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    He owns not just the city of LeBronto, but all of LeBrontario. If the NBA ever expands, he might also pick up LeBrontreal.
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    Don't listen to him, @buckeyesNut0623; I'm really a good guy. Just give me a shot. Being as incredibly attractive as I've been all my life, I haven't needed to develop a personality until internet.
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    If Ben is really this upset with the Steelers GM drafting Rudolph, he should corner him in a bathroom while his private security guards the door. Ben is a piece of poop. He should know his role and shut his mouth.
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    Didn’t realize I was getting that close. I guess I’m more the tortoise than the hare. 10,000 posts in 12 years is way more than I thought I’d ever have on an Internet forum, but it pales in comparison to some of the blowhards in here lol.
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    That's my bad. Sorry, buddy. I misinterpreted your post as sarcastic. LoL. That's all me. Been too long since my last bratwurst infusion; they keep me centered. I get a lil cranky if I haven't tasted hot mustard in a couple of days.
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    An update of profile picture was in order... one of my favorite shots from the Stadium in Innsbruck, Austria. I love Zygi-World but it’s hard to beat a mountain backdrop for a game.
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    I am sick of @davisblack About to fall to 0-7 against him in the last 2 seasons. I mean wtf
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    I've been coming to this site close to a decade but didn't post for a long time. I used to have a different user name too. It used to be brownsfan0623 but I can't remember why I started a new account tbh. It was awhile ago. Everyone at this site gives me pretty good insight and def let's me see both sides of most arguements, that's what I love most about FF.
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    You should. You seem to be a good poster who’s contributing a lot. Many of us have been posting here and busting each other’s balls for over a decade. Good group of guys with a few (one really) schmucks sprinkled in. Low blood sugar from a lack of schnitzel and strudel would be my guess.
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    I feel like I’m in the presence of greatness in this thread.
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    Congratulations! Married life has it's own individual challenges, but has it's own unique rewards, too. Word of advice - communication and compromise are vital. Learn to do both. Good luck as you take this big step!
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    If Day 2 was a stretch, maybe ESB avoided it on purpose.
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    Not necessary IMO. He's not really a great WR. He's amazing at running routes from the RB position. I don't think his value is nearly as good if he's relegated to playing slot WR. He needs to take advantage of LB/S matchups to be at his absolute best. Plus, I think he's underrated as a runningback. I want to see him getting more carries.
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    Going off of what @candyman93 quoted. A lot of issues Browns QBs have had was their decision-making ability and how slow it was. Kizer, Weeden, and others, had the size but were slow at making the read that the throwing lane/window closed as making the throw. Baker is a lot different and should be able to catch those lanes/windows when they are open to make the passing play.
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    That ending was to confirm that he was sincere about everything was talking about. Tony had questioned him what happens next after he wipes out half of all life and it goes on to insinuate that he believes Thanos will just be a Mad God who will rule with an ironfist. Then Thanos tells him about peacefully ending it with having a peaceful existence afterwards. So not only does this show that Thanos was legit. It also shows he is not actually evil.
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    Cover corners who press all the time generally don't take the ball away at a good clip. Your focus is more on the WR than the QB. If you drafted Josh Jackson to be that guy with Isaiah Oliver on the board you flat out wasted your pick. You play Jackson in bail like you would a Josh Norman or Sherman (and Jackson's a better athlete than those two). You let him read the QBs eyes and take the ball away. Ideally King comes back stronger than ever and is ready to simply fight and scrap with the other teams #1 every week. He's our cover guy, he's built for that. Then QBs have to throw at Alexander and Jackson and that will be a risky proposition with their ball skills.
