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    971 free and clear of a debilitating heroin addiction. Life never felt so good.
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    It's definitely not worth it. More teams should emulate what the Browns and Bills have done, which is refuse to invest in the position altogether, overdraft players in the first round, and hope to hit on a bunch of mid-tier level QB prospects to hope that you hit the jackpot. Also, they should do it for a 20-30 year period of time. That's definitely a no brainer.
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    I'm going to push back on this data set you are using as clear evidence against paying a top QB his top QB-level money The time frame chosen was somewhat arbitrary, but not really. 7 years is a small sample, but its also important to cut it off at 7 years... Because if you look at the QBs who won the SB just before this magical 7 year cutoff....it paints a completely different picture They conveniently eliminated the SB wins by Rodgers, Payton Manning, Eli Manning, Drew Brees and Ben Rothlisberger- all top notch QBs earning top notch pay and winning Super Bowls. Over The Cap wrote a lengthy article on this topic and their conclusion was that there are (2) distinct and successful methods to building a Champion - one method if you have a Top QB and the other if you don't. But they did not conclude that paying a Top QB top cash was a bad strategy, just that it requires different tactics. I say "no sale" on this specifically sorted dataset and its biased conclusions. And we also need to remember that as an entertainment enterprise, the NFL owners want to win a Super Bowl, but they need to make money. And nothing earns money like having a star QB to sell tix, jerseys and hope. https://www.pro-football-reference.com/super-bowl/
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    To further address those tweets, let's look at the Super Bowl winning QB's over the last 7 years: 2011: Eli Manning (Cap hit was 11.8% of the cap) 2012: Joe Flacco (On rookie contract) 2013: Russell Wilson (On rookie contract) 2014: Tom Brady (Cap hit was 11.1% of the cap) 2015: Peyton Manning (Cap hit was 12.2% of the cap) 2016: Tom Brady (Cap hit was 8.9% of the cap) 2017: Nick Foles (1% of the cap, Wentz is on rookie deal) Conclusion: Those tweets are extremely misleading. They cherry-picked percentages of the cap to make the facts appear a certain way. Take Eli for example, the difference between 11.8% and 14% of the cap in 2011 was $2.64 million. Are we really trying to say that Eli making $3 million less a season is why they were able to win a championship? The rest of the guys were either on a rookie contract which sets how much they can make, named Tom Brady who has shown no interest in being the top paid QB, or happened to be a backup QB that somehow caught fire. The odds of landing any of those three things is slim if you are a GM trying to build a team.
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    Corey wants to be an Eagle 4 life
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    While I'm thinking about it, I'm asking everyone if we could start doing an "owners meeting" after each mock draft is over, to discuss issues with the system, things that we'd like added or removed from workbooks or the guidelines. Getting feedback and suggestions while its fresh on our minds would really help me provide you guys a better mock draft experience. Please let me know if you'd be interested in doing something like this. Just an example is the team roster workbooks, there is always confusion with this and I think we could fix it. You all know that I spend a tremendous amount of time on the workbooks, but would like to know what works, what could be improved upon. @LuckyNumber11 @bcb1213 @SirA1 @NickChowaniec @BringinDaPain @winitall @sparky151 @cortes02 @Desperado82 @BowserBroncos @IDOG_det @squire12 @jch1911 @Counselor @IrishHooligan00 @samsel23 @ChaRisMa @Fragafootball @mountainpd @PurpleMugen @whodatOL @Deadpulse @KingOfTheDot @daineraider @EaglesPeteC @davidderion @Forge @One Punch Man @DTMW78 @USC_Fan
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    Again, your argument grossly lacks context. Not winning SBs can be attributed to a ton of different variables. You cant just point towards that, especially when these QBs played huge roles in their teams winning their SBs....even if they werent highly paid yet. The problem is, you have a guy like Flacco, who had an elite postseason and led his team to a SB title....but was paid almost exclusively because of that postseason performance, as opposed to him proven he was a true franchise QB. Is it worth paying a QB top money? The real answer is....when they are actually worth it. However, alot of average QBs get $20m a year nowadays, and in that regard, no, teams should be paying top dollar. Do you really think the Saints would be better off without Drew Brees? Packers without Rodgers? Steelers without Ben? The reason those highly paid QBs havent won SBs recently isnt because they are highly paid, its because their teams have failed to build complete teams. And you can claim that the additional money would allow them to build more complete teams....but a) thats assuming the teams made the right moves and b) you would be asking those teams to perhaps do it without the QBs they currently have. Bottom line....the stats you provided really dont prove anything. Every team except the 2015 Broncos relied heavily on their QBs to get them to and win Superbowls. Doesnt matter that they werent paid some arbitrarily high amount.
