has been consistent throughout his career. During one season you can certainly get unlucky and have a lot of almost moments. But a career of that and you probably just aren't good enough at finishing. Again, it's because he just isn't quite elite and the Eagles really aren't one of the best defense's in the NFL either. They were a little above average last year (maybe they'll step it up this year, but it's WAY too early to make that claim.) And Graham isn't on the level of Watt/Mack/Houston/Miller, so I can't agree that he's elite. He's probably a top 5 4-3 DE, but you're omitting half the league at that point and there's still a gap between him and Mack there anyway.
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    Wage suppression is a good thing, if you look at what's happening to soccer. It's also good for fair representations. If you're the best player on the team, expect to be paid like it. Whereas, if you're warming the bench for Arsenal (Walcott) you can still expect to earn more than the top scorer of say, Swansea. It's wrong. I don't think you can compare the two sports, as there's so many commercial investments from all around the world injecting soccer with money. It's broken. THEY need to adopt an NFL style of capping.
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    What an idiot. The salary cap is great idea, it keeps the playing field level, and I wish other sports would do the same. Soccer being a great example.
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    I don’t understand what’s going on here. One post, Brown is being railed on as a bad pick because he can’t even make the active roster, the next it’s being claimed he was a better graded prospect than Telvin Smith.
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    It's almost like Brandon Graham's agent pays PFF a lot of money or something....
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    "Saints fielding multiple calls" means the chiefs are offering like a 4th and a 6th and the Saints are trying to drive the price up.
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    At 5:25 he says "the times that we do do"
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    Trading for Peterson is stupid. Again, there are three other running backs on the roster. Why carry four of them if the team is only going to use two? Trading up for Dalvin Cook would have been stupid. That's wasting draft power on a RB. Even if the team had traded up for Cook, the line cannot run block and the coach is apparently allergic to running the ball. So, it would have been an even bigger waste.
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    2012: Divisional round- Patriots vs. Broncos: http://www.footballsfuture.com/phpBB2/viewtopic.php?t=475754 AFC Championship vs. Ravens CUNDIFF SHANK!!! http://www.footballsfuture.com/phpBB2/viewtopic.php?t=476746 SBXLVI vs. Giants: http://www.footballsfuture.com/phpBB2/viewtopic.php?t=477625 Is Brady rapidly declining? http://www.footballsfuture.com/phpBB2/viewtopic.php?t=479320 2013: The Goldfish Wars Draft Thread: http://www.footballsfuture.com/phpBB2/viewtopic.php?t=474213 Draft Thread: http://www.footballsfuture.com/phpBB2/viewtopic.php?t=489558 Don’t'a Boom Tower Hightower Drafted 25th Overall: http://www.footballsfuture.com/phpBB2/viewtopic.php?t=489558 48th Overall- Everyone was thrilled with TAVON WILSON: http://www.footballsfuture.com/phpBB2/viewtopic.php?t=489899 Forum legend Alfonzo Dennard 224th overall: http://www.footballsfuture.com/phpBB2/viewtopic.php?t=490182 Patriots extend Aaron Hernandez: http://www.footballsfuture.com/phpBB2/viewtopic.php?t=497328 Long time Mod Rabbisson retires: http://www.footballsfuture.com/phpBB2/viewtopic.php?t=499631 Aqib Talib traded to New England: http://www.footballsfuture.com/phpBB2/viewtopic.php?t=503667 Classic NBT- We must acquire the next big thing aka Brandon Coleman: http://www.footballsfuture.com/phpBB2/viewtopic.php?t=507943 Divisional Round: Patriots vs. Texans: http://www.footballsfuture.com/phpBB2/viewtopic.php?t=509847 2013 AFCCG vs. Ravens: http://www.footballsfuture.com/phpBB2/viewtopic.php?t=510700 Patriots sign Danny Amendola: http://www.footballsfuture.com/phpBB2/viewtopic.php?t=516876
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    Trying to recreate the issue - I don't show anything wrong when I checked your message, but don't know why it's not embedding. Give me a few to play around with it.