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    So I participated in an all NFL draft in the Cowboys forum and as I made my last pick, I posted my entire roster with the ages they were the last time the Cowboys won the Super Bowl QB (2): Russell Wilson (6), Deshaun Watson (about to be conceived) RB (3): Kareem Hunt (in utero), Chris Thompson (4), Derrick Henry (1) WR (5): Keenan Allen (3), Davante Adams (2), TY Hilton (5) , Alshon Jeffrey (5), Nelson Agholor (1) TE (2): Travis Kelce (5), Kyle Rudolph (5)LT (1): David Bakihari (2)LG (1): Clint Boling (5)C (1): Jason Kelce (7) RG (1): Brandon Brooks (5)RT (1): Lane Johnson (4) LDE (2): Jadeveon Clowney (2), Jason Pierre Paul (6) DT (2): Fletcher Cox (4), Michael Brockers (4) DT (2): Cameron Hayward (6), Chris Jones (In utero) RDE (2): Chandler Jones (5) , Derek Barnett (-2)SLB (2): Nigel Bradham (5), Markus Golden (4) MLB (2): Jamie Collins (5), Roquan Smith (-2)WLB (2): Jordan Hicks (2), Lorenzo Alexander (11) CB (4): Marshon Lattimore (-2), Tre'Davious White (2 weeks old), Kyle Fuller (3), Patrick Robinson (7) S (4): Devin McCourty (7), LaMarcus Joyner (4), Tashaun Gipson (4), Derwin James (-2) K (1): Jake Elliott (8 days old) P (1): Johnny Hekker (5)
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    I am actually banking on this one from catching a glimpse of him last season after Barrett went down.
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    Both are real. Unusual for sure, but real. Hope to meet them someday.
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    1(22) - Rashaan Evans [LB; Alabama] 2(41) - Harold Landry [EDGE; Boston College] 5(152) - Dane Cruikshank [CB; Arizona] 6(199) - Luke Falk [QB; Washington State] I'd have had way too many philosophical discussions about the merits of trading up in the first round, and for the most part my argument comes around two very important facts. By trading up in the first round, you have to at a bare minimum give up your 3rd round pick to make any sort of move and if you want to make a notable move you have to either deal your second round pick or a future first round pick. Fortunately, the Titans didn't dig into their 2019 picks or give up a Day 2 pick in order to move up in the first which would fall into the value portion of which I'm okay with. But when you trade up in the first, you're limited in your flexibility later on in the draft. In terms of trade value, I think the Titans did well. As I mentioned in the Bills' review, I'm not a huge fan of trading up for off-ball linebackers but I do like the aggressiveness the Titans showed by going up and getting their guy, as they clearly felt the Patriots would take them if they didn't make that move. Most teams who move up in the first round are trying to recover the picks they gave up by moving down, but since the Titans didn't have to give up their 3rd round pick they didn't feel the need to recoup that 3rd round pick. With that added extra asset, the Titans surprised many including myself by moving up a second time to select Harold Landry who fell because of medical concerns. Color me someone who thought that Harold Landry should have gone higher than 41, and had he stayed healthy he would have been as productive as he was in 2016 and would have gone off the board significantly higher than this. The Titans won this trade by a slim margin, but they were aggressive in attacking a need and found someone of tremendous value. I'm not sure that Harold Landry is more than a situational pass rusher, but if he develops into more than this trade-up was well worth it. After trading their 3rd and 4th round picks, the Titans didn't have a pick until 152 at which point you're starting to dig into your UDFA rankings and selecting guys you are prioritizing. Dane Cruikshank has some really good measureables, but the tape doesn't match those and he often gave up too many big plays in coverage. Ultimately though, they can transition him to safety if he doesn't work out at cornerback. With their last pick at 199, they took a QB who barring injury to Marcus Mariota won't be playing outside of mop up duties. And he's not going to supplant Blaine Gabbert as the backup QB this year. I suppose if they're looking to develop a long-term backup behind Mariota, there are worse gambles than Falk but given how bad his 2017 tape was I didn't even have a draftable grade on him. He was outplayed by his backup whenever he was forced out by injury, and coming out of Mike Leach's offense makes it hell to feel like he's even remotely capable of playing in the NFL. Overall, this is an interesting draft in the sense that we saw them trade up with both of their top two picks. I honestly don't recall the last time I've seen a team do that, and I'm sure it's been a while. Maybe someone will figure that one out. That being said, the Titans were incredibly aggressive about targeting their guys and getting good value on the trades. There's a few philosophical issues I don't like here, but it's hard to argue with the results. Overall, a pretty strong draft but there's a TON of risk when you're essentially hedging your draft into two players. Best Value Pick: Harold Landry [EDGE; Boston College] Worst Value Pick: Rashaan Evans [LB; Alabama] Grade: B
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    The 2018 qbs didnt get drafted in the order I would have drafted them so this is a hard exercise to do.
