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    Anything more ironic than parroting the US armed forces then the pick is a Canadian?
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    37 is a little young for us, but I am sure Gruden can coach him up.
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    Strongly disagree with your opinion. The picks were so excting. I was very happy with the broadcasts. And yea.. replay is a thing.
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    I'm sorry but I just have the exact opposite opinion. That emotion and happiness is still happening, I don't need to see it. I prefer suspense and excitement in my sports shows.
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    Honestly screw you guys! It's been reported that we were going to go with Smith at #10. But noooooo you just had to go and select him and leave us with Kolton Miller. Curse you! Curse you all!
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    Guy makes Deion Jones look unathletic. This is the type of LB all you turds have been whining for and now you're complaining about having him.
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    Classic case of typical Jets fans who can’t just be happy that our GM was aggressive and we landed a terrific QB prospect. Give it a rest.
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    In every world. Gesicki is overrated. Sincerely an avid Penn State fan and Alumni.
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    He's 4 lbs heavier than Ryan Shazier. The game is changing dude. We need to stop thinking about traditional base package positions. Teams are running sub-packages 70-75% of the time. You need to have LBs that can cover RBs and WRs across the middle of the field.
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    Gotta give him a hand for not getting discouraged
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    Reality check reporting guice needs a reality check.
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    Dallas loses their great TE Eagles in Dallas Jumps in front of Dallas To get the best TE in the draft Named Dallas BA AF!!!!!
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    Burleson never getting invited back and he might get fired.
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    I didn't like it, but I also heard Baltimore was strongly considering him at 16 and moved out once we picked him. If we are gonna gamble on upside, at least it's at one of the most premium positions in football. That and Giacomini starting would single handedly ruin our season.
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    Good morning Bear fans, Packer fan here. Your team took my guy, I was hoping the Packers would trade up to get him. Congrats!!! Should be an outstanding player for your team.
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    Reggie White was a Minister who would sing gospel as he whouped your you know what on his way to the quarterback. Myles Garrett went #1 overall last year and lools like one of the best young pass rushers in the NFL and all he wanted to talk to scouts about was archeology and dinosaurs. Id tell that guy to watch his tape... He plays violent and with a motor. Who cares what he does in his off time as long as hes not beating women or doing drugs we good.
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    If you told me the Browns had the number one overall pick in the draft and two picks total in the top 4 and didn't walk away with Darnold, Chubb, or Barkely AT ALL, I'd have to say they're Losers. Epic, Epic Losers.
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    The most important person in our building other than Darnold is Jeremy Bates. We must keep him around for the next 3 years.
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    I’m all right with this pick. Had to read up and watch stuff quick, but my initial impression is good. The guy is physical, gets turnovers, is quicker than his 40, and plays bigger than he is. Potential as an outside or inside corner, should become a starter at either spot. This gives us a lot of flexibility going forward with Alexander and Waynes. It’s a smart play that keeps the cap in mind, and the guy is a fit on our defense. Oh, and let’s not dismiss that he has return ability! Sherels is aging and isn’t a very good corner, yet he is able to take up a roster spot because of his return ability. I love Sherels, but having a talent like Hughes on the team who provides vastly better talent at CB along with return skills that could possibly match that of Marcus as a KR/PR potentially frees up a roster spot. I’m one of the many who viewed OL as our biggest need, and it still is, but acting like the draft is over already is silly. All the guys we could have taken on the O-line at pick #30 are still on the board! We have the ability to move up to get one of those guys if we feel like they are worth it, and it wouldn’t surprise me to see that happen. It’s almost as if people don’t remember that we got Elflein in the 3rd round just a year ago, and how’d that work out? Let’s not pull out the pitchforks just yet... i’d Be willing to put money on a new lineman joining the team in less than 24 hours (and if not i’ll gladly eat a hearty plate of crow). We need to have a little faith in the front office, they’ve played a huge role in growing our team to where it is now, and have been fairly solid drafting. While I was all in for a lineman, I am not upset at this pick because we still have plenty of draft left to get one of the many quality guys left out there.
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    Ridiculous athlete. Comps athletically include Von Miller, Boss Bailey, Cam Wake, DeMeco Ryans.
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    Hope it all plans out but it look like Gruden & Cable is getting backs for the Raiders letting them go lol
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    Can't prove it wrong if never plays. Lawyered.
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    Fans: "Spend high draft picks on Offensive Lineman!!!!" Vikings draft offensive lineman in the 2nd round Fans: "Not that one, he's not good enough!"
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    My Ronnie Harrison - Harrison Smith dream is still alive too..
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    Address wide receiver when they have Ravens legend Ryan Grant on their team? Unlikely good sir.
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    Or we're about to make a giant reach and thought we could safely trade back...
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    Beating Women - Not an issue Playing Video Games - Character concerns NFL logic
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    Eagles have to go up against Ezekiel Elliot, Saquon Barkley, and Derrius Guice now.
