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    @Matts4313 would love this stat
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    For better than a week now, I’ve been trying to figure out what feels familiar about this Alex Smith trade. Why it is that, despite myself, I’m finding myself intrigued by what this QB and HC will be able to do together. I finally just figured it out. And it takes me all the way back to an unheralded FA signing that happened when I was 14, in the 1999 offseason. That offseason, a 33-year-old journeyman QB left the Kansas City Chiefs and signed elsewhere. He was known for being smart and mobile and tough, and he’d compiled a winning career record. But he didn’t have a strong arm and he’d never won a playoff game, and people generally viewed him as “mediocre.” At best. In all of his previous stops, he’d been replaced by bigger names with more flash — an aging Jim McMahon, a promising Elvis Grbac, and a hotshot rookie known only as QB#5. But in that 1999 offseason, he joined forces with an offensive guru, a west coast offense disciple who had a way with QBs. Who could take a smart QB with mediocre tools and turn him into a machine. And that coach found something that no one else had seen in our journeyman QB — a multi-time All-Pro, an MVP, and a Super Bowl Champion. That QB/HC duo, of course, was Rich Gannon and Jon Gruden. One of the things that kept me feeling remotely positive about trading for Alex Smith was the way I’d always noticed Jon Gruden raving about him whenever he announced one of Smith’s games. And honestly, I really never understood it. But now I think I do. I think he saw a lot of Rich Gannon in Smith’s game. Will history repeat itself? Probably not. But I have to admit, thinking about this comparison has me pretty damn intrigued. I’ve always thought that what Cousins really lacked was the elite-level intelligence and instincts that would have allowed him to achieve true mastery of our system. We now have a QB in Smith whose mental game is on that legitimately elite level. And his track record and physical tools both probably exceed Gannon’s at the same point in their respective careers. Can he make a leap like Gannon did with Jay’s brother? ...so, how crazy am I coming off here?
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    Legitimately a better feeling than sex. just deleted all emails from my inbasket to verify. now i feel all panicky and lost. so, about the same i think.
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    Team / QB / % of 2018 cap 1. New England - Tom Brady 12.92% 2. Green Bay - Aaron Rodgers 12.45% 3. Philadelphia - Carson Wentz (rookie contract) 3.78% 4. Minnesota - ??? 5. Pittsburgh - Ben Roethlisberger 12.08% 6. Atlanta - Matt Ryan 12.98% 7. Dallas - Dak Prescott (rookie contract) 0.43% 8. LAR - Jared Goff (rookie contract) 5.57% 9. New Orleans - Drew Brees ??? 10. San Francisco - Jimmy Garrappolo ??? no exact numbers yet, I anticipate 15%+ 2017 Season Playoffs (I'm omitting WC losers because I'm lazy) 1. Philadelphia - Nick Foles (backup) 0.93% 2. New England - Tom Brady 8.55% 3. Minnesota - Case Keenum (backup) 1.26% 4. Jacksonville - Blake Bortles (rookie contract) 3.84% 5. New Orleans - Drew Brees 11.75% 6. Atlanta - Matt Ryan 14.28% 7. Pittsburgh - Ben Roethlisberger 11.14% 8. Tennessee - Marcus Mariota (rookie contract) 4.10% 2016 Playoffs 1. New England - Tom Brady 9.32% 2. Atlanta - Matt Ryan 15.44% 3. Pittsburgh - Ben Roethlisberger 15.82% 4. Green Bay - Aaron Rodgers 12.50% 5. Kansas City - Alex Smith 11.67% 6. Houston - Brock Osweiler 7.89% 7. Dallas - Tony Romo 13.64% 8. Seattle - Russell Wilson 12.34% 2015 Playoffs 1. Denver - Peyton Manning 12.06% 2. Carolina - Cam Newton 8.95% 3. Arizona - Carson Palmer 5.09% 4. New England - Tom Brady 9.91% 5. Green Bay - Aaron Rodgers 12.87% 6. Seattle - Russell Wilson (rookie contract) 4.79% 7. Kansas City - Alex Smith 11.03% 8. Pittsburgh - Ben Roethlisberger 12.41% 2014 Playoffs 1. New England - Tom Brady 11.02% 2. Seattle - Russell Wilson (rookie contract) 0.63% 3. Indianapolis - Andrew Luck (rookie contract) 4.87% 4. Green Bay - Aaron Rodgers 13.10% 5. Denver - Peyton Manning 12.96% 6. Baltimore - Joe Flacco 11.85% 7. Dallas - Tony Romo 9.09% 8. Carolina - Cam Newton (rookie contract) 5.25% So among teams to make it to at least the divisional round over the past four seasons (n=24), 6 teams had QBs on rookie deals. Another 2 were led by backups. The other 16 all had significant percentages of their cap invested into the QB position, most of the time at least 10% (Brady's willingness to take a pay cut skews this aspect of the data a bit).