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    I'd probably take peak JJ Watt over peak Warren Sapp, but you can't really go wrong. They're both elite players and in no way was Warren Sapp overrated. @BlaqOptic's take is goofy and he should feel a little bit bad about himself after posting that.
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    3(89) - Joseph Noteboom [OT; TCU] 4(111) - Brian Allen [C; Michigan State] 4(135) - John Franklin [DT; Stephen F. Austin] 5(147) - Micah Kiser [LB; Virginia] 5(160) - Ogbo Okoronkwo [EDGE; Oklahoma] 6(176) - John Kelly [RB; Tennessee] 6(192) - Jamil Demby [OG; Maine] 6(195) - Sebastian Joseph [DT; Rutgers] 6(205) - Trevon Young [EDGE; Louisville] 7(231) - Travin Howard [LB; TCU] 7(244) - Justin Lawler [DE; SMU] After trading their 2nd round pick in 2017 as part of the Sammy Watkins trade, and then dealt their 1st round pick as part of the Brandin Cooks trade, the Rams came into the draft with only one selection in the first 100 picks. With such limited number of assets available, Day 1 of the NFL Draft was ridiculously boring for Rams fans. And with a pick that was in the late 3rd, Day 2 wasn't much more exciting. And when the Rams were finally on the clock at 87, the Rams moved down two spots swapping spots with the Raiders who moved up to select Arden Key. Finally at 89, the Rams selected Joseph Noteboom out of TCU. Noteboom was a bit of a late read by me, but the tools are there to be a starting offensive tackle, which you usually won't have an opportunity to draft this late. Right now, his pass pro is far ahead of his run blocking largely because he lacks the aggressiveness to go attack a defender. His footwork needs a bit of work, but he's got pass pro potential to eventually replace Andrew Whitworth. A year in a S&C room is going to do him wonders, but his rookie year could be a bit rough to due to a lack of core strength. The Rams continued to address the offensive line by selecting Brian Allen at 111. That may have been a tad higher than I'd take him, but not terrible value here. Hadn't really seen much of John Franklin, but from what I've gathered he's pretty much a draft and stash DL. I wouldn't anticipate much from him this year, but he seems like a good enough athlete that you'll gamble on developing him. Kiser should provide some additional depth at LB especially after the Rams dealt Alec Ogletree away this offseason but I don't think he'll ever amount to much more than that. I don't feel he offers enough in pass coverage to play as an everydown LB. I like the grab of Ogbo Okoronkwo in the fifth even if he doesn't amount to much more than a situational pass rusher. Most felt he was going to come in as another one of those undersized college pass rushers who live off their speed, but Ogbo tested out quite well and taller than anticipated. Still, he slipped to the fifth round where the Rams took a gamble on him. I really like the selection of John Kelly in the 6th round, who was more productive than Alvin Kamara was with Tennessee. But don't anticipate him being as productive as Kamara. Kamara fell into the ideal situation with New Orleans, and Kelly figures to have a chance to win the backup RB spot to Todd Gurley. Jamil Demby in the sixth wasn't bad value to add if you're looking to add some depth on the OL. The Rams continued to add more depth to the defensive in the 7th round with Sebastian Joseph and Justin Lawler. Trevon Young was an interesting gamble in the sixth round, but ultimately the medical concerns with him probably outweigh what future production he might have. If you were to picture an idea of the most basic draft, this would have been a prime example of it. The Rams didn't do anything flashy, but I also don't think they left upside on the table. The Rams who were without their top two picks were limited in the draft in terms of flexibility had a very solid draft. Best Value Pick: John Kelly [RB; Tennessee] Worst Value Pick: John Franklin [DT; Stephen F. Austin] Grade: C
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    K, the guy who revolutionized the 3 tech position. Some of you people have no idea what you are talking about, sorry. During and after he played, people looked at the position in a totally different way, they recruited a totally different type of athlete to fit the position because of the way he played. Are you kidding me??? You people kill me with this Watt crap, yes he's good but to blindly put him over established HOF'r is just plain disrespectful to this game and its great past. @BleedTheClock what do you think?