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    i do the hiring in my company, son.
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    I 100% read that word wrong and I burst out laughing. I'll leave to your imagination what I thought it said.
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    2008 has me, Jroc, Blick, RBreezy, Blick, I think E27 too....not sure.
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    If that's really all he's looking for, that's an easy buy for me with the 49ers. 3 years 18 mil with 10 guaranteed is pretty much chump change at this point.
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    Who da thunk Howie traded away Rowe just so we could abuse him later in the biggest game in Eagles' history?
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    People really need to get over the Alex Smith sucks mantra. He's no rookie anymore... Yes, with the Niners and early in his career he was pretty bad. But that O-line for the 49ers might have been the worst in the league at that time. I mean, they were horrible. He didn't have time for nothing or to develop, they were so bad. I believe as time has passed & he played for improved teams, allowed him to improve as a player as well. Will he ever live up to his #1 pick status? Probably not, but his experience over the years has allowed him to find himself as a player & to use his legs to escape when necessary. Redskins fans... I'm not a huge Alex Smith fan at all. But even I admit, he doesn't suck. I also respect him for sticking It out over the years, when he easily could have quit the game. He might be the absolute best "game manager" in the league right now. Maybe he's comfortable with that playing style? But I do this! He knows how to win. He knows how to win in big games & doesn't get overwhelmed with the situation. He also rarely gives games away with terrible turnovers & produces like an ace inside the red zone. I don't know if "you like that"... but "I'll take that" over someone more interested in being wanted & getting paid. Because Alex knows in his head, that he was the #1 pick. He knows he's wanted in Washington. He also knows he got paid. Now he knows, he needs to start winning for us. ....and we know, he can take a 2-14 team & help make them a Playoff contender. What can he do for a 7-9 team? Cause we know the other guy, had to rally like crazy & give us "you like that" inspiration to get us to 9 wins. I personally look forward to the Alex Smith era. Maybe he can game manage & methodically win us a SB. Hell....just playoff appearances would be an upgrade! Hell....maybe Alex can win us a damn season opener!! Cause the other guy can't. Completely rips any hope we might have had, going into the season. What he do this yr? lol oh that's right, instead of marching down the field for a win? He cracked in a huge moment like he always does & was sacked, fumbled & Fletcher Cox returned the ball for the game winner. lolol...and you guys wanted this? Again...I'll take Alex Smith.
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    You outta consider joining corporate America. All there was for me was a fingerprint background check. No testing whatsoever during the hiring process, and I have yet to hear about someone being tested within the company. Pretty sure the reason is cuz all the upper management are riding the white stallion, but that's none of my business.
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    looking it up, I forgot Doug was hired the same day I became mod Coincidence??? ...i think not
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    Stick to the topic. Discuss Hunt and the Chiefs and keep it to football.
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    id honestly be fine with darnold/rosen/mayfield - i think its possible all three of them are good like manning, roethlisberger, rivers were in 2004. just dont losman it with allen
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    Agreed, I see no reason to let Okafor walk. He should come cheap enough.
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    lol ah..shiii I was like what, 8 yards away from the 5000? Lol and nobody, thought I would come close. the 12 wins prediction. I thought if healthy it could have been done at the time. I wasn't aware of all Kirk's shortcomings that makes a complete QB. my fault there... but the tag and trade to the jets? It's gonna happen! that & Kirk never winning a big game in his life.
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    Washington has shown without a doubt that they are one of the most incompetent and dysfunctional teams in the league. The way they handled Cousins over the last 3-4 years has been stupid, and the trade for Alex Smith was even worse. That isn't even going into things like the Scot McCloughan debacle, etc. Kansas City got a great deal. They dump Alex Smith's contract and clear $20M+ of cap space, get to move cleanly to their QBOTF, and got an excellent young corner and a 3rd round pick.
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    Would I give a mega deal to Russell Wilson based on what we’ve seen from him? Absolutely. Would I give a mega deal to Kirk Cousins based on what we’ve seen from him? Absolutely not.