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    I really doubt that Teddy can be signed for $8.00 for a whole season. Doesn't The NFL have a minimum salary? That would also break US minimum salary laws. I'd be very happy if he'd accept a MILLION times more than that, from The Vikings, as a "Hometown discount". Actually, I expect that The Vikings will have to pay Teddy from $10-12 Million.
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    Hi all. Here are the athletic thresholds for Dallas' draft picks since 2008. There is not enough data to create pages for quarterbacks and centers. Here is Dallas' staff chart: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1Fuu-N-BIthSdCi5Y5DEOMGvlqYqSywREKTYO3pVE034 Here are Dallas' selections since 2008: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1f8AkWj1pU63go2INA9zk7M64Y_1IuUCE5JmYCScLe60 And here are the aggregated thresholds for each position: RB DATA WR DATA TE DATA OT DATA OG DATA EDGE DATA DT DATA LB DATA CB DATA S DATA
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    Great news that this is in the bag. Fingers crossed he is worth every penny and I get to stay up till 3 in the morning watching the 9ers win another super bowl.
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    We-e-ellllll, I don't like to brag, or anything, but anybody who's followed this site for a few years can vouch and attest to my canny insight as to which prospects will make it big in the NFL. I've missed a few, sure, but there've been a few Blue-Chip guys I've scouted who went on to prove me right! 1) Trent Richardson, thick-thighed and Canton-bound RB from Alabama. Maaaan, when I saw this guy plowing through the college ranks (he may have had a little bit of help from his gigantic O-line trampling valiant college boys) I said to myself, There's s guy who's going to last at least three years in this league, and play for maybe three or four teams! Looks like I was right! 2) Vernon Gholston, Sculpted DE or linebacker or whatever he was (it was hard to tell much of the time). Like many Jets' fans, I fairly swooned over his bodybuilderish physique. For some reason his signature college pass-rushing move- the Rush-Straight-Ahead-And-Crash-Into-The-Blocker maneuver- never translated into success in the NFL. Success?? What the Hey, the guy never had a single sack! 3) Johnny Manziel, "Ol' Number 22" of the Browns (one of several Ol' Number 22's actually)- When I saw this kid, I thought, Now, there's a winner! True, what he was not was an NFL Quarterback nor that slippery term known as an "adult"- but, gosh- he made the game fun! And the parties even more so! Party on, O perpetual Frat Boy!! 4) Justin Blackmon, Surly and Substance-Challenged WR- O, those sexy Jacksonville Jaguars! They drafted Blaine Gabbert, they drafted, in 2012, Blancmange, what was it, fifth overall? Over Luke Kuechly, and Fletcher Cox, and David Decastro? You know, like, actual good NFL players? Blancmange might have gone on to better things had he not been so devoted to certain party favors. He had a problem with booze, I think, dating back to a DUI in college (how clever, how broad-minded of the Jags to ignore this!). Booze? No, wait- maybe it was marijuana? Or cocaine? Crystal meth? Heroine? Opium? All of the above? I forget. Aaaaah- if you're gonna part, I say, let's par-taaaay! 5) (Best for last!) JaMarcus Russell, Fat and Fun-Loving "Generational" Quarterback! I, like many others, was certain this cannon-armed and beer-bellied young man would be the next HOF QB! He could throw a football sixty yards! (there's the part about hitting the receiver with it, though). I swear, I thought this kid would be the GOAT. Sadly, he turned out to be the WALRUS, a 300-lb.plus blimp more suited to play right tackle than quarterback. Can't say he accomplished much on the playing field, but off it! Wearin' all dem fur coats 'n jew-ray 'n shee-att, croozin' troo Oaklinn in mah stretch limo wit mah Homies from da projects, pleasurin' wid da wimmin-folk stead-a practicin'...... Ah, what might have been! Post-Script: During the time when I was applying to NFL teams for a General Manager position, I attached a copy of the above to my resume to show what I could do. Haven't hear back from any of them just yet; I figure the Cleveland Browns are about due to fire another front-office dude, soon!
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    That is pretty much my take on every hire. I was neutral on Sashi and Hue. After 2 years I was more impressed with one than the other, but that one is gone now.
