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    That rounds it up guys, appreciate the back and forth and some surprising good words considering this is generally a very sensitive thing to do with so many ways to look at it. The good news is, if your team is ranked low, there's a very, very good chance I'm completely wrong here. Each person who enjoys the draft would probably have a completely different order, that's what makes it fun.
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    Lakers used to make sense as a team name.
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    To complain about Lowry as a backup on a rookie deal is dumb
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    I mean if you're putting in Terrell Davis he should be in. His peak was longer and 03-05 is better than 96-98. Then again you should also throw in Priest Holmes by that criteria. Terrell Davis opens an entire can of worms.
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    I’m here because I like pain and suffering. So when we start winning I’m out.
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    For some reason someone thought it was a good idea to let me enforce (or help enforce) global equity research regulations (MiFID II) at a major technology company so basically I just post on this forum lol
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    Wow. Holy crap... I don't know how any die hard of a team could just stop loving their squad. I can't even put on a façade for another team, I love my Browns too much. I think of myself as a pretty considerate person, but I cannot empathize in anyway whatsoever with someone who changes teams. Seeing it happen right in front of me is kinda surreal...he's in that forum saying "we" in reference to the Eagles, calling us the Clowns. I mean, to an extent I get it, but jeez...it's crazy to me.
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    I know the words that you said. But I don't know what you said.
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    I think I need peace of mind after a long day of reading hot takes but I’m sure as **** going to give you a piece of my mind while delivering my hot take
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    I feel like you guys are going way too in depth over a movie...
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    Two teaming hoe ditch might be back. Find out week 8 I guess.
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    Cool scenario. But Kaep runs all over that defense in Green Bay, San Fran, London, Australia, or Mars. They had absolutely no answer for the read-option.
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    Figured we could use a thread for OTA's with rookie mini-camp starting today. Here's some notes from today:
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    I've been posting here off and on for about 12 years. Moderated for a while. Was never a 30+ post per day kinda guy. I always read more than I post. But somehow, I have 10,000 posts on an Internet forum. And you are reading post #10,000. Use this topic to post what brought you here, why you stay here, and maybe why you spend way too much time in here. I'll go first. I love football. But more than football, I love my Browns. My dad instilled it in me at a young age. I have instilled it into my son (who is now finishing his freshman year in college, for those who have known me for a while). Anyway, I always liked that this forum wasn't a complete dumpster fire like most others. I know we joke about the mods, but the standard that is set here by Webby and others makes it a much better place to be imo.
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    Oliver is going to be around 300lbs next year. He's a monster. Maybe the best combination of athlete and player to come out of that spot since Suh. While I don't think he's a pure NT, he's the sort of guy you could plug in and then trade Daniels after a year. Bosa can do whatever you need him to. Unreal athlete. Shouldn't be dropping much. Pass rush skill is too valuable.
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    Please. You're talking about the hot girl you bedded when you were 15 and we just rolled off of ours. You can be "proud" but it's barely a memory for you. You can complain about us being "obnoxious" and such but you created us, homie. EVERY football argument/discussion I've gotten into in my life with NFCE fans ALWAYS resulted in "at least we got a ring". It was weak then and it is irrelevant now. Now, it's time to watch us bask in the sun and I'll be damned if I don't enjoy every moment of it right in the face of the people that directly beat us down for my whole life.
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    Oh Jesus, you saw that coming, didnt you? Redskin and Cowboy fans have been holding on to the no super bowl ring counter for-everrrr. And now, since the majority of them can't even remember theirs or were even alive, it absolutely kills them the Eagles are on top right now. They both have been relatively so insignificant since the turn of the century that it's the little gleam of light they held onto. And now since that piece has been taken off the board, it's all about how many rings. They can say whatever they want about those rings from the 70s or so but you know deep down inside the fact that they actually haven't enjoyed a SB or even a decent string of years in their adult lives crushes them. And even moreso the little brother they beat up on for as long as they've been fans are finally getting their payback because now the roles are reversed. They could always lean on the empty fact that their teams have SB rings, albeit chips they know nothing about, but no sir, no longer. The little brother got to experience what they've secretly been longing for and now they're running out of excuses. And since we've actually won a SB in our adult years, I can honestly say, because I really know, that having that joy is nothing compared to whatever "joy" they thought they were experiencing as 8 year olds. How could they? It's all they have left now and it's pitiful. It's like a 40 year old man bragging about a taste of Pappy Van Winkle (a renowned, expensive whiskey) he had when he was 15. You know he recalls the memory of the memory more than the actual memory and was in no position to truly appreciate it. It's just unsubstantiated rhetoric.