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    Pushed a shopping cart today. Afraid of being suspended here. So I apologize ... Geesh ...
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    Just last year you predicted that the Redskins would win 12 games behind Kirk Cousins
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    I would argue that Smith, as a top 10 QB, had a pretty favourable contract. Dorsey did the team a favour by making it easy to trade Smith (had what, 6 teams inquiring?) and by having his replacement ready.
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    Between trading up or signing Cousins, I'm going with Cousins all day, barring the trade up being a slam dunk in respects to the capitol we would have to part with. Cousin's isn't a world breaker by any means, but he is a known quantity: we know his strengths, we know his weaknesses, and there is a reason to believe that his production could elevate given a better supporting cast, which I absolutely believe he would have in MN. Yes, he will cost a lot of money, but with the way contracts are always inflating, by the end of his deal he could very well be seeing middle of the pack annual $'s. Trading up for a QB would be a great option if we knew what we were getting, but you don't. Countless highly drafted QB's amount to nothing in the NFL, and so the risk in drafting one is always high, and that doesn't even factor in the heavily increased risk of sending off more picks and what could be had from their value. Drafting a QB in the top 10 happens because a team is already bad and needs a foundation to build around (meaning they are usually near their floor already, and there is less risk because everything is generally looking up from there) or a team is in desperation mode/ lucky with receiving a higher pick than their season warranted due to a previous year trade or an injury which deflated the teams season. We don't really fit into any of those categories, which makes it feel like we would just be risking so much for a relatively unlikely unlikely win. Dream scenario would be to bring Teddy back, have the injury not be a problem, and see him further develop, but I can't believe that this is a highly realistic option until I see it with my own eyes. I would say that I feel the likelyhood of this happening is higher than us selecting a QB in the top 10 and having them develop into a great QB though. Retaining Teddy is the most fiscally conservative option that has an okay chance of success, but that doesn't necessarily make it the right decision. Picking between going the Teddy route or signing Cousins to a high dollar contract is really a tough decision for me especially because I don't know what Teddy's future holds. Either way, I do trust the team to make a smart decision and that we have the staff in place to reap the most benefit from whatever solution they decide to pursue.
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    something like that once I think..b60 lapped it up
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    I joined in March of ‘08, too we’re here to take the crown
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    Cravens didn't play last year and barely played his rookie year. Just cut him and move on. He's a major headcase.
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    oh sorry i meant ridiculous skeleton as in a really ridiculously good core lol
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    Keeping Capers allowed Hundley to shine in practice and aided in fooling MM and AVP into thinking Hundley was a capable backup.
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    Ya gotta risk it to get the biscuit......or bagel.
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    YES! http://www.espn.com/blog/dallas-cowboys/post/_/id/4765325/cowboys-contemplating-a-move-of-byron-jones-back-to-cornerback?sf182005739=1
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    I saw a few posts during the 2017 off season that said it wasn't a big risk. Which is it? Big risk? Small risk? I recall my specific response to the comments by sports analysts, which pointed to the crowd with which he ran; i.e. "too many brothas' spoiled the Cook". (it's a twist on an old cliche about too many cooks in the kitchen...). I used the input I got from reading one or two articles about him by credible national sports journalists who did their due diligence in analyzing his problems, unlike the hacks in Mpls who simply ignored the issue or under-reported it because of their homerism and blind support of anything the Vikings Front Office does (e.g. AP). I expect the usual replies from people who aren't part of this direct conversation. I ignore them because there are underlying motives involved, which is evident in their continuing, unwavering support of ownership and management of the Vikings whenever anyone criticizes them in public. The difference in the risks is reduced to the following: removing the bad influences on Cook was a potential solution vs. individuals who are involved in domestic abuse are nearly always doing those things alone, with no influence from a bad posse. Guns, drugs, unethical behavior, and violence in public places are more complex issues, and involve a bad upbringing, more so than bad current influences; e.g. Love Boat, Darren Sharper, A Peterson, Club Tabu, etc. PS Thanks for a thoughtful reply, absent an emotional or sarcastic response.