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    Since I've been spending more time here, I almost never look at my social media and it is glorious. I don't want to talk to any of those bastards and look at their ugly kids anyway. I have my own ugly kids to look at.
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    The biggest argument for me, and I believe it has already been stated, is that second contract. Living up to expectations means top dollar at a position you don't really wanna throw money at
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    I have never known an NFL team to pay 'bass salary' before. But, according to Schefter, that is exactly what Jimmy is getting. Now, will that be an electric bass, string bass or largemouth/smallmouth bass? Hey, inquiring minds like mine want to know!
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    Low key, there are certain times with Phire that I would like a post, but I choose not to because he already has so many and that boy don't need more ego boosts.
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    I'm in the Jimmy G. being worth it boat. The Niners lost their first nine games, beat the hapless Giants, then had another loss. Garroppolo starts and they win five games, and not just against crap teams. They beat three consecutive playoff teams in the final three weeks of the season, including the Jaguars, who they scored 44 points against.
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    AR is currently a bargain. AR signed his current contract in 2014 at 5 years $110m. At that time the salary cap went from $123m to $133m. The salary cap is projected top be $174m to $179m next year. The cap has been increasing 10 million per year the last 5 years. Too much is made of his cap hit. He is by far the most productive play maker on the team. At $30 million per year he will be a bargain again in 3 years. They can easily pay the man but they need to make smart deals with other players. You can't have contracts like Matthews, Nelson and Cobb hanging out there with players that aren't producing at the level they were when they signed the big deals.
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    DE/OLB Trent Murphy from Washington. Affordable piece of the puzzle.
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    We were so obviously floundering, now these moves give LeBron a puncher's chance in the playoffs, and we still keep the Nets pick for next year. Well done to the front office.
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    Serious question, why do people still insist on getting big name free agents? Not saying anyone here does, but in general. The Eagles signed a lot of value free agents. Jefferey was their biggest, but they signed him to a one year deal with very little risk. The rest of the players they signed were very, very, very affordable value free agents. Their trades were value trades, not blockbuster trades. I could go on about how the value signings and in-season signings/trades/waiver claims are the way to keep a team like the Packers competitive throughout the season while signing the big targets is a great way to become the Saints of the previous five years instead of this year.
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    Vick was shorter than Mayfield and he went #1 overall, so it has happened. As far as your 6% success rate, that isn't how math works. You'd have to find all of the QBs under 6'1 who started and see how many failed/succeeded to get that number. Tyrod Taylor is another starter who is under 6'1 that you failed to mention. Doug Flutie had success. As did Vick. It is uncommon but how many QBs failed because of their height? You have to remember just because a short QB didn't make it that doesn't necessarily mean he failed because of his height, taller QBs fail all of the time. Is 72.5" much of a difference than 74 inches? A lot of really good to great QBs have been 6'2. Montana, Rodgers, Favre etc... It does matter a little, sorta like hand size but it has been proven QBs under 6'1 can succeed and QBs over 6'1 can fail so at most it should just be used as a tie breaker between prospects, not something that would put a Josh Allen ahead of a Baker Mayfield.
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    Time will tell. I think Jimmy will be good....but they are really betting the farm on him based on very limited proven worth. And as jrry said, there have been other players who have looked good for a time but then once teams learned how to scheme for them, the players struggled to adapt. In no way am I saying that WILL happen to JG, but I think thats the big risk here, and why its good to have more time to determine if a player is worth such a huge payday. Otherwise, you are just paying that money in HOPE that that player will become what you want them to. I like the 49ers, so I hope things work out for them.....and if I were a 49er fan I would be excited. However, I dont see anything wrong with people having doubts about this. There is certainly justifiable reasons to feel that way.
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    I just got home from fiji after 18 hrs of flying and a lay over. But everything is great walked in the door to and found out we resigned Jimmy best day of the year
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    If we made this list this time last year none of these teams would be on it. There's your answer.
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    No question we got our #1 Target. Well played by Rick and Zim.
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    Holtmann is a God send to the basketball team.
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    Vote Count 11 Raves - ET, Bucs, Gopher, Bcb, Untouch, Whicker, Rags, KSJ, LTBF, Raves, FJ Yet to Vote Darth Pees JFinley88
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    *right in the middle of some important sentence* *BEEP* "Did someone just join?" "Hi yeah this is Bob from whatever" "Hi Bob!" "Hello Bob" "Hey Bob" "Hi Bob" "Sorry I was running a little late. Did I miss anything?" "Yeah rams was about 95% through the only thing we needed to talk about on this waste of time goddamn call. Rams, could you please give the entire shpeal again, this time with no momentum or enthusiasm whatsoever?" "Sure. Alright so..." *BEEP* "Did someone just join?"