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    Julie, isn't the limit typically 24 hours? I vote that if Dome can't find 5 minutes over the next 48 hours to do a challenge that takes one minute, he should have to forfeit the competition. It's one thing to not have time on Sunday, but to not have time on a Sunday or a Monday to do a five minute challenge should disqualify him. Just saying. I think Rag should face off against Gopher, Shady already forfeited, and then the winner between Gopher/Rag should face me for the PoV win. It's one thing for a big, detailed HoH competition, but this one literally just takes being here for five minutes at the same time as Rag. @MathMan
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    I’m in Wroclaw, about three hours from Krakow. Beautiful city, and if you like history it’s absolutely full of it. Went to Krakow for a weekend, and Innsbruck in Austria for a weekend as well. I’ll be up near Gdańsk and the Hel Peninsula at the end of the month.
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    I just don't see a reason to, let him be what he is. When you press your eyes are on the WR, when you bail they're on the QB. If you didn't draft Josh Jackson to take the ball away, you're not a good scouting department.
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    LeBron is a god. No... LeBron is God.
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    Ok, so, I just watched this kids presser at clevelandbrowns.com. I feel much better about the pick now. I did not sense an attitude problem, I did not sense a "me versus the world" vibe that could really lead to issues. I sensed a kid that has had a hard life, that has been a struggle from a very young age. A young man that has made several mistakes, a young man that has been humbled by life, but now a young man that realizes that he has a way out in front of him, and has the motivation to stay on the right path with his daughter, taking his mother and his sisters out of that and away from those struggles. I was rooting for this kid from the moment that they called his name during the draft since he was chosen by the Browns. Now I root for him for other reasons as well.
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    I just wish they'd type with an accent so we could be sure. Although, I've never seen Kiwi talk at all about vegemite. There's one sure-fire test. @Kiwibrown finish this sentence: I come from a land down under, where beer does flow and men chunder(whatever the hell that means) Can't you hear, can't you hear the.......what??
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    I never got why people talk about the team being a base 3-4 or whatever so much. On 60% or more of the snaps teams aren't in their "base" defense. Our base defense for the last two years has essentially been a nickel 2-4-5, which is basically what it would be if we played an even front. 2 interior defenders, 2 edge rushers, 2 off-ball LBs, 5 DBs. Call it whatever you want, but the base doesn't matter on the majority of the defensive snaps. If we're looking at how players fit our defense that's the formation I'm looking at, and also why I think NT had been incredibly overrated on these forums since we swapped to a 3-4. On the majority of our snaps we're not going to have a NT on the field because we need extra DBs going against teams in 11 personnel. A "5-tech" as people call them probably spends more time as a 4 or 4i in todays NFL than they actually do lined up at a 5 due to the lack of a NT being on the field.
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    Different positions in my opinion. Jones is a 1 tech NT, Taylor I view as a 3 tech UT in our defense. They shouldn't have any bearing on one another
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    LeBron is the King. There is no doubt. He only has 1 equal, and that equal retired 25 years ago.
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    Damn I give up. I don't need to see LeBron win six championships to call him equal to Michael Jordan. He has continually raised his game to an epic level. I don't know what more he must do to be considered the goat. And if anyone can remember my post they would know I hate LeBron James but what the **** he is making every shot possible now and getting better than he has ever been in his life at this age.
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    guys, this is crazy, im getting married two weeks from today
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    Thanks I thought so lol. Baker went on to say that he had that chemistry with some guys in OK and that he thinks Antonio can really help this team going forward. I have to say I'm rooting for both Baker and Antonio and hope they gel early and often.