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    Not gonna lie, I wanna pat myself on the back a bit. I feel like I've been one of the VERY few voices who have advocated trading up to get blue chip players. The mentality of 95% of the fan base is 'trade back, get more picks. J Rob needs more picks'. I've been advocating for trading up for a while now. We have tons of picks for years, we've filled alot of spots. What we desperately need is elite talent. Guys who can take this team to a different level. I feel like we got that in spades this season. Who cares that we don't have a 3rd or 4th, I'm not worried as much about another rookie WR, or a sub package safety. Gimme two guys who can not only make a big impact this season, but can be cornerstones in the future. We needed to add talent and youth to the front seven, replace Avery Williamson, and add more pass rush. We did in spades with just two selections. Bravo!!!
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    So you wouldn’t have been happy with Edmunds, Vea, or Davenport? That’s ridiculous. Every prospect needs to be coached up.
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    Hmm.. not sure the colts will give up 2 2's for #32 in 2019
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    About Baker...does anyone else ABSOLUTELY LOVE the fact that he's a huge ****? I love the fact that he literally hates his opponents. He's not out there trying to make buddies; he's there to humiliate you. I could honestly care less about any of his "antics" other than running from the police. That was the only thing I would look at as negative in his character evaluation. Love the crotch grab. Love the trash talk. Love throwing a football at a TCU player's head walking through their warm-up. He's the typical overcompetitive a-hole. As much as people will disagree with me, I think this shows that the dude just can't stomach losing. He's a psychopathic savage that wants to rip your heart out and stomp on it. If you don't love that about the kid, I don't know what to tell you. He's not Johnny Manziel. That is the dumbest comparison in the universe. There's a reason you don't see NFL scouts or draftniks making that lazy comparison. It's because it's not even close to being accurate other than the fact they both created magic in college and happen to be under 6'1. Manziel was a drug addict. That was his off-field problem. Baker Mayfield doesn't have this issue. I truly feel that if you gave Manziel the arm and brain of Mayfield, he would have become a superstar QB. But he's an entitled addict. Mayfield is a humble dude that becomes a freaking savage monster on the field. This is definitely a thing. Obviously I'm not some superstar player--didn't even play in college--but I had that same kind of mentality. I wanted to smear dog crap in the face of my opponents and then bone their gf's and mothers in front of them after the game. Off the field? Pretty nice dude. But on game day, savage primal DNA took over. I know a ton of guys like this. You'd probably think I was the worst human being ever based on my gameday antics, but other than that, I'm pretty quiet and humble. I think Baker is the same way. I got goosebumps watching him grab his junk and scream at the opposing team. I freaking love that crap. Oh, and I'm a Miami Hurricane fan, so obviously his swagger and trash talking doesn't bother me.
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    1. Starts Nickle + Return Man 2. Starts Nickle + Return Man 3+ Starts outside typical corners take 2-3 years to develop in Zimmers defense. We have seen in. We’ve experienced it. We most likely will be losing Wayne’s after his 5th year option. Maybe after this we don’t even agree to one with him and that was a smoke screen to be able to draft this bad cat. Hughes is good. It isn’t a lineman. But I’ll take Hughes + 2nd round Guard over Hernandez + 2nd round CB of the future
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    Jets fanbase got room for one more? I’m a huge Darnold fan. Followed him at USC and wow what a get for you guys. Think a clutch Tony Romo. Sad he didn’t go No. 1 but ultimately I think he’ll be better for falling.
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    I personally wanted Rosen, but I get why the Jets took Darnold. Before fans rush to judgement, be patient and give Macc credit. He got his #1 player in the draft by making a bold trade more than a month before the draft. That's incredible.
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    Why the hell would you cut your starter for 4.75 million in cap space?
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    I respectfully disagree with you! There was no bigger need in this draft than Tight End for the Ravens and Hurst was my favorite one in the draft. He is ridiculously sure handed and tough as nails, the Ravens love to run the football and Hurst is a hell of a blocker. As far as Jackson is concerned, as a Ravens fan I'm so tired of seeing such a boring offense that lacks any kind of dynamic play makers. If Jackson develops he could be a franchise changing talent. I loved what Ozzie did in the first round!
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    For all the people crying about he's a headcase and a 3rd was too much. Remember last season when Johnny Holton made us all hold our breath on rare occasion and on rarer occasion go nuts when hed catch a monster deep ball? Now you will be seeing that weekly. Bryant's explosion does alot... 1. He's a physical freak who'll command attention away from Coop. 2. He's one of the best deep ball guys in the game and will open up the passing game vertically and take safeties out of the middle of the field. 3. He's best working as an outside receiver which means Coop and Nelson will get more slot oppurtunities. We have a legit #1, a savvy vet possession guy who can play inside and out, and a freak athlete who can blow the top off a defense and be a redzone threat. Add Cook at TE and Richard out of the backfield and our offense is much more talented and explosive. And i forgot one more thing... 4. Seth Roberts will become the 5th or 6th option and that should make everyone happy.
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    How people are not mentioning Tampa yet. Crazy. 2 2nds and Vita Vea to pair with Gerald McCoy? Win. Saints though? 2 1sts and a 5th for a DE? Lose
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