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    What kind of voodoo, cockamamie, hokum fake statistic driven nonsense did I just read?
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    I think the colts ended up with the better coach for there team.
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    $779.87 spent on Super Bowl apparel/memorabilia........
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    Gonna love every day this offseason Step 1: Get a real GM ouch...sorry you are stuck with Jerry until he hardens into a gargoyle atop the JerruhDome Step 2: Get a real coach ouch...sorry you are stuck with Jerry's red headed bastard son seemingly forever Step 3: Git Gud QB HEY!!! At least you haven't fully hitched your wagon to a mediocre QB in Rayne yet!
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    Yea he's got to go. I'll wait and see what he's ultimately charged with but this is like beyond stupid at this point. I understand if Lynch gives him another shot but it will make him look like a hypocrite with all his talk of wanting the right kind of players and high character guys, etc. Supremely talented individual but at some point your have to sacrifice parts of your life to truly be great at the one thing you love. And Foster seems unwilling to let go of certain aspects of his life that could affect his ability to be a truly great football player.
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    What sucks is he may be the best talent on the team. The defense is completely different when he is on the field. Going to be interesting how Lynch and company handle this. Gut feeling? I think they keep him but he's on his last strike. Any lesser player probably gets released.
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    If the allegations hold up, then I'd be fine with cutting him. He doesn't deserve to play in the league if he is harming people outside of the field.
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    Likely to be a gigantic upgrade over McDaniels, even if he's just an average coach. McDaniels saved the franchise by backing out.
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    It's kind of ridiculous to watch a game like the Eagles and Patriots just played a week ago and blame one person, one play or one anything on the outcome of the game.
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    Smith looks great when he's kept clean (which Georgia's defensive line did a great job of most of the time) but he doesn't engage blockers like an NFL linebacker should. Here, Smith gets moved off the ball by the pulling guard. Ideally, you'd like to see the linebacker anchor and not get pushed off the spot so easily. Even against tight ends Smith gives up a too much ground. You don't see him powerfully engage blockers when they come. Instead, he uses his quickness by giving up ground and then "juke shedding" the blocker. Here, Smith needs to attack the blocker in front of him and pressure Hurst to make a cut before he wants to. Smith's technique of shedding blockers starts by him giving up ground. Even if he's just able to slow down the blocker, the pursuit gets to Hurst before the big gain. I particularly don't like this interaction with Calvin Ridley. Ridley is able to hold him at bay so the receiver ends up making a decent gain. His approach to linebacker is a bit like playing safety. When he sees the alley, he attacks it and makes the types of splash plays he's known for. When there's someone in front of him, things get complicated. He's ideal in a WLB role but even more ideal on a team with quality interior defensive lineman. I'm not sure the Raiders, with their question marks on the interior defensive line, would be the best spot for him.
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    But that was a REALLY good 49ers team that had the talent to match up with them. The Saints team was one of the best 6th seeds you will ever see and the Seahawks were in control for the entire game. I think it was a shutout or close to one going into the 4th quarter. Seahawks faced a beast schedule of teams to win the SB. 11-5 Saints, 12-4 49ers and the 13-3 Broncos. Of course no team is going to be dominant in all those games.
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    Here's a quote from me in that same Nick Foles thread It really bugged me that he wouldn't move Lane to LT when Peters was hurt. Can we please see what he looks like at LT since he's going to start there next year? Next time Peters gets hurt, Lane should be the guy who takes over at LT. If Allen Barbre or Vatai replace Peters instead of Lane, then Doug is an idiot who will never win a SB. Ignorance is bliss. Sorry I doubted you Doug!
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    That's.............kinda...........the point. Still a no to a RB top 4. Trade down so much better of an idea. So much. Not even close.
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    EXACTLY Just think if we're watching Sam Darnold play and we're thinking , "wow man this guy has it all, but man our running game isn't helping him out... Wish we had a stud running back to take some of the load off of this young guy." We've got the opportunity to get that this year. I cant pass on Saquon at 4.
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    Yeah, I lived in Los Angeles and people just called it ****hole
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    I tested your theory by stealing a phone charger and it didn't work. Walmart pressed charges. Seriously, if assault and theft wasn't something you should call law enforcement for then it wouldn't be a crime. You don't have to use law enforcement for civil issues like an accidental broken window, you let the process play out with your insurance companies or the courts but for crimes, yeah you should use law enforcement and not take the matter into your own hands if it can be avoided. Now if you have a warrant for your arrest then yeah, you deal with it yourself or get punked and walk away because otherwise you are taking a trip but if you are a law abiding citizen then that is the best option. You can't let the bad people win all of the time or chaos would ensue. Some of us are bad, it's just the way it is. Doing nothing about it certainly isn't going to solve anything. Punishment works occasionally but at a higher rate than putting your tail between your legs and waiting until the next time you are a victim and then doing it again.
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    Well, both Reich and DeFilippo out in Philly. That's good news IMO
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    I read this and I was like... So? Then I remembered he got arrested in California.