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    It's terrible and awful! I demand that you start again from scratch!!!!!!
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    The Vikings should be front and center in the Andrew Norwell sweepstakes. He’ll likely be the highest paid guard after he signs, but it’s not every year that you get an opportunity to sign a 1st team All-Pro. He’s worth it.
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    And GB. GB had a top 5 defense and a young MVP caliper QB in his prime when they won the bowl. Look how that turned out. Point being, SB's are very very hard to get back to, much less win again. Eagles will have their work cut out for them, especially with their cap situation not being great and Wentz needing a new contract in a year or two.
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    I hated the Jaylon Smith pick, and loved the Randy Gregory pick. I thought surely getting someone to quit smoking was going to be easier than a nerve regeneration. Seems I was wrong.
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    Why does everyone (not just you) always want to over complicate a system that is tried and true? There's a reason this is in it's 15th season and there's no reason to make any major changes.
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    My Browns are about to crush life.
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    Hey @AkronsWitness @brownie man and @Mind Character, just found the first mock with us trading for and selecting 4 players in the first round. We are starting to pick up steam, baby! https://www.cbssports.com/nfl/draft/news/2018-nfl-mock-draft-broncos-move-up-to-no-1-and-a-trade-for-every-first-round-pick/amp/
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    Well if you are 115 million dollars under the salary cap, are you going to sweat a couple million? Truth is, there is a psychological element to this LTD. It says "Jimmy, you're our guy. We believe in you. We think you're going to be great". The tag and wait says to him that the niners FO is skeptical about his "small sample size" and that they really aren't sure if he is going to have sustained success in the NFL. No guy wants to hear that his sample size isn't big enough. People tend to forget that these guys are human beings. THE NINERS HAVE MONEY. There is a huge difference between signing him as a FA and having him in the building for a few months. They know what they are getting into, they know what he brings to the table. Let's not forget he is a PERFECT fit for kyle shanahans system. The word out there is that when Kyle was hired he was showing the scouting staff cut ups of the type of QBs that fit his system and that they 'couldnt help but notice' that Garoppolo kept showing up in the highlight reel. John lunch didn't want Jimmy making a late game comeback and saying HOW YOU LIKE ME NOW
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    Woz told me Gannon had a strong arm when I said there are similarities between Gannon and Mccoy, I think he’s wrong but I love your thought process E. I’m with you. I think Smith has a strong arm but not elite arm, I don’t think there’s any doubt his arm strength is better than Gannon’s. We need to continue to build this team well through the draft. Hopefully we get a starting NT & RB in round 1 and 2 of this draft and have our young picks and free agents from the last few years step up and play to their talent levels and hopefully we fill a few holes in FA like WR, LG and re-sign Brown. We need these things to happen to take the next step for this team to go from mediocre to good. One thing that will help is less turnovers, the acquisition of Smith should cut our turnovers in half which his detractors are failing to acknowledge will be a big deal towards winning games. Possessing the ball is very key to winning games, we got an improvement in that category when we traded for Smith. Its nice to have you and footy back, the 24-7 negativity that spues from this forum usually really makes hard to be here.
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    Meh, why go there? Get it over with now, six starts is plenty to make a decision on if he's "The Guy". Just watch the games, even with needs of improvement with his footwork and hip rotation he's still obviously a stud.
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    Yup. You need a good defense to get to the SB but you also need excellent QB play to win it. There is a reason every GM who doesn't have a decent QB will practically sell his first born for one. If we let Rodgers walk - or make him available for trade - the line of GMs ready to give him the moon would be pretty damn long. When I see the list of teams who picked QBs high in the draft over the years only to have these kids bust big time makes me shudder at the thought of going that route when we already have arguably the best QB in the game today.
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    Evidently when Altman called Larry Nance Jr about the trade Nance was in tears. Welcome home son. Your dad was really good. Play hard and you’ll be a fan favorite here...ala thee Delly.
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    He will if he wants it. Might not be from the team he wants it from, but he'll get it if he's going for the money.
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    This Super Bowl absolutely destroys Tom Brady's hope of ever making it into the Hall of Fame as a wide receiver.
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    This whole premise is stupid. The fact that the Joker doesn't have a backstory IS HIS BACKSTORY. Its part of his mystique.
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    Also, if I was arrested by a cop that passed his test based on tips from Football's Future, I'd really like my odds in court.
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    Good for Jimmy. Now he's able to rent a studio apartment in San Fran.
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