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    Without a doubt the lowest Circle… Number 9… Number 9… Num… http://historylists.org/art/9-circles-of-hell-dantes-inferno.html The last Ninth Circle of Hell is divided into 4 Rounds according to the seriousness of the sin though all residents are frozen in an icy lake (Dec 31, 1967, Jan 5, 2008). Those who committed more severe sin are deeper within the ice. Each of the 4 Rounds is named after an individual who personifies the sin. Thus Round 1 is named Barra after Antonio Barr who killed his brother Aaron, Round 2 is named Teda after Ted Thompson of Troy who was the Packers counselor during the Draft Wars, Round 3 is named Matthewsa after William Clay (son of William Clay (son of William Clay)), while Round 4 is named Favrea after Judas Iscariot, the one who betrayed the Packer faithful by wearing a purple jersey.
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    So, I did something in preparation for this response - I actually watched Doctor Strange again last night (part because my son loves the movie, part because it's a great movie, part because this conversation). I think the crux of this argument comes down to Strange and his ability to reside in the Astral space. As we saw in the movie, Strange is flung there unknowingly by The Ancient One, but eventually develops the ability to go there at will - we see him project himself into the realm while he's sleeping to read more books and (most importantly to this discussion) we see him there after he takes a dark dimension knife to the chest. In the "real" world, Strange is near death - he tells Dr. Christine Palmer the extent of his injury prior to passing out. Meanwhile, his astral form is pretty much intact - he even advises Palmer in her efforts to keep him going. During surgery, he had to fight against disciples of Dormammu/Kacillius, and during that fight, his body flat out dies - Palmer had to hit him with the crash cart to get a heartbeat going. This demonstrates a different paradigm to our TV analogy - in the astral form, he's not the guy with the remote, he's a completely different entity sitting across the room, not only able to watch the TV, but can watch the room and anything in it (bag of chips on the couch, drink on a coaster on the coffee table, fridge in the kitchen). So, pairing that ability to witness surroundings in a separate plane of existence with the time stone's ability to traverse through various timeline of events allow him to witness the 14,000,605 possibilities from a position to where he's not impacted by decisions made inside or outside of the possibilities. Now - key thing here is that through the events of Doctor Strange, he's repeatedly warned to NOT do this. At that moment, he was doing exactly what Wong told him not to do - which was mess with the natural order. But, this is expected from Strange - he's not a stranger (no pun intended) to breaking a few rules for the greater good, which is what ultimately drives the wedge between him and Baron Mordo. Ultimately, he took multiple natural orders, collated the data from worst possible outcome to best possible outcome, and found the one that yielded the best results. He couldn't come out and say "OK, here's the game plan" because that in itself would alter the actions of Stark, Parker, Quill etc. He had to let their actions stay the course.
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    Lol. Had a lot of fun, probably campaigned too hard. Thanks, Julie for hosting the game. Had a whole lot of fun. Wished I could have stayed around a while longer. Good luck to everybody left in the house. I'll check in three months from now once all you toirtoses finish the game. I'll see you all again for the post game show... And beyond.
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    Who isn't on PED's? That would be news.
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    I agree. There just wasn't enough time to win this on lynches alone. If you can trade a mafia for an investigator, you take that trade EVERY time. Whicker hit a mafia and an investigator. He mislynched in a 2:1 ratio, but he did so because someone made a role claim that directly contradicted events. I've been in that scenario before and it is impossible to ignore when someone makes a false claim. Whicker did just fine IMO
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    That would be the Wisconsin thing to do but I plan on getting it fixed.
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    1,190,607,350 reasons.....and counting
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    Yes and block with my feet. Joe Thomas has been helping me with my technique a lot this off-season.