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    Think he is the coach at Houston? The college team. One of the Texas colleges.
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    I have been on here since 2007. (had to look that up) It is really hard to believe that it has been over 11 years. I can't even recall how I found it. I am guessing it was a google search. With so few posts over such a long period of time.....I am more of a lurker, than an an actual poster.
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    Remarkable that LG is our weakest position and we immediately lost two guards on one day. That’s one of those “only us” type things, for sure. I guess the silver lining is that if you gotta take a hit to your depth at a position, it may as well be one where all your players are pretty poor and you don’t really rotate guys — much easier to replace the expected contributions of depth like Welsh and Kouandjio than Lanier/McGee or Anderson/McPhee, for example. I really don’t like any of the traditional guards still out there in FA. At least not any more than I do Lauvao. I think we need more run blocking than pass blocking from that spot — with Trent being his usual beast self to the left and Roullier looking like a good pass protector but uninspiring run blocker to the right, I think I’d prefer to err on the side of a mauler at LG. Especially if we’re going to look to commit to the run with Guice on board now. Updating my surveillance of the Niners OG situation, they went ahead and cut Zane Beadles — who is an option I guess, but was my last choice of their guys by a pretty wide margin. That seems to take the possibility of a trade for Garnett off the table, for now at least. With that said, I wonder if there’s an OT who they’d consider kicking inside to compete at LG. A guy like Greg Robinson would really intrigue me, he had the potential to be so incredibly dominant coming out of Auburn, you have to wonder if Callahan could unlock that. Byron Bell would be another, the guy clearly can’t play OT at the NFL level, but he’s always been a good run blocker who might be able to handle the LG spot and plow some holes. And I don’t know that Derek Newton will ever be able to come back from that god awful injury, but he was an elite run blocker for a TACKLE at one point, so I think he’d be able to hold his own there if he could get back to something resembling his old self. But the reality is it will probably be Lauvao. With Nsekhe getting plenty of LG reps in case Lauvao flops. Not ideal, for sure.
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    Lololol they're already using sitting on his hands for Gute. These dudes just need to forget the NFL exists and play Madden franchises with no salary cap every day. They'd be much happier.
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    Wait. I thought I was the only actual Browns fan in here and that the rest of you were actually trolling Steelers fans playing the long game. You sure do sound like trolls most of the time. As far as why I came to be Browns fan, I'd say I relate to @Kiwibrown in finding a special joy in turning around a Madden bottom dweller. Also, Brady Quinn...yowza. Now #funTayne just stays for teh misery.
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    AFC East: 1. Patriots 2. Bills 3. Jets 4. Dolphins AFC North: 1. Steelers 2. Browns 3. Ravens 4. Bengals AFC South: 1. Texans 2. Jaguars 3. Titans 4. Colts AFC West: 1. Chargers 2. Raiders 3. Broncos 4. Chiefs NFC East: 1. Redskins 2. Eagles 3. Cowboys 4. Giants NFC North: 1. Packers 2. Vikings 3. Lions 4. Bears NFC South: 1. Saints 2. Falcons 3. Bucs 4. Panthers NFC West: 1. Rams 2. 49ers 3. Seahawks 4. Cardinals Most Valuable Player: Aaron Rodgers Offensive Player of the Year: Leveon Bell Defensive Player of the Year: Aaron Donald Offensive Rookie of the Year: Saquon Barkley Defensive Rookie of the Year: Roquon Smith Comeback Player of the Year: JJ Watt Coach of the Year: Anthomy Lynn AFC Championship Game: Steelers over Chargers NFC Championship Game: Saints over Rams Super Bowl: Steelers vs Saints Super Bowl Champs: Saints Super Bowl MVP: Drew Brees
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    I think it's kind of proof that Shane Black needs to stick to what he's strong at, because he's really strong at that. The Good Guys wasn't some award-worthy movie, but it's easily very rewatchable and actually managed to get back some of the odd couple tet-a-tet that Black is so great at writing with Lethal Weapon, Last Boy Scout, Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, etc. But the Predator franchise is not something you're going to be able to use as an action-comedy vehicle. This looks like just more of the dreck in the vein of the AVP franchise.
