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    I was 24 hours late on the trade news due to a stomach flu that raged through the family. Taking care of puking grandchildren and young adults was almost as fun as reading 73 pages of this thread. I ran out of battery before I got through the whole thing. I usually side with the Packers FO with personnel moves given the rather safe assumption that they know more than me. So I was surprised by the vehemence of the negative reactions to the trade. As with most who view the trade somewhat favorably, I assume that DR was no longer functioning well as a team member and that, to the new regime, his negatives clearly outweighed his positives. In my mind, the Browns are the team that pushed for this trade. Their FO knows that the Packers wanted to move Randall so they cooked up the DR/DK trade. Flipping those draft picks must have been important to the Packers in getting the deal to work. I will say that, TL/DR boat analogies notwithstanding, I do get the point that on paper moving DR reduces talent in our secondary. So what? Moving Brandon Bostick reduced talent in the tight end room, but he was never going to play for us again. DR was never going to play for us again. The evidence? This trade. Here is the point that I will concede: now we need another CB in addition to others we will need. That sucks. And DK may upgrade the backup QB, but we pray that does little to help the team in the coming year. I will be stunned if those flipped draft picks are not part of a strategy to move up or move back into the first or second round in this draft. I think they will, in retrospect, be a big part of why THIS trade happened and not some other inevitable trading away of Damarious Randall.
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    Got excited for a second…. Until I opened the link and saw it came from JLC lol. But adding Robinson/Lewis would be awesome and make the offense a SERIOUS problem. Would allow us to focus on the edge and IOL early in the draft. I will say though, this is consistent with what Pelissero reported earlier today that we will be active in the first couple of days in free agency.
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    If he runs a 4.6, the ten yard split is going to be more than adequate...
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    People who are saying that Tyrod is bad are crazy. His per 16 game average over the past 3 years is: 281/449 62.6% 3221 passing yards 7.2 YPA 19 passing TDs 6 Ints 92.5 Passer Rating 103 rushes 573 rushing yards 5.6 YPC 5 rushing TDs I get that the guy isn't Tom Brady. I get that the guy misses easy passes at times. I get that the guy takes unnecessary sacks. I get that the guy won't elevate an offense. But he's not going to kill the team either. He's a game manager, and he does that pretty well. You can do a lot worse. He's a great option for a bridge QB.
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    Would have been hilarious if they just Photoshopped his head on Ward's body
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    Best picks IMHO Round 1 – OLB Harold Landry (GB); CB Denzel Ward (BAL); QB Lamar Jackson (BUF) Round 2 – DL Taven Bryan (MN); C/G James Daniels (TB); CB Jaire Alexander (NYG) Round 3 – WR DJ Chark (IND); RB Nick Chubb (DET); QB Mason Rudolph (CIN)
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    The SUPER BOWL CHAMPION PHILADELPHIA EAGLES have traded up to the 90th pick. During their SUPER BOWL run The got knocked down But they got up again Ain't never gonna keep them down So it is only fitting that they draft Chukwuma Okorafor T Western Michigan I dare you to find a LT depth chart with more confusing names than the Eagles!
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    That's a very good point. It's why I'm not mad at all or worried about him. He knew he had to lay the points on thick and take chances. He got baited his fair share and forced things, but he still won those games and scored points. And it's not like you can attribute that to being on an USC squad that overwhelmed the opposition. I watched all the games, they didn't often present a physical and talent mismatch. In fact it was most noticeable for the reverse reasons when they got blown out by Notre Dame. Ironically the year before, with good talent around him, he blew out Kizer and ND. In a way, I'd like to hope that the big deal made of his picks has him laser focused on correcting those issues and refining his game. From the sounds of his combine interview, he knows the importance of it. A big appeal to Sam Darnold, at least for me, is how his talent can be maximised with top NFL talent. He's not limited in any way on the field. I'd be so jacked to see him throw to Gordon, Landry, Coleman, Duke, Njoku and maybe even Robinson. Throw in Barkley or another top back and the potential is sky high for our offense to be really good, for a really long time.