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    Here's McGinn's year end write-up for what its worth to you JORDY NELSON (77% snaps): "Didn’t do anything in training camp, exhibition games or in 806 snaps. The only judgment, at 32 and in his 10th season, is that Nelson has hit the proverbial wall. Lived on his six TD passes from Aaron Rodgers in the first five games to elude scrutiny over his ongoing collapse. Other than a 32-yard “free” play against the unsuspecting Seahawks, his TD passes measured 1, 3, 4, 8 and 10 yards. Never caught another in what was by far his poorest season. Rodgers’ injury was just a convenient excuse. He couldn’t beat press coverage or separate downfield. He also developed a disturbing habit of falling down for little or no reason when the ball arrived. His average gain after the catch of 2.30 was the lowest of his career; on 67.9% of his 53 catches he gained two or fewer yards post-catch. Of all WRs with 25 or more receptions, Nelson ranked 3rd worst in yards per catch at 9.1. Late in the season his hands and blocking deserted him, too. His long catch from Game 6 on was 17 yards. After averaging 20.7 receptions for 20 or more yards in his last three full seasons Nelson had four in 2017. There’s no reason to bring Nelson back for the final year of his contract at $9.25 million base salary. If the Packers think his legs are gone, release him." I am guessing Jordy will have a nice start to his Raider season while he and his legs are fresh. Then, by December-February he will fade as age saps him and that's when GB needs him most. Id rather invest the TC snaps in an ascending WR to get him up to speed ASAP
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    Had a dream we repeated. Beat the Falcons in the NFC Championship...Super Bowl was against the Chargers or Titans, Wentz went off, ran a couple in. Derek Barnett has surpassed even out highest expectations/ ...it's already begun
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    We're moving into Pebble Stadium. Get it. Cause it's a little rock.
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    Loved last nights game. My heart rate didn’t go up once. Usually I’m Fred Sanfording it!
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    Just as good? Is that what this means?
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    He knew he couldn't land an imaginary girlfriend and he was lonely, give him a break.
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    Your Girlfriend in highschool was a He?
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    Why are we assuming this? This holds weight of we assume this. Your passive/active analysis hasn’t been demonstrated, just postulated. There is no reason to think that the Time Stone’s power is limited to the lifespan of the possessor. I get your reference to TSS but as has been stated, there is no indication that she was incapable of seeing anything beyond her death. She simply stated that all roads lead there. There’s a difference between “I cannot see beyond this point” and “I have no future beyond this point”. Her statement that she can’t see beyond the moment of her death are I think intentionally vague can she not see anything or can she not see a way around it? So you can assume the likitation that you do, but it is no more supported in the MCU than the other. I understood the Time Stone’s power to give the possessor the ability to set themselves as an observer outside the timeline. It gives them the ability to see possibilities, extending to them the apparent ability to influence the future course of events, but in a particularly limited fashion. Regardless, if all possibilities lead to one outcome, such as TSS’s death, there is nothing to influence.
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    Idk about you guys but I always thought Beadles sounded like a race of cute puppies. Colour me suprised when he didn't work out as an NFL lineman.
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    Well I see your a new poster so welcome to FF. I'm in the Orlando, FL area and am going to the Tampa game Oct. 21st so I gots to have some new gear lol.
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    You can not have a throw better than that... Right on the money
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    You are correct. Baker took more snaps under Center Than Darnold
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    I think you guys are underselling Ingram here. Yes we have Kamara in the fold, but so much of our potency on offense was coming from teams trying to account for both of them, or get the right guys on the field when we made changes. Putting Kamara out there as a full time starter is going to take away that wrinkle, and make us a bit more predictable. Orleans Darkwa would be my pick for an extra body. I don't think we can go into season with Kamara as our only RB with game experience. He'd be a decent #3 if Scott isn't ready. DeMarco Murray will be cheap too, for the same role.. but meh on Murray.
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    crazy to think doug might be the best offensive coach in the nfl all because he has humility and is willing to learn from every one else on earth. he's like the anti chip but that the same time thats what makes him better.
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    damn we shoulda moved damarious for coleman iyam
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    I prefer a goddam RICK AND MORTY Mafia game. I might come out of retirement for Rick and Morty.
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    My buddy Julian Allen signed with you guys. Hope he makes your 53. He's an extremely hard worker and has got great height, speed, and hands.
