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    He might be able to afford an apartment in SF now...
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    Ogbah is not a DT. People need to quit being window lickers.
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    I think about everyone here wants to trade down if Barkley and Chubb are gone.
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    what is the common denominator with bruce allen and vinny cerato? the same problems are happening. its Dan snyder guys.
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    Good call. How about we all agree this year ends like that one. Get the whole NFL on board.
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    Yeah, I thought $15M per year was likely myself. If he's healthy, I like it. That's the only part that matters to me. Corners with excellent technique and discipline like Sherman can play well into their 30s. Question: what number does he wear (Ward is 25, of course)?
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    WOW. 60 pages of hissy fit, knee jerk reaction. Well done! Thought I was on another teams web page for a while.
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    Yep, and that's why I don't think even with signing him should prevent us from going after the other top corners on the market. Maybe Breeland becomes more of a target since he could play in the slot?
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    Seriously ? Who else wants to see a 30-30 on the browns trades .
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    Remember all. Daylight savings time is tomorrow, so everyone's picks are an hour earlier than you might think
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    Super Troopers style.
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    “According to Bob McGinn at BobMcGinnFootball.com, the Green Bay Packers are looking to sign former Los Angeles Rams cornerback Trumaine Johnson once free agency opens next week.” per packernewswire So there is that.
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    Alex Smith: conservative, efficient QB that has some mobility and doesn’t turn the ball over. Pat Mahomes: Big, instinctual and natural playmaker that plays the position like a pitcher and needs to refine his footwork and overall game to unlock his vast potential. ... Tyrod Taylor: conservative, efficient QB that has some mobility and doesn’t turn the ball over. Sam Darnold: Big, instinctual and natural playmaker that plays the position like a point guard and needs to refine his footwork and overall game to unlock his vast potential.
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    Sherman would absolutely be one of the leaders on the defense and team if he still is a productive player. Why wouldn't you want this guy as one of the leaders? Super intelligent, never in trouble with the law and just a damn good football player. Great competitor that clearly loves the game as well. Don't let the emotions of him dominating us for years get to you.
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    We traded Andy Lee and a 7th round pick for Jarvis Landry We traded the worst QB of all time for a 25 year old CB averaging 4 picks per year (10 regular season and 2 post season). #65 for Taylor may be a little steep for my taste but the first two deals make the day a win.
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    I like Teddy, but he hasn't done anything in his career yet to make us believe we wouldn't need to draft a QB in the first. He's coming from a terrible injury, hasn't played in 2 years, and was a 14td/9INT guy before that. We probably wouldn't feel the need to trade up with him, but I still think we're going QB if we were to sign him.
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    It is the first pick in the third too. Yeah no. Want no part of Foles since the ask is at least a first and fourth. Nooooo thank you.
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    @Bobby, if we sign Teddy B, i'll put money on it that we still go QB round 1.
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    Meh. Ig model is just code for thot anyways. Don't care what he does in the off-season
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    My ideal after the Randall trade is getting Tru and then Ward or James at 14. If James, add another corner via FA. I am comfortable that for 2018
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    Also, what's nice about the length - the whole contract will be off the books by the time we NEED to re-sign Buckner.
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    Im not sold on Tysom Hill... I dont think its worth the capitol we'd have to sacrifice to trade up to get Darnold, Rosen, Allen or Mayfield... I really love Jackson's athleticism but ive seen what fast athletic defenses do to him and his passing ability is a long way from being ready... If it ever will. If were choosing out of all the other quarterbacks... Id take Luke Falk but wouldnt be comfortable selecting him till the 4th round.
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    When I was 12 the Redskins sucked. Shockingly they still suck 20 years later. But hey, we aren't real fans if we point that out I guess...
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    Has a brother who plays WR named Smooth. His parents are big peanut butter fans. (Joking about brother... Not Chunky.... Chunky is Jarrod's nickname)
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    This trade has made us worse on Sundays. That upsets me.
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    Because there's no lowlights of Kirk...just highlights baby! #Kirk2018
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    @EaglesPeteC thanks for making the pick for me
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    just watching superbowl videos at 8 am on a saturday what's good everyone?
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    No, on the field. Reid saved Colbert from a couple of taunting penalties for sure. Reid is good at keeping emotions in check on the field. I have no problem whatsoever with Sherman off the field.
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    As a Browns fan, the Bills playoff story line was one of the most fun/satisfying things to watch last season. Here's to playing each other in the AFC Championship game real soon!