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    The more weight you cut the more susceptible you are to getting KO'd. I've heard it takes around 72 hours for the brain to rehydrate and fighting while it is dehydrated makes you much more likely to get knocked out.
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    Not going to lie, I was on the Smith train even before this and even more so now. I guess Edmunds as well.
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    My ideal/realistic-ish offseason involves us signing Boston or Joyner, signing Timmons, trading up to draft Roquan Smith in the 1st and grabbing Josey Jewell in the 3rd. Or signing Boston or Joyner and Zach Brown and drafting Rashaan Evans in the 1st.
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    We traded a bunch of ho hum players for actual good players. I dont know how we did it honestly.
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    what are "hectic" drugs? he said he didn't do anything hectic. asking for a friend...
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    Dez also had a ton of passes broken up stopping ints. Was one of the better corners in the NFL this year.
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    crazy that a 3 game stretch made all these guys look like super geniuses lol
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    Couldn't agree more. I think we will do one big money FA, and I think it's going to be a corner to be honest. If we sign 2, then maybe norwell will be the other, but I think corner is where we are looking first
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    We have to find an Edge We have to find a corner We desperately need to inject youth at WR Lance Kendricks is currently our starting tight end Morgan Burnett may be leaving Spriggs is currently our RT - we think Now how do you feel about trading away a 3rd ? Some years may warrant a trade up. I think this is a year where you stand pat and throw as many darts as possible
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    I don't think it's cut and dry. There's something to be said for just hitting on a blue-chip player and not worrying about the position. It's preferable to a bust at a better position. Of course, one can easily pull up Trent Richardson in response to Saquon Barkley, as they could for anyone at any position. Just speaking in pure objective talent terms and not worrying about positions or diminishing returns etc. I feel much more confident that Barkley will be a great NFL player than any of the guys I can think of off the top of my head that would be around in a trade down situation. Now I'm sure there will be some top NFL players to come from the middle of the first, maybe Vita Vea, maybe someone else. But my point is more so that we can't pinpoint them with complete certainty right now. We can't pinpoint Barkley with certainty either, but realistically you can with more confidence. Kind of like how you could say with more confidence pre draft in 2011 that Julio Jones will be a better NFL player than Phil Taylor and Greg Little.
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    On a personal note, our due date is March 22nd. My baby girl is almost here!
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    That moment when you have 2 QB's better than Rayne
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    Instead, i think i'll probably just buy $200 of bourbon and make up my own grades.
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    Like the fact that his offense was so hot or cold that the defense could only get a few seconds to catch their breath on the sidelines before having to go back out on the field? Sure, they put up points. But part of what makes a good offense is keeping your defense off the field. Going from Kelly to Pederson, Philadelphia only scored 10 fewer points. But they allowed 100 fewer points. That isn't just because of defensive personnel. It's because the defense could actually catch their breath between possessions. Though you're probably right. Both of those teams went 7-9, which means Chip Kelly probably would've won the Super Bowl just like Pederson had Philadelphia not given up on the boy genius.
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    Yup, that's why Chip Kelly worked out so well!
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    So I just read through all 13 pages of this, and I’m really not sure it requires background in rocket science to draw the proper conclusion here. Here’s what we know: 1. Cousins had the better statistical performance in 2015 (probably) and 2016 (clearly). 2. Smith had the better statistical performance in 2017 (clearly). 3. Coincidentally, Cousins clearly had the better supporting cast in 2015 and 2016 (the seasons he put up better numbers) and Smith clearly had the better supporting cast in 2017 (the season he put up better numbers). 4. Just kidding, it’s obviously not a coincidence. Neither of these guys are good enough to transcend their circumstances. They aren’t Brady or Brees or Rodgers, who can put up numbers with literally anyone to throw to. Their levels of production are always going to be dependent on the players around them and the offensive system they’re in. Cousins can probably succeed in a wider variety of offensive systems, because he’s more willing and (probably) more able to stand in the pocket and sling the ball around and push it downfield more aggressively. I actually think Smith is the better fit for our particular system, because he’s smarter and a quicker thinker and more of a threat with his legs. But otherwise, they’re very similar. Extremely accurate, tough, good work ethic, strong enough arms. I don’t see much reason to expect a lot of drop-off (or a lot of improvement) in performance at that position. The key, with either of them, is always going to be who we manage to put around them.
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    The Vikings need 2 starting guards, preferably. I don’t know why people are so eager to move Remmers to guard. Outside of the couple of games he played there at the end of the year he’s never played guard, and he didn’t exactly look good at guard. He’s a tackle. Let’s keep him at his natural, and comfortable, position while adding guards who are playing in their comfortable and natural position. Continuity is key for offensive line success, why make unnecessary changes.
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    Now through season 4 of Breaking Bad. This dude Heisenberg is the GOAT
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    The joke’s on you San Fran, Glennon only cost us about $22m.
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