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    I'm glad none of you are the commissioner.
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    That hilarious, I totally whiffed ! My decaffeinated brain confuzzled CB Marcus Peters and CB Patrick Peterson... In the words of the great Emily Litella: Nevermind
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    I coach youth football and we'll stop practice and go over the reason why you never ever put your head down whether you are blocking, tackling, or running the ball every time we see it happen. Every time. There is no excuse for an NFL athlete to not have their head up.
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    Lmao Clowney ragged on Sims only for him to shut him up really quickly: https://video-atl3-1.xx.fbcdn.net/v/t42.1790-2/24351115_132945464056502_196903785002434560_n.mp4?efg=eyJ2ZW5jb2RlX3RhZyI6InN2ZV9zZCJ9&oh=97b6cc7631fb639b0c360341e2962b71&oe=5A289CCF
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    Is this related to Peters...technique wise? I'm confuzzled here.
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    I think the main thing is sustainability. Everyone always goes to Brad Johnson, Joe Flacco, and Trent Dilfer as examples of middle of the pack QB's who led super bowl winning teams. They are great examples of why this is a team sport, and that despite QB playing a bigger role than other positions, you need to have a good surrounding cast if you don't have an above average QB. I don't think anyone cares how we do it if we win a super bowl, but the general basis of evaluating Keenum is to try and decide whether the situation is more of the team being good around him, or if Keenum is playing at a high level because his skill has increased. While the wins and losses absolutely matter, I think what we are trying to figure out is if Keenum is good enough to allow this team to have a consistent post season presence beyond this year. We don't want to be a one season post season team and then fall back into mediocrity. This is why teams like the patriots are consistently in the post season. They have a master at QB and they are able to put together a competent team. Because Brady is so good, he elevates the rest of the team to greatness year in and year out, and they have a very good W/L record yearly. When trying to evaluate Keenum, we just want to see if he has any of that in him ("That" being the skill above average to consistently lead a team to the post season).
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    Forget Mularkeys current record... Let's focus on his record prior to coming here... Forget the chart that's shown him adjust his approach based on personnel (ya know, like when he ran run-heavier schemes in Pitt, and went pass-heavier in Atl). Even last month someone argued that we need to stop living in the past (in reference to the Jag game from earlier this year), that last year's Dec game against them had more bearing. I accept that our offense is struggling... I accept that a change in OC could increase our effectiveness... I get it, it doesn't need to be "sold" any further. Yet we continue to hear some of these weak ace arguments that just dont add up. We do have our hardest stretch of games. AZ in AZ is no joke. They just beat the mighty, mighty Jags less than 14 days ago. Then @ SF appears to be the easiest game... But that's also not going to be "easy". They're a young team that seems to be coming together. They've won 2 of their last 3... But most importantly is that west coast trip. Avoiding the back to back trips out there was the right decision... But changing that routine of going home, sleeping in your own bed, being with the fam, practicing in your own facility... That's never easy either ( and why teams only do this when necessary). Then finish with the Rams and Jags at home... I mean, what more do we need to say about that? Both teams may be at 10 wins by that point. Going 4-0 is just as likely as them going 0-4... Slim but possible. 2-2 is more probable and will be enough for the playoffs. 3-1 gives me confidence going into the playoffs... And likely means a home playoff game.
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    end the exclusive gaming rights with EA
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    TBF, if we win the superbowl, I won't care what NFL Gen says.
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    So I need to beat London, Charleston to beat Gotham, and Wichita to beat Long Beach to get in.
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    Travis Kelce hasn't committed a penalty of that nature since week 2. It was well-reported then that Reid had words for Kelce after he got flagged for taunting against Philly, and aside from being a bit grumpy on a few occasions that Smith hasn't thrown his way, he's been a model citizen on the field ever since then. Peters has 4 unsportsmanlike type penalties this season. Kelce has 2, coming in the first 2 weeks, and none since. Not even remotely comparable situations right now, and certainly not a matter of bias from Reid. And to the bold, come on, don't make statements like that without any factual basis behind it. You have google. Either look it up or don't post false information at all.
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    Mahomes needs to be the starter next year, regardless of what they do this season. Even though Alex Smith is mediocre, he probably gives KC the best opportunity to win games. I remember earlier in the year, some people were saying, "The Chiefs could have drafted someone who could have contributed right away." Right. But Alex Smith isn't all that great and should be replaced. The front office did a great job.
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    I don't get why they are playing the Cards game in AZ instead of my Vikes... Don't they know I'm a big deal down here and I need my Purple on the TV!
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    Quit being sexist, we absolutely need cheerleaders. They just need less clothes on.
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    I found out who makes the decisions on disciplinary issues for the NFL.
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    It's a sheep with a high and tight haircut tbh.
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    You talk all that talk and you provide a few clips that can be easily refuted? The first clip, QBs are always taught that if you see a free play then go for it deep. Eli thought that he had a free play and he didn’t. He was wrong. That’s not an indictment against his abilities Second clip, it’s a three step drop. Point is that at the top of that drop the bell is out of his hands. Question is why? I dunno maybe because the line is so bad that Eli the play all dictates he throws the ball out. And no surprise due to us doing that all day to keep ELi clean and the pocket clean (and even this clip there is already push in the pocket) Kendricks knew that and he jumped the passing lane and he deflecte it. That’s not on Eli at all. Third one is probably the best argument. It’s zone coverage on 3rd and 10. Trumaine Johnson understandably so is in zone and his eyes are on the QB the whole way. Eli as a veteran QB should do better. But again he throws it at the top of his drop, so it by design? Notice how two of those clips are off slants which is the staple of this offense. You basically just lazily analyse the play and made up your mind that ELi is at fault. So if you’re gonna do that then what is the point in arguing?
