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    Well said, and agreed on just about everything in this post and your prior one. I almost don't want to talk negatively about the money, because it was truly enjoyable, but it also disappointed me at so many turns. They killed anything serious with jokes. And I'm fine with the witty banter. That's one of the best things the MCU has done. The humorous interactions between Thor and Loki, or Thor and Hulk, those make perfect sense and they generally fit tonally with where they were in the plot. But they used the literal destruction of all of Asgard as the punch line to a Korg joke. And then them being lost and not knowing where to go became the punchline of another Korg joke. Those could have been the emotional conclusion to Thor's trilogy (akin to Iron Man tossing the chest arc reactor or Cap walking away from the shield and Iron Man with Bucky), but instead, nothing matters. It's all just supposed to be funny. And the original Thor was a little light-hearted. But some moments still had weight. Thor's banishment, him regaining his powers, and even Loki discovering his heritage and falling away at the end, all were serious moments. Even GotG has gone serious when they needed to for Groot or Yondu's sacrifices. The fatherhood arcs for Starlord have always had some meaning to them. So you can have this level of humor and still take something seriously I don't know. It wasn't bad. It just should've been more. Also, man, they really gave the middle finger to the warriors three.
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    "I couldn't tell you what his stats are; I don't look at stats...I sit down, watch the tape, and form my opinions. It's more important to see where the ball goes and where he's trying to throw it than some completion percentage or TD amount that tells you absolutely nothing." - Kyle Shanahan (on evaluating draft prospects) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Finding Relief? Like most Browns fans, I've been pretty down that this year's QB class (the one famed to be Legendary) was turning out to be garbage. Admittedly, I have not had the time to really watch every snap of the prospects due to a crazy work load. So, like most, I've been relying on the takes of those that "supposedly" have watched some of these games. The media takes have been that the QBs are really struggling (throwing INTs, having bad games, not looking like franchise material) and the few games/highlights that I've seen seemed to confirm these beliefs (**cough** confirmation bias **cough cough**). Over the last three weekends, 4 of my friends and I got together for shenanigans, drinks (Jameson & Crown Royale...you sneaky, beautiful, evil bastards), good times, and to really dig down on the film of the supposed QB prospects in the 2018 draft (pending end of the year decisions) as part of a podcast pet project we were trying to get going. All Film Watched was the Abbreviated/Abridged ALL22 version of each game available via my friend's (we call him "the whale") premium ESPN, FOXSPORTS, BTN, PAC12, etc Film packages. These games end up being about 45 minutes each which is amazing, and makes for easy watching of a few like sitting down and binging some movies. QBs Watched ( Sam Darnold, Clayton Thurson, Baker Mayfield Josh Rosen, Josh Allen, Mason Rudolph, Luke Falk, Riley Ferguson, Lamar Jackson, Ryan Findley) In short, WE WERE ABSOLUTELY RELIEVED &SHOCKED at what we saw especially from Josh Allen, Sam Darnold, & Clayton Thurson Based on the hot takes...Josh Allen is a mess and needs years and years of development....Sam Darnold has regressed and is a INT machine....etc ------------------------------------------------------ General Takeaways: 1. Josh Allen (Watch every snap this year...he's still the unicorn we need). He has ZERO help around him (he's playing with high school talent), but he does rare and elite things every game w/ escapability and WOW throws. His WRs are laughable and slip/fall down on plays routinely, aren't even looking for the ball, or run the wrong routes. He has to go out and win the game by himself every game. He makes bad throws from time to time, but there has never been a QB prospect with his combination of size, raw athleticism and arm power to come into the draft ever. Despite his woeful or MEH stats or games...it's all still on the tape this year (his franchise ability that is) and I would not have any problem taking him number 1 overall even with such bad stats and bad "performances" in big games. 2. Clayton Thurson (The total package) is the clear number 3 QB in the class above Josh Rosen despite having zero talent around him shows tremendous pocket movement, athleticism, accuracy, and the ability to make big time WOW throws. He runs a rugged offense, but will be a star on the next level. NO ONE is talking about this guy b/c his stats are MEH, but he is everything anyone could ever want in a QB. With more talent around him and usage in a pass pro set in college, he would clearly be considered for the number 1 overall pick imo. His middle of the field accuracy and touch is impressive. He misses low at times but is tremendously compact at the top of his drop and when he's not overstriding every thing he throws hits a receiver right in front of the facemask. 