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    I wonder who thinks Nacho is not a fit for Tampa 2. The DT have to penetrate, with Warren Sapp being the role model. He's a better fit in T2 than in our base defense. J
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    Thanks, @goldfishwars I read every single team on this waiting for the Buccaneers. Vita Vea, DT, Washington - Again, you nailed it. I think most of us on the Bucs forums was a little bit confused or mad about the pick (I myself was) for them not picking James. Then I keep reading about Vea and it made it a little better. Can he be not just a 2 down DT? That's the big question mark that always comes to mind. Since Buckner came to coach he's been working with him a lot. Hopefully, he can command double teams so like you said to free up the LB and also McCoy. Ronald Jones III, RB, USC - We needed an RB badly after letting Martin go. I feel as Jones will split carries with Barber to start out then overtake mid-season. The nack on him going around is that he needs to get better at pass protection and hasn't caught too many passes. This is why I don't think he can be a 3rd down back just yet. Good Pick though. M. J. Stewart, CB, North Carolina - I feel like you nailed it here. I think Stewart is going to push VHGIII to ball out because he really hasn't. I see Stewart at best in the slot like you said. Carlton Davis, CB, Auburn - I can see by the start of the preseason Davis being the #2 CB next to Grimes. We need the height and size which we lacked. Davis will be are tallest CB on the roster and could potentially take over GRimes if he doesn't come back next year. Again, that leaves Stewart and VHGIII at the slot. Alex Cappa, OT, Humboldt State - Man Licht really loves his lower division guys. I didn't know much about this kid until I saw those tapes you were talking about. I read somewhere that they want to try and have Cappa learn all 5 O-Line spots. He might start at G for the season because we all know that Sweezy hasn't lived to his contract. Jordan Whitehead, S, Pittsburgh - Nailed it here. He might overtake Conte on the SS spot or just be put in packages. Justin Watson, WR, Penn - The funny thing about him. Everyone around the One Bucs Place knows. Is that this kid is committed to football. Missed graduation (Most do) but he turned down an intern job that would led to a 6 figure job on Wall Street. I feel he might become a WR #3 next year Jackson and Humphries might not be back. We will see. We needed height at the position as the only WR over 6'2 was Evans. Jack Cichy, LB, Wisconsin - Again, like I keep saying you nailed it! This pick reminds me of the Beckwith pick like last year. Reports came out that he is about 95% ready. Amazing write ups on all teams! This thread deserves an A+++++. GOOD JOB!!!!!
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    Absolutely no chance Matakevich doesn't make the roster. He's been one of our best special teams guys and will be our 3rd ILB for sure. Fort, Jelsey(who?), and Galambos are probably not making the team. I see the ILB shaking out like: Vince - Bostic - Matakevich - Thomas I hope Thomas really busts his butt on ST because I think he might actually be the future at ILB if he puts it together.
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    Dupree speed off the edge is impressive but he lacks the ability to redirect if that speed is stopped. Every good to great passrusher uses their hands to keep the other players’ hands off them. You can’t block what you can’t touch; Dupree doesn’t seem to understand that. Once Harrison signed with the Pats, Dupree basically called him a bad team mate for not helping/showing him how to be successful. You’re a professional so figure it out! It is well known, and documented, how much Harrison spends on training and taking care of his body.