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    Honestly, I'm about 80% sure of the following: Hue Jackson knows that he's going to be in Cincinnati next year, whether of his own accord or if he gets fired. In an effort to sabotage the Browns/make a last ditch effort to keep his job/catch lightning in the bottle, he attempted to overtrade for McCarron. If it works out, he has a foundation in 2018. If not, he's set up his new team, the Cincinnati Bengals, with two high draft picks and sabotaged an AFC North team as well in the process. I wish I could say that I was joking, as I'm aware of how absurd this looks to even write down.
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    I don't care where Hue coaches next year so long as it isn't here.
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    Celebrating before voting is done? Hmmm. Team obviously will be undisciplined late. Cmon missing voters
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    Fwiw Americans read that date as May 12, 2017.
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    82 game season like basketball
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    Agreed. Him standing over Burfict probably damned him. Still, the league is an effing joke. Each year my fandom of the NFL shrinks bit by bit....and this year its taking a huge hit since the league wants to act as some moral authority on political views whilst pushing a false narrative, and guys who have no business critiquing anyones moral compass acting all holier than thou. ESPN is tanking hard....the NFL is next in line IMO.
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    I'm no Carter fan but what he says makes sense and he thinks #12 is the best player in the league so he can't be completely stupid.
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    Huh? Not sure how this addresses the OP at all.
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    1) Teams/Players no longer need to be on the field for the National Anthem. 2) There would be 2 bye weeks. 3) All plays/actions can be challenged, still the same restriction on challenges. 4) All investigations into misconduct will be handled by a separate entity paid for equally by the Players Union and Owners that will consist of former law enforcement and judges. Their job will be to decide any and all punishment, no appeals. 5) Thursday Night Football is reserved for Thanksgiving and if both teams are coming off a bye week prior to the game.
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    Texas A&M is so beta they have to always say A&M at the end otherwise people think Longhorns. Nebraska's last natty came 58 years more recently than Aggie. Nebraska has won their division more recently than Aggie. lulz
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    Agreed, I remember Dan Marino always had those pretty stats, but just couldn't lead his team to the Super Bowl. He definitely wasn't anywhere near the true greats like Trent Dilfer, Brad Johnson, etc.
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    Kelce also does his job extremely well. From blocking to receiving Peters hasnt been tackling, worse than Deion soft, and has had numerous outbursts this year, including arguing with fans at the game. This team as a whole has been soft outside of a few. A message needed to be sent at some point.
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    The one thing that you can say about Gore as well - the media has no issues with him (big plus). He may not have had the Bus' personality, but he's always been pretty cordial and it seems to me that a lot of media guys are fond of him and impressed by what he has been able to do. Also, his story is one that I think voters, media, fans, etc just like to eat up. I think the story he presents is a very good one and I think that's something the will help him in the voting process truth be told. Guy that blew out both knees, slipped down in the draft, kept working, and working and working? Yeah, voters will like that.
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    I'll be disappointed if they don't give him a shot. Honestly, I think if we lose this next two games there's no point taking time with Smith. It's kind of annoying that Smith did so well against the Jets, in a weird way, because he really justified maintaining his depth chart spot there.
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    I guess I have a propensity to believe that young men with attitude problems and troubles of that sort have a better chance to rise to the occasion and grow when placed into a professional environment (especially one where you get paid millions), but that is the optimist in me. In my military career i've seen countless young men and women join who are lacking any sort of adult mentality or discipline, and they are able to grow into very respectful and professional people in a short amount of time. I suppose a lot of that has to do with the ramifications of not conforming to that sort of mindset in that profession, and there is not always that sort of environment in the NFL... it is a very easy place for boys to remain boys rather than grow into men.
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    They need a big win against Wichita and a big loss by Gotham to Charleston.
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    Utley just made mathman look like an absolute clown. Glad I got to witness that lmao.
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    It's our coaches fault for not "demanding excellence"!
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    The local sports bars throughout Canadia are showing hockey, curling and lumberjack competitions...
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    LOL at an Aggie making fun of a Husker *Last A&M conference title: 1998, when they got beaten by double digits by Ohio State in the Sugar Bowl *Last time A&M finished the season ranked in the Top 5: 1956 (5th) *Nebraska has won 5 National Titles in that timeframe Congrats on those 3 National Titles though...pretty impressive back before World War II in 1919, 1927, and 1939
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    I'd just settle for seeing him on my television pre-snap. My TV only covers 25 yards after the line of scrimmage, so I can't even see him line-up pre snap. I'm not joking.
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    You pretty well got it. Also like to add the Bryant KR TD, was nice to watch even if it was called back. Nice to see someone with the ability to score a TD on a KR. Juju’s suspension is just pathetic, same for Iloka. You can’t sit there and tell me what either one of them did warrants the same disciplinary action as Gronk going full retard. But that’s a horse that has long been beaten dead.
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    4/borderline 5 star DB Tyreke Johnson commits to the good guys. They’re recruiting him at CB after seemingly losing out on Cook.
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    You give an inch and they're gonna take a foot. No loot boxes ever. Anyone that accepts otherwise may as well be ISIS.
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