3. Sam Darnold's struggles and down season takes are laughable. Some mocks have him going in the teens in terms of draft slots if he comes out. He is the total package and gets happy feet resulting in INTs at times, but his foot quickness, pocket poise, intermediate route pin point accuracy, and explosive down field throwing is uncanny and rare. He's the second best anticipation thrower other than Rosen, but with the superior traits in everything else Rosen doesn't posses. He's the number 1 overall pick in any draft and his struggles in college are similar to that of Jameis Winston in his final season where he threw 18INTs and Matt Ryan threw 19INTS in his final one. You'd like for that number to be a lot lower but it doesn't take away the supreme skill displayed by those QBs ultimately making them Number 1 picks...and it will be the same way for Darnold. 4. Josh Rosen is a dink and dunk specialist w/ unbelievable pinpoint accuracy ability over the middle of the field. Throw with great anticipation. His yardage comes on short routes, screens and quick outs. His brand of football is not going to translate in a down the field power offense like Hue's but Rosen will make one of the best West Coast QB prospects to ever come out...His NFL OC has to scheme quick throws to hide his limited athleticism and blitz avoidance ability but in an Andy Reid type system Rosen would be a star. In a Todd Haley, steelers type of system Rosen would absolutely flop and be garbage. At UCLA the middle of the field is wide open like he's throwing with his friends in the backyard...when things get condensed in the box his throws don't look as nice and his arm power deficiency is evident. Not a fatal flaw based on his overall feel for the game and ability to throw well before the WR comes open. 5. Baker Mayfield Tremendous competitive fire and throws a beautiful deep ball off of play action. However, he is a spread QB fabrication via consensus of me and my friends although one of my boy's thinks Baker is the number 1 overall pick in the draft. We think he's crazy b/c so much of his successes are predicated on total spread alignments and WR, pick and stick, half field reading. Slow with his eyes on progressions and has a hard time powering the ball through throwing lanes within the pocket on comeback routes and boundary timing routes which are mainstays of an nfl passing game. 6. Lamar Jackson has taken unbelievable strides in one year of development but has light years to go and still sails balls high and misses WRs badly due to regression of mechanics. His once narrow base, tippytoe delivery is now wider, more balanced and grounded...his feet movement and pass set now process his progression and he whippy arm has even gotten stronger. If he can continue his yearly developmental pace, by year 3 he'll be the best QB out of the bunch. Still at this time it's a major projection...and a risky one. 7. Mason Rudolph has taken major steps in his development but has slow eyes and does not have any sense of pressure or pocket poise. It all comes undone for him with pressure but with a clean pocket he is deadly and shocked me with his pinpoint accuracy over the field. Blitz avoidance and awareness is some of the worst I've seen which generally means you will not have success in the nfl game. ------------------------------------------ In summary, I feel absolute relief now that even if Sam Darnold doesn't come out, that Josh Allen or Clayton Thurson at least have franchise QB talent (they may however stay in school as well), but at this point I'm comfortable that if we were to take 1 of those 3 that we would have found our franchise QB. Post-watch 2018 QB Rankings: Elite of Elite 1. Sam Darnold ----------------------- The Franchise 2. Clayton Thurson 3.Josh Allen ---------------------- Franchise Upside 4. Josh Rosen ---------------------- Developmental QB1 5a. Baker Mayfield 5b. Lamar Jackson 6a. Mason Rudolph 6b. Luke Falk ----------------------- Developmental Starter 7. Riley Ferguson 8. Ryan Finley --------------------------------------------------------------------- Conclusions: This is not the year of the pretty, perfect QB where the stats, and wins all point to which QB one should take. This is more of a Jameis Winston/Matt Ryan year where traits analysis will win the day on who should be taken. In the end, we might see a QB with the worse stats and game wins go first (Josh Allen) and it may end up being a really wise decision. Beyond Darnold....Josh Allen is still the guy....it will not be a popular opinion especially if his numbers keep trending in the same direction but I have never been more certain of an opinion and I'm not the only one. Clayton Thorson is my sleeper and I'd love to get him in the 2nd round if we pass on QBs in the 1st. He is the most complete QB at this time and going to be special at the next level.