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    Been away a while, likely still will be, but I was just thinking about this last night. I would love to sign Robinson and Pryor still. Envisioning Gordon and Robinson starting on the outside, with Pryor spelling them when they need a breather, or even about an equal mix of the 3 would be great. All 3 are tall, big, strong, and fast. Then when we are in clock-killing move the chains mode, we would have Landry and the TEs. When we were in catch up mode, put in Coleman for Landry. #winning. Huge upgrade at QB already, although I was hoping for McCarron instead as I think he will ultimately end up being a franchise QB somewhere and would not have cost a pick. Excited to move the project (Kizer) for some much needed secondary help (still LOLing at the guy that had the sig that quoted me and said this dude is going to look real bad, for referring to Kizer as a project). Absolutely hated the Shelton trade. Love the overhaul of the offensive coaching staff, still iffy on the new front office. (Barkley for the win!, grab our QB at 4) *taking my props for pimping this QB class last year*. To the goober that flat out demanded proof that this QB class would be strong about a year ago from a crystal ball.... how ya like me now son? :-D That said, I think Taylor could be good for a few years, and someone like Randolph in round 2 could end up being great after sitting and learning a few years in round 2. I don't think that is our direction though. There, I just caught everyone up on my thoughts during my hiatus :-D.
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    Maybe Coleman gets moved......I think we keep all of them because you can’t count on Gordon to stay clean and Coleman can’t stay healthy
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    Did your parents always end up letting you down like the Jets do to us?
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    As a Browns fan, first I'd be mad they took Barkley at #1 (I like him, but they should choose the QB they want there), then I'd be thrilled when at #4 Darold was still on the board, then I'd rage uncontrollably when they took Allen instead.
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    Not that it will be a huge thing for us every season, but this facility along with the new stadium, definitely will be selling points for us in the future. We are building a good culture with our coaching staff, our results from year to year, and now we are having top of the line facilities. This will all help when bringing in new players, and having guy scouts who want to stick around.
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    My philosophy on free agents.... 28 and under, incentive deals on payers with red flags, and don’t try and make chicken salad out of chicken shat. My wish list: Allen Robinson, Andrew Norwell, Zach Brown or any combination of the 3
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    LMAO.. yo that's thread. Shut it down.
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    I don't think trading a 3rd round pick and our good, young corner for an old QB was a smart move for our future.
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    Join the ranks of my 13 year old daughter
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    After talking to a number of NFL sources at the combine, I thought we’d go through a little exercise, to take an educated guess at how the Vikings might be able to get a deal done with Cousins, retain a number of their own free agents and leave themselves enough money for other deals this year and extensions in the future. A $177.2 million salary cap for 2018, coupled with the Vikings’ $13.4 million of leftover space from 2017, gives them an adjusted salary cap of $190.6 million for 2018. If the salary cap continues to rise at a rate of around $11 million-$12 million a year, as it has in recent seasons, it would be around $190 million in 2019 and between $200 million and $202 million in 2020 (before team-specific adjustments). Cousins is reportedly seeking a three-year, fully guaranteed deal in the neighborhood of $90 million, though it remains to be seen what he’ll actually receive and whether the Vikings would be willing to go that high. For now, we’ll assume a three-year guaranteed deal for $84 million, which would help him surpass Jimmy Garoppolo’s average annual salary of $27.5 million (albeit with a shorter deal). The Vikings would need to give Cousins plenty of cash up front, likely through a modest signing bonus and a roster bonus that puts a large chunk of the cap hit in Year 1 of the deal. It inherently means the Vikings would eclipse the 10 percent cap space threshold in 2018, since Cousins would likely carry a cap figure well north of $30 million in the first year. We’ll give Cousins a $9 million signing bonus, as well as a $32 million roster bonus and $2 million base salary in Year 1. That puts plenty of cash in his pocket early (though roster bonuses of that magnitude are often paid out in a couple of installments), and takes a $37.25 million bite out of the salary cap in Year 1 (counting an annual $250,000 workout bonus). In Years 2 and 3, though, when the Vikings need cap space for Diggs, Hunter, Kendricks and Barr, they’d have only $46.75 million in cap space left to devote to Cousins. In 2019 and 2020, we’ll give Cousins fully guaranteed base salaries of $20 million and $20.25 million, respectively, as well as his workout bonus. Counting his signing bonus prorations, he’s got cap numbers of $23.25 million and $23.5 million in Years 2 and 3. Assuming a $37.25 million cap number in 2018 for Cousins, the Vikings still have $11.64 million in available cap space, and they could recoup a few million by restructuring deals for veterans Brian Robison, Jarius Wright and Latavius Murray. They’d need a backup quarterback, possibly another tackle if they move Mike Remmers to guard, some cash for modest deals on their in-house free agents and money for draft picks. But with the Cousins deal that was just outlined and moves that recoup, say, another $6 million in cap space, the Vikings would still have $17.64 million to spare for 2018. And by the time they need to pay some of their other young players, Cousins’ cap figure, as a percentage of the Vikings’ overall spending, would be roughly in line with what other teams spend on their passers. They would have nearly $50 million left for 2019, and $91 million for 2020 (with plenty of players to be signed between now and then, of course). http://www.startribune.com/if-you-trust-the-math-there-is-a-way-for-the-vikings-to-afford-kirk-cousins/476468213/
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    Really hoping AR15 doesn’t extend with Jacksonville in the next 36hrs.