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    Well again they aren’t by any means perfect. Just look at their WR draft record for Day 1-2. But consider that while a top 10 pick is a big cash outlay for RB (#2 spot for Barkley cost 31.4M, #10 spot used for Gurley is 17.8M now, #13 that WAS considered for Guice costs 15.1M), the #31 spot costs 9.75M. And the 5th year option is 5.6M, and not guaranteed. 4 years, 9.75M, and a non-guaranteed option to make it 5 year / 15.3M. That’s actually quite a bargain if the guy is your main RB (not a timeshare). This is unlike the top 10 picks whose 5th year options, the 11-32 options are usually potential big bargains over the going rate (Gurley & Elliott & Barkley are going to be nearly 10M as a contrast). Now I’m not a fan of spending your 1st unless you are a generational talent RB (so only Barkley, Gurley and Elliott qualify). And certainly not if you aren’t going to use them like a committee back as NE usually does. It’s a waste of resources to a devalued position and especially if you have similar talent players at higher need and higher cost positions, and can get similar talents later in the draft (my positional depth argument). It’s going to be interesting to see how say Guice at 2.56 and CB Oliver at 1.31 will fare (as NE could have gone that way) vs. Michel & Duke Dawson will work out for NE. If NE uses Michel only as a committee back, then yes OMG it's a big overpay. But much like BAL taking Lamar at 1.32, I don’t mind the move up to those last few spots if ppl want that 5th year option for someone they have big plans for. I don’t have a problem if you spend a 2nd round pick on a 3-down workhorse difference making RB because the value is there (4 years, 9M total value). And usually you’ve spent your 1st round pick on a more premium position by waiting until the 2nd (I argued this to WAS fans who were debating going Guice 1.13, turns out they got their cake and ate it too). So it’s hard for me to say late 1st is awful but 2nd is ok - what makes SEA so tough is it was their only pick for Rd 1-2 and they clearly still need OL help (no matter what they say about bargain bin guys). NE had 2 1sts and addressed OL in a big way, so it's hard for me to criticize the NE pick, because they had 2 1sts, and they waited until the 31st pick - if they had made it the 34th, suddenly my criticism goes away completely, but not at the 31st? And I suspect like so many others even if he plays really well, if Michel won’t sign a value 2nd contract he will be dealt after Year 4 for at least a Day 2 pick - once again restoring the draft depth that’s the Patriot way. The key, though, is whether they will use Michel as more a true #1 guy. That would make the move justifiable. Still, I am surprised with Michel’s selection by NE given their normal usage of RB. Even at 4 years / 10M it’s an overpay if they use him like a traditional NE committee guy given the available talent at other areas (and how much value is gained there). If they use him as a feature 3-down back (60+ percent of the between-20’s snaps and all the RZ / 2-minute work), then the 31 spot makes way more sense. But they aren’t infallible to misses. Guess we will see.
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    Some red flags in this e-mail for sure. The same tenant who feels "harassed" by an inspection or thinks a notice to entry is "extreme" has also "been handling maintenance themselves, and apparently was called "uncooperative" by the management company? I'd see what the backstory is from the management company, because that feels like someone who isn't taking care of the unit appropriately. You've gotta e-mail back, and I'd try to spin everything to help assure them that this is for their benefit (it is, but it's also for yours). The inspection is so that you can make sure that there isn't anything wrong and want to make sure the carbon monoxide detector is working. The notice to entry is so that they know you'll never be showing up unannounced because their quiet enjoyment is a priority for you. Say you're very happy with them as a tenant, and didn't want that to come off as you sounding unhappy at all. Instead, because they're great tenants, you want to be 100% sure that the place they're renting has everything in working order. You probably also have to stick the bomb in there somewhere about how they can't be doing their own maintenance. (I'd also keep that e-mail, because if it comes to that I'm sure your lease says somewhere all maintenance will be done by the LL or property manager, so they might have just broken the lease.)
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    I have appreciated your post draft talk Bruce.