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    @Jlash come on man we gotta play a game together eventually. Why not this one? @Hockey5djh You can't miss two games in a row @PR I've heard you play. Come play with us. @RuskieTitan Bucs tagged you last game so you probably play. Come get to know your new leaguemates @Counselor Come join our cult. Rookies welcome. @DingoLadd @pheltzbahr@WFLukic@SirA1 I've already tagged everyone else in BDL
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    Not sure which thread to post this is in, feel this is the best one. This happened a couple minutes ago. My wife and I are at the Nebraska Husker football game today. Like any other university team, the players and staff walk off the bus, and the fans form a line from the bus and the stadium to meet them. We were standing next to a lady and her kids; my wife talked to the mother a bit. A couple minutes later, they are shouting for their father/husband, “Rick!” to come over. And wouldn’t you know it was Slick Rick! (His son is a really good player for us.) As a Vikings fan, it was really cool to see him. My wife wanted to talk to him, but I didn’t want to bother him. We stood next to them for a good twenty minutes; other people talked to him/them and knew who he was. He was really down to Earth as was his wife.
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    This also is a fallacy that has been advanced since day 1. If we recover the onside kick with 2:07 left, Seattle had the 2 minute warning and 1 timeout still. If we dont pick up a first down at best we are punting it back to them with about 1:10 left on the clock. Even if we pin them let's say around the 10 (taking into consideration our field position after the onside kick), would you have have felt good about stopping Seattle after they had just gone 69 yards for a TD in 1:43 without using a timeout? Unless Rodgers picks up a first down after the onside kick, that game STILL comes down to Seattle taking some endzone shots to win in regulation.
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    Not saying Bostick gets a pass, that play certainly stands out bc of the magnitude of one play. Offense doesn't get a pass either for not capitalizing on turnovers all game, but we knew going in offense would be hit or miss vs the best defense in football that year and Rodgers on a bum wheel. All I'm saying is, the defense doesn't get a pass either, they didnt finish the game and crumbled when the game was on the line, something we are accustomed to seeing around here.
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    Ummm, is he playing or not??? I don't care about all the legal crap you guys are spitting back and forth. You guys ruined this topic with your pissing match.
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    New offers nothing in Cleveland, who are we kidding? New just confirms the owner is as impatient as we all think and simply refuses to give a coach or front office the time required to implement their plan. This group said long term rebuild, most assume that's at LEAST 3 years if not longer. These guys would have got 2. Give them time to implement their plan. Just because they aren't where YOU want them to be right now doesn't mean they 1. Aren't where they thought they'd be or 2. Complete their rebuild "on time". Again, I'm sure all we need is a 4th regime in 5 years though. That'll fix everything...