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    How many times we gotta disprove the same talking points? It's not about Randall. Quit bringing up Randall as a person and as an attitude problem. You get rid of Randall, okay, you get rid of him for something that can help you replace him. I'll put it into a story: You're in a sinking boat. The boat has 5 holes in it. You intend on filling the other two holes soon. Three of the holes are already plugged. We will call those three plugs Randall, Rollins and King. You've been in this boat for 2 years now and the plugs keep falling out towards the end of the day, letting a lot of water in. You are wearing the best life preserver there possibly could be. We will call that life preserver Rodgers. You have a backup life preserver. We will call that backup life preserver Brett. You don't like the way one of the plugs fits. It works better than the other two, but you've been in this boat for 2 years and you're going a little insane, so you don't like the way it talks to you. Another boat passes. They got a life preserver a little bit better than your backup life preserver. They want one of your plugs. You give them one of your plugs for another life preserver. Now you have to fill three holes, except your boat came with limited trading supplies. Let's say... 170 of them. The plug called Randall cost 2 of the 170. Plugs typically cost a minimum of 5-10. You only have 20 supplies left. 8 of those supplies have to go towards the supplies draft. Problem is you're also missing a paddle. Your current paddles, called Cobb, Nelson, Adams, well... Two of them are really old and take up the space of 10 supplies each. Problem is the weight of them costs 3 supplies each to get rid of. So you've got 20 supplies left. You have to use some of those supplies to replace your plug, so that leaves you with less supplies for other things you need. Gotta have some shade to protect against the sun. Your current shade is named Dickrod, and the process of putting it up is slow. Very slow. Now... After considering all of that, wouldn't trading the plug have made more sense if we had traded for even an older, not as good plug? Wouldn't trading that plug have made more sense if we traded it for a supply we need but don't have? Like a new paddle? Or some new shade? Or for a better supplies draft pick? What are you going to do with two crappy life preservers?
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    Blogger foraging with click bait. Gabe Jackson has trade value even with his contract if the Raiders wanted to unload him.
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    Was that backup who threw 5 picks in one half gonna get you guys there?
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    He had consecutive great seasons in 2016 and 2017 in that slot position. Would be a nice option there. I really hate the idea of taking a CB in the early rounds of this draft, so I’d like them to fill that slot position in FA. Colvin or Patrick Robinson would be good choices for that role who (hopefully) wouldn’t break the bank.
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    Packers fans in a tizzy over losing Randall. This is going to be the highlight of my off-season. The guy is marshmallow soft, and Pettine wanted no part of him, so Gute showed him the door. I won't miss him a bit. The outrage over losing GB's "top" CB is laughable.
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    That's probably his best route. I thought his best route was the post route. I need to get better material.
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    He could just say its tobacco
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    I can live without any of the WRs in the 1st round this year. I’m not a fan of any of them. Give me o-line, d-line, or LB.
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    So, if the trade happens now, to further the discussion on GM Dorsey.... Tyrod Taylor has a 18M cap hit - a 10M base salary, a 6M roster bonus bonus, and a 2M signing bonus. For BUF, they have 4M+ more in signing bonus left over. So they save 10M now, if they had cut him, they'd have assumed the same hit. If they had traded him after the year started on March 16th, they'd have taken a 12M+ cap hit. http://www.spotrac.com/nfl/buffalo-bills/tyrod-taylor-7899/ Here's the kicker - if this deal happens now, though, CLE takes on the roster bonus AND the salary - 16M instead of 10M. BUF was strongly rumored to be considering cutting Taylor before March 16 to avoid the 6M roster bonus - so I can't imagine why GM Dorsey would offer to take on the contract before March 16th and take on the 6M salary - and give them a pick with any value. LET ALONE A 3.1 pick. If people aren't seeing the concern on how GM Dorsey spends $ and builds a team, by overpaying for arguably non-elite talent, I don't know what to tell you. Ex-GM Sashi Brown is the only reason Dorsey has this wealth of picks and $$$ - and he's going nuts on guys who aren't big difference-maker QB's (remember, he offered 2.1 for Alex Smith), and is willing to pay 14M+ AAV for the best slot WR around - but still a slot guy. Man. So, those who thought Dorsey was OK with the Landry move as a one-time overpay - think again. His KC history, Alex Smith, Landry, Tyrod Taylor. That's not a one-off - it's a pattern. And not a good one. Hopefully he can draft well and hit on the picks Sashi Brown gave him - it's hard to argue he's getting even close to good value off this deal. Let's be clear - 3.1 for Taylor when you have McCarron, McCown, Bradford, likely Bridgewater, Keenum for FREE is AWFUL. And if the deal is happening now - they're taking Taylor at 16M. When the top FA besides Cousins are likely only making a few million more than that. And THAT is what he gives up the 3.1 for....WTH?
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    I tried that with an EX GF once. Didnt work out
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    ssshhhhhhhhhhhh mannnn I'm trying to get him at pick 35 you gotta chill
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