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    1. Tampa Bay Buccaneers Pre-Draft Needs: OL, RB, DT, CB What They Had Heading into the Draft: 1. 7 2. 38 4. 102 5. 144 6. 180 6. 202 7. 255 What They Had Leaving The Draft: 1. 12. Vita Vea [ DT ] Washington 2. 38. Ronald Jones II [ RB ] USC 2. 53. M. J. Stewart [ CB ] North Carolina 2. 63. Carlton Davis [ CB ] Auburn 3. 94. Alex Cappa [ OT ] Humboldt State 4. 117. Jordan Whitehead [ S ] Pittsburgh 5. 144. Justin Watson [ WR ] Penn 6. 202. Jack Cichy [ LB ] Wisconsin Best Thing About This Draft: This is a great example of how a team picking high, who doesn’t have a need at QB, can create serious value to land more players at premium slots who can make significant contributions. In this instance, there was also an obvious and carefully executed plan around what they wanted out of the players they selected. Clearly they wanted hard-nosed tough guys and had already done an excellent job filling the roster with players that fit the new mold heading into the draft. I’m actually wondering if the back-to-back corner selections in the second round gives them the biggest impact early on. Both are aggressive press corners who won’t back down. MJ Stewart might be better placed to suit up in the slot, where he can be stout and sticky as likes to be. Carlton Davis is built to man up on the outside, disrupt routes and take on the bigger receivers in their division. It's not always pretty, but he'll compete on every down. Worst Thing About This Draft: Other than the parrot who didn't even announce a pick like we were promised, there's not a lot to dislike about this draft. The Vita Vea selection over Derwin James is the big call as the Buccs effectively passed on James twice, with the decision to move down. Vea fits a run stuffing need inside, but picked at 10 he needs to become more than just a good run defender. A similar question needs to be asked of Ronald Jones at 38, is he built to sustain the run game? There will be points where they will need him to answer that question. Late Round Gem: Jack Cichy – An often injured linebacker who made an impact on the field at Wisconsin whenever he was able to suit up. He’s got, dare I say it, a bit of Luke Kuechly cat like quickness around the ball. The Buccs would probably be well suited to stashing him away on PUP and bring him on slowly. It would be a great shame to see his talent never reach its destination. What Else? Vea is a man mammoth with the ability to soak up offensive line resources, the Buccs can legitimately frighten teams with the front four they can field next year. More importantly, it'll help to free up the lighter, faster linebackers who can impact the game in the areas they excel. Ronald Jones brings a playmaking element to the running back position they haven’t had in a while. He was insanely productive at USC and a danger every time he hit the open field. Whilst he's a tougher runner than his frame suggests, the Buccs will need to work out how to get him out in space as much as they can. That's where he can do his most damage. A 3rd round pick was spent on Alex Cappa out of tiny Humbolt State. Jason Licht hasn't been afraid to look at small school offensive linemen. His tape is pretty funny, given how physically dominant he looks against lower tier opposition. He had a decent week at the Senior Bowl and could play some guard or tackle depending on how they see him. Evan Smith at guard, or the under performing left tackle Donovan Smith could be two spots he could conceivably challenge for. Jordan Whitehead in the 4th was very solid, he’s a smaller safety who played mostly in the box at Pittsburgh. He’s athletic and versatile enough to play a number of spots. That leaves 6’3 and 220 pound wide receiver Justin Watson out of the Ivy League. His pro day generated a bit of a ripple after a 4.4 forty and 40 inch leap. He was a dominant receiver at Penn and his athletic profile and production makes him an intriguing prospect, we'll see what that brings.
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    I know, right? How's a pimp like you find time around managing a stable of geriatric honey's to post ten thousand times?? I'm guessing high fiber, calisthenics, lil blue pills, and dial-up internet. I'm your biggest fan, Bruce.
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    IMO they never were really, truly a fan in the first place if they can change like that. If the Browns never won another game between now and my death, I would still be a Browns fan. Since 1976 I have watched no other NFL games outside of Browns games, when the Browns left town and there were no Browns, I simply did not watch football. I get up at 2-3 AM every Sunday night/Monday morning due to living in Japan to watch the games live and drag through the day at the office afterwards as a result just so I can watch them play. At the same time, I do not consider myself a fanatic at all as I only own 1 jersey, a couple t-shirts, a hat and never went to a live game (even though I come from the Canton area originally), but I just cannot conceive of rooting for any team outside of the Browns. If you are so fixated on winning that you feel the need to switch teams, or jump ship because they did not select your guy, then so be it - but you never were truly a fan. That said, we all have different convictions and things that drive us, so to each their own.
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    This almost fits me to a T. Just hit 10,000 myself, starting around the same time. Wondering how that happened.