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    Datone Jones was a valuable player in 2015. He was a big part of what made our pressure package so deadly. The ability to line up Jones/Clay/Perry/Peppers was a seriously intimidating front group and spared Daniels having to play too many snaps. There was a role on this team for Datone Jones if he wanted it. He just didn't want it. You can call that a failed evaluation of character, but when college coaches are giving guys 2 thumbs up and you only get to interview him a few times, it's tough. Guys change between the ages of 21 and 25 even when they're not handed millions of dollars. Worthy blew out his knee the last game of his rookie year and it cost him something. He was always a snap jumper/first step guy. Losing that first step killed him. He's still bouncing around the league as a big body but 2nd round DTs can't lose what makes them special. Khyrie Thorton is another guy who just didn't want it. There's a very serious lack of guys with NFL athletic profiles at the DT position. it's not like WR or CB where there's a billion guys of that body-type and you're splitting hairs for skill. If you're going to draft a DT with high upside in the 3rd round, you're going to have to accept those risks. Additionally, third round picks have a "cut before second contract" rate around 55% IIRC. Not saying it isn't a bad pick, but you can't complain about the lack of superstar talent on defense and then bash the high risk midround picks for a failure of philosophy. +++ Regarding the Hyde playing in the slot in 2013, who was supposed to play there? Hayward was "healthy" enough to play in 3 games. The DB rotation was Shields/Tramon/Hayward/House/Hyde. Hyde was supposed to be bouncing between slot and safety all season. Then Hayward got IR'd and all of a sudden you needed a slot CB. CB is more important than safety, so the better talent goes to CB. In an ideal world, Hayward stays healthy, all three of our CBs look good, Hyde carries heavy reps at Safety and starts to stand out while not being bounced from spot to spot. In an ideal world though, we don't stack injuries at OLB such that Andy Mulumba is playing 29% of snaps, BJ Raji doesn't phone it in for good, Tramon Williams and AJ Hawk don't lose their legs, and we don't lose 10 games of Matthews and Perry. There were a lot of things that impacted the 2013 season outside of coaching and talent acquisition. Hayward was never healthy for us. He played well while he was here, but the team kept getting injured, lacked speed, and it was apparent that Hayward couldn't play unprotected on the boundary. When you're trying to get faster and more durable, guys like Hayward get moved on from. Drafting Rollins and Randall was supposed to solve that issue. Rollins never really looked the part, but I don't know how you evaluate him considering he was never god damn healthy. Looking at the athletic profile and what guys (admittedly older guys) tend to lose with the achilies injury, his career is probably over. Randall played well at times, but was inconsistent, had his own health issues, and apparently was a locker room cancer? He's now gone as well. Dom Capers is a good coach. I know that's a controversial statement, but it's true. With him as DC, we averaged 15th in points allowed over the course of his 9 seasons. When you don't have consistent pieces to work with, it's hard to formulate anything. I can see why Capers would like guys like Hawk and Pickett, at least they were there every day. When the wheels were starting to fall off in 2016 and 2017, take a look at the god damn injury reports. In both years the secondary depth chart and the listing of out/probable was a freaking one to one match. Luck plays a big part in these things. He needed to go, I don't dispute that, too many poor seasons (even if they're not entirely his fault) and guys start to lose credibility and confidence. Sometimes a new voice is needed. Thompson wasn't a bad GM either. He was a very good GM. He was also a very conservative GM. He was a big believer in the importance of staying the course and maximizing opportunities. We caught some lousy luck with upshoot teams shining bright and then fading quickly in SF/Seattle (and to a lesser extent Carolina). We had terrible injury luck both to the defense and to Rodgers. We had an optics problem with a relatively maxed out roster and a lack of Free Agent signings, both due to inside interest and playing in a frozen subtropolis. It's easy to write off all of the previous seasons problems on guys that are gone. Fans of teams do it all the time, but you're downplaying the impact that lousy luck had on these teams. That luck may very well stick with the current administration. If King, Perry and Alexander go down this year for significant periods of time, we're going to have the same defensive problems that haunted us the previous few seasons.
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    I see there is no further point in arguing this with you. Agree to disagree. It wasn't a case of what he COULD do with Calvin Johnson.. it's what he DID do. And he played at an all-time level for 9 seasons. Top 5.
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    You think I care about a poll on here? You can’t win 1 game in 2 years and boast about having all this talent up and down the roster. That tells me everything I need to know. Enjoy Baker.
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