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    Yea, I mean it wasn't THAT blatant but it still should've been called imo. If nothing else, out of pity lol.
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    Haven't really looked tbh. Saw that, focused all my money on it and called it a weekend. Now I go get drunk and eat good food. lol
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    Need to bring briz and @samgurl775 back for sure. For completely opposite reasons
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    So this is how we're gonna play this huh? I gotta start posting the GDTs on Fridays now?! Alright, I got you!
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    But still what gives ET the authority to clear someone
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    Those charger teams were really talented. You could argue that they had the most talented roster, offensively anyways, during that time and they underachieved. I see a lot of similarities between those chargers and these steelers. I hope I'm wrong also. I don't mean to sound like a Debbie downer, I just know if the steelers fail to show up/get in a rhythm soon with how tough the AFC is "suppose" to look, we can't afford that. Hopefully both teams give us a hell of a show. I'm waiting for the 2017 Versions of the eagles/dolphins/ravens of last year to show up.
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    75% he comes back as a really good #1 25% he doesn't play significant time again in the NFL He isn't coming back as average. He could run a 5.2 40 and still be a valuable asset. He has good huge hands. He is a great athlete. By the way, he can run past people. If he were reinstated and the Browns opted to play him he would be far and away, no doubt in my mind at all the best playmaker on the offense by a fairly wide margin. I don't think that scenario will happen, he more than likely does it with another team but he isn't going to be some bum he has HOF abilities.
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    My strongest civ feels right now are ET and I'm starting to get there on hockey, but I'm kind of in the same place with him, you, and Matts - Feel pro-town at least, but I'm not very confident you're not mafia just playing a savvy game. Even before we lynched him Fin felt like someone people were content to vote for because 1) He wasn't them and 2) He wasn't around to fight it, which made it real easy to put the vote on him and then play hard-to-change. sanchez coming up town was a little surprising, just because that last exchange between him and Fin felt a little force, but then most "Give me compelling evidence you're not mafia" angles usually do to me. stallyns is playing his usual role game and that's throwing me because we all have roles, so I'm going to have to try and find a new way to get a read off of him. I've seen him do this act as both mafia, governor, and town-aligned hitman in the past.
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    Congrats to you as well. Get your sleep in now
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    It doesn't sound like Leary is playing. Really this game comes down to our front seven being able to stop Zeke Elliot. Our secondary can match up against their receivers and I'm not at all worried about Talib taking on Dez, he's exactly the type of big, physical CB that gives Dez fits (think Josh Norman) and they don't have anyone else that worries me in the passing game. Moreover, QBs usually struggle against the No Fly Zone the first time they face them, the lone exception that comes to mind is Matt Ryan last year but I chalk that up to how brilliantly Kyle schemed that game. Like BF07 said in the OP I think it's important we get an early lead and force Dallas away from playing the kind of clock control game they prefer. Even though it's not really his style, I think it would be smart for McCoy to script the first 15 offensive plays, and use a ton of variety in those 15, and see how Marinelli responds to each. As Josh said in his brilliant post, the Cowboys defensive scheme is very simple and it's not a unit littered with All Pros, but they are able to execute at a high level. I think if we can get some early scores and at least contain Elliot, we can win this game. Denver: 23 Dallas: 16
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    Was wondering the same thing. I'm hot and cold on here but I usually pay attention to what's going on. With the new forum, it's going to take time to get the mojo back, I think. Some, like Magnus, didn't realize we were switching over until the very end. If someone wasn't on here for awhile and then missed an email, they might not know what's happening. You know I was at my kids' school last night and I saw a kid wearing Atlanta Falcons gear and was thinking that every time a franchise wins a Super Bowl (or almost wins one ) it picks up a whole new generation of fans. And likewise, there are casual Steelers fans out there that might not dive into a forum like this unless the team is contending for or winning a title. That's just how it goes... fwiw Probably the best technical way to attract fresh blood is to have good discussions and rank for searches, etc. 43M. I nominate you Mayor of this burg.
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    No more Sunday Night Baseball for either team for at least the next 3 or 4 decades.
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