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    Alright, we're at a week and this thing hasnt gotten past the 2nd round. This is wayyy to slow. We need to pick it up so we're not drafting until or past the start of the season. I am instituting 6 hour windows with a grace period from 11 EST- 7EST starting tomorrow morning. @The Gnat @BigBillsFan13 @Sllim Pickens @Famous Jameis @I_GET_SAX @Chetlemonrules @detfan782004 @biggio7 @Deadpulse @BillsGuy82
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    Having guys like Ricardo Louis doinking every catchable pass and other guys that couldn’t separate against man-coverage (Louis, Coates, Williams, other misfits, etc.) was certainly an issue. We had a small Hash Gordon sample size and nobody else capable of creating WR mismatches on 3rd downs all year. Play-calling and QB were an issue, but the WR talent was in need of an overhaul.
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    I think Tyrann Mathieu might be my top priority if he indeed gets released this week. Love the versatility he brings and I like the idea of potentially going Byard and Mathieu at safety on passing downs. Beyond that, at wide receiver I'd really be happy taking the risk on Robinson. He's ahead of Watkins for me, though I wouldn't be mad about Watkins. I'm going to ride this Terrelle Pryor bandwagon until I die. I loved Moncrief coming into the draft, so I'd like that risk. Still like Paul Richardson. Torn on John Brown. Until he signs elsewhere, I'm going to continue to dream about Teddy Bridgewater having to settle for a backup quarterback job. At running back, any of Dion Lewis, Jerrick McKinnon or Rex Burkhead would work for me. Just give me a back with some history of catching passes. If we're not bringing Daquon back, Richardson would be my top pick. If we're just looking for solid to replace him, Adrian Clayborn would work. At pass-rusher, I'd almost prefer to make a boom or bust kind of add like Trent Murphy or Dee Ford. I have no real idea what to do at ILB. Beyond Mathieu, Trumaine would be a really nice add in the secondary. I'm really scared by Malcolm Butler. After Johnson, there's a lot of risk involved in this FA corner class. Then there are other top-tier guys that I like, but would be surprised to see us seriously chase. Andrew Norwell, Justin Pugh, Morgan Burnett, Dontari Poe. I kind of touched on them, but I'd be interested in any of these three, especially if we can get them on a prove-it deal.
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    Remember that SEA had Sherman for 11M/1. So Sherman gets 7M/1 guaranteed, but only way he gets past 10M is by being a Pro Bowl CB. If he can be healthy, and play a full season, 10M. Literally zero-risk for 49ers long-term. This is a fantastic deal by Lynch. He clearly sold Sherman on the West Coast, return to the Bay, and playing SEA 2x a year, to get him to agree to such a team-friendly deal. The 49ers continue their roll since Lynch came on as GM - honestly, pretty much everything he's done has come up aces (he traded DEN a 2018 5th for a RB he didn't even keep through 53-man roster cuts...but that's about it, his wet-behind-the-ears move, everyone gets 1). Full marks. Snead & Lynch are on a roll this offseason. LAR vs. SF should be a great NFCW rivalry. SEA is now in reload mode, Wilson will keep them competitive, but they've got an OL and secondary/pass rush to rebuild.
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    not tough for me, take great D line any day.
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    What the hell is up with you people posting terrible articles? Look at the GMs taking over teams, and look at those rosters compared to our roster.
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    You know the problem people think QBs fail because they throw interceptions thats false QBs fail because because they throw interceptions and can’t throw touchdowns that isnt Darnolds problem plenty of successful QBs have turned the ball over and maintained success you just gotta score TDs and win Darnold can do that
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    Hubbard and ragnow were both in play for me, so no, no kudos. Bad @Fragafootball
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    Wait until the veteran player committee gets a hold of him.....they will straighten....ah never mind
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    Torrey Smith’s touchdown to beat the Patriots after his brother died in the motorcycle accident.