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    Living up here in Big 10 country I have seen a lot of Jewell's games through out his college career and my opinion of his game is he could fit in any type of scheme. The kid has a very good football IQ and is always around the ball. I would rate him up there with Lee any day. Most of all very good character so you don't have to worry on that side of the football. I still say that the guy is very quick and still makes plays on pressuring the QB. Being a Wolverine fan I still have to give a Hawkeye kudos for being a superior football player, he's just a tackling machine and play maker.If you really look @ this defense the weak spots are at linebacker , strong safety and we need another DT to rotate with Collins. Josey Jewell is a player that could plug in at the weak side or middle linebacker position if Lee or Smith went down and can also rotate and keep our linebacker corps fresh trough out games with out missing a beat. If you look closely @ our defense when they send in Durant lately you see big plays given up because he's lost that step and now that you see them keeping Wilson out at the SAM position and not forcing him to cover speed players you see that he's back to playing good football. Hitchens's has been very good coming in to relieve Smith and Wilson. If the Cowboy's next year could get a good DE/SS/LB's/DT/OL possibly in that order if you look at where we could be drafting at and how the player rankings are coming out by some beat writers. My final thought is that if you can find that superior athletic and intelligent football player they can adopt to any coaching scheme in todays game. Just having a little fun at this point in the college season I'm going to do an early mock draft. 1) Duke Ejiofor (DE) Wake Forest 6-4" 270lbs. 4.75 speed this kid really brings the pressure off the edge can really compliment Demarcus Lawrence, Moyawa needs to go he just doesn't really add anything to this defense, Gregory no one knows what's going to become of him, Tapper has been unlucky with injuries but you can see his potential. Irving /Lawrence/Collins are the nucleus of this defensive line, Crawford is still inconsistent for the size of his contract is. Keep finding pieces to build this defensive line up. 2) Ronnie Harrison (SS) Alabama 6-3" 214 lbs. your new starting SS can bring the lumber and is good in coverage. 3) Josey Jewell (LB) Iowa 6-2" 235 lbs. very good football IQ. /PLAYMAKER/ can plug in right away 4a)Maea Teuhema (OL) Southern Louisiana 6-5" 315lbs. 5.2 speed a former LSU player that transferred due to off field issues but according to officials nothing to be really concerned about before all this he was ranked as a early draft choice. 4b) Sione Teuhema (OLB) Southern Louisiana 6-4" 245lbs. a fellow teammate of Maea this kid has been on fire this year a sleeper in this years draft. Can bring QB pressure off the edge and can cover TE's and RB's coming out of the back field. 6) Poona Ford (DT) Texas 5-11" 305lb. A player that is short in stature but has that leverage on Offensive linemen to help him shoot the gaps.
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    Honestly they should've let him go to a contender.... he deserves better.
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    "Now introducing.... Number 10! Vi..... THE LONGHORN!"
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    And a Penn State loss? So the Big 10 is pretty much eliminated at this point.
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    We worked things out. He took me to Cheesecake factory and then we had steaks........ Steaks.
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    You need this thread to tell you what is plastered all over every sports site on the internet? Yes, it's pretty obvious he's playing this week.
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    So yeah, as is plainly seen above, the argument began with some contending that paying Rodgers necessarily left the Packers with "less money to spend on [the] defense" to quote the poster above. That has been a common refrain from fans who do not believe that coaching and or management should be held responsible for the defensive failings. After all, if ARod is hogging all the money how could management possibly afford to pay decent defensive players? And if the defensive players are all basement bargains how could the coaches be blamed for not coaching them better? This is "the defensive coaches/management are victims of ARod's salary" argument. After being provided with indisputable facts showing, despite the fact the Pack paid Rodgers, the team actually spent the 9th, 2nd, 9th, and 6th most money on the defense among NFL teams in 2013, 2014, 2015, and 2016, those loathe to blame coaches/management are scrambling to come up with alternative explanations.
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    So I may be crazy but I think Ben is going to come to life in the second half. I think he’s getting more and more comfortable with JuJu and McDonald. Plus MB to stretch the field. I expect a massive improvement in Ben’s game.
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    the eagles turn around is rare, definitely not the trend. When you go up and get a qb, selecting a franchise guy that borders elite play, makes everything easier as far as getting to the bowl game. (oh and your welcome for helping ya'll get wentz... if you get a ring this season can you send one to miami I think they deserve a bit of the pie lol) jay-train doesn't like going up the middle so it's a good thing blounts there to give the gut punches. your oline is better than ours that goes with out saying. i think a portion of jays issues this year was his trust in the oline to make the blocks so he bounced many outside, it's a clean slate in phily hopefully for you it resets he trust in his oline.