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    I do my fairshare of manhandling when i watch Super Bowl highlights
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    I think the Vikings drafted Mike Hughes because they don't think Alexander will develop into anything more than a depth corner long-term. Alexander wasn't terrible last year playing in the slot, but he was definitely the weakest link in the secondary and ended up losing most of his snaps to Newman (39 years old last year and never played regularly in the slot before) by the end of the year. Waynes has turned out OK but isn't likely to be kept beyond 2019 (his 5th year option). If he continues to play as well as he did in the later part of last year, they won't be able to afford to keep him. Newman is 40 this year, wasn't under contract at the time of the draft, and came back for basically vet minimum with nothing guaranteed. The contract he was offered (story was the team said take it or leave it) shows they don't plan to rely on him to play in the regular CB rotation. He'll be a backup / player-coach this year. So the path is fairly clear for Hughes to beat out Alexander (who the coaches don't seem impressed with) and be the starting nickel in week one of his rookie year. He might also get some rotational snaps at outside corner this year. If he does well with that, I wouldn't be surprised to see Hughes stealing some of Waynes snaps by 2019. The coaches were evidently very high on him, and he's considerably better in his man coverage skills than Waynes or Alexander were coming out of college. Vikings have had a bad track record with developing OL, but they did better last year. Easton (former UDFA) was OK as a starting LG. Elflein (3rd round rookie) was decent at C. They got some good things out of Rashod Hill (UDFA taken from the Jags PS). Their line was never better than half-decent, and fell apart in the playoffs thanks in part to injuries, but it wasn't a total write-off. There's a path to O'Neill playing as a rookie. He needs to beat out Rashod Hill for the RT spot, which would allow Mike Remmers to move to RG (which was reportedly the plan for Remmers even before the draft). O'Neill is a project, but he just needs to improve his play strength -- his technique and footwork in pass protection are already pretty good (and much better than anything Clemmings was ever able to do). The Vikings played Elflein last year despite similar limitations in play strength causing him to lose 1-on-1 battles, but with similar upside -- blocking in space on outside zone runs and screens. As long as O'Neill has similar upside, I can see them opting to play him as a rookie even if he struggles to anchor against power rushers. The alternative is to leave Remmers at RT, which would make the RG starter one of Danny Isidora (5th rounder who struggled as a rookie in limited time last year), Colby Gossett (6th round rookie), Tom Compton (journeyman) or Josh Andrews (signed off the Eagles PS). O'Neill (or Hill) at RT with Remmers inside at RG is probably the better option, unless Gossett is great from day one as a rookie. Holmes is going to move to DT. He might see some work as a base DE on run downs but the plan is that he'll be a 3-tech especially on passing downs. Holmes was 6'5" 283 at the combine. His athletic testing wasn't elite but it was comparable to other DE/DT types like Rasheem Green. His per-snap pass rush production was decent considering he so often played inside at DT. So he's a project, but there's some potential there, and the Vikings do have a good track record in developing DL. FWIW, they reportedly didn't see Hernandez as a scheme fit. They want the OL to be lighter on its feet. Connor Williams was on their radar, they had him for a visit. Supposedly they liked him or Austin Corbett if they'd taken OL at pick #30. I think the bolded point at the end has got it backwards: the problem with the way the Vikings managed the draft is that they didn't improve the OL right now (probably not at all this year, unless O'Neill or Gossett play as rookies), forget about "a few years from now". It's easier to imagine ways the Vikings OL can improve in the medium to long term -- O'Neill gets stronger and turns into a very good tackle, maybe Gossett or Isidora develop into a decent starting guard, plus there are future years draft classes and free agent additions, etc -- than by week one 2018. And since the team is otherwise good enough to contend this year, having a subpar OL with at least one major question mark as a starter is not great news. Long term, if Hughes turns out to be an above average or better starting corner, and/or if O'Neill develops into a good starting tackle, this draft class will look better than it does right now, where even if the upside of their draft class is eventually realized, it won't help this year's version of the Vikings as much as if they'd just drafted a plug and play starter at guard in the 1st round, and made do with another year of Mac Alexander as the starting nickel corner.
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