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    Mark Ingram suspended 4 games. Breaking the Saints down piece by piece! 0-16 here we come. #Questforpicks1and32
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    I stayed up until 1 watching super bowl highlights again
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    Ben Roethlisberger took 498 snaps out of shotgun last year and only 49 from under center with Todd Haley as his offensive coordinator. https://www.sharpfootballstats.com/snap-rates--shotgun-v-under-center--off-.html
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    If we run an offense tailored to what Baker can do, I think he can be successful. If Josh Gordon is clean, Jarvis plays like he is expected to, and Njoku grows, we could have an actual offense. Just run a college style system. It’s what the league is doing. Philly ran a college offense last year to a super bowl. I want Baker in shotgun 70% of the time.
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    Yep, dude does great work every year around this time. Good stuff again!
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    This is a really good point. Hubbard was brought in to bring competition to the offensive line and make it better. If Coleman pans out and Corbett can play RT, then great! If Coleman pans out, Corbett looks like hes better on the interior (taking over for Tretter in a year) then okay! We have Hubbard at RT. We have a lot of options this year and can see what pans out for us.
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    The difference is, in the mafia scenario, the small stack knows the cards and can take away some of the cards. I agree there is a time and a place to use the hit, and there is a time and place to not use the hit. But I don't see the logic in not hitting in this game.
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    Then don't! If you don't have a burning desire to marry her, that is.
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    I can't take credit for this but someone on earlier in the offseason when Dez got cut pointed out that Dallas is paying Romo and Dez more this season than we're paying Carson and Alshon.
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    Lmaoooo. Fizdale is the GOAT for this. First he tells Gasol his Euro league accomplishments mean nothing, and then he acts like he was the HC of the Heat when they won their two tiles LOL. Fizdale>>>Gasol
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    Not a rumor, just an update Today is the last day for vet contracts to count as part of the compensatory pick calculations. Starting tomorrow, teams can sign vet FAs without impacting any comp picks for the 2019 draft. That should open up some additional player movement
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    I really, really want cheesecake...
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    I am so conflicted...I want to feel that bitterness/envy that I should with how much money the Wilfs make off the stadium, but I still find myself loving them for how they own and run the Vikings. They do it the right way...and the way I've wanted them to be run my entire lifetime. We've come a long way from the Gang of Ten.
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    @NudeTayne Awaiting comments on his incredible works:
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    Would love the slightest bit of unpredictability in a show. Will never grasp the idea of squashing all your top heels every single show. Then thinking you can roll into a ppv with feuds having any type of credibility. And yes I know you wouldnt call Owens strong performance against Braun a squash, I mean as the collective unit of heels. Heels going down all show long except for Jinder defeating Hornswoggle.
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    So I participated in an all NFL draft in the Cowboys forum and as I made my last pick, I posted my entire roster with the ages they were the last time the Cowboys won the Super Bowl QB (2): Russell Wilson (6), Deshaun Watson (about to be conceived) RB (3): Kareem Hunt (in utero), Chris Thompson (4), Derrick Henry (1) WR (5): Keenan Allen (3), Davante Adams (2), TY Hilton (5) , Alshon Jeffrey (5), Nelson Agholor (1) TE (2): Travis Kelce (5), Kyle Rudolph (5)LT (1): David Bakihari (2)LG (1): Clint Boling (5)C (1): Jason Kelce (7) RG (1): Brandon Brooks (5)RT (1): Lane Johnson (4) LDE (2): Jadeveon Clowney (2), Jason Pierre Paul (6) DT (2): Fletcher Cox (4), Michael Brockers (4) DT (2): Cameron Hayward (6), Chris Jones (In utero) RDE (2): Chandler Jones (5) , Derek Barnett (-2)SLB (2): Nigel Bradham (5), Markus Golden (4) MLB (2): Jamie Collins (5), Roquan Smith (-2)WLB (2): Jordan Hicks (2), Lorenzo Alexander (11) CB (4): Marshon Lattimore (-2), Tre'Davious White (2 weeks old), Kyle Fuller (3), Patrick Robinson (7) S (4): Devin McCourty (7), LaMarcus Joyner (4), Tashaun Gipson (4), Derwin James (-2) K (1): Jake Elliott (8 days old) P (1): Johnny Hekker (5)
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    Congratulations! Married life has it's own individual challenges, but has it's own unique rewards, too. Word of advice - communication and compromise are vital. Learn to do both. Good luck as you take this big step!
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