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    The important thing is that you hit on your picks, period. If they hit at QB with their QBOTGF, draft is a success IMO. Beyond that, there’s a lot of discussion over positional needs and priorities at 4. With that said though, you can argue the value of a great RB vs a great DE, DB, LB, or whatever position. If the guy you draft at whatever position is a pro bowl caliber guy though, nobody is going to be (or should be at least) upset because someone else would have been a better positional selection. I’d agree with what has been said before, that Ramsey and Bosa, given what they have been post draft, could mean even more than Zeke to their teams. However, not every DE/DB at 3-5 is going to turn out that way. Great DB/DE > great RB. However, if you have the RB as a game changer and other positional guys evaluated as good but not great starters, I still think you take the game changer. Im not saying I prefer Barkley, because to me, that’s not the ideal. Philosophical though, that’s where I’m at. In the perfect world, if we stay at 4, I’d rather we hit it out of the park with either Chubb/Minkah and a steal RB round 2.
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    Most interesting "stats:" Kirk Cousins with all 5 staring OL (6 games): 68% comp, 8.3 YPA, 12/3 TD/INT 107.2 passer rating 1-2 OL out (3 gm): 61%, 7.7 YPA, 5/2 92.6 passer rating 3+ OL out (7 gm!): 63%, 7.0 YPA, 10/8 83.2 passer rating Honestly had no idea it was that much of a difference. And this has been a lot of people's point all along. Smith desperately needs good players around him. More than Cousins has needed them. And there it is. Smith is basically all the things we've complained about Cousins the last couple years.
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    https://www.patspulpit.com/2018/2/9/16994154/film-review-eagles-offense-won-super-bowl-with-heavy-dosage-of-runs-out-of-three-wide-receiver-sets Another good read on the superbowl not sure if posted before.
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    I wouldn’t take either of those options. Kirk Cousins has had good circumstances throughout his career that allowed him to pad his stats, but I in no way see him being worth the contract that he’s going to get. He’s a very middle of the road QB who makes really boneheaded decisions from time to time. I think he’s a less talented version of Tony Romo who can make a few splash plays, but will lose the game for you when he’s in high pressure situations. I don’t want to trade up for a QB in this years draft either. I don’t see many QBs this year that could be good starters as a rookie. I think that Rosen, Darnold, and Mayfield are the only QBs worth a 1st round selection this year, but they will all probably be gone in the top 5-10 picks. I think Allen is going to bust or at least be a huge project. I would consider Jackson or Rudolph if they fell in the 2nd though. I think that Bridgewater is a way better option than Cousins or trading up for a rookie. Bridgewater is better than every rookie in this years draft except for maybe Rosen, but Rosen has his own injury concerns to worry about. The only thing that Cousins has on Bridgewater is arm strength, but Bridgewater has more than enough to be successful. I’m not sure why so many people think that Carson Wentz shouldn’t have a problem coming back from his torn ACL and LCL, but are skeptical about Bridgewater being able to come back from a torn ACL, MCL, and LCL. Especially when there has been so much positive news about his recovery coming from everyone in the organization. If we are going to trade up for anything in the first round I would much rather trade up for an elite prospect that falls out of the top 15 like Derwin James or some other elite talent. I don’t think safety is a top 3 need, but he’s definitely going to be a pro bowler and will give us a seamless transition at the position once Smith starts to decline.
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    my philosophy: 1. sign FAs to fill holes for this year 2. draft BPA for holes you anticipate the following year 3. trade up/down to maximize your draft position for 2 4. draft players with lots of experience from good schools who are athletic and played well in the first rounds 5. draft players with lots of experience who are athletic and played well from small schools in later rounds 6. draft players with high effort but low physical attributes in later rounds as well 7. draft a kicker in the 7th round until you find one you like 8. if you have a lot of draft capital, keep on trading it forward-- gms get greedy and give up insane value for current picks if by chance the players in step 2 get good this year, then congrats you've nailed it and your team got good way quicker than expected
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    Based on everything I've heard, Zeke will likely be forced to serve Hunt's 6 game suspension for him. Especially if no formal charges are ever filed and all the evidence points to the girl lying. In fact it will be a 10 game suspension and Zeke will have to play the rest of his career rushing for all his yards while running backwards and with a blindfold.
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    I think Lane getting under the skin of former Patriots turned Patriots Media Missionaries is a funny start to the second week of being a champion. Hoping they get Willie to be mad about this too
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    Salt exports out of Minnesalta are BOOMING.
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