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    Agree that Barkley shouldn't go one but why is everyone so down on taking Mayfield #1 the kids a winner and checks off all the boxes other than being the perfect height. I think Cleveland could use a confident cocky QB. If Barkley is there at 4 you take him and there backfield set for years to come .
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    Well - Shanahan should have been the HC and Lynch should have been hired as Elway's anointed successor.
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    I tell you what. I'm even ok trying to jump up about 8-10 spots to get him. I think he's that special. I see a guy with athleticism to cover multiple things but the brain to make the right play. A CJ Mosley/Don'te Hightower combo of a player.
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    John lynch is doing a phenomenal job so far in SF. He stole a franchise qb from the patriots , the QB the Bucs should have drafted in 2014. Has tons of cap room. Found the right coach in Shanny. The Niners seem like the team on the rise.
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    Cancel the season? C'mon man. What makes you think having Rowe on the opposite side of Gilmore is so bad? Because he let up a touchdown to Alshon Jeffrey in the Super Bowl that was an amazing throw/catch? Did you watch the plays where Rowe was on Jones against the Falcons in that Super Bowl? Rowe was right there every time Jones just made some ridiculous catches. Do people remember when we had Edelman lining up as a corner in the playoffs? I think the Rowe hate is unwarranted, not saying he's the best corner, and I definitely think we need to add someone through FA or the draft but definitely believe Rowe is serviceable for next year.
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    Yeah, our Mod need to lock it up now. I can't recover from this. lol
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    Watched him some in Dallas. Played with his hand in the ground mostly there. He did play OLB in Oakland though. Don’t think he will ever be a 10+ sack guy consistently. But he has upside at still only 26yrs old. Can’t be worse than Lozo.
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    hey guys Bills fans here, I want to congratulate you on getting Tyrod, and even though you gave up more than you should, I will try and give an unbiased opinion on what you can expect. First off, I believe you got the best running QB in the game, better than Cam Newton (different running styles obviously). His teammates loved playing with him, he is careful with the ball and doesn't turn it over, and he excels mostly by extending the play and getting out of the pocket. Now the bad, one of the reasons he got benched for Peterman last year was that he would refuse to push the ball downfield. He seems like he never throws a pattern that is further than 10 yards, and when he does throw it deep, it's on predetermined patterns, like noticing a matchup, run a fly route, Chuck and duck. I don't I have ever seen him go through a progression and throw it down the field. he tends to hold on to the ball too long, I think because of his escapability, and it will hurt you about as much as it does help you. Overall I think you got a good QB, he is not one to bring you back in the 4th quarter, but he can keep the mistakes to the minimum. Bills fans are just tired of the check downs and holding on to the ball, just seemed like one week he would be amazing, and the next week he shouldn't have a job. You just never know which one shows up on Sunday. Congrats guys, I feel for yah, I am a Bills fan, but grew up in a Browns household, best of luck this season.
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    Quick Reminder: When making a selection, please post the player’s first and last name and position. The pick number would be nice for everyone, too, but I’ll settle for full name and position. It saves me a lot of time when trying to update the draft board on the fly from my phone. It’s much appreciated.
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    If this means that Dorsey trumps Hueball, I am all for it!
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    His team had the #4 running game..... #31 in passing #29 overall. They were hiding him and not asking him to do much. I remember watching their games that year, and their offense was pretty painful to watch. Lots of check downs.
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    Smells too much like Haynesworth to me. Would rather spend money on Poe if the numbers are similar.
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    At least he doesn't post like that. It's pretty obvious at this point what the rules here are, cut it out.
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    Suprised i dont see a bottle of Jergins and a box of tissues next to it
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    I don't think you can assume ceilings for anyone.. I LOVED Wentz as a prospect, but didn't think he could be a top 5 QB, which is very much in reach. Who would've thought Russell Wilson would've become who he did? You never know. It's a crapshoot. For all we know, Rudolph could be the best QB in football in 5 years. Nobody really knows.
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    Because there's no lowlights of Kirk...just highlights baby! #Kirk2018
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    I gave a bevy of statistics to support my argument. You ignored almost all of them, but cherry picked one to attack and call my use of statistics dishonest. That in itself is dishonest. To your poi t, Cleveland and Cincinnati also have 0 playoff wins since 2001, and KC has 1. What about the fact that Denver, Indy and Pittsburgh have all done worse or marginally better against NYJ/BUF/MIA, which many argue are so bad, than in their own divisions against supposedly better teams?
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