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    Not sure why everyone is freaking out about the long-term on this. Yes, absolutely sucks for this year, but should not impact his career other than an added level of concern for avoiding re-injury in either knee. ACL's tend to shorten careers of QBs, but best case scenario for running Qbs is McNabb-ish 34 anyway, so I'll be ok with a "only" a decade of Watson. He tore the other ACL in college and led his team to 2 national championship games and was a top 5 QB as a rookie, so it's not like this should alter his play style at all. If anything, this should ensure he develops a focus on cross training and doesn't stray from professional trainers and medical staff which when done right dramatically decreases the chances of soft tissue non contact injuries (aka spend offseasons/free time at legit training facility like AP did at Memorial Hermann and not the Brian Cushing approach at Vinny's Jersey Gym and Pharmaceutical Emporium). There are between 45-65 ACL injuries in every NFL season (almost 50% in preseason btw). Adrian Peterson led the NFL in rushing the season after an ACL tear. Jamal Charles had the best season of his career coming off an ACL. Nobody thought Willis McGahee or Frank Gore would ever play again after horrific college ACL and both had solid long careers. Tom Brady has had a pretty decent past 8 seasons since his ACL. Carson Palmer had the best season of his a career the year after his second ACL. Philip Rivers has had longevity. Doomsayers that want to evoke Bridgewater (dislocation with possible nerve damage) and RG3 (2nd torn ACL + LCL & meniscus) are using the outliers, not the norms. Watson's gunna be fine - but a GM who doesn't ignore the o-line for the next decade just because his QB has mobility would be nice (see also; Indy).
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    NFL "awards" are to achievements, as coloring with crayons is to literature.
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    I heard that @KingTitan is actually gonna announce VY as he walks onto the field. Won it in some silent auction or something
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    It is probably different from team to team, but if I was an owner it would be a financial decision. Football is a business and I would see signing Kaepernick as a terrible business decision. Of course, the fact that his football skills aren't good enough makes it a lot easier to make that decision. There is significant doubt that Kaepernick would be a better QB than Matt McGloin. Lets not forget that Kaepernick was beat out for a job by Blaine Gabert. It would be pure foolishness to sign a QB with highly suspect football skills when that is coupled with the huge distraction he would be. To me, it wouldn't even be something that I would seriously consider. Evidence suggests that most NFL owners also are not seriously considering it. There is not much reason to consider it. Kaepernick has his supporters and that is great for him. Too bad for him, he doesn't have enough supporters amongst the people that matter most for NFL employment.
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    Since we're winning games with Murray and McKinnon, should we not give Cook snaps over them if he were healthy enough to return this season?
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    I'd honestly rather trade Montgomery than any other receiver/running back on our roster. Cobb is valuable to us in a lot of ways regardless of his contract. Rodgers trusts him, and it takes Rodgers a billion years to trust somebody. We're not replacing his production, such as it is, with anybody else other than Montgomery, and at this point, putting Montgomery back at WR is going to take just as much time to gain Aaron's trust as a new receiver. Montgomery is wasted here as far as a top receiving running back. We could probably get more for him in a trade than we could get from trading Cobb. The Patriots would probably be interested even though they have a bunch of backs. It's really frustrating to me how many people want to trade Cobb and Matthews. No, they're not living up to their contracts, but who gives an actual damn? This isn't Madden. We'd get MAYBE a 5th round pick for Clay, and MAYBE a 4th round pick for Cobb. Kelvin Benjamin was just traded for a 3rd round pick and he's 26 years old and a former first round pick. Sammy Watkins was traded for a second round pick and he was a top 5 draft selection with a 17.5 average yards per catch season. In Buffalo. Who would honestly trade for Matthews? Really? If even Packer fans think he's done, why in the hell would an NFL team suddenly think he's worth more than a 5th round pick? It's just so narrow-minded to think, yeah, we should trade them. Why? They're making too much money with us based on their production, but another team will be fine with paying them? And what difference does it make what they're getting paid if we're never close to the cap limit anyway? If we never sign major free agents anyway? Ty Montgomery actually has value to other teams because he's HAD success as a running back, he's had success as a receiver, we underutilize him, he's still on his rookie contract and he's 24 years old. If Aaron Jones gets to 1,000 yards on the season, I'd put Montgomery as the most likely to get traded by a very significant margin when looking at him, Cobb and Matthews. Mostly because he's the one of those three that I could see other teams actually having interest in. And then back to the quoted material specifically, why get a low draft pick... 5th or 6th round... only to spend a high draft pick to replace what you're losing? It doesn't make sense. When you're a team with a franchise QB, you don't trade players who play positions you're weak at, or would be weak at in the event of a trade. You trade players at positions of strength. Allison is not the receiver people think he is. If he was the starter instead of Cobb, he'd be as effective or worse than Cobb. No better. When you have a top free agency candidate (Adams) at the position, you don't talk about going down to Nelson and Allison as your top two receivers until you know it would at worst be Nelson and Adams, and even then you don't trade Cobb until you know that that "top pick" is worth that top pick.
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    well, the day after Hue did wentz pro day they went and signed RGIII and then traded down later. i think its also easier to see the measurable success of the FO they took an old bad expensive team and made it into a young bad cheap team with a significant amount of draft capital and cap space, and our defense is solid enough now, including our run defense which has never happened in 20 years. hue has gone 1-23 and all of the successes are on the defensive side
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    "I will never be a right tackle...the day they ask me to be a right tackle is the day I retire" Lol Staley is always the best in interviews, stay on the left side Joe and keep Trent on the right everything in between is where we need massive improvement.
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    Reason for optimism? Mariota is back fully healthy. We're 4-1 when Mariota plays a full game... 4-2 in games he starts... Including a thrashing of the Jags.
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    I love how nobody mentions the fact that Brady is 40 freaking year old in these debates. Let's see how Rodgers is playing 7 years from now before we start calling him the greatest quarterback ever. Next.....
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    Aaron Rodgers can do no wrong according to strat. Every failed drive is the result of a skill player or a kicker. Rodgers must be Jesus!
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    Actually exactly 100 YFS and a touchdown. Would have rolled past them, they had no answer for CJ. Still bitter. We were the best team in football that year.
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    I would think the biggest what if would be "what if" EA never secured the exclusive rights to Madden and NCAA Football?
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    I agree with all of that, but I don't think Hue could meet those demands. It's not in his nature to admit error. His ego won't allow it. The only solution is for him to go.
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    @cutsonquarters isn't such a great twitter handle.
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    Yet he presided over a huge defensive collapse in the most important showdown he will ever have against Wilson. We always hear about Bostick sure, but what if the defense simply does not give up 3, yes 3 straight TDs to end that game, plus the two-point conversion? People brush that aside because of how the defense played for 55 minutes of that game, but the final 5 minutes of regulation and the OT series was a defensive collapse.
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    I'm more of a dumbass, but that sounds way better.
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    Signups 17/17 @Whicker @utley4568 @MookieMonster @Blahman88 @EliteTexan80 @LETSGOBROWNIES @theuntouchable @bcb1213 @james.mcmurry13 @RandyMossIsBoss @Ragnarok @kingseanjohn @Tk3 @TedLavie @CWood21 @Woz @SirA1 Replacements: @Hockey5djh @Tyty
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    I agree with this: https://dawgpounddaily.com/2017/11/02/cleveland-browns-quarteback-whisperer/?utm_campaign=FanSided+Daily&utm_source=FanSided+Daily&utm_medium=email
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    He can't see this so I'll answer, he isn't implying that.
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    Yeah that part and that cameo had me losing it!!!
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    Stopping there